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Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s Light Shows Guide

Sumeru Desert is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking and geographically complex areas in Teyvat. Every nook and cranny of the desert presents diverse landforms and structures such as sandstorms, labyrinthic ruins, and a brand new form of evolved opponents.

Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert, the newest desert areas added in the 3.7 update, outclassed the previous areas in terms of aesthetics. When I stepped inside the region, I could feel the entire desert emanate a bleak atmosphere.

The beauty of some famous landmarks of this region, such as the huge vortex of purple corrupted energy and an enormous cherry blossom tree surrounded by a beautiful oasis, can easily knock the breath out of your lungs.

However, just like several other special regions in Teyvat, Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert can be unlocked only after you complete the ‘Khvarena of Light and Good’ quest. ‘As the Khvarena’s Light Shows’ is one of the lengthiest sub-quests of the aforementioned quest.

‘As the Khvarena Light Shows’ begins after you successfully rescue Sorush’s fellow Pari, Rashnu, and Mihir. Finishing the quest takes quite some time, so follow our guide to complete the sub-quest as soon as possible.

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows Overview

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows is the fourth sub-quest from the Khvarena of Good and Evil World Quest series. To obtain this quest, you must first complete the Asipattravana Itihasa and Awakening’s Real Sound sub-quests.

‘As the Khvarena’s Light Shows’ is further divided into four mini-quests.

  1. As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Samudaya
  2. As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Dukkha
  3. As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha.
  4. As the Khvarena’s Light Shows

To kickstart this quest, you must talk to Zurvan, an elder Pari, after rescuing Rashnu and Mihir. Zurvan will tell you that you must collect the five Great Songs of Khvarena to purify the land from the corruption caused by the Sign of Aposh. These Great Khvarena can only be collected when Sorush evolves in her Bloomguard form.

You don’t need a specific team composition to complete this quest. However, I advise keeping at least one Anemo and a Dendro or Cryo character in the team since they’ll be handy during the climax of the quest.

Extended Walkthrough

Return to the Vorukasha Oasis after completing the Asipattravana Itihasa and Awakening’s Real Sound sub-quests and talk to Zurvan. Once you interact with her, Sorush will acquire a Twin-Horned Chaplet and upgrade into a Bloomguard. Re-equip her.

Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s Light Shows
Interact with Zurvan, a wise elder Pari. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

Zurvan will urge you to gather the Great Songs of Khvarena with the help of a now-evolved Sorush. The first Great Khvarena is in Sunyata Lake, so follow the quest marker until you reach your destination.

A short cutscene will play where a Great Song of Khvarena enclosed in a barrier will reveal itself to you. You can trespass the barrier only with the help of Sorush.

Fly inside the barrier by switching to Sorush and retrieve the Great Khvarena.  Once you recover your first song, Sorush will prompt you to visit Nasejuna to learn about the precise locations of the other Great Khvarena.

Drop by Nasejuna’s place, and he’ll point out the exact locations on the map, kickstarting three different sub-quests for each Great Khvarena. First, you must begin with the ‘As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Samudaya’ mini-quest.

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Samudaya

Teleport to the Teleport Waypoint located to the far east of Asipattravana Swamp. Jump down from the Teleport Waypoint and follow the quest marker till you enter a cave. The cave’s water level was lowered in the Asipattravana Itihasa sub-quest, so descending inside the cave is an easy task.

Your quest marker will lead you to an Amrita Seal. The Amrita Seal can be dispelled only with the help of Sorush. Hold down Sorush’s Interact Skill to blast off the barrier. Once the seal is removed, fly inside the cave in Sorush mode and retrieve the second Great Song of the Khvarena.

Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s Light Shows
Hold down the Interact button to dispel the Amrita Seal. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Dukkha

The next Great Song of Khvarena is located in a cavern to the west of Tunigi Hollow. Follow the quest marker till you enter a cave with a huge frozen Rifthound.

Fly past the Rifthound and descend into the hole under the underground Teleport Waypoint. Walk past the group of Hydro Slimes, and you will find the Great Song of Khvarena stuck inside a barrier.

Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s Map
Location of Great Khvarena from the ‘As the Khvarena Light Shows: Dukkha’ mini-quest / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

Switch to Sorush to retrieve the Great Khvarena again. It’s time to move on to the next quest and collect the last Great Khvarena.

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha

Acquiring the last Great Song of Khvarena is a complicated and time-consuming process. To begin this mini-quest, follow the quest marker until you encounter a massive barrier of thick roots. A short cutscene will show Sorush dispelling the barrier. Enter the large tunnel to reach the underground Dahrian ruins.

Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
Sorush breaks down the barrier sealing Dahrian ruins. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

At the end of the passage, you will see a typical Ruin Gate. Nasejuna will exclaim how remarkable the Ruin Gate is and offer a clue about how to open the gate. To open the gate, you must ensure that the square rune is connected to the triangular rune at the bottom without changing the position of the said triangular rune.

Rotate the runes according to the following order: Rotate the upper rune once, rotate the middle rune twice, and don’t rotate the third rune.

Rune Genshin Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
Rotate the runes in the order shown in the picture to unlock the entrance. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

Once the gate opens, walk inside the ruin. Naesejuna will hand you some of Rene’s Investigation Notes, which show the entire ruin’s layout. Nasejuna will tell you that you need an Energy Block to open the locked areas of the ruin.

Since the ruin is full of challenging puzzles, follow the steps I have given below to recover the Great Khvarena from these hidden areas.

1. Turn around and enter the open passage behind your party’s position to find the Energy Block of the machine. Once you walk past the door, the door will automatically shut down. You need to find an alternative exit to escape from the locked passage.

2. Keep walking, and you will encounter a path with water puddles behind a group of frozen Rifhounds. Continue down that path to find a Khvarena lying atop a huge gear.

3. Lead the Khvarena to a locked gate on a cliff above and use it to melt the Gray Crystals around the switch. Be careful; some Rifthounds will break out from the Gray Crystals and attack you while you are leading the Farrwick.

4. You will find the Energy Block lying atop a desk inside the workshop. Retrieve it and follow the Farrwick to encounter a door locked behind another rune mechanism. Follow these steps to unlock the door: Rotate the upper rune twice, rotate the middle rune once, and rotate the bottom rune twice.

Gray Crystal Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
The Gray Crystal sticking on the wall reveals the rune mechanism puzzle’s solution. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

5. Keep walking, and the Great Khvarena will get stuck between two Ruin Guards. Beat them and lead the Great Khvarena toward the locked door on your left. Unlock the door, and you will return to the control room. Insert the Energy Block inside the machine to activate it.

6. Walk inside the room you emerged from initially to find some power relays. Rotate the mixer next to you to unlock the door to your far left. Head inside the door, and you will find a complex circuit mechanism at the end of the tunnel.

7. Follow the two Seelies floating in the room to their respective Seelie Courts to find Farrwicks. Farrwicks can be carried around and are used to melt Gray Crystals. Place both the Farrwicks in the positions shown in the picture below.

Farrwick Placement Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
Appropriate positions of Farrwicks. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

8. Rotate the Mixers in the same direction as shown in the picture below.

Mixer Rotation Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
The current flow from each Mixer should match the arrows’ directions. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

9. Head inside the passage beyond the unlocked door and walk down the tunnel. Your quest marker will lead you to a large room with a huge intimidating machine called Ruin Cannon. Interact with the switch to activate the machine. Operating the Ruin Cannon will generate three waves of Ruin enemies.

10. Beat every wave of these Ruin enemies. After beating a certain enemy wave, the machine will fire laser beams at you. To protect yourself, walk over to any of the two green orbs lying on the floor. Sorush will then activate a transparent green shield to stop the beams from hitting you.

11. Once you beat all enemies, use the Ruin Cannon to blow up the three seals protecting the Ruin Golem’s core. Dive into the now-opened Golem and retrieve another Great Song of Khvarena.

Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
Ruin Machine’s moving shield. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows

Nasejuuna will inform you that you must collect the final Great Song of Khvarena. Follow the quest marker till you pass by the new Inquitious Baptist boss. You will encounter some ruins. Let Nasejuna unlock the ruins and step inside. Activate the underground Teleport Waypoint as you descend.

You will face another Amrita Seal. Use Sorush to unlock the seal and keep trudging forward. You will eventually come across a hidden room atop a cliff. Use the Four-Leaf Sigils to zip to the top and enter the room through a gap in the door.

This room will present you with yet another circuit puzzle. This puzzle is even more complex than the earlier ruin’s puzzle, so follow my instructions carefully to obtain the Great Khvarena quickly.

1. Use the single Farrwick in the room to remove the Gray Crystal from the circuit just below the Teleport Waypoint. Slide the circuit arrow to the left and ensure that the power is directed towards the door behind you to unlock the door.

Khvarena's Light Shows Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
Rotate the mixer so that the current is flowing toward the door. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

2. Enter the passage behind you and keep following the Seelie on the metal bridge till you encounter a group of Hilichurls. Beat them and interact with the golden switch to open the hatch on the floor. Jump down the hatch, and you’ll find the Farrwick submerged in water.

