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If you’ve played role-playing games, you know how much the Genshin story matters. Whether it’s a backstory about the main protagonist or a common NPC you meet in the world, you will find yourself connecting dots with the main characters and relating to them personally. While Genshin Impact baffles players with its in-game beauty, its story is another reason for the game’s popularity. Genshin Impact hooks a player with its storyline and leaves players wanting to know more.

The story starts with twins fighting an unknown god, meeting Paimon, and eventually delving deeper into the world’s mysteries. Throughout your journey, you will meet unique characters who will join your journey and share their experiences with you.

Like any other game, some characters will be supportive while others will try to use you for their own benefit. With all sorts of events happening around you, your search to find your twin is a journey you’ve committed yourself to. 

With its’ deeply intertwined lore, character stories, events, and much more, Genshin Impact has a lot of quests. Quests are content related to the game’s plot divided into smaller chunks. Though some quests may take a longer time, they are an essential element of the game. In this Quest guide, I’ll go over the types of Genshin Impact Quests and have a brief discussion over the quests you’ll face throughout your journey in the World of Teyvat. Without further ado, let’s roll in!

Quest, Introduction, and Types

Throughout the game, you will come across various characters, NPCs, items, and RNG mechanics. With an abundance of quests in the game, sometimes you will be overwhelmed with the content. Generally, Quests are a contained plot of the game that you can complete on your own or in co-op, depending on the type of Quest. Some quests will require you to complete a target in a limited time. In contrast, others will require you to complete them before moving further into the storyline.

shadow over mondstadt

By now, you know about quests and must be wondering what kind of quests are in the game? Leave that to me because that’s what I’m covering up next. Let’s briefly go over quest types.

Archon Quests

Archon quests are the main story quests that feature the canon protagonist Aether with his guide Paimon searching for his other sibling, Lumine. These roles will swap if you chose Lumine in the beginning, but in general, Aether is considered the canon protagonist.

As you start the game, you will begin with the chapter: Prologue: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind and ventured out to the City of Freedom, Mondstadt. From the beginning of the game, you will form a bond of Companionship with Paimon, and she will be your emergency food- wait, travel buddy. Bear with my jokes, I can’t really control them.

genshin archon quests

 Archon quests will focus on your journey to find your lost sibling and cover significant portions of the story. I would say that they are the most important quests in the game because without completing them, you really can’t make heads and tails about the story. Archon quests will feature unique characters like Dainsleif, who hasn’t made an appearance elsewhere.

Another fact about the Archon quests is that they don’t get released often in the game. You have to wait for a couple of months to see the story progress and stick to the world quests or story quests released with updates.

Archon quests are the best part of the game because, like any other player, I want to see where the story goes. I won’t go into spoilers about the other sibling, but I would say things get really interesting as you go through the Archon quests.

There’s a storyline preview on Genshin Impact’s Official youtube channel, and from the storyline preview, we get to know about the following chapters

inazuma genshin storyline
  • Prologue: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind
  • Chapter 1: Farewell, Archaic Lord
  • Chapter 2: Omnipresence Over Mortals
  • Chapter 3: Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana
  • Chapter 4: Masquerade of the Guilty
  • Chapter 5: Incandescent Ode of Resurrection
  • Chapter 6: Everwinter Without Mercy
  • Chapter? : The Dream yet to be Dreamed
  • Epilogue: The Sea of Flowers at the End
  • Interlude Chapter

As of writing this guide, we are near the end of Chapter 2: Omnipresence Over Mortals and the new archon quest will launch in Genshin Impact version 2.7.

I speculate that it will be covered in the same chapter because we are still months away from the official launch of the Sumeru region and Genshin impact turning to version 3.

From the game’s preview, we learn about various chapters and characters associated with unique areas of Teyvat.


The last chapter is unknown in the sequence. That’s a mystery that will take time to unfold; until then, we can hope to know more about the story. On the same note, we have the Interlude chapter, which is more like an interval chapter in the story, and we will get to know about new characters soon enough. Those two new characters are Yelan and Kuki Shinobu, who will be featured in the upcoming Archon quest. 

That was more like a gist of what you can expect from Archon quests and how they influence the tide of the story. They are the kind of quests you cannot skip because story quests depend on them, and certain places will require you to complete them.

