Yun Jin Genshin Impact Guide

Yun Jin Genshin Impact Guide

Since the game’s launch, Genshin Impact has launched new characters with unique abilities. As of writing this guide, there are 40 + characters in Genshin Impact 2.6, with Yun Jin being one of the newest additions to Genshin Impact. With their unique skills and passives, players need to prioritize characters according to the current meta and see which ones are worth investing in. This becomes important to players who want to complete end-game content like the spiral abyss and build optimal team compositions.

While some characters’ abilities focus on dealing better damage, others are more like team support characters. To have team compositions that can output better damage, support characters play an essential role in boosting the main characters‘ damage. Team building has become quite interesting with a recent introduction to niche support characters that focus on a set of abilities or a single element.

In this Yun Jin Genshin Impact Guide I’ll be going over one niche support character who focuses on buffing her team members’ damage and is a 4-star character you can quickly obtain in the game. The best thing about this character is that her abilities scale off defense stat, one of the most accessible stats to get in artifact pieces. Let’s go over the best Yun Jin build details and see which team compositions she can shine well in.

Yun Jin: Character Details

Yun Jin is a 4-star geo polearm character from Liyue, a renowned opera singer and director of Yun-Han Opera Troupe. She’s very skilled in playwriting, dance, and singing and has her unique style. I find her interaction with Xinyan quite wholesome because Yun Jin attends Xinyan’s rock concerts and is fond of her music. You get to know more about Yun Jin as you do quests in Genshin and find her to be an elegant and friendly person.

So far, Yun Jin has been featured in 4 banners that appeared in January and March 2022 and were also available for free in the “Fleeting colors in-flight event.” I got Yun Jin from that event and one extra constellation while wishing on the Ayato banner. I had all the characters’ events featured, so I chose Yun Jin to complete my collection a bit, and she came back home.

Coming to her ascension and talent materials, you can easily find them in Liyue and start to pre-farm if she’s featured alongside any 5-star characters in the future. Yun Jin’s ascension stat is energy recharge, which scales to 26.7 % at level 90. Having energy recharge as ascension stat helps regenerate elemental burst back faster and allows to use elemental burst more often.

Here are the materials you need to level her up to 90 and level up her talents.

Prithiva Topaz Sliver = 1 Riftborn Regalia = 46 Mora = 2,092,530
Prithiva Topaz Fragment = 9 Damaged Mask = 18
Prithiva Topaz Chunk = 9 Stained Mask = 30 Glaze Lily = 168
Prithiva Topaz Gemstone = 6 Ominous Mask = 36
Material for Single Talent
Ashen Heart = 6 Crown of Insight = 1 Mora = 1.6 + million
Teachings of Diligence = 3 Damaged Mask = 6
Guide to Diligence = 21 Stained Mask = 22
Philosophies of Diligence = 38 Ominous Mask = 31

Attack Talents

Normal Attack: Cloud-Grazing Strike

Normal Attack: Performs up to five consecutive speak strikes

Charged Attack: Yun Jin Consumes a specific amount of Stamina to lunge ahead, dealing damage to enemies.

Yunjin’s regular attacks are only recommended to level up if you want to use her in the overworld to damage the enemies physically.

Plunging Attack

Yun Jin Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing area of effect damage upon impact.

Opening Flourish

YunJin may just be acting out fights on stage, but her skills with the spear are honest enough to defend against her enemies.


Flourishing her polearm in a cloud-grasping stance deals geo DMG.

You will be using the press version to generate energy particles for Yun Jin most of the time. She’s best in a support role, and you should try to take as less field time as possible while using her.


She takes the opening flourish stance and charges up, forming a shield. Damage absorption is based on Yun Jin’s maximum HP and has 150% effectiveness against all elemental and physical damage.

The protection lasts until she finishes unleashing her elemental skill. When Yun Jin’s elemental skill is released, its shields duration ends, or when the shield breaks, Yun Jin will unleash the charged energy as an attack, dealing elemental Geo DMG.

Based on the charging time, it will either unleash an attack at Charge level 1 or level 2.

