Genshin Impact Sumeru Guide

The long-awaited Sumeru region is finally here, along with a wide variety of content that players can access through various quests and other forms of new in-game mechanics. Many players sat idly, going through the motions of the daily commissions and resin usage, bored due to the lack of end-game activities aside from world exploration and Genshin events. However, all of that has changed because of the arrival of the lush green environment and the upcoming desert area of Sumeru.

Many players, including myself, have already started dismantling the quests and in-game puzzles in order to earn higher levels in the Sumeru Statue of the Seven, The Tree of Dreams, and Sumeru Reputation levels as well.

In this Genshin Impact Sumeru guide, we will aim to understand and appreciate what lies behind the surface of Modern day Sumeru; this way, players can understand the history of this Genshin Impact nation while learning about every other aspect as well.


As a nation based on Wisdom and the concepts of academics, Sumeru is a nation famous for its prestigious Sumeru Akademiya. The Sumeru Akademiya hosts students from nations all over Teyvat and provides a stepping stone toward being a qualified Academic. Some of the alums include the present Dendro Archon herself, Lesser Lord Kusanali, Lisa, and La Signora.

In fact, in a surprising turn of events, Lisa graduated from the Sumeru Akademiya not only as the best in her generation but with the best overall score as well, making her the best product of the Sumeru Akademiya, beating Lesser Lord Kusanali, the literal Goddess of Wisdom.

As a nation, the population in Sumeru seems to think more logically when approaching problems. Even the Eremites, a tribe with ancestral roots tied to the desert region in Sumeru, appear to be very well adapted to handling most situations and are often hired as mercenaries or as a means of protection.

One of the most intriguing concepts about Sumeru is their Akasha Terminal. This device allows the user to access, retrieve, and store information from a large gathering of information already present on the Akasha System. When the Traveler and Paimon entered Sumeru City, they realized that everyone had a fancy accessory on one of their ears.

As they later learned, this device was the Akasha Terminal, and with the help of a member of the Sumeru Akademiya, the Traveler and Paimon received their own Akasha Terminals. This device was made by using the gnosis of the former Dendro Archon, Greater God Rukkhadevata. There are limitations to this device and restricted areas of knowledge as well, and this adds intrigue and mystery to the Akasha Terminal.


Greater Lord Rukkhadevata
Greater Lord Rukkhadevata

Sumeru is quite similar to its neighboring nation Liyue. The Greater Lord Rukkhadevata operated in a similar fashion to Zhongli in terms of aiding their respective people and creating hospitable environments for all walks of life, not only humans. Sumeru is a nation that has been blessed with lush green forests, inhabiting plenty of wildlife. The wildlife found in Sumeru cannot be found in any other place in Teyvat as of version 3.0. The Greater Lord Rukkhadevata has done quite a lot for Sumeru and has left monumental landmarks as a part of their legacy.

The Aranara are another part of Sumeru, they are little spirit-like creatures who worked alongside Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, and they have powers related to dreams. These creatures assist the Traveler during the Aranyaka quest line and help provide songs required to operate certain mechanisms scattered across Sumeru.

However, before they established themselves in Vanarana, they were originally from Old Vanarana. They had to leave their original home due to the events of the Cataclysm. Although the Aranara are now free spirits, during the time of Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, she used to be their leader and operated as such until her eventual death.

The death of Greater Lord Rukkhadevata came as a shock to the entire nation of Sumeru, primarily because of the love that her people had for her. She died during the Cataclysm, and the exact details of her death have not been disclosed yet. Many people believe that she has “disappeared,” while everyone else believes that she may actually have died. Her final memory or consciousness has been embedded into the Irminsul, and only a select few can access her final message.

When the Traveler entered Sumeru, we entered a dream-like state and came across a large silver tree. This tree was the Irminsul, and when we got closer, we entered a cut scene with the haunting words “… World… Forget me…” many believe that this is the final message from Greater Lord Rukkhadevata to her people and the entire world of Teyvat as well.

