Time and Wind Guide

Genshin Impact Time and Wind Guide

Quests are an essential element of Genshin Impact. The moment you start the game, you are thrown into a quest. With various quests in Genshin Impact, you’d never feel the lack of content until you’ve put numerous hours into the game and explored every nook and cranny of the Teyvat world. You will find yourself doing archon quests, world quests, and daily commissions to keep yourself occupied. 

 What if there are some quests that you can only begin when you perform specific actions in the game or reach an unknown place? Genshin Impact’s game designers have their own ways to surprise the players in the form of hidden world quests. 

Yes! You read that correctly; there are hidden quests in the game that you can trigger when you reach a particular place. I certainly didn’t know anything about them when I started the game. I was a naive casual player who would collect apples or sweet flowers here and there until I stumbled on a Reddit post about a hidden island one day.

In this time and wind guide, I’ll go through the quest I encountered after reaching that nameless island and help you achieve the same. Let’s dive into the quest details and in-depth walkthrough.

Time and Wind, A Hidden Quest

Time and Wind is a hidden quest you can only trigger after reaching a nameless island that’s not even on the map. Yep! You have to reach this nameless island yourself and interact with a sundial to initiate the quest.

The clues don’t give you enough information about the quest, and you have to rely on your instincts to complete it, but, worry not, I’ve already completed this quest, and you don’t have to go through all the hassle that I went through.

I was rushing to open up the whole map, going from the spiral abyss’s musk reef to Guyun stone forest in the City of Liyue. I stumbled upon an island far away. You have to reach this island by gliding or making an ice bridge with Kaeya. As you reach the nameless island, you have to interact with the sundial there.

Do a few tasks, and fight an enemy, only to find that you have to glide to the thousand winds temple. After you reach the place, you have to repeat the steps and fight an enemy, who’s now more robust and has its full HP bar reset. You better have some recovery food in your inventory, or things may get rough.

I was in the early game, and the fight with the eye of the storm wasn’t great because I didn’t have enough characters. I had Sucrose in my party, whose abilities are useless against an anemo enemy. Nonetheless, I completed the quest, and here I’ll go through its walkthrough.

Reach the Island

Before going through the quest walkthrough, let’s take a step aside and figure out how you can reach the island. I’ll drop in some tips to make things easier for you and easily reach the island.

Kaeya bridge

Kaeya Elemental Skill Walk water
Use Kaeya’s elemental skill to freeze the water and walk over the ice

If you use Kaeya’s elemetn al skill on water, it will freeze for a few seconds, and you can walk over the water. Kaeya’s low elemental skill cooldown makes things easier. Bear with his “Freeze,” “Cool It” dialogues and start making a path to the nameless island. Keep an eye on your way because I don’t want you ending up in musk reef, which can be reached via a warp portal.


Unless you are hell-bent on using Kaeya to reach the nameless island, I’d recommend you glide to the island. Have two anemo characters in your party to benefit from Anemo elemental resonance and reduce stamina consumption. I’d also recommend you cook some stamina food in advance to consume it on the way and save yourself from falling into the water.

Use food to restore your stamina or reduce stamina consumption rate
elemental resonance
Take a benefit from the elemental resonance

You can also use Amber to benefit from her passive, which decreases stamina consumption rate by 20 % while gliding and easily managing to reach the island. Remember that gliding would be a bit challenging here if you are in the early game and haven’t leveled up your statue of the seven to increase your stamina bar.

Whichever way you choose to go to the nameless island, make sure to have plenty of recovery food, stamina food, and attack dishes. Bosses you encounter in the early games are a bit tough to deal with, and you may require extra firepower in dire situations. Most of the time, you may need to boost your character’s attack or replenish your health while fighting the eye of the storm.

Also, you can shut down the eye of the storm while its protective shield is open and use your bow character to hit it. Sort of like a ruin guard mechanism but this time an elemental entity.

There are various attack patterns that the eye will try to form. Still, if you are cautious enough, you can easily tackle them and not worry about your team getting wiped out.

Quest Walkthrough

The time has to come to go through the quest walkthrough, and I’ll attach the relevant pictures so that you can quickly figure out the quest tasks.

I’ve completed the quest already, so your view might not be the same as mine, the locations for the items will remain the same. Just follow the walkthrough, and you are good to go!

starsnatch cliff location
Climb the rocks after teleporting to the domain and come here
Starsnatch cliff ingame
You can see the nameless island from the top of the Starsnatch cliff

1. Head to the highest point of Starsnatch Cliff and glide to a nameless island. I’ve already discussed how you can reach this island and follow some tips I’ve mentioned there.