The hold version allows you to get a temporary shield that can tank against elemental and physical damage. Her shield isn’t like Zhongli’s that you can keep on using but is suitable enough to take a few critical hits. As the shield approaches its end, it will unleash geo DMG to the enemies.

With the elemental skill cooldown of 9 seconds, Yun Jin’s shield can absorb incoming damage totaling 21.6 % + 2542 of her HP. Also, your charge level 1 and charge level 2 damage scales up to 450+ % defense and 670+ defense, respectively. 

Cliffbreaker’s Banner

Deals area of effect geo DMG and grants all nearby party members a Flying Cloud Flag formation.

Flying Cloud flag formation

When Opponents deal with normal attack DMG, Yun Jin will deal bonus damage based on Yun Jin’s current defense. It will clear the effects of skill after being triggered a specific number of times after a set time.

When one regular attack hits multiple opponents, the effect is triggered numerous times according to the number of opponents hit. The number of times that effect is triggered is counted independently for each party member with Flying Cloud Flag Formation.

The key ability that you want to take the most benefit from is Yun Jin’s elemental burst. Yun Jin’s elemental burst is the bread and butter of her kit, and it helps other team members to capitalize on her regular attack damage buff. She can provide an extra regular attack damage bonus to team members that scale off her overall defense.

Characters like Yoimiya and Ayato can heavily benefit from this ability as most of their damage comes from regular attacks, which Yun Jin can easily buff.

Elemental burst cost is 60 with a cooldown of 15 seconds that lasts for 12 seconds. Overall, at level 10, you get a damage increase of around 58 % and 430+ % skill damage. 

I don’t think you need to pay much attention to ability damages. Still, you should try to take advantage of Yun Jin’s elemental burst that can help you to boost normal attack DMG.

Talent levelup priority: Cliffbreaker’s Banner > Opening Flourish > Normal attack

Passive Talents

Light Nourishment

There is a 12 % chance of obtaining double the product when perfect cooking is achieved on Food with Adventure-related effects.

When it comes to cooking different varieties of food, you need characters that can have a chance to double the product you can make. Yun Jin’s passive to have a chance to double the product can come in handy if you want to roam a new region. And I like to stack food whenever I’m trying to explore a new area to make sure to cook dishes because not all the time, my healers will have their elemental bursts up.

True to oneself

Using the Opening flourish skill at the precise moment when Yun Jin is attacked will unleash its level 2 charged ( hold ) form.

To take the most benefit from this passive, you need to time her elemental skill, which I think is impossible sometimes. Especially when mobile players are completing the spiral abyss, they don’t have much flexibility while making attack combos.

Breaking Conventions

Flying Cloud Flag formation’s normal attack DMG bonus increases by 2.5%/5%/7.5%/11.5% of Yun Jin’s defense when the team contains characters of 1/2/3/4 Elemental Types.

At first, it seems like you should make the team where all characters are different. But, there’s one problem: having a team like this may require characters from other team setups, leading to damage loss in those teams. I’ll recommend you to focus on building your team according to the enemies you are facing and not worry much about this passive.


C1: Thespian Gallop

Opening Flourish’s cooldown decreases by 18%

After unlocking this constellation, Yun Jin’s elemental skill time lowers and helps you optimize your team rotations. Not much of a damage boost but rather a quality of life change to the character’s kit. Lower cooldown means you can use the elemental skill often in combat.

C2: Myriad Mise-En-Scene

After Cliffbreaker’s Banner is unleashed, all nearby team members’ normal attack DMG is increased by 15 % for 12 s

Yun Jin’s elemental burst is the main key feature of her kit that allows her to boost party members’ normal attack DMG. With this constellation, her support capabilities are enhanced, and she can give a better damage boost to her team members.

C3: Seafaring General

Increases the talent level of Cliffbreaker’s Banner by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15

Better update to Yun Jin’s elemental burst that can further maximize her support capabilities for the team. You can pump up a better regular attack damage bonus to your teams and keep a check to fill in any DPS loss with buffs.

C4: Flower and a Fighter

After Yun Jin triggers the crystallize reaction, her defense increases by 20 % for 12 s

Yun Jin’s abilities and kit scale off the defense, one of the most common artifact stats in the game. It’s not tough to obtain good defense artifact pieces with better substats, and you can quickly build a solid defense-based character. After unlocking this constellation, Yun Jin’s defense jumps up by 12 %, which helps to provide a better damage bonus to her team members.