These words are hauntingly beautiful and extremely ominous as well; I am extremely intrigued by this concept and cannot wait for the explanation. Historically, the Irminsul is tied to the Anglo-Saxon civilization, and it is also known as the great or sacred pillar, which could be a slight foreshadowing of the upcoming story involving Genshin Impact’s very own Irminsul as well.

The Cataclysm impacted each nation in a different way and caused many casualties and sacrifices. However, for the nation of Sumeru, the death of Greater Lord Rukkhadevata would be the biggest loss. The Cataclysm also affected Old Vanarana, and it left behind Marana’s Avatar, which made the sub-area of Old Vanarana inhabitable and continued to drain and ruin the land. The Traveler has to defeat this entity and clear out the area to try and reduce or reverse the effects in order for life to come back once again.

Modern Sumeru, Factions, and Archon

Sumeru Akademiya

Sumeru is regarded as the most intellectually advanced nation in Teyvat, with the Sumeru Akademiya being the pillar of all educational institutes found in Teyvat. Graduating from the Sumeru Akademiya is not an easy feat, and academic seniority is not measured through age; in fact, it is measured by the graduating year of the individual.

For example: in Tighnari’s story quest, we came across individuals who seem much older than Tighnari, referring to Tighnari as their senior. The members of the Sumeru Akademiya are the governing body of Sumeru; they oversee everything and often rely on the Matra to carry out discipline-related issues and eliminate research material or studies that break the guidelines set in place by the Sumeru Akademiya.

Another interesting faction in Sumeru would be the Eremites. The origins of the Eremites can be traced to the desert region that lies just outside Sumeru. They are mercenaries by trade and are hired by clients from all over Teyvat; however, they can also be enlisted to act as a protection unit as well.

For example, Dehya was enlisted by the Homayami family to protect Dunyazad. The Eremites work with a high level of ethics and professionalism, making them worthy investments for high-end clients. However, as time passed, the Eremites broke off and formed factions of their own and ended up forming two main groups while many others did their own thing; the two groups are;

  1. The Corps of Thirty
  2. Ayn Al-Ahmar

The Corps of Thirty are a group of Eremites who have dedicated their lives to protecting Sumeru City. Instead of the usual red scarf worn by the Eremites, they wear a green scarf. This signifies their allegiance with Sumeru City while publicly establishing themselves as a separate entity from the usual Eremites.

They have been hired by the Sumeru Akademiya and act as the unofficial military of Sumeru City as well, and they are quite the peacekeeping crowd, although they are more or less on a permanent contract as a permanently hired brigade of mercenaries.

The Ayn Al-Ahmar group of Eremites have mainly established themselves around Port Ormos. They have taken on the vision and ideology of the “Scarlet King,” another God who existed in the same time frame or before Greater Lord Rukkhadevata. According to the Ay Al-Ahmar Eremites, the Scarlet King was much stronger, and a better leader than Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, and they also believe that he should have been the rightful deity to rule over Sumeru.

This group is a collection of heavily devout individuals; in fact, the “Al-Ahmar” part in their name is actually from the Scarlet King’s real name.

The Archon of present-day Sumeru is Lesser Lord Kusanali, or as we know her, Nahida. Nahida was born after the events of the Archon War, and she was immediately made the successor of Greater Lord Rukkhadevata. The people of Sumeru seem to be more connected to Greater Lord Rukkhadevata in terms of the overall impression that we receive from the Archon Quest and other quests as well.

Nahida is the new Goddess of Wisdom, and therefore she should be highly regarded by a nation famous for its educational atmosphere, but most people do not show any interest in Lesser Lord Kusanali. After being introduced to her during the Archon Quest, personally, I feel that she is working quite hard and can handle the workload that comes with being an Archon.

However, I also believe that she feels as if she has not earned the position or the respect of her people. This realization was a little sad, especially since she seemed like a kind and gentle person. Hopefully, as the story progresses, the people of Sumeru will be more accommodating of her.

World Bosses, Trounce Domain Bosses, and Domains

World Bosses

Electro Regisvine

The Electro Regisvine is the Electro version of the Regisvine species found in Teyvat. If not dealt with swiftly, like its counterparts, the Electro Regisvine will be another annoying boss to beat. However, as per usual, the Electro Regisvine is not a difficult opponent to beat, and most players can get through this Boss without any hassle.