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World Quests

World quests are quests that you can initiate after fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Interact with an NPC
  • Interact with an in-game item like an ancient tablet
  • Reach a specific Adventure Rank, and they become available
  • Complete a particular Archon quest to unlock the world quest
  • Random events in the wild
  • Event Specific
  • Adventure Rank ascension
  • Complete a prequel quest to a world quest

World quests can be obtained by following any of the above requirements to initiate them in the game and venture out on a journey away from the main storyline. They focus on exploring the world to solve puzzles, problems, and mysteries.

Sometimes you may need to complete a world quest before taking its sequel quest to know more about the story. Random events will trigger when you approach an area with an NPC or monsters and will disappear if you go away from the location or do not initiate it at all.

valor's afterglow world quest

There are significant events throughout the game except for random event quests, and sometimes they have their own world quests. I won’t go into their details as some of them have already passed, and there’s no speculation whether they will run in the future or not. 

Here’s are some of the world quests we have covered:

Story Quests

Story Quests solely focus on a playable character’s interaction with the Traveler and is named after their constellation. The part I love about story quests is that you get to try that character in the game on a trial period.

Otherwise, if you already have that character, it will be replaced by the trial version in the Quest period. Let’s talk about story quests in more detail because they are not unlocked until you reach Adventure Rank 26.

completed quests display characters

Story quests have a format where you have to initiate the Quest related to a particular character and get to know their backstories and personalities. You may aid them in some errands to fulfill a mission or use them on a trial period in a domain to clear out the enemies. I love story quests because they give room for character development, and interaction with the characters makes you feel more connected to the story.

While there may be ups and downs in some quests, story quests are indeed wholesome to complete due to the scarcity of Archon quests. While Archon quests focus on the main storyline, Story quests fill the role of depicting the characters in a detailed manner and putting forth their perspectives about the events.

Like world quests, there are requirements that you have to fulfill to get a story quest; let’s go over them real quick and understand them in a better way

  • Acquiring a specific Adventure Rank
  • Completeing Archon Quests
  • Unlocking the story quest with the story key
  • Completing a prequel quest to the Quest
  • Finishing other character’s story quest

Most of the time, you will be able to unlock the story quests without much hassle if you have done their prequels and no characters are busy in that quest. But, sometimes, you may forget to do those quests or don’t have a certain adventure rank, which may lead to a conflict between the quests.

In case of a conflict, you should try to complete the quest’s prerequisites so that you can easily initiate a story quest. Generally, characters may be busy in an archon quest, and it’s recommended to prioritize them because you get to know more about the storyline. Archon quests shed light on the plot and progress through the game’s events.

Another vital requirement to initiate the story quest is to get story keys, as they can unlock these quests. Wait, story keys? Let’s go over them in the next section!

Story Keys

story keys genshin

They are keys used to unlock a story quest that players can claim after reaching Adventure Rank 26 and completing 8 commissions. This means you have to complete 2 days’ worth of daily commissions to claim a key and manually collect it.

There’s no auto-collect mechanism. I wish there was one auto collect mechanism because sometimes I forget to claim story keys. You can have a maximum of three story keys and have one as a backup to collect after you fill the quota of 8 commissions.

Let’s suppose you use up a key, then you can collect one again if your limit is at 8 already. Generally, you won’t have to rush through the story quests because they are launched along with updates. After archon quests get over, you will have something else to complete.

unlocking quests story keys
unlocking story keys

I suggest people look at every other Quest besides archon quests as extra content because they complement the main storyline and fill in the plotholes remaining in the story. You get to know the characters in detail with amazing cutscenes topped with voiceovers and hear their backstories, which helps you relate to their personality.

So far, I’ve loved all the archon’s story quests because of how wonderfully they were written. Indeed, there were some ups and downs, but overall the experience was mesmerizing. This doesn’t mean I didn’t love other characters’ story quests, they are equally wholesome, and I loved Klee’s story quest because of how cute it was. Yep! Klee is my favorite character in the game. Tadada!