C5: Famed throughout the land

Increases the talent level of Opening Flourish by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15

I don’t think this constellation has much effect because it’s better to use Yun Jin as support. Unlocking this constellation will help boost her elemental skill damage, where you will be using the tap version most of the time. It’s better to stick to her elemental burst to buff up team members and use this skill to generate energy particles.

C6: Decorous Harmony

Characters under the bonus effects of the flying cloud flag formation have their regular attack speed increased by 12 %

Characters who depend on dealing damage with their regular attacks will experience increased attack speed when Yun Jin mobilizes flag formation.

Specific Food

Cloud-Shrouded Jade

Original Food: Lotus seed and bird egg soup

Effect: Decreases all-party members’ sprinting stamina consumption by 25 % for 1500 s. In cooperation mode, this effect only applies to your characters.

Recipe: Lotus Head x 1, Bird egg x 1, Sugar x 1

I’ll be honest, although characters have their unique dishes, you will rarely be using those dishes because of their rare ingredients. Yun Jin’s special dish is a good dish that can help you explore areas better and reduce stamina consumption rate. But the only problem here is Lotus Heads. Why so? Because they are not in abundance and are found near water sources. Materials that are used in dishes and scarce in the overworld are a bit hassle to invest in dishes because you need to invest quite an amount of time in farming them. 


Most of the time, you will use Yun Jin as a support, and she works well with weapons that have energy recharge as a secondary stat. While some weapons are suitable for her damage-dealing role, her abilities and constellations are support-oriented. I will be going over the weapons that can be used on her and giving my remarks.

5-star weapons

Skyward Spine

Skyward Spine

The skyward spine is a decent choice on Yun Jin if you don’t have other characters who can use this weapon. Xiangling with a 4-piece emblem of severed fate is a strong contender for this weapon, but if you have multiple weapon copies, you can use this weapon on Yun Jin to have better uptime on her elemental burst.

Engulfing lightning

Engulfing lightning came out with Raiden Shogun as her featured weapon and features energy recharge as its secondary stat. It has 608 base attacks with 55 % energy recharge at level 90 and increases attack percent with its passive. Though the attack percent increase scales off energy recharge, another good thing about the passive is a boost in energy recharge. As you use your elemental burst, your character’s energy recharge rate is increased for some time, and you can have better recharge capability.

Engulfing lightning is indeed a de-facto choice for Raiden Shogun, but if you don’t have her or have multiple weapon copies, feel free to use this weapon on Yun Jin. Most of the time, you will use Yun Jin’s elemental burst to provide a buff to team members, and this weapon will help you gain massive energy recharge perks.

4-star weapons

Favonius Lance

Favonius Lance

I would say that among all energy recharge weapons, the Favonius lance is among the best choice you can equip on Yun Jin. It features energy recharge as its secondary stat, and the passive helps generate energy particles on a CRIT hit. The weapon gets 30.6% energy recharge at level 90 and has a chance to generate energy particles depending on the cooldown. I recommend you have some CRIT rate on this weapon to trigger the passive quickly. It’s better to obtain around a 40 % CRIT rate from substats or whatever works best according to your playstyle.

Prototype starglitter

Prototype star glitter is a weapon whose passive triggers boost normal and charged attack DMGafter using the elemental skill. With a cap of 2 stacks and featuring energy recharge as its secondary stat, this weapon can be a good option for Yun Jin in either support or DPS role.

The passive is damage-oriented, while the secondary stat is an energy recharge. So, I would say that this weapon is a decent choice if you don’t have a Favonius lance and want to go with a craftable weapon. After forging it at a blacksmith’s shop, you can obtain multiple copies of this weapon.

The Catch

The catch is a free weapon that you can obtain after exchanging fish at the fish association in Inazuma. You can refine this weapon to level 5 and enjoy energy recharge secondary stat. While this weapon is considered one of the best 4-star weapons for Raiden Shogun, you can use this weapon on Yun Jin if you don’t have any other weapons listed earlier.