The use of Cryo, Dendro and Pyro characters are highly recommended, mainly because they will help break the corolla and the stamen a lot quicker. This normal Boss can be found in Mawtiyima Forest, Lokpala Jungle, Sumeru.

Electro Regisvine map Electro Regisvine in the game
Location on the map Electro Regisvine in the game

Jadeplume Terrorshroom

This Boss is from a new species, and it may seem daunting at first, but if players can equip themselves with a strong team of Pyro Main DPS focused attacks, they can get through this Boss quite easily. If not, players can opt to go for an Electro Charged team comp that will be much more sustainable for repeated runs. This Boss has a unique attack pattern where it summons Floating Dendro Fungi, and this is mildly similar to the Oceanid’s Hydro Mimic summoning mechanism, but not exactly

The Jadeplume Terrorshroom resembles a chicken, and it is the first of its species and the first official Dendro Normal Boss in Genshin Impact, making it a unique addition to the game. This normal Boss is found in Vissudha Field, Sumeru, and it can be accessed via a small black hole (similar to the one used to travel to the Spiral Abyss island) or by clearing out a cave leading to a waypoint that can be used to travel to the Jadeplume Terrorshroom.

Jadeplume Terrorshroom in the game
Location on the map Jadeplume Terrorshroom in the game

Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network

The Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network is one of the two latest additions to the world of Genshin Impact, as of version 3.1. This Boss is a mechanical boss, similar to the Mechanical Array in Inazuma.

This normal Boss uses a cloaking system similar to the Fatui Pyro Agent; during this time, it becomes invisible, but if a player can mark this normal Boss before it becomes invisible, the gameplay would be much easier.

Characters such as Tartaglia, Hu Tao, Yoimiya, and Lisa can be used to place a mark on the Boss, which will be visible even if it becomes invisible. This normal Boss can be found in the Hypostyle Desert, Sumeru.

Location on the map Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network in the game

Aeonblight Drake

The Aeonblight Drake is another mechanical monster in Genshin Impact, and it is a modified and upgraded version of the new Ruin monsters (Ruin Drake: Earthguard and Ruin Drake: Skywatch). This monster is quite easy since it’s mechanically based; however, similar to the Ruin Drake, it can absorb elemental energy and deal damage from the respective element, and gain an elemental RES of the respective element as well.

This Boss is the third addition to the Mechanical Boss species of Teyvat. This Boss can fly and deal damage while also staying on the ground and dealing damage; however, the movements are quite large, so they are quite easy to dodge.

After equipping a shielding character, players will have little to no worries when facing this Boss. Constantly dashing and maintaining distance is a key factor in winning this battle.

Location on the map Aeonblight Drake in the game

Trounce Domain Bosses

As of the current version (3.0) of Genshin Impact, the Sumeru nation does not have any Trounce Domain Bosses. Therefore, players will have to wait for a long time until we receive the necessary quests to trigger the Trounce Domain Bosses.

According to reports and information gathered by data miners and other individuals, we can expect to see Scaramouche “The Wanderer” as a Trounce Domain Boss, roughly around version 3.4.

The second Trounce Domain Boss is rumored to either be Dottore or another entity exclusive to Sumeru.


Artifact Domains – Spire of Solitary Enlightenment

The Spire of Solitary Enlightenment is the first Artifact Domain introduced in Sumeru. This domain provided us with a much needed Dendro related Artifact that will go a long way with the newly released line of Dendro characters.

The two artifacts that we received from this domain are Deepwood Memories and Gilded Dreams. Deepwood Memories is an Artifact set designed to boost the use of Dendro characters by making them very Support based via the Dendro RES obtained from the four-piece bonus. Gilded Dreams is an Artifact set that boosts the Elemental Mastery of a character, allowing them more access to stronger elemental reactions.

