Trails in Tiagui Guide

Trails in Tiagui Guide

Genshin Impact features numerous quests that players encounter throughout their journey in the World of Teyvat. While some of the quests may be related to the main storyline, others relate to the game’s lore. World quests can be initiated via interacting with an NPC or an in-game item. 

World quests come in varying difficulties. Their tasks may range from merely collecting an item to solving complex puzzles. Some quests really set the bar as one of the most arduous world quests in Genshin Impact, and Trials in Tianqiu is a solid contender for that place.

Trials in Tianqiu is a world quest that features challenging puzzles that can easily stress out early game players. From formidable enemies to time-limited challenges and complicated puzzles, this world quest has it all. In this Trails in Tiagui guide, I’ll briefly go over this quest and how to complete it perfectly. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Trials in Tianqiu, a Challenge

Why a challenge? In my experience playing this game, Trials in Tianqiu holds a special place in my heart, but not on the happy side. It was more like a quest that made me spend hours on it to figure out its mechanics and finally complete it. I finished this quest while I was an early-game player.

Like any other beginner, I was roaming here and there, picking sweet flowers and messing with hilichurls. Until, one day, I stumbled upon this ancient tablet that started this quest, and I had to complete it. Why? Because once you begin this world quest, you cannot co-op with other players and have to venture alone on its journey.

Trials in Tianqiu is a challenging world quest that can stress out early game players and make them scratch their heads for hours. But worry not! I’m here to help you with a walkthrough and efficiently complete this quest without taking too much stress.


Let’s go over this quest’s walkthrough and see how you can easily manage to complete this quest. I’ve attached relevant images and although I’ve completed the challenges, the location and instructions remain the same.

I’ll also advise you re-read the steps if you miss something and don’t shy away from trying a couple of times. Let’s start, and for simplicity, I’ve separated the walkthrough into sections for a better understanding.

1. Teleport to Tianqiu valley and head towards the area where three towers are located. You will see a monolith with a blue crystal on top of it and a pedestal. Most of the time, you will encounter monoliths or torch mechanisms where they have a pedestal, and they will light up once you fulfill their requirements.

Tianqiu Valley Location Map
Notice the three circular buildings near the blue marker. These are the towers you need to explore

2. Interact with the ancient tablet in front of you. Paimon will be confused by the tablet and concludes that something must have happened in Tianqiu valley. You should investigate the area for further clues.

ancient tablet genshin
Interact with the Ancient stone tablet in front of you

3. Now, the quest will start, and you have to explore the three towers in front, left, and right of your location. It’s clear that you have to do something with the crystal monolith in front of the ancient tablet, and it might be possible to find something in those three towers.

Why focus on three towers? The pedestal design looks like something triangular will fit into it and has three slots in its design. Let’s go over towers in separate sections. 

trails in tiagui three towers
Three towers are near the crystal monolith. To the left, right, and in front of you.

Tower in Front

scribbled treasure hoarder notes
Go up the stairs and check out the notes

In the tower in front of you, you will notice a challenge-like icon appearing on top of a structure. You will also see a light prism that you have to collect in a limited time as you look above.

Once you start the challenge, you will have 60 seconds to collect the prism and use the platforms near you to make your way through. The problem is how you should approach this challenge.

Characters like Zhongli, Abledo and Geo Traveller can create climable Geo structures that will help you climb up. Alternatively, characters like Venti, Kazuha or even Keqing have good movement based abilites to get you to the light prism. Keep in mind to position yourself carefully and these abilities to easily make your way to the prism.

There are Scribbled treasure hoarder notes near the entrance. You get to know that Treasure hoarders were discussing something related to a time-limited challenge, and someone might be watching them.

Their boss wanted to get the item at the top, and there was a mechanism that they couldn’t figure out.

trails in tiagui guide
Head inside the tower in front of you and you can start the challenge once you are inside

In simpler terms, you have to reach the top and grab the light prism in 60 seconds. After you collect the light prism, bring it back to the monolith in the center of the ruins, and the time has come to the other tower.

The Tower on the Left

trails in tiagui towers
Head to the tower to the left

You have to go through three waves of enemies per floor in this tower, and I’ll go through each floor for simple understanding. After you complete the challenge, an exquisite chest will spawn, and you can collect that to receive some primogems.

Like the other towers, you will notice old Treasure Hoarder notes by the entrance. Notice that they were freaked out by the number of monsters coming after them and hallucinating about a dragon lord. Maybe it’s related to Azdaha because of his appearance correlating with the text? 

old Treasure Hoarder notes
Old Treasure Hoarder Notes

I love these short hints you get while entering the towers, and indeed you have to fight monsters in this tower. I advise you to level up your characters properly before the fight because enemies will scale off your world level, and it’s better to be prepared for tough fights.