It features 45 % energy recharge at level 90, and the passive helps to increase elemental burst DMG and elemental burst crit rate. I don’t think the passive will help Yun Jin enough unless you want to play her as a damage dealer. But I would highly suggest you avoid building Yun Jin in damage dealing role.



Deathmatch features a CRIT rate secondary stat that is quite unusual to use on a support Yun Jin. But being the only polearm in the game that can help you increase defense with its passive effect, you cannot ignore it when a character is defense-based. Defense increases by a couple of percent if there are at least two enemies near you, and it can help Yun Jin get a boost in her defense stat.


Husk of Opulent Dreams

2-piece set bonus: Increases defense by 30 %

4-piece set bonus: Increases Geo DMG and defense up to 4 times with 6 % each after fulfilling required conditions. On-field you have to use geo attack to obtain a stack and get a stack every 3 seconds while off-field.

Husk of Opulent Dreams is an incredible artifact set for Geo characters because some scale well with defense and have defense-based kits. The 2-piece set bonus helps to boost defense by 30 % and adds extra defense to Yun Jin’s kit.

Whether Yun Jin is on-field or off-field, the 4-piece set bonus helps stack up Geo DMG and defense over time. This set works awesome with other Geo characters like Noelle, Albedo, and Arataki Itto. Also, if you are using Favonius lance on Yun Jin and have decent energy recharge, you can go with a complete defense % stat set on Yun Jin to maximize her buff potential.

Noblesse Oblige


2-piece set bonus: Increase elemental burst DMG by 20 %

4-piece set bonus: After using a character elemental burst, it increases a party member’s attack by 20 % for 12 seconds.

Noblesse Oblige is the default team support artifact set because of its 4-piece bonus to buff team members’ attacks. While the set doesn’t have any Geo DMG or defense boost, you can use this as an alternative to Husk of Opulent dreams and take Yun Jin into the battlefield.

Archaic Petra

Archaic Petra

2-piece set bonus: Increases geo DMG bonus by 15 %

4-piece set bonus: After obtaining an elemental shard through crystallize reaction, all team members will get a 35 % DMG bonus for that specific element for 10 seconds. The elemental DMG bonus obtained through this method applies to a single element only.

Archaic petra is quite a niche set for geo characters, and trust me, I’ve not seen it used a lot in the game. I’ve never used 4-piece Archaic petra because I try to add an anemo character in its place to take benefit of Viridescent venerer.

Geo characters can trigger a crystallized reaction and obtain a temporary elemental shield depending on the element crystallized. You can use this artifact set if you want to run an elemental damage bonus team. But, I recommend you go with Husk of Opulent dreams to maximize defense boost.

Artifacts Summary

I recommend you focus on building a complete defense artifact set and benefit from Yun Jin’s abilities that scale off her overall defense. Also, defense is one of the most common stats on artifacts, and sometimes they feature awesome substats. Most of my defense artifact pieces have phenomenal substats that I wished I could get on damaged pieces. Anyways, you should look for energy recharge in substats or can equip energy recharge sands to compensate for the lack of energy recharge on Yun Jin. That will help you get her burst back faster and keep the rotation going with an active normal attack DMG buff.

Team Composition


Yun Jin Pyro Hydro Flex

The vaporize team takes advantage of amplifying reactions that can help deal 1.5x or 2x damage to the opponents. Pyro characters like Yoimiya and Hutao with Xinqqiu can help to trigger vaporizing reactions. Yoimiya can highly benefit from Yun Jin’s elemental bursts as her primary source of damage comes from her regular attacks, and Yun Jin helps boost normal attack DMG.

Xingqiu being one of the best Hydro supports, can help trigger amplifying reactions. Depending on your requirements, you can swap a shield character like Zhongli or Noelle to tank some damage. Or you can switch to some anemo character to take benefit from Viridescent Venerer’s elemental shred.

I suggest you put anemo characters like Kazuha, Sucrose, or Jean, who can shred elemental resistance from enemies. Anemo healers like Jean or Sayu would be awesome to swap into because they will be able to heal your characters and shred elemental resistance at the same time.