Let’s go over the characters’ story chapters

Character NameConstellation NameAct Name
KaeyaPavo OcellusAct I : Secret Pirate Treasure
XianglingTrullaAct I : Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip
AmberLepusAct I :Wind, Courage, and Wings
DilucNoctuaAct I :Darknight Hero’s Alibi
LisaTempus FugitAct I :Troublesome Work
RazorLupus MinorAct I :The Meaning of Lupical
Kamisato AyakaGrus NivisAct I :The Whispers of the Crane and the White Rabbit
YoimiyaCarassius AuratusAct I :Dreamlike Timelessness
XingqiuFabulae TextileAct I :Bookworm Swordsman
JeanLeo MinorAct I : Master’s Day Off
KleeTrifoliumAct I :True Treasure
VentiCarmen DeiAct I :Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land
AlbedoPrinceps CretaceusAct I :Traveler Observation Report
MonaAstrolabosAct I :Beyond This World’s Stars
EulaAphros DelosAct I :The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea
Hu TaoPapilio CharontisAct I :Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away
XiaoAlatusAct I :Butterfly’s Dream
GanyuSinae UnicornisAct I :Sea of Clouds, Sea of People
TartagliaMonoceros CaeliAct I :Mighty Cyclops’ Adventure!
ZhongliHistoria AntiquaAct I : Sal Flore
Act II : No Mere Stone
Raiden ShogunImperatrix UmbrosaAct I : Reflections of Morality
Act II: Transient Dreams
Sangonomiya KokomiDracaena SomnolentaAct I :Warriors’ Dreams Like Spring Grass Renewing
Kamisato AyatoCypressus CustosAct I :The Firmiana Leaf Falls
Arataki IttoTaurus IracundusAct I :Rise Up, Golden Soul
Yae MikoDivina VulpesAct I : The Great Narukami Offering

Hangout story quests also focus on a particular character, have multiple endings, and even have a nice picture in the end like a memory. On the Story quests screen, you can go to the Hangout event tab to accept a hangout story quest that requires two-story keys to unlock.

In a nutshell, the hangout quests follow a butterfly effect, where your choices will turn the tide of the story. Depending on your choice, you will gain or lose hearts shown in an indicator in some quests, and losing all of them will result in quest failure.

The best part about hangout memories is that you can place them in your Serenitea pot and get rewards and achievements for completing them. Rewards will include the character’s specialty dish, mora, primogems, EXP material, or character materials.

hangout event genshin
Hangout event rewards
Hangout event memories

Personally, I still have some hangout events saved up like Ningguang’s to begin in some free time and relax my mind to enjoy content besides the main storyline. 

For now, Let’s go over available hangouts in the game.

Character NameHangout Act
NoelleAct I: Chivalric Training
Act II: Knightly Exam Prep
ChongyunAct I:Signs of Evil
DionaAct I:The Cat and the Cocktail
NingguangAct I:The Jade Chamber’s Returning Guest
BarbaraAct I:Wellspring of Healing
BennettAct I:Fantastic Voyage
ThomaAct I:A Housekeeper’s Daily Chores
Yun JinAct I:A Song That Knows Grace
BeidouAct I:When the Crux Shines Bright
SayuAct I:Yoohoo Art: Seichou no Jutsu
GorouAct I:The Canine General’s Special Operations

Daily Commissions

You will be able to unlock daily commissions after reaching Adventure Rank 12 and completing a world quest, ” Every Day a New Adventure.” As you will be in the early game, you can only access daily commissions in the Mondstadt region.

To access the City of Liyue’s commissions, you must complete For a Tomorrow Without Tears and New Horizons of Adventure quests. Likewise, for Inazuma, you have to complete The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia and Katheryne in Inazuma quests.

Adventurer's handbook region
commissions quests region

Generally, the daily quests will reset at 4:00 server time, that will depend on your timezone, and you have to convert the time for that. Here is my location; the server resets around 1:30 AM in the southeast Asia region, and to check yours, you can just convert the time to your zone.

commissions quest food delivery

Daily commissions have some RNG quests that will be specific to the region you have selected from the Adventurer’s handbook, and you can even choose from which area you want your Quest. Go to the Adventurer’s handbook and choose the region where you want your next day’s commissions.

You can also choose them to be selected from a random region and complete daily commissions there. However, I’d recommend you target one region first, complete all reputation quests as they have world quests included, and then venture out to another region. It’s better to take things in smaller chunks and reach your goals than trying to stack up the whole buffet.

In the case of RNG quests, I highly recommend you complete them like Tales of Winter because you never know when it will reappear in the quest menu. I’ve been playing this game since its launch, and there are still some quests that haven’t appeared for me. I’m simply waiting for RNG quests to appear and complete them.

I’ve been playing this game since the launch, and RNG has been brutal on me, at least on the quests. RNG quests drain your patience, and I eventually shifted to other regions to do their quests. Now that I’ve completed all the reputation quests of current areas, I’m switching back to the quests that will give achievements on completion.

