spiral abyss genshin impact guide

Spiral Abyss Genshin Impact Guide

At first, Genshin Impact looked like a game where players could travel around the world of Teyvat and complete unique quests to progress through the story. As players started exploring the vast regions of the game, they found an island of significant importance to the game. The Musk Reef is an island that shelters an entrance to the spiral abyss. A domain features several floors where players can compete to obtain certain rewards.

As the floor level increases, it is challenging to complete the challenges. This provided a competitive playground for players to optimize their team compositions to clear insane DPS checks and strategically devise new attack combinations. The spiral abyss gained immense popularity because players started paying attention to intricate game mechanics and focused on building their characters to clear higher floors. 

As an adventure rank 59 players, I’m a competitive spiral abyss participant and consistently invest in my characters to counter the unknown in new rotations. Higher abyss floors refresh two times a month and feature new enemies periodically. This gives a chance to players to bring out the best in their characters and prioritize investing in their characters in the longer run. 

Here, I’ll be going over a spiral abyss guide and discussing its various intricacies that can help you clear challenging floors. And give my remarks on specific floors that can help you complete them with flying colors. Let’s dive into the Spiral Abyss Genshin Impact guide where I will share my experience of the spiral abyss journey!

Spiral Abyss, What is it?

Rumor has it that people who ascend to Celestia have witnessed the same helix-shaped divine ladder seen within the Visions. Going out into the universe and down into the abyss is the same in that both are braving the dark unknown.

Spiral abyss looks like a domain that features enemies that you can fight to progress through its floors. Floors consist of chambers that are a sub-division of them and have unique enemies for you to defeat and obtain abyssal stars to progress to the next floor.

Spiral abyss can test your characters’ potential. You cannot change your artifacts, use healing items, change weapons, or level up once inside the domain. Once you start a floor with a specific team, you have to use that team till you complete all chambers.

Restrictions like these can both be challenging and satisfying at the same time. Players will have to go through a higher-difficulty battle to check their characters against formidable enemies or sometimes protect a monolith against enemies who have unique attack sequences. But on the other side, the spiral abyss is an opportunity for players who want to optimize their character builds, weapons, and artifacts to reach a higher damage potential.

Spiral abyss, Where to find it?

To access the domain, you have to go through a portal and reach an island where the spiral abyss entrance. One tip is that you can find seelies by using the elemental sight on their holders, which show the direction they are located in.

If a new region comes in and there is no walkthrough available for it, small tips like these can help you solve a Seelie puzzle. When you tap on the elemental sight on a Seelie holder, a wave-like animation will point towards the direction where you can find the seelie. You can follow that direction and see the related Seelie to it.

Let’s go over the step for accessing the spiral abyss entrance.

1. The spiral abyss entrance is located on the Musk reef, a faraway island on the map. You have to reach it to unlock the spiral abyss domain.

2. You can teleport to this place by going through a worm-hole type portal that you will be able to dive into after solving a three-Seelie puzzle.

3. To access this portal, you have to collect three seelies on a cliff on the Cape Oath located in three different directions.

4. The first seelie is on the top of an adjacent cliff near the circular stone area where you will find some slimes. When you contact seelie, it will float from the ridge to its holder near the circle.

You can also glide along with seelie to its holder to simplify it.

5. Second Seelie is to the left of the circle below a Sunsettia tree, it’s easy to find, and you can walk with it to its holder. By the way, don’t forget to collect those sweet Sunsettias.

6. The third and last seelie is on the cliff’s edge, where it’s clearly visible because there are no trees or plants nearby it. It’s a small and peaceful meadow with lush green grass. Sometimes, you can also find an unusual hilichurl in this place and defeat him to get some cabbages.

Instead, you can take pictures with him to show off to your friends that you found one because they have random spawn locations, and they spawn only in a couple of places. If you want to know more about Hilichurls, I recommend you go through the hilichurl guide I wrote the other day.