This domain is quite easy; players can go through this domain multiple times with ease, making it a very relaxed domain to farm artifacts in. By using a team with a high damage output, players can breeze through quite easily. By using a team built around crowd control and large-scale elemental reactions, this domain can be completed in a very similar fashion to the Valley of Remembrance domain. A team of Tartaglia, Venti, Xiangling, and Bennett would be ideal for multiple domain attempts.

Spire of Solitary Enlightenment
Location on the map Spire of Solitary Enlightenment in the game

Talent Book Domains – Steeple of Ignorance

If players have no issue in dealing with the new Ruin Drake: Earthguard and Ruin Drake: Skywatch, then they can get through this domain with little to no worries at all. Players must utilize long-range characters such as Tartaglia or Ganyu because they will help take the machines down with ease through their aimed charge attack.

Since the domain is based on mechanical monsters, players do not have to worry about elemental immunity, and therefore, they can equip their high-damage dealing teams and burn through the domain. For newer players, they might have to rely on Amber or another bow user, but this domain will still remain quite easy.

Since the Sumeru characters have just started coming out, players can take this opportunity to prepare for them by farming their relevant books beforehand. This will go a long way when building characters such as Nahida because she seems like a must-have Dendro Support character.

Steeple Of Ignorance
Location on the map Steeple Of Ignorance
  1. Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Admonition – Monday/ Thursday/ Sunday
  2. Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Ingenuity – Tuesday/ Friday/ Sunday
  3. Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Praxis – Wednesday/ Saturday/ Sunday
Talent Book Character
Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Admonition Candance Cyno Tighnari Traveler Geo (Dendro Traveler)
Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Ingenuity Dori
Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Praxis Collei *Nilou*

Weapons ascension material Domains

Tower of Abject Pride

If players can fully utilize their crowd-control characters, this domain would be quite easy as well. This domain has a few members from Sumeru’s newly introduced monster species, the Fungi. The final level, Tower of Abject Pride IV, has Floating Hydro Fungus, Floating Dendro Fungus, Grounded Hydroshroom, and Winged Dendroshroom.

These monsters will not come at the player all at once; instead, they will be presented in two waves. I would highly recommend taking characters such as Kazuha, Sucrose, and Venti if the player has them, purely due to their crowd control via vacuum effects, and by infusing Pyro into their Swirl reactions, it will make the domain incredibly simple.

Alternatively, players can rely on the newly introduced Electro-Dendro reactions to pave the way for high volumes of damage. Still, I am slightly more biased toward Vapourize reactions and would recommend a high Elemental Mastery team comp with a designated Anemo crowd-control character. A Melt or Freeze team would also work well in this domain, especially since these monsters are mobile and move around frequently.

Tower Of Abject Pride map Tower Of Abject Pride 
Location on the map Tower Of Abject Pride 
  1. Oasis Garden’s Reminiscence – Tuesday/ Friday/ Sunday
  2. Echo of Scorching Might – Wednesday/ Saturday/ Sunday

*I will list below the 4* and 5* weapons that require these materials; I will use the names instead of the pictures because there are many weapons.*

Weapon Ascension Material 4* Weapon 5* Weapon
Copper Talisman of the Forest Dew Claymore – Forest Regalia


Longsword – Sapwood Blade

Longsword – Key of Khaj-Nisut
Oasis Garden’s Reminiscence Catalyst – Fruit of Fulfillment


Polearm – Moonpiercer

Polearm – Staff of the Scarlet Sands
Echo of Scorching Might Bow – End of the Line, King’s Squire


Claymore – Makhaira Aquamarine

Bow – Hunter’s Path

Characters from Sumeru

As of version 3.1, we only have six playable Sumeru-based characters. However, players should not worry because we have characters from almost every element lined up and ready to be released in the upcoming versions of the game.

Players can possibly expect the Dendro Archon Lesser Lord Kusanali (Nahida) to be released in the next version.

Character Name
Tighnari Tighnari
Collei Collei
Dori Dori
Cyno Cyno
Candace Candace

Sumeru regional specialty items

As with all nations, Liyue has regional specialty items and animals. These items and animals can be found on the official Genshin Impact interactive map.