2. After you reach the island interact with the sundial. You will notice that Paimon has no idea what the carvings are about and advises to check the area to investigate further.

nameless island sundial
Interact with the sundial on the nameless island

“Stories brought on the wind will bloom into legends in due time” seems like something has to do with folklore. The wind is the element of the anemo archon, and highly possible that this island’s history is related to the anemo archon, Venti.

3. You will find a ragged notebook where the above carving is mentioned under a destructible rock as you search the island.

Destroy the rock here and investigate the area for a ragged notebook

You should use a claymore character to deplete rocks’ health faster and collect the ragged notebook. The island is pretty small, and you will find this notebook on its right by a small camplike hut.

4. Go back to the sundial and interact with it. Paimon doesn’t get what’s written in the notebook and can’t draw any conclusion. Now, keep the time between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM and use elemental sight near the sundial.

clock paimon menu
Change the time on the clock after navigating through the paimon menu
Location of the first wind cluster
Location of the first wind cluster
three wind clusters location
Location of the remaining three wind clusters

You will notice a sky-blue wave-like animation going in a direction that leads you to a wind cluster. Use anemo traveler’s elemental skill to destroy the wind cluster. You will have to find the remaining three wind clusters.

Location of a wind cluster behind the sundial on a circular structure coming out of the water surface

5. You need to apply anemo element to them to destroy them. One of them is behind the sundial, on a circular structure coming out of the water. Glide there and easily use your anemo traveler’s skill to destroy it.

Destroy Anemo
Destroy Anemo

6. Follow the second wave-like line, and you will see a wind cluster hovering over the water. Use Kaeya’s elemental skill to freeze the water and walk over it to use the Anemo character’s skill to destroy the orb.

7. Now comes the last orb, which is also near the sundial on a pillar. As you destroy the last remaining orb, you will hear a faint voice saying, “An ancient tale comes whisked in the wind.”

wind orb near sundial
A wind orb is on top of a pillar near the sundial

Your gamer instinct will tell you to get ready because whispers happen when some enemy is about to drop in.

8. Soon enough, you will notice that wave-like animations are gathering on a pedestal in front of the sundial after using elemental sight. It really feels like the eye of the storm; you need to apply anemo on it to summon the entity. If you approach it, you will get staggered and get anemo damage.

9. As soon as you summon the eye of the storm, the pedestal will glow, and you have to fight the eye of the storm until its health goes down, but you won’t be able to defeat it yet.

eye of the storm
You will fight the eye of the storm around this area

A short cutscene will play, and the eye will make an escape after charging for a few seconds. The fight was tough for me because my characters weren’t leveled up enough, and I didn’t know much about team building.

10. Now, you will notice a wind current forming over the pedestal. After going through numerous wind tunnels, you will reach the thousand winds temple. Notice that there’s a sundial here as well. 

11. Following the wind tunnel will lead you to the sundial at thousand winds temple, and you have to repeat the same process here. Keep the time between 2 AM and 5 AM, and use your elemental sight. You will notice three orbs in a triangular pattern, and destroying each will summon some enemies.

Clear the area before going to the sundial
Sundial triangular pyramids
Interact with the Sundial and clear out the orbs on three triangular pyramids near the sundial

After you clear out three wind clusters, it’s time for the final battle. Don’t worry, the three orbs you destroy here won’t summon formidable enemies, and you will be able to deal with them quickly.

12. The last wind cluster will form in front of the sundial. As you destroy it, the eye of the storm will be summoned along with anemo slimes and anemo samachurls.

Henry Morton Genshin
You will see a quest marker hovering over Henry and interact with him for completing the dialogues

Defeat the eye of the storm, and an option will come where you have to interact with a nearby NPC named Henry Morton.

13. Henry Morton is stunned to see you defeat the eye of the storm and calls you to him. He asks whether you summoned the eye of the storm, and the traveler gives a brief about the solution to the riddle.

Henry is astonished to know that there is another sundial like the one at the thousand winds temple at some other location, and he must find a way to get to that island.

Being grateful to you, Henry affirms that he will look for you once again when he finishes his preparations.

14. Notice that there’s a small hut-like shelter near Henry, and you will find his research notebook there. Henry actually tells you to go through his notes and see whether they can help you.

Henry Morton Notebook
You will find a thick notebook here
 thick notebook part 1
Content of Henry’s thick notebook part 1
thick notebook part 1
Content of Henry’s thick notebook part 1
thick notebook part 2
Content of Henry’s thick notebook part 2

These are the research notes he has on him, and I’ve discussed them in the Quest questions section. Check it out because it’s interesting and gives a bit of information about the Sumeru academia.

Quest Rewards

Lets’ go over quest rewards that you can expect after successfully completing this quest.

  • Adventure EXP x 500
  • Mora x 60,000
  • Primogems x 60
  • Hero’s Wit x 5
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 3

For a hidden quest, the rewards are decent for an early game player, and you can also find chests on the nameless island. I’ve attached a gif below to help you see the locations where you can find the chests.

