Fishing for Jade Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Fishing for Jade Quest Guide

By now, you must be familiar with world quests that appear throughout your journey in Teyvat. Interacting with various NPCs and helping them out in various tasks. You can trigger them by interacting with an NPC or an in-game item like an ancient tablet. While some world quests are short-lived, others will take you a few hours to complete. Not only this, some world quests appear after you complete other quests and are locked behind a certain Adventure rank.

Some world quests also appear after you complete a certain portion of the story. These world quests are related to the aftermath of the storyline. Its’ been quite some time since I’ve been playing Genshin Impact, and I would agree that I’m a veteran player because I’ve been playing this game since its’ launch.

In the Fishing for Jade quest guide, I’ll be going over this world quest where you have to pick fragments of the Jade chamber and handle them in an instructed manner. Let’s hop in and go through brief details about the quest without further delay.

Fishing for the Jade

Fishing for the Jade is a world quest that appears after you complete Ganyu’s story quest with an in-game Adventure rank of 40 or above. The story of this quest focuses on the aftermath effects of the clash between Osial and Ningguang. Well, not only Ningguang but other Genshin characters and Traveler as well.

I’m sure you’ve done the required quests and know about the story where Ningguang sacrificed the Jade chamber to tackle Osial. Without going into many details, you have to collect fragments of the Jade chamber from the ocean surface in this world quest. And return them to an NPC, Kun, a Millileth guard in Liyue harbor.

You have to collect the materials and, in the end, discuss them with Kun to figure out what to do with them. As the quest proceeds, you will discuss the materials with another NPC, Baiwen, and receive rewards for giving her an item you found on the ocean surface. Overall, Fishing for Jade is a short world quest that doesn’t require you to go over complicated tasks and just collect stuff and inquire about it with NPCs.


Let’s go over the quest walkthrough, and I will attach the required photos for the quest that you can go through. I’ve already completed this world quest, but no worries, you will find flotsam in these locations in your game.

Everything is the same, and you just have to follow the steps to easily complete this world quest. Let’s go over the steps and complete this world quest.

Teleport to Liyue Harbor and glide down

1. Teleport to Liyue and glide down to the NPC Milelith Kun.

You will find an NPC named Kun who’s a Millelith patrolling this area

He tells you about the remains of the fragments of the Jade chamber floating on the ocean surface. He further describes that the Ministry of Civil Affairs has organized a cleanup for the larger pieces, which got cleared up.

However, the smaller fragments pop up every once in a while. Having been ordered by his sergeant to clean up the fragments, Kun is looking for people who could help with this work. And the Traveler agrees to help Kun to clean up the fragments

Interact with Kun

2. You have to clean up two places, and the first of them is the north of the wharf. You have to clean up five boxes of the residue, and as you collect the last box, Paimon will exclaim about a bag full of mora.

And, like as usual, she will urge you to keep it. You know her spidey sense activates when she sees or hears about treasure.

Locations where you will find 5 boxes on each of north and south side of the wharf

3. Now, coming to the second part, you have to clean up residue from the north of the harbor. Collect 5 boxes of flotsam, and you will notice a water-logged box in your inventory.

Head back to the teleport point and glide down to Kun. Kun allows you to keep the bag of mora and instructs you to ask Baiwen about the box who’s attending some business at Yuehai Pavilion.

Teleport to Mt. Tianheng and Glide down to the temple

4. Teleport to Mt. Tianheng, glide down to Yiyan temple and interact with Baiwen. Baiwen is actually here rather than the location Kun described.

As you follow the dialogue chain with her, she explains that the box consists of several documents and an announcement that is yet to undergo a review.

You will find Baiwen near under this temple while doing this quest, Interact with her and claim your rewards

She’s astonished to see the documents well-preserved, and though the documents are a bit outdated, she will thank you for bringing them to her.

As you finish the dialogue with Baiwen, you will receive quest-specific rewards and successfully complete the quest. Story-wise, you get a hint that Liyue’s Ministry of Civil Affairs is concerned about the debris from the Jade chamber that fell into the ocean. As the debris is also interfering with ships’ travel to the Liyue in the sea, they are serious about removing the debris. While they were able to clean up large fragments, cleaning up the smaller ones is still ongoing. 


Lets’ go over the rewards you can expect after successfully completing this short world quest. Though the rewards aren’t great, but they are better than nothing. It won’t take much time, and you will be able to complete this quest without any hassle.