7. After placing all three seelies in their holder, a wind current will rise from the stone area, and you can jump to glide to the top.

You will reach the height where you can enter the portal and enjoy the cosmos animation. At the same time, you are getting teleported in a few seconds.

8. There’s also one alternate way to reach the spiral abyss island, Musk Reef. Use Kaeya Alberich! Wait, what?! Yes, it’s possible to reach the musk reef by using Kaeya’s elemental skill to form an ice bridge and walk over it.

Though, if you want to make it easy to travel, you can co-op with friends and have them create the ice bridge faster.

Going over the weekend with your friends can be a fun gig, and try out going there. But I won’t recommend it if you are a solo player and don’t want to spend time doing it.


  • Hidden achievement – Initiating Warp drive – Primogems x 5

Requires the player to pass through a time tunnel in the skies of the cape oath


There’s an anemo totem with a precious chest on the island that you can activate using anemo element. To activate the totem, you need to apply anemo element on it by using anemo character’s elemental skill, charged attack, or elemental burst itself.

Well, using elemental burst would be overkill to do, but it works. Suppose you are a beginner player and don’t have any extra anemo character. In that case, you can use Anemo Travelers’ elemental skill to activate the totem.

The moment you will apply anemo element on the totem, three slimes will spawn. Anemo slime, Geo slime, and a pyro slime will spawn on the ground; though they do look cute, you have to defeat them to unlock the precious chest. Well, good enough to get some primogems before entering the abyss.


There’s also one Anemoculus hovering over the top of the spiral abyss entrance. Suppose you have collected most of the anemoculi from the Mondstadt area and still missing one. Then you can be assured that there’s one anemoculus on top of the spiral abyss entrance that you can obtain to level up the statue of the seven to the maximum level.

A quick reminder that there is always one extra oculus from each region. You can quickly level up their respective statue of seven to the maximum level. Collecting anemoculi is essential because you need to offer them to the statue of seven and have your stamina bar increased. If you are a new player, then put the task to level up a statue of sevens to the maximum level on utmost priority.

You will see the anemoculus hovering over the top of the spiral abyss entrance, and you have to get it. Either you have Venti or Zhongli, you can quickly grab it by combining their skill to reach the required height. Another option is to catch the wind spirits on the cliff to the left side of the entrance. When you collect the precious chest from the totem, you can climb the small cliff and go straight to where the wind spirits are located.

You need to collect all three of them, and you can start from any point. At the last point where you collect the wind spirit, an upcurrent will form there for you to glide and collect the anemoculus. So, you need not worry about having characters like Venti or Zhongli and quickly grab that anemoculus with the help of wind spirits.

Abyss Floors, battles, and strategies

Let’s go over different spiral abyss floors that you must face to obtain their rewards. Before going into floor details, here are the playable characters currently available as of Genshin impact version 2.6.

I’ll give my short remarks about the floors that may help you to form a strategy while clearing those floors.

I’ve listed leyline disorders, enemies, and remarks on different floors so that you can get a general idea about how the spiral abyss floors are.

Floor 1

  • Leyline Disorder:
    • Pyro damage dealt by all team members increases by 75 %
    • Overloaded damage increases by 200 %
  • Enemies:
    • Chamber 1:Electro Slime, Large Electro Slime, Mutant Electro Slime
    • Chamber 2: Hilichurl Fighter, Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard, Hilichurl Shooter, Hilichurl grenadier, Wooden Shield Mitachurl, Blazing Axe Mitachurl
    • Chamber 3:Hilichurl Shooter, Wooden Shield Mitachurl, Large electro slime, Mutant electro slime, Fatui Cicin Mage


Leyline disorders highly favor pyro characters, so having one pyro character is recommended. Even if you plan to run other elements, it’s doable because there aren’t enemies with elemental shields. Pyro character will help you burn wooden shields faster and damage enemies by having wooden shields like hilichurls or mitachurls. You can also use physical damage characters, but you have to sneak behind enemies with shields to defeat them.