One is behind the sundial in a cavelike space near the water, and the others are on the island. I’ve recorded this GIF from the Official Genshin Impact interactive map. Feel free to visit it to hunt some chests yourself.

 chests nameless island
You will find these chests here on the nameless island

You will get this achievement if you have not glided for long time A similar gliding achievement for gliding for a long time Achievement for completing the time and wind quest Achievement for reaching the nameless island

You will get these achievements if you have not completed them before. The time and wind quest is fun to complete, and you can explore an unknown area on the map.

I hope you will be able to achieve these achievements. The best thing I loved about this quest was that I ventured into the unknown and discovered an island that was not even on the world map.

Quest Questions

Let’s hop over some questions that you may have after reading this guide.

Question: Who is Henry Morton?

Answer: Henry Morton is an NPC that you meet near the sundial near the thousand winds temple. He claims to do research with his friend, a scholar from the Sumeru academia. While his friend is an archaeologist and likes to travel the world to survey places, he continued his studies in academia. Before coming to the City of Mondstadt to investigate the thousand winds temple, Henry’s friend promised him that he’ll be the first one to know his findings.

But, now his friend’s current whereabouts are unknown. That was why Henry came to the thousand winds temple in the first place and discontinued his studies in academia. But Henry’s aspirations went to dust when he didn’t find his friend and could only see a sundial in the place. Henry welcomes the traveler to look at his notes and excuses himself to research more about the site.

Question: What do you think about the story behind this quest?

Answer: There’s no solid backstory behind this hidden quest. You don’t get enough clues about the lore behind the Nameless Island. After completing tasks, the only thing you get is a few lines about a riddle that you have to solve and fight the eye of the storm once again. It’s purely my speculation, but I think there may be another part of this quest where we have to find Henry’s friend.

It might be possible that the island, which is not of much importance right now, becomes vital to the game’s lore. All of this is currently my speculation, and I think maybe we will get more content related to the world quest in the future.

Question: What’s written in Henry Morton’s thick notebook?

Answer: The notebook mentions the phrase “time and wind,” and the author concludes that it refers to the anemo archon. Because there are only two words he can base his thoughts on, if one is related to the wind, the other must be related to the time.

The sundial looks like an instrument about the time, and Henry writes about an uneasy feeling around 2 AM time at that place. With a vague memory of it, he notes that the time is before dawn and the sundial’s pointer casts its shadow right below the pointer.
With these clues about “time and wind,” he also mentions Sumeru academia’s lecturers who advised people without visions not to partake in outside surveys. Though Henry didn’t know anything about the visions, now he understands that there’s nothing he could do and just watch while the events unfold.

Pointing out to the small number of people in Adventurer’s guild, he seeks their help to find someone with a vision to help him out in his venture. I’m sure people with visions can do much more than what ordinary mortals can think of, and that may be why Henry wants to find someone with a vision.

Question: Can you give us a short summary of which characters you use while exploring the new regions?

Answer: Whenever I’m trying to explore a region, my general team consists of Raiden, Venti, Jean, and Zhongli. Venti and Zhongli are fantastic Genshin characters for exploration because of their useful elemental skills. You can summon a pillar with Zhongli’s elemental skill And summon a wind current with Venti’s elemental skill at a location.

These two characters are my favorite in exploration because they help me a lot in covering short distances. Also, I like to run double anemo characters in the team to benefit from elemental resonance, reduce stamina consumption, and increase movement speed. Elemental resonance is an underrated concept, and players should pay attention.

Time and Wind, Quest Remarks

Time and wind is a hidden quest that you can initiate after reaching the nameless island. Unlike islands like the musk reef, this island is not visible on the map, and you have to figure out your way to it.

While you won’t find enough clues on the island about its mystery, you can still investigate with the help of your elemental sight and complete the quest.

One unique thing about this quest is that you interact with an NPC from the Sumeru academia and looking for his friend in Mondstadt. I love the quests where you meet new NPCs and know their stories.

Once you finish the quest, you will interact with an NPC named Henry Morton and brief him about the riddle’s solution. Impressed by your feat in solving the riddle, he will ensure to counsel you next time when he decides to visit the nameless island.

This quest felt like a mystery that will unfold in future updates or likely related to another hidden quest. I don’t think that Hoyoverse will leave a quest like this in limbo because it needs a sequel where we will try to look for Henry’s friend’s whereabouts. Who knows what kind of information his friend will have about the sundials.

That was all from my end about the Time and Wind quest guide, and I hope you got to know about something new. Want to know about characters or other quests?

Feel free to check out other guides on our site and ace every challenge you face in the game. Hope to meet you in another quest guide in the future!

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