Elemental Damage

Elemental damage teams can help to maximize the damage of a single element. Characters like Yoimiya or Ayato can benefit from Yun Jin’s normal attack DMG boost and deal severe elemental damage. You can run a pure Pyro team with Yoimiya, Yunjin, Bennett, and Kazuha to maximize pyro DMG. A character like Kazuha can prove immensely useful in scenarios like this because he can simultaneously shred elemental resistance and boost elemental DMG.

Another team could be with Ayato, where you can run additional Hydro characters like Barbara, Kokomi, or Xingqiu to fill in roles for off-field damage dealers or healers. The critical role here would be of anemo character because they can take benefit of Viridescent Venerer artifact and shred 40 % elemental resistance from enemies.


The Mono-Geo team deals with Geo DMG and consists of mainly Geo element characters like Noelle, Ningguang, Zhongli, Albedo, Gorou, etc. To benefit from Yun Jin’s damage bonus, you can use Ningguang or Noelle as the main damage dealers. Noelle can fill in for damage and healer roles, and her kit benefits from defense artifacts. You can use other geo characters depending on your requirement and take benefit of geo elemental resonance. However, I’ll recommend you to keep your team versatile to handle enemies who have elemental shields so that you can break them easily.


Yun Jin Cryo Electro Flex

The only source to deal physical DMG to enemies is through regular attacks. This is where Yun Jin comes into play because of her potential to buff normal attacks on team members. You can use a Cryo character like Kaeya or Diona with Electro characters like Fischl or Lisa to trigger superconduct reaction to reduce enemies’ physical resistance.

Depending on your requirements, you can add another character to either take benefit from elemental resonance or superconduct to buff up your team’s damage potential. Cryo elemental resonance can offer you more CRIT rate, whereas electron resonance is more reaction-oriented and helps to regenerate energy particles.


Question: What do you say about niche supports like Yun Jin?

Answer: Hoyoverse has taken an approach where they are launching niche elemental support characters like Gorou or single stat-boosting characters like Yun Jin. This can be an excellent approach to building your team if you want to focus on a set of characters that can benefit from a supporting character.

At the same time, this may limit team comp options because, in the case of Yun Jin, you cannot work with more than a few characters. Not all characters will use her regular attack DMG buff, and overall, support characters like Bennett will outclass Yun Jin there. To get extra damage, you cannot swap out a character who can boost your attack and heal simultaneously.

Question: Any idea when Yun Jin will be re-run again?

Answer: It’s all speculation from my end, but she is available on the standard banner and could come to the Paimon’s shop. Also, she may be featured in a promoted banner with a 5-star character, and you may be able to obtain her there. There is a possibility of getting 4-star characters more quickly than other characters as they are more common and can be featured in free event characters.

Question: Should I pull for Yun Jin constellations?

Answer: If you are a free-to-play player, I won’t recommend you pull constellation for Yun Jin because you may get a standard 5-star character or promoted character; reset your pity. I’ve seen many of my friends doing single or multi pulls and wasting their pity in vain. Results?

They didn’t even get the character they wished for, even though that character was a 4-star character.

The wishing system in Genshin becomes typical as you start to stack primogems because of its mechanics, and you should have enough intertwined fates to get your favorite character.

Unless you’re insanely lucky, most of the promoted characters come after 50 wishes, and the unluckier one is like me, even after some after the 80th wish. I got my first promoted character Zhongli at 85th wish, and trust me, that was so stressful. So, I suggest you wait for her to feature in an excellent 5-star character and wish for her.

A few remarks

Genshin Impact recently launched niche support characters a few versions ago and has made significant changes to team-building options. With the introduction of niche element support characters like Gorou or Kujou Sara, characters like Yun Jin have been introduced who focus on buffing up specific abilities. Coming to Yun Jin, I would say Yun Jin is quite a decent character who’s more like niche support to buff team members’ normal attack DMG. While niche support characters have their pros and cons in team building options, there are some team compositions where niche support characters shine a lot.

That was all from my end about Yun Jin, and I would suggest you read other guides on the site to know more about them. Since its launch, I’ve played this Genshin Impact and learned new things about the characters. I wish you luck on your adventure in Genshin Impact and hope you get better wishes!

Citation: User Tiermaker to list characters in an appropriate format
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