Floor 2

  • Leyline Disorder
    • Cryo damage dealt by all party members increases by 75 %
    • The duration of the freeze status effect is significantly increased.
  • Enemies:
    • Chamber 1: Electro slime, Large Electro slime, Mutant electro slime
    • Chamber 2: Hydro Slime, Large Hydro Slime, Blazing Axe Mitachurl, Hydro abyss mage
    • Chamber 3: Hydro Samachurl, Blazing Axe Mitachurl, Hydro Abyss Mage


Leyline disorder favors the Cryo character, and you can quickly destroy Hydro abyss mage’s shield with Cryo element. You can also use Pyro, Geo, and Anemo characters to progress through this floor and break Hydro shields.

Floor 3

  • Leyline Disorder:
    • Increases swirl reaction damage by 300 % and its’ area of effect by 100 %
    • Anemo damage dealt by all team members increases by 75 %
  • Enemies
    • Chamber 1: Cryo Slime, Large Cryo slime, Pyro slime, Large pyro slime, Large electro slime, Cryo hilichurl shooter, Pyro hilichurl shooter, Wooden shield hilichurl guard
    • Chamber 2:Treasure Hoarders: Potioneers ( Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Cryo), Crusher, Gravedigger, Pugilist
    • Chamber 3:Blazing axe mitachurl, Ruin guard


This floor heavily favors anemo characters because of increased swirl and anemo damage. Most of these characters can be wiped off with Venti, Sucrose, or Kaedehara Kazuha elemental burst.

You can also use a combination of other element characters because there aren’t enemies who have elemental shields. Geo element can work because it’s a neutral element on this floor and easily defeat enemies here.

Once you clear Chamber 3 of Floor 3, you can obtain Xiangling for free. She’s a 4-star pyro polearm character who can bring insane utility to your team composition’s damage and allow you to perform amplifying reactions. 

Floor 4

  • Leyline Disorder:
    • Electro damage dealt by all party members increases by 75 %
    • Electro-charged damage increases by 150 %, and its area of effect increases by 100 %
  • Enemies
    • Chamber 1: Hydro slime, Large hydro slime, Hilichurl fighter, Cryo hilichurl shooter, Hydro abyss mage
    • Chamber 2: Hydro Slime, Hilichurl fighter, Cryo hilichurl shooter, Hilichurl berserker, Blazing axe mitachurl, Hydro Abyss Mage
    • Chamber 3: Hilichurl Fighter, Cryo hilichurl shooter, Hydro samachurl, Blazing axe mitachurl, Hydro abyss mage


This floor is all about electro character because of the significant buff to electro character and their area of effect. You can also use Pyro, Geo, Cryo, and Anemo characters to wipe off enemies.

Floor 5

  • Ley Line Disorder:
    • When your active character’s HP is greater than 50 %, attack and defense increase by 25 %
    • When health is greater than 80 %, Normal attack speed increases by 20 %
    • When health is greater than 80 %, movement speed increases by 20 %
    • When health is greater than 95 %, the CRIT rate increases by 10 %, and CRIT damage increases by 20 %
  • Enemies
    • Chamber 1:
      • First half – Cryo slime, Large Cryo slime, Electro hilichurl shooter
      • Second half – Pyro abyss mage
    • Chamber 2:
      • First half – Treasure hoarders: Gravedigger, Seaman, Handyman, Cryo potioneer, Marksman 
      • Second half – Treasure hoarders: Crusher, Pugilist, Seaman, Pyro potioneer, Scout
    • Chamber 3:
      • First half – Fatui electro cicin mage, Treasure hoarders: handyman 
      • Second half – Fatui pyro agent, Treasure hoarders: Electro potioneer


The combat mechanic will make you split your teams into two halves, and this will be followed till the end of the spiral abyss to floor 12. Now, you have an option to make two teams of four characters each and opt for versatile gameplay.

You will face enemies with different elemental auras and elemental nodes that apply a certain element to the enemies, increasing their elemental resistance. To remove their buffs, you have to attack with an opposite element to debuff them and deal significant damage.

