The Tree Who Stands Alone Guide

The Tree Who Stands Alone Guide: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a fantastic, open-world game with action, exploring, and great storytelling. You will explore a world full of mystery and beauty as you fight The Abyss Order. Enjoyable character designs and creatively designed weapons will add to this epic adventure.

You will control a traveler and search the world of Teyvat for your twin sibling. In your journey, you will meet NPCs, fight many enemies, and make a few meals along the way. 

‘The Tree Who Stands Alone’ is a break from the main storyline, and you don’t have to do this. This is an optional quest, but the curiosity in you should be super excited about getting in here and solving this story. Before we begin our The Tree Who Stands Alone guide, let’s look at some of the key details you need to know before you begin.

What You Want To Know

In ‘The Tree Who Stands Alone,’ you will not be alone because you have to talk to NPCs and fight enemies to complete this quest. A good ol’ ghost mystery. I’ll be your Scooby-Doo to your Mystery Inc.

I’ve played many quests, and this one is a nice change of pace. The rewards you will get from this will be pretty decent, and I can’t wait to give you the step-by-step in this quest.  Grab your sword, and let’s go!

Team Layout

The Hilichurls are the same enemies you run on the road. Using your elemental reactions and getting physical is the best way to defeat them. Some great combinations are to use an Anemo character to enhance a Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, or Electro character. Maybe use the traveler or Venti to use his wind to attack when the enemy is infused with another element. 

Another way is to create a Melt reaction using someone like Kaeya or Qiqi and then follow them up with Xaingling or Diluc using a fire element. This will make short work of the obstacles in your way to finding more clues.

Location: Where to Begin

Mingyun Village. One of the many sightseeing locations you will visit in your travels. Southeast of Mondstadt, you will find this place close to Wangshu Inn. 

While in this old mining village, you will see straw roof houses and a few Hilichurls wandering around. The village is pretty run down and lacks that life you see in other places in this game. You won’t be leaving the mining area, so you don’t have to teleport back and forth, which means less time at the load screen. 


Below, I will walk you through and detail each area in this section, so we don’t miss anything. Now while following this, if you want to veer off and fight something or grab a chest, you see in the distance, feel free. Just bring some back for me.

The Ghost of Yuan Hong

The Ghost of Yuan Hong

While you wander around the village, you will see a ghost reading a billboard. Because you have no fear of spirits, you go and talk to the ghost. His name is Yuan Hong, and he turns to you, but as he speaks, you notice he is talking to you but not talking to you. 

He starts talking in riddles, and a search area opens up on your map. You should head west, and there is an old shack you passed before. Look inside, and you will find the lost notes. Jinkies, I think we found a clue.

After you hear the puzzling words left on this note, you realize there are pieces of Yuan Hong’s will in four different locations. The mystery continues.

Now, as you travel to each of these locations, be careful. This area is littered with Hilichruls, Geo Slimes, Large Dendro Slime, Mitachurl, and Abyss Mages. I even took a wrong turn somewhere and ran into a group of Fatui.

Location 1

Location 1

Let’s check out the location closest to us. You will see a small body of water and a Hilichurls standing in front of an exploding barrel. Silly rabbit. One arrow should do the trick. You will then see a small cave, and inside is a shiny piece of the will. 

The ghost of Yuan Cheng appears behind you. If your inner Shaggy didn’t run, he begins to tell you a story. He is upset at his family and the way they are behaving. While searching for the treasure, we know that he met a tragic end. 

Location 2

Location 2

This time let’s head Northwest to the following location. There are two ways to get into the mine. You don’t have to face enemies one way, but one direction has a Blazing Axe Hilichurl Guard. Three more will appear when you get close: Two Hilichurl Fighters and an Electro Hilichurl Shooter.

Follow the tracks across a small bridge into the back of the mine. These ghosts really like to jump out and appear out of nowhere, so don’t get scared. You will grab the piece of will lying on the ground, and Yuan Hung appears again.

This time the old spirit is talking about his sons. He scolds them for not looking hard enough. He doesn’t go into detail about anything else, so on to the other mine.

Location 3

Location 3

As you enter the mine, you will encounter some Geo Slimes and one Hilichurl. Geo Slimes are weak against physical attacks. Claymore fighters and Geo attacks work well against them.   

After defeating your enemies, you will jump into the water and swim to the other side. You will see an exquisite chest and another piece of the will toward the right. 

Yuan Liang appears and starts to boast how he knows where the treasure is, and his brothers have no clue. The search is not over; on to the next mine.

Location 4

Location 4

In this last location, a Hilichural fighter and a Hilichural Shooter patrol the walkway leading to the cave entrance. In front of the mine, you will find two Hilichurl Fighters and one Electro Hilichurl Shooter. A nice exquisite chest is waiting for you after you defeat them.

You don’t have to venture far into the mine to find the last piece of the will. Yuan Qing appears and, like everyone else, tells a story. He slipped away from his brothers and got ambushed by monsters once in the cave. He did not make it. Didn’t find the treasure either. 

The Tree

The Tree

With all the will pieces together, you know where the treasure is. You will go to collect the treasure from under a great big pink leaved tree. Before getting your hands dirty, Treasure Hoarders show up and get in the way.

After you dispatch our greedy little friends, you will run back to the tree and see a shovel in the dirt. Well, dig it up. I’m part bloodhound; I don’t dig.

After you get the treasure up, the four ghosts reappear and have some words. Through the conversation, the brothers realize the error of their ways. And like any good ghost mystery, we wrap up with a nice wholesome ending. 

Now grab the treasure; they don’t need it.

Quest rewards

For completing this quest, you also get:

  • Adventure EXP X400
  • Primogem x50
  • Liyue Shrine of Depths Key x1

Not the best rewards for a quest by far, but it was a fun, heartwarming story. The Liyue Shrine of Depths Key can unlock Shrines of Depths located in Liyue. You see the chest inside but can’t get it because you don’t have a … Well, you do now!

FAQ Section

Question: Do I have to be at a high level to do the world quest: The Tree Who Stands Alone?

Answer: No. You don’t even have to fight the Hilichurls if you don’t want to. Just run past and have a lot of food in your pocket.

Question: Is this a long quest?

Answer: No. The quest shouldn’t take any longer than ten minutes. It depends on if you decide to stop and smell the Violetgrass.

Question: Is this the best quest?

Answer: It depends on who you ask. Personally, I like this quest mainly for its story. It’s not the most challenging quest in the game. The Tree Who Stands Alone doesn’t even take you to many exciting places. Just a nice break from the action.

One of my favorite quests would be ‘The Meaning of Lupical.’ You have to be a rank 21, finish Prologue Act 3: Song of the Dragon and Freedom, and you’ll have to be done with Lepus Chapter Act 1: Wind, Courage, and Wings. 

This quest starts out intriguing with the introduction of Razor, a man who wolves raised. It’s the beginning of Razor’s story quest and a fun, action-packed one. Hopefully, you get to that quest soon.

Another good quest is Look for Vermeers Paintbrush. Check out the guide here for a great in-depth walkthrough.

Final Thoughts: The Tree Who Stands Alone

This is a great quest to do and learn more about the world’s people. 

Get a better understanding of the citizens and stories away from the world’s main problems. It’s a sad quest, but it has an exciting outcome. There won’t be a spin-off movie about it, but it was still lovely. Overall a quest worth experiencing.

The other advantage of going to this area is to activate a teleportation waypoint location that you can use in the future. Also, there are some great mining rocks in the mines, around the mines, and in front of the homes. Grab as much as you can!

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