First Floor

first floor trails in tiagui
First-floor challenge
  • Enemies: One electro hilichurl shooter, three rock shield hilichurl guards

Once you start the challenge, these enemies will spawn and be buffed with an electro infusion stone. When enemies are buffed with elemental infusion, their defense increases to certain types of damage, and you can destroy the infusion stone to debuff them.

Another way to debuff them is to apply an opposing element on them and remove their elemental buff. But, it’s better to remove the infusion stone for simplicity. You will notice a health bar on the infusion stone as you attack it.

Second Floor

second floor trails in tiagui
Second-floor challenge
  • Enemies: One hilichurl berserker, One Pyro grenadier, Two large pyro slimes and one pyro hilichurl shooter

On this floor, you will notice another infusion stone that has a pyro element and will buff the enemies. Destroy it as soon as possible to debuff them and attack the enemies.

The first two floors are straightforward as the enemies don’t have elemental shields or shields. So, clear them with ease and save your food for the last floor.

Third Floor

third floor tails in tiagui
The Third floor
  • Enemies: One large cryo slime, One large hydro slime, Two Cryo hilichurl shooters, and a hydro abyss mage.

This floor might be tricky if your characters aren’t properly leveled up. You will notice a cryo infusion stone, so I’ll recommend you prioritize it a bit so that you can debuff the enemies.

A combination of Hydro and cryo on your character will freeze you and make you susceptible to enemy attacks. I hate when my characters are frozen in the middle of a fight, and I cannot do anything.

Use Cryo, Pyro, or Electro to break Hydro abyss mage’s shield and finish him fast. 

After you clear the third floor, the light prism will be unlocked, and you can interact with it to grab and bring it back to the crystal monument in the center of the ruins.

Two light prisms are in place, and you will notice one-third of the pedestal glowing.

The Tower on the Right

trails in tiagui right tower
Head to the tower on the right

This is the most challenging part of this quest, and I recommend you do this tower at last. The other two towers are still doable and challenging at times, but this one is pure pain if you don’t know what to do.

As mentioned in the scratched notes by the tower’s entrance, the treasure hoarders were scratching their heads over these puzzles and were even dreaming about them.

They were annoyed that they were having nightmares about people grinning at them for not being able to solve this puzzle.

scratched out treasure hoarder notes
Scratched out treasure hoarder notes

I won’t lie; the puzzles here are complicated and took me some time to complete. I recommend you use Amber or Yoimiya to quickly aim at the torches and light them up. 

First Floor

trails in tiagui puzzle torch
Check the torches’ connections

You will notice a star-shaped puzzle with torches on top of them. Before shooting anything, stand there and think about their design. You will see the inner torches are connected, and the outer ones are connected.

To light them up without fail, light up the torch connected with each other. An exquisite chest will unlock after completing this challenge, and you can collect it to get some primogems.

Second Floor

puzzle torch second floor
Light up two torches with the middle one turned off. When you will light up the middle one, a whole pentagram will light up

This puzzle is the toughest one in this quest. I was shooting the torches randomly until I noticed that lighting up one torch would affect the torches connected with it. The key to solving this puzzle is to light up two opposing torches in a straight line while others are off and then light up the one connected with the remaining two.

Basically, you have to light up the torches so that numbers 1 and number 2 are lit up. In any rotation or orientation of the torches, you have to have two torches in front of each other lit up and the rest of the torches off.

Then, you can shoot a torch in the middle of those two, like here is number 3, then it will light up the remaining three torches. I randomly shot the torches and eventually figured out the mechanism; you can also follow the lines in the star-shaped puzzle and see which torches are connected.

After you complete this challenge, the nearby locked luxurious chest will unlock for you to collect, and you can take the stairs to go to the final floor.

Third Floor

Tower on the Right Third Floor
Front view of the room

Luckily, this floor isn’t as the previous one was, and you will notice a luxurious chest and light prism on a stand. There are a bunch of torches in the room, but this time you can light them up in an order that will light up all of them.

Here’s the thing, the two torches beside the chest aren’t related to the adjacent torches. They will revert the status of their opposing torches.

trails in tiagui torches
The remaining two torches on the backside

Light the two torches to your right as you enter the room and light the two torches opposite them. You will notice that all four of them will glow. For the torches beside the chest, light their opposing torches and then light the torches beside the chest. Voila! The chest will unlock, and you can grab the light prism. 