Let’s talk about auras real quick

  • Cryo Aura: Slimes will have this aura. You will be vulnerable to an ice cage surrounding you unless they are defeated. Getting affected by Cryo will also increase your stamina consumption rate.
  • Pyro Aura: Most of the time, you will see this kind of aura on Pyro abyss mages, and getting affected by it will lead to HP drain over time. This damage can be cleansed if you apply an element to yourself. Anemo and Hydro are the ones that will work best here for your character. To know more about elemental reactions, I recommend going over the Elemental mastery guide. In the end, it’s all about elemental reactions and how you use them to your benefit.
  • Electro Aura will affect your burst energy and drain energy if you are affected.

Genshin Impact is all about reactions. If you are affected by one, all you have to do is react it with another element so that both of them cancel out each other. Anemo works the best here because it removes the element it swirls with. That’s why Jean is considered one of the best healers in the game.

Having a pyro character for the first team will help you clear out cryo slimes faster. You can use any element characters here because the first team won’t face any enemies with elemental shields.

Except for using the Pyro character in the second team, you can use any element character to wipe off the enemies. Keep in mind that enemies who belong to a particular element may have resistance to that element.

Floor 6

  • Leyline Disorder:
    • Using an elemental burst increases all team members’ attack and defense by 6 %. A maximum of 10 stacks can be obtained this way. At 5 stacks and above, normal attack speed and movement speed increase by an additional 30 %
  • Enemies:
    • Chamber 1:
      • First half – Cryo Slime, Large cryo slime, Cryo whopperflower, Electro hilichurl shooter, Hilichurl fighter
      • Second half – Pyro Slime, Large pyro slime, Pyro whopperflower, Anemo samachurl, Cryo hilichurl shooter, Hilichurl fighter
    • Chamber 2:
      • First half: Rock shield hilichurl guard, Wooden shelf hilichurl guard, Hilichurl grenadier, Hilichurl berserker, Electro hilichurl shooter, Hydro samachurl, Wooden shield mitachurl, Blazing axe mitachurl, Rock shield wall mitachurl, Cryo abyss mage
      • Second half: Pyro slime, Large pyro slime, Pyro hilichurl shooter, Cryo hilichurl shooter, Electro hilichurl shooter, Dendro samachurl, Anemo samachurl
    • Chamber 3:
      • First half: Rock shield hilichurl guard, Cryo hilichurl shooter, Geo samachurl, Stonehide lawachurl
      • Second half: Large pyro slime, Pyro abyss mage


Energy recharge is a good start here to have on your team characters. The stronger your characters will get as you start to use elemental bursts in a row.

The Pyro character would be a good addition for the first team to trigger melt reaction on slime and remove Cryo abyss mage’s cryo shield faster. Other elements, like Anemo, Geo, and Electro, can also be used.

The second team has pyro enemies where you can use Hydro characters to benefit from vaporizing reactions. Also, the Hydro element is the fastest option to break Pyro abyss mages’ shield.

Floor 7

  • Leyline Disorder:
    • Critical hits will generate elemental particles and orbs. It can only occur once every 15 s
    • CRIT damage dealt by all team members increases by 120 %
  • Enemies:
    • Chamber 1:
      • First half: Fatui Cryo gunner legionnaire, Fatui Hydrogunner Legionnaire, Fatui electrohammer vanguard
      • Second half: Fatui cryogunner legionnaire, Fatui pyroslinger bracer, Fatui anemoboxer vanguard
    • Chamber 2:
      • First half: Fatui cryogunner legionnaire, Fatui geochanter bracer, Fatui electrohammer vanguard
      • Second half: Fatui geochanter bracer, Fatui pyroslinger bracer, Fatui anemoboxer vanguard
    • Chamber 3:
      • First half: Fatui hydrogunner legionnaire, Fatui electrohammer vanguard, Fatui anemoboxer vanguard
      • Second half: Fatui pyroslinger bracer, Fatui electrohammer vanguard, Fatui anemoboxer vanguard