3. Swim through the water and turn on the golden switch. Pick up the Farrwick when the water level lowers down. Return to the main circuit room.

Genshin Gameplay Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
Press the switch to drain the water. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

4. Use the picture below to place the Farrwicks and the circuits in their appropriate positions. Enter the newly unlocked space to your right.

Farrwicks and Mixers Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
Place all the Farrwicks and Mixers in these positions to unlock the second door. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

5. You will reach a room with a giant furnace. Beat the Ruin enemies below the furnace to open an entrance to your right. Don’t forget to pick up the Precious Chest before you leave! Enter the passage and pick up the third Farrwick.

6. Follow the quest marker to return to the main room again. Rotate and move the circuits in the positions shown in the picture below to connect them to the elevator.

Farrwicks And Mixers Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
Final placement of all Farrwicks and Mixers. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

7. To fly to the top level, generate a wind current by using Anemo skills on the Anemo Elemental Monument. Head to your right until you find the rightmost rune mechanism near some Gray Crystals. Rotate it in this order to activate the elevator: Rotate the upper rune twice, rotate the middle rune once, and rotate the bottom rune once.

Farrwicks And Mixers Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s
Refer to the slate behind the switch to rotate the runes of the main control device. / Image by Vaishnavi Madao

8. The central elevator will be activated. Descend to the bottom floor by using the elevator. The elevator sometimes stops when there are Ruin enemies on a certain floor. Beat those mobs to continue descending.

9. The final Great Song of Khvarena lies on the bottom floor. Use Sorush to trespass the barrier and pick it up.

10. Predictably, Nasejuna will betray you and ask you to hand over the Great Khvarena to him. He will call upon a Hydro Abyss Herald to steal the Great Khvarena from you. Use a Dendro or a Cryo character to break the Abyss Herald’s shield. Once you beat them, they’ll beat a hasty retreat.

Talk with Sorush and Paimon about the events that happened so far. The quest finally ends with the party deciding to report back to Zurvan.

Achievements and Rewards

‘As the Khvarena’s Light Shows’ rewards 500 Adventure EXP, 50000 Mora, 120 Primogems, 5 Hero’s Wits, and 6 Mystic Enchantment Ore upon completion. There are four achievements you can obtain through this particular sub-quest. You can obtain most of these achievements by just completing the quest.

  • Vyakarana of the Birds: This achievement is acquired when Sorush transforms into a Bloomguard.  5 Primogems are rewarded for completing this achievement.
  • Fabricator General: Unlocked after activating the main elevator in As the Kharvena Light Shows part of the sub-quest. This achievement grants a reward of 5 Primogems.
  • Trial of Haft-Vadi: Completing the entire As the Khvarena’s Light Shows quest grants this achievement. 4 Primogems are rewarded upon completion.
  • …Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here: Locate the mysterious gate leading to Khaenriah at Hangeh Afrasiyab area to obtain this achievement. 5 Primogems are granted as a reward upon completion.


Question: How to use the power of Khvarena?

Answer: The power of Khvarena can be harnessed through Sorush by clicking on the flower button once. However, you must hold down the flower button for some puzzles to keep Sorush rooted in the same place.

The power of Khvarena can be used to remove barriers, unlock special platforms, and move the Four-Leaf Sigil ziplines from one place to another.

Question: How long does it take to finish Khvarena of Good and Evil quest?

Answer: It takes a little more than 3 hours to finish the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest. However, if you speedrun through the dialogue, completing the entire quest will take around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Question: What does the ‘Khvarena’ mean in Genshin Impact?

Answer: Khvarena is an Avestan word for ‘divine glory.’ Anyone who possesses Khvarena can carry out their mission successfully. The meaning of this term is probably linked to Sorush’s destiny to eradicate the Sign of Aposh successfully.


Navigating through the quest as Sorush was definitely a refreshing and fun experience. Getting used to the key bindings of Sorush takes some time at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s difficult to stop wandering around in Sorush mode.

Besides, I also liked the subtle references to the fallen kingdom of Khaenriah throughout the quest. Stumbling upon a mysterious gate that leads to Khaenriah was definitely not a part of my bucket list, so it was a pleasant surprise.

However, I must admit the concept of ‘betrayal’ is getting a bit old and repetitive in Sumeru‘s Desert World Quests. I had seen this exact same theme during the Golden Slumber and Dirge of Bilqis quests, so some parts of the story were an absolute snoozefest for me.

Despite its flaws, ‘As the Khvarena’s Light Shows’ is a solid sub-quest that acquaints its players with the new region’s major new puzzle features and exploration mechanisms. I bet that without completing this quest, I wouldn’t be able to pilot Sorush as efficiently as I do right now.

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