Item Name
Nilotpala Lotus Nilotpala Lotus
Kalpalata Lotus Kalpalata Lotus
Scarab Scarab
Redcrest Redcrest
Padisarah Padisarah
Rukkhashava Mushrooms Rukkhashava Mushrooms
Viparyas Viparyas
Sumeru Rose Sumeru Rose
Glabrous Beans Glabrous Beans
Zaytun Peach Zaytun Peach
Harra Fruit Harra Fruit
Ajilenakh Nut Ajilenakh Nut
Serendipity Serendipity
Vintage Lyre Vintage Lyre
  Dendro Resonance Stone
  Dendro Treasure Compass
The Boon of the Elder Tree The Boon of the Elder Tree


Location Name
Sumeru City Sumeru City
Palace of Alcazarzaray Palace of Alcazarzaray
Mawtiyima Forest Mawtiyima Forest
Old Vanarana
Gandharva Village Gandharva Village
Vimara Village Vimara Village
Pardis Dhyai Pardis Dhyai
Apam Woods Apam Woods
Devantaka Mountain
Port Ormos Port Ormos
Ruins of Dhari
Caravan Ribat
aaru village Aaru Village
Eye of the Sands Eye of the Sands
The Mausoleum of King Deshret The Mausoleum of King Deshret
Valley of Dhari Valley of Dhari
The Dune of Carouses The Dune of Carouses
The Dune of Elusion The Dune of Elusion
The Dune of Magma The Dune of Magma


Question: Where is Sumeru based on?

Answer: Sumeru seems to have multiple sources of inspiration, with the main highlight focused on the Middle East and South Asia. In the rainforest section of Sumeru, the cuisine, names of characters and NPC, architecture, and culture all seem to be primarily derived from most South Asian cultures or countries. However, with the introduction of the desert area, we can expect to see a boom in the cultural significance of Middle Eastern cultures or countries.

Question: What is the difference between Greater Lord Rukkhadevata and Lesser Lord Kusanali?

Answer: Greater Lord Rukkhadevata was the former Dendro Archon, and Lesser Lord Kusanali was born a few years or immediately after the death/ disappearance of Greater Lord Rukkhadevata. After the death/ disappearance of Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, Lesser Lord Kusanali inherited both the status of “Archon” and the title “God of Wisdom.”

Question: Will Sumeru be harder than Inazuma?

Answer: When unlocking and moving into the new nations, we can encounter new mobs, and along with that, the difficulty of the area would increase slightly as well. Primarily because there is a certain adaptation period that comes with the new monsters, Inazuma was definitely an obstacle with the introduction of the Nobushi, Specters, Rifthounds, and Primordial Bathysmal Vishaps. However, we have only Eremites, Ruin Drake; Earthguard, Ruin Drake; Skywatch, and all sorts of Fungal monsters in Sumeru.

These new monsters are not necessarily a step up in the difficulty scale, but players can get overwhelmed by the large number of monsters that can spawn. I believe that Sumeru has a little more to offer as the newer versions come out; we can only wait and see what happens.

Question: What is the Akasha Terminal?

Answer: The Akasha Terminal is a very important part of Modern day Sumeru and a significant part of their history as well. Greater Lord Rukkhadevata developed the Akasha System through her gnosis. As the former God of Wisdom, it is only fitting that she would develop a device to transfer and collect information.

The Akasha Terminal is a gadget that is exclusive to Sumeru and can be received by members of the Sumeru Akademiya. The members of the Sumeru Akademiya further improved upon the Akasha System before making and providing the Akasha Terminal to the residents of Sumeru. The Akasha Terminal is a very interesting and intriguing concept, and it gives me Black Mirror vibes, which I love.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Guide: Final Thoughts

Sumeru is a significant part of Teyvat, primarily because of the Sumeru Akademiya, since students from all over Teyvat join. This is important because this is one of the most prestigious education institutions in Teyvat. The lush rainforests, intricate cave systems, and desert biome set Sumeru apart from the other nations in terms of individuality.

There are many things to do in Sumeru and multiple new mechanisms for the players to experience. Bringing in various avenues of content for players, with the upcoming desert area, I believe that Sumeru will quickly become a fan favorite nation.

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