Enemies on this floor have heavy elemental shields that may require you to apply elements on them to trigger elemental reactions to lower their shield health. For Cryogunner’s shield, Pyro works the best, followed by Electro, Geo, and Anemo. Coming to Electrohammer’s and Hydrogunner’s shields, you can destroy their shields with Cryo, Pyro, Anemo, Hydro, and Geo. For fatui pyroslinger, hydro works the best. You don’t have to worry about Anemoboxer’s elemental shield because it’s only for his own defense and doesn’t count as a separate shield.

In the case of Geochanter, you can destroy his shield with Geo element attacks or trigger an overload reaction on him with Electro and Pyro. Overload will result in small explosions that will drain his shield, and you can easily defeat him.

A major tip on this floor is to remember which elements react with each other and can be used to debuff the enemy or even yourself from external elements. Or you can just build your character so well that you just one-shot these enemies.

Floor 8

  • Leyline disorder:
    • When HP is less than 60 %, attack increases by 50 %, and defense increases by 50 %
    • When health is less than 45 %, normal attack speed increases by 30 %, and movement speed increases by 30 %
    • When HP is less than 30 %, the CRIT rate increases by 20 % and CRIT damage increases by 40 %
  • Enemies:
    • Chamber 1:
      • First half: Hydro abyss mage, Cryo abyss mage
      • Second half: Pyro abyss mage
    • Chamber 2:
      • First half: Hilichurl fighter, Hilichurl shooter, Wooden shield hilichurl guard, Cryo hilichurl shooter, Ruin guard
      • Second half: Pyro hilichurl shooter, Hilichurl berserker,Hilichurl grenadier, Ruin guard
    • Chamber 3:
      • First half : Cryo regisvine
      • Second half: Pyro regisvine

Remarks: This spiral abyss floor was one of the trickiest spiral abyss floors in the early game because I had to fight on low HP to benefit from leyline disorders. Having a pyro character in the first team will highly benefit you to bring down the abyss mage’s shield and debuff enemies affected with Cryo elemental node.

You can have a Hydro character for the second team to bring down Pyro abyss mage’s shield and easily destroy Pyro regisvine’s corolla. You may clear this floor faster if you can manage your character on low HP with some shield characters.

Abyssal Moon Spire: Floor 9 – Floor 12

These floors are unlocked when you can complete all floors till 8. The special thing about these floors is that they reset periodically and refresh the rewards given.

One of the biggest pros of these floors is that you can get some primogems, EXP books, mora, and artifacts in return. But as the floor level increases, so make it difficult to complete the floors and enemy levels.

You will face tougher enemies on higher floors, and sometimes it may be possible that you have to restart chambers again to get a perfect 3-star record. These floors are reset two times a month and allow players to grab good rewards.


  • Mora = 525000
  • Primogems = 600
  • Hero’s Wit = 24
  • Mystic enhancement ores = 72
  • Adventurer’s Experience = 42
  • Domain reliquary : Tier 1 = 4
  • Domain reliquary : Tier 2 = 8

Abyss Teams, Characters and Tips

Genshin Impact features a vast range of characters with unique abilities which belong to their associated elements. While some focus on dealing elemental damage, others focus on trading physical damage.

With no exception to elemental reactions, there is an abundance of damage combinations you can expect when two elements come into contact. Some elements are passive in nature, and others are more defense-oriented.

But this doesn’t mean they are only class-focused; you can see DPS, healers, the team supports, and off-field characters from each elemental category. Ultimately, it depends on how you approach your team building. Suppose you are someone like me who loves to focus on a team dealing an insane amount of elemental damage. In that case, will love teams that focus on amplifying reactions like melting or vaporizing.

Every element has its unique artifact set and weapons that can enhance that elements’ potential further. This allows players to have a more flexible approach to building characters or have them focus on niche roles. Genshin Impact has a wide variety of characters, and they get more powerful as you unlock their constellations and invest in their talents.