The fire puzzles were brain-draining because I was in the early game and carelessly exploring regions. When I reached these puzzles, I had no clue and was just spamming pyro attacks here and there, and the puzzles unlocked. Sometimes, it just works; who knows, maybe spamming attacks work for you.

After you collect the last light prism and plug it into the crystal monolith, a group of treasure hoarders will spawn, and you have to fight them. You can go through our Treasure hoarders guide to learn more about them and their abilities.

They aren’t tough, and you can easily use Venti, Sucrose, or Kazuha’s ability to group them. I’d recommend you take out the shooters first to easily deal with the rest of them. Also, stay clear of Crusher treasure hoarder who can attack you with his hammer and stagger you . As you defeat the treasure hoarders, take a breath of fresh air because you have successfully completed this quest!

Quest Rewards

trails in tiagui rewards

Luxurious Chests x 3

While the end rewards are three luxurious chests that you can obtain after defeating the treasure hoarders. There are a lot of exquisite, precious, and luxurious chests that you obtain after completing the challenges. Overall, this world quest is tough, but it also gives you a decent amount of primogems compared to other world quests.

On top of getting chests, you also get artifacts and adventure experience books from the chests. I love to do quests like this where I can get many chests as rewards and feel a sense of achievement after completing them.

Though sometimes they are draining and make me a bit tired, in the end, I want to complete everything this game offers. And world quests are indeed on top of my priority list! 

Quest Questions

Question: Should I start doing world quests straight away if I’m an early game player?

Answer: I won’t recommend you to start with world quests while you have not completed some storyline. Some world quests are related to the game’s lore, and you will be missing out on the plot while doing those quests. I highly recommend you complete the archon quests as soon as they become available and then focus on doing world quests. 

Question: Is this world quest a tough quest to complete for early game players?

Answer: I would say it’s a bit challenging quest for players who are starting out in the game and don’t have enough firepower in their team. The enemies in this world quest will scale relative to your world level.

They may be tough to crack if your characters are under-leveled and have not invested in their artifacts. You will have to go through waves of enemies to clear some floors. You can survive the fights with food buffs and recovery dishes. Still, you will sacrifice a lot of resources to complete a challenge that you can tackle later on in the game.

Question: What are your tips for beginner players who want to complete the Trials of Tianqiu world quest?

Answer: I won’t lie; though I was an early game player, I was always conscious of my team’s firepower and character levels. I made sure that I was leveling up my characters, weapons, and artifacts to have an easy time defeating the enemies. While you may face difficulty when fighting enemies in the left tower, I recommend you invest in your characters before approaching this quest. Other towers are puzzle-based, and the main fight will be against treasure hoarders.

If you have enough firepower in your team. In that case, you can easily defeat the enemies and not worry about overusing your materials to barely survive. Another tip would be to not give up easily, this quest may require you to restart some challenges a couple of times, and that’s perfectly fine. I spent quite some time on the fire puzzle because I wasn’t paying attention and randomly attacking the torches. Finally, I noticed the pattern myself and completed it. Even after referring to Youtube videos, I was confused, so I finished it independently.

Question: Is there any order you recommend to complete the towers?

Answer: I would say you should first complete the tower in front of you, where you have to climb up the platforms and grab the light prism sitting on the top. You don’t have to face any enemies or solve a complicated puzzle.

Though it may seem easy, it’s impressive if you can complete it in one go. After that, you should focus on the tower to your left, where you have to fight the waves of enemies and defeat them to obtain chests. You’ve been fighting enemies throughout the game and will continue to do so. Fighting them in a challenge won’t be any different. The difference being the enemies here may pose a difficulty if your characters aren’t adequately invested in artifacts, weapons, and levels.

Lastly, you should focus on the fire puzzle tower in the end as it may require you to figure out their patterns and a bunch of tries to solve them. Feel free to go through their solutions on Youtube because it may happen that referring to multiple sources makes things clear in your head. I highly recommend you to pay attention to minor details when completing puzzles and try them on your own first. 

Trials in Tianqiu: Quest Remarks

Trials in Tianqiu is indeed a challenging world quest for early game players and may them a couple of tries to clear some of its towers. Players need to figure out the puzzles, fight formidable enemies, and pay attention to the time because some challenges will be time-limited.

Nonetheless, the higher the risk, the higher the rewards. The quest rewards plenty of primogems from chests and gives a sense of achievement for completing such a challenging world quest.

That was all from my end, and I hope you will be able to clear this world quest in the future!

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