After successful completion of the Fishing for Jade world quest, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Adventure EXP x 100
  • Mora x 50,000
  • Adventurer’s Experience x 5

I’d say the rewards are not that great, but the quest is relatively short. It would have been nice to have recieved a few primogems, but at least something is better than having nothing, and you gey around 20 original resin worth of rewards. How is it 20 original resins worth of rewards? You get around 50k to 60k mora after world level 5 when you complete Ley Line deposits to get Mora or experience books. With extra Adventurer’s experience, you almost get rewards worth 20 original resin.

This is how I think when I get rewards because original resin is vital for progressing through the game and investing in my characters. So, whenever I get rewards like Mora, EXP material, or dishes, I try to compare them with the original resin expenditure. It will take me to achieve the same rewards. I believe time is valuable, and that’s how I try to measure rewards in the game. 

Quest Questions

After reading this world quest guide, let’s go over a few questions that you may have.

Question: What are the requirements for this world quest?

Answer: You have to be Adventure rank 40 or above and complete Ganyu’s story quest “Sea of Clouds, Sea of People” before you can initiate this quest with the NPC. Ganyu is a fantastic 5-star cryo bow character, and in her story, you get to know about her personality. Even meta-wise, Ganyu is S-tier damage-dealing character. It allows you to obliterate the enemies in a blink of an eye. In her story quest, you will get to play her and figure out her abilities. I won’t spoil the story quest for you, but Ganyu’s story quest is mesmerizing like other story quests.

Question: Should I pay attention to the reputation level-up system?

Answer: Absolutely! Each region has its reputation system and allows players to receive rewards as they level up their reputation in the city. You can obtain lucrative bonuses as you level up your reputation and will enable you to get blueprints to forge gadgets. As you reach the last level, you can receive a region-specific wind-glider and add it to your collection. There are forging blueprints for unique devices that you can get and learn to craft those gadgets.

Additionally, you can also obtain new recipes that will help you cook brand new dishes and consume them while you are exploring the world. When the reputation system was launched, I prioritized it the most. I started to level up my reputation as soon as possible. In a few weeks, I was able to max out one region’s reputation, and then I shifted to another one.
I love the reputation system because you have bounties and requests that will grant you Mora for various purposes. Your progression in the world quests can also contribute to leveling up your reputation. So, it’s indeed a good system that Hoyoverse has put in for the players, and I’d recommend you to start doing it once it’s unlocked for you.

Question: What do you say about world quests? Should I even do them or just focus on the main storyline?

Answer: It depends on what kind of player you are, whether you are a casual player or a completionist. I won’t go dividing players into categories. Still, it’s my opinion that most of the time, there are casual players who like to take things slow, while completionists want to complete everything. One of my friends has tons of world quests in her quest menu, and I asked her whether she wanted me to speedrun them for primogems. Guess what? She told me that she wanted to do them independently to enjoy the experience. Some players like to speedrun content and collect every seelie or chest in that area. 

Ultimately, it depends on how much time you can spend on the game because you will play when you have time. Some people prefer to keep things on the shelf to go over them later, while others want to finish content as it comes out. But, in the end, no one is in the wrong because you should do whatever suits you and makes you happy.

So, if you think you want to do world quests, unlock new areas, or go through a story other than the main storyline, feel free to do world quests. Some of them may have bits and pieces about the game’s lore and fascinate you to complete them. Even I have a world quest pending in my quest menu for the Chasm region and plan to do it on holiday.

Fishing for Jade Quest Guide – Final Remarks

Fishing for Jade is a world quest that unlocks after reaching Adventure rank 40 and completing Ganyu’s story quest. The world quest focuses on the aftermath of a fight between Osial and the Adepti, Traveler and friends. I guess it’s better to not name all the characters that participated in that event and keep things a bit simple to understand. But, you will see that Ningguang had to sacrifice the Jade chamber to defeat Osial and reseal it. I won’t lie, that quest was literally full of goosebumps and tons of action. 

Before doing this world quest, I assure you that great quests are waiting for you and the likes of one that will become a core memory. So, if you have not progressed enough through the game, it’s time to fasten up the pace a bit and complete an extraordinary story quest. But also depends on how much time you have got on your platter. Take your time and go through the storyline to enjoy mesmerizing quests and reach Fishing for the jade world quest.

With that time has come to take a break and meet you in another world quest guide. And I hope you will complete the Fishing for the jade world quest quickly. Suppose you want to know about characters, weapons, or anything related to Genshin. In that case, I recommend you to check our site for awesome guides. Who knows, maybe you should find something new to read? Search for your favorite character and learn about their best team compositions and weapons. 

That was all from my end, and I wish you the very best for your wishes on upcoming characters. With 2.6 coming to an end, 2.7 is bringing two brand new characters to the Roster, Yelan, and Kuki Shinobu, and we’ll bring their character guides soon on our site. Till then, Adios.

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