Before Floor 5, you have to approach the spiral abyss with 4 member party; that is quickly done because that can be done with your main party. As you will progress through Floor 5, you will have to select up to 8 characters to feature in 2 separate teams and focus them on dealing damage to enemies in limited time duration.

This means you have to focus on building 8 characters and sometimes more because certain characters’ abilities could be more potent on a specific floor.

Like Chongyun, whose elemental skill helps infuse the cryo element to regularly attack and deal cryo damage to enemies. His elemental skill is quite valuable when dealing damage to Herald’s hydro-shields because they have high gauges and Chongyun works the best against them.

I would recommend you to level up characters who are better in their abilities against the current spiral abyss enemies and take benefit from the current benediction. Benediction is another name for buff; you get through all floors of the spiral abyss, and sometimes it helps you clear the floors fast enough.

But beware that there are some characters like Bennett whose abilities can also give an infusion to your character if you unlock his last constellation. And this can be a bit confusing for you to decide what kind of infusion your character will get if you use characters with infusion abilities. Suppose you have Chongyun and Bennett in a team, then Pyro will override Cryo in the infusion application.

Genshin Impact has all the elemental concepts that you can expect from the game. There’s also the concept of elemental overriding. I won’t go into much detail here because that’s better for another guide where that can be explained in much detail.

However, I can say that there’s always something new to learn from the game and being an adventure rank 59 player, Even though I don’t know everything about the game. It’s an evergreen learning journey for games, and you have to keep yourself updated with the latest changes.

Thoughts on Spiral Abyss

If you are up for a challenge and want to test your game knowledge, you can start with abyss floors early on. Once you reach a good enough adventure rank, you won’t be limited by the level cap on characters and weapons.

If you want to progress casually, level up your characters as you progress through the game and invest in their builds and weapons. Once you complete that, most of the spiral abyss floors will be easy to clear and get through.

There are also some secret achievements for clearing some floors fast enough, and you may be able to get them. Floors 10 to Floor 12 may be difficult for players who don’t have a solid understanding of the game but worry not; after some practice, anyone can clear all floors. For getting a 36-star abyssal star clear, you may need to put better characters with optimal weapons and artifacts.

Coming to abyss combat mechanics, you will face enemies with different elements. They will try to apply elements to you to hamper your gameplay. While some enemies will try to put you in an ice cage, others will try to apply effects that will drain your HP over time. To counter that, remember this game is all about elements and elemental reactions.

So, suppose you are affected by one element. In that case, you can have yourself infused with an opposing element to debuff the effect. Healers like Jean, Barbara, and Bennett are prime examples of healers that can apply elements to your character and debuff the effects. They also have abilities that can heal you passively or with weapons and boost your character’s potential. 

There are also leyline disorders that can help you choose characters with buffs that can help you reach maximum potential. A boost in CRIT rate or damage will affect your whole party, and you can have a chance to one-shot enemies in a blink. Whenever you are trying to make the team, see the enemies element and make your team of characters that can counter those elements.

If there are multiple enemies, characters with wide-area attacks or crowd control abilities like Childe, Ganyu, Venti, and Sucrose will definitely come to your rescue. A character like Venti can solo some floors because of his massive crowd control elemental burst that group up enemies and obliterate them.

You’ll love to go through the guide I wrote the other day if you have Venti. I hope that will help you form a better team composition around him and clear any spiral abyss floor with ease.

Common Questions :

That was a quick guide, wasn’t it? Now, let’s go over some questions that you may have after reading this guide.

Question: Should I really need to visit Musk reef?

Answer: There’s one precious chest and anemoculus waiting for you on the Musk reef. Suppose you have collected most of the anemoculus but are unsure where you missed the last one. There’s always one extra oculus for any region you collect them. You are confirmed to level up your statue of the seven to the maximum level because you know there’s one anemoculus on the musk reef.