You will get 10 Primogems for completing a daily commission as well as Adventure’s EXP, mora, and other rewards according to your world level. You get extra 20 primogems after claiming Daily rewards from Kathryne, totaling 60 primogems per day. More or less, you can have one wish fate for three days’ worth of commissions, as a single wish cost is 160 primogems.

World-level influences how good your rewards will be, and some quests will yield lesser rewards. To increase your world level, you have to do Ascension quests and fight formidable enemies in a domain to eventually level up your world level. Keep in mind that unless your characters are adequately leveled up, I won’t recommend you to do ascension quests and increase your overworld difficulty.

Ascension quests are double-edged where you get better drops overworld monsters, but their levels increase. Nonetheless, I highly recommend you to level up your world level to obtain better rewards, bonuses, and drops from overworld monsters.

Here are some of the daily commissions we have covered:

A Few Questions

Question: What things should I keep in mind while doing quests?

Answer: Sometimes, a character is busy with another quest, and you cannot trigger a specific quest because of that. It had happened once with me, I don’t precisely remember the quest name, but you need to check whether an NPC or character is busy in another Quest. 
If you are doing an archon quest, just enjoy it as much as you can and don’t speed run it.

Whether it’s an archon quest, world quest, or a new daily commission, try to cherish the experience and enjoy the game. I believe that game’s essence dies out when you start to grind only for rewards. Though it applies to some games, in the case of Genshin, you should have a more casual approach.

Question: In what order should I approach the quests as there are a bunch of regions in the game?

Answer: I will say start from the City of freedom, Mondstadt itself, to go through the archon quest to know about the Prologue chapter. As you start the game, you will dive into the first Act, the Outlander who caught the Wind, and get introduced to the game’s starter cast. While you won’t progress as fast through the archon quest as they require certain adventure ranks to get unlocked, you would experience a variety of world quests in between.

When you are starting out the game, you want to put several hours into the game to clear the content. But, I’d rather advise you to have a relaxed mindset while playing the game because once you reach the end-game, there’s no content to complete. Sure, you can choose to grind enough to invest in your character to take on the Spiral Abyss challenges. But besides that, there’s nothing else you can do than do the daily commissions.

Question: Name a few world quests you liked while going through the game? 

Answer: Well, there are a lot of world quests that I liked when I was in the early to the mid-game phase of my Genshin Impact journey. Right now, I have a few quests in mind, like the Nine pillars of the peace world quest that requires players to level the statue of seven in the Liyue region to the maximum level.

You need to collect stones of remembrance to unlock nine pillars and eventually obtain your first 5-star artifact sets. This Quest is evident in my mind as I got my first 5-star artifact when I was below Adventure rank 45, and the fight was challenging enough to make me change my team composition. Another Quest I liked was The Chi of Guyun quest, which is now called The Chi of Yore.

This world quest featured a backstory about the events that happened in the past between Rex Lapis ( Zhongli) and an evil monster. I won’t go into the plotline of that world quest here because we already have an excellent guide on it.

But, that world quest really has a tough challenge that you have to complete to successfully end the Quest and get rewards from an NPC, Granny Ruoxin. I love how world quest features interesting stories of various NPCs and sometimes relates to past events to shed light on the current world. 

Quest Guide, Final Remarks

Quests are an essential part of the game because they are the driving force behind its storyline. The moment you start the game, you are thrown into the prologue chapter and go through Mondstadt to discuss its problems.

Within 30 minutes, you will make up your mind whether to play the game or drop it, and it is unlikely that you will leave because of how the game hooks a player. Having played a share of games, I would say Genshin Impact’s plot is intricate, unique, and mysterious in its own ways.

With various quests, from the key archon quests to the daily commissions, you will find yourself playing unique roles to help out others. Making your way through unknown obstacles to find your other sibling, you will be ready to take on anything.

Quests are indeed a vital part of this game, and I highly recommend you to check out our Quests guide as we discuss some really tough one’s among them. You will find walkthroughs for world quests like Nine pillars of peace that are typically challenging for early game players.

That was all from my side regarding the Quest element in the game, and I hope you got to know many things about the game. Feel free to check out our character guides, weapon guides, or any walkthrough, in general, to ease through the content. Bye for now, and I hope to meet you in another exciting guide soon!

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