Some of my friends were scared to go into the spiral abyss because they didn’t want a competitive playstyle. But I’ll advise you to try to see how it is for you. Even if you cannot clear all floors, some early floors can be cleared easily, even if you have mediocre invested characters.

Question: How good are the spiral abyss rewards from floors 1 to 8?

Answer: Floor 1 to floor 8 are one-time floors, which means you can only collect their rewards once only. Floor 9 to floor 12 reset periodically. Their rewards also get refreshed, which means you can try floor 9 to floor 12 again to get some rewards in the future. I’ll say that the spiral abyss gives a challenge to the player, where the player can see whether characters are optimally built or not. This allows players to build the characters to their maximum potential and choose optimal team compositions to clear the floors in a limited time duration.

Suppose you are someone like me who wants to optimally build the characters and max out their talents and weapons to see their highest damage potential. In that case, a spiral abyss is a place for you. I’ve been playing spiral abyss even on my friend’s accounts to test their characters’ damage and help them choose characters to use in combat situations.

Question: I’m a casual player, and I don’t want to get into a competitive game mode. Is there anything you want to say to me?

Answer: When you reach the end game and have nothing to do, then you can decide to go with the spiral abyss completion. After you reach above adventure rank 50, you can easily do up to 10 floors of the spiral abyss. They won’t require you to sweat enough if you have decent characters build properly. Even if you have only free four stars characters, you will be able to clear ten floors easily. This will help you boost your confidence in your characters and be proud of their progress where you have invested your time.

Suppose you try to challenge the spiral abyss at the beginning of the game. In that case, you may run into enemies that are tough to fight and start to lose confidence in your character. A tip for beginner players is to progress through the game at your own pace and invest in your characters.

That will take some time because you have limited resin for the day. You will need to take a better approach to build your characters to prioritize their leveling up. After you hit a higher adventure rank, you can venture out to defeat enemies in the spiral abyss and easily one-short a couple of them.

Question: I hear many people saying end-game words; what is that?

Answer: If anyone’s referring to the end-game content, they mean to say about the spiral abyss. When you complete ascension quests, archon quests, and most of the quests related to the game, you are left with the spiral abyss to challenge enemies of varying difficulty.

Generally, players tend to head over to the spiral abyss to kill some time. Still, some feel that it requires you to invest highly into your characters, which they cannot afford to do as a casual player. I know some Genshin players are working professionals. They cannot spend time on anything besides the game’s main storyline. 

Eventually, it depends on you how you want to approach the game. You can either choose to put effort into the spiral abyss or leave it as it is. But I highly recommend you complete early floors of the spiral abyss to get the essence of this game format, and who knows, you may ace higher floors. I always believe that it’s always worth a shot. Unless you try it, you won’t get the feel of it. But staying away from things that can harm you is also the best option. You don’t necessarily need to try everything.

Is this the end?

There are many small puzzles in Genshin Impact that don’t require more effort from the player, but this doesn’t mean they are not fun to do. Every Genshin player will reach Musk reef once in their gameplay to get a feel of the spiral abyss.

Though some floors can be challenging to finish, if you are someone who enjoys the thrill of the battle, you will enjoy the spiral abyss more than anyone. Trust me, If we were to teleport to Teyvat one day, I guarantee you, you will find me in the depths of the spiral abyss fighting some lectars.

Eventually, the spiral abyss is about checking your optimal team compositions and playstyle in challenging battle scenarios. If you are determined enough, no challenge is impossible for you, and you will ace through it easily.

Sometimes, you cannot get 36-stars on abyssal moon spire floors, and it’s perfectly fine to not stretch yourself enough. Some characters require extra constellations to perform to their maximum potential, and a spiral abyss can be quite tough to clear. So, take a break, go for a walk and relax. That’s the best way to relieve yourself after tense combat in the game.

That was it from my end, and I wish you the best on your spiral abyss journey. Hope you learned something new from this guide. Till we meet next time!

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