Genshin Impact Wild Fairies of Erinnyes Guide

World quests are the beating heart of Genshin Impact that keeps players coming back for more.

There are a few daunting ones, like the Aranyaka; however, world quests make the exploration more enjoyable and help to unlock captivating sub-areas. Whether it’s the Chi of Yore or the Aranyaka, my affection for world quests will never end. 

With such a marvelous underwater environment design, I had high expectations from world quests in Fontaine, and the new region did not disappoint.

I wanted a world quest full of juicy lore crumbs, interactivity, and riddles to solve, and the Wild Fairies of Erinnyes surpassed my expectations.

The Wild Fairies of Erinnyes is a quest that sees you explore the hidden depths of the land to cleanse the land of unwanted entities. An adorable NPC, an item shop, beautiful beasts, and a perfect blend of lore and exploration, all jam-packed in a quest series.

In this Wild Fairies of Erinnyes world quest guide, once again, I’ll take you along with me to solve some puzzles and uncover the hidden mysteries of Fontaine. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the lakes of Fontaine. 

Foggy Forest Path

The Marcotte station plays a key role in this quest. The quest is available near a fountain where you have to interact with a Carved Stone tablet.

I’m not talking about the Fontaine of Lucine; that’s an entirely different spot. There are lion-like statues surrounding this fountain.

The quest marker will appear on your map for better navigation. The quest has no constraints or prerequisites, so you can initiate it as soon as you arrive at the Fontainian lands.

wild fairies of erinnyes foggy forest path
This is where the world quest will begin – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Our treasure-hungry detective, Paimon, reads smudged inscriptions to gather context, and we end up agreeing to investigate the Foggy forest path.

As usual, Paimon deduces her own meaning and thinks we might find treasure. I guess we don’t have a choice but to follow our super-suspicious travel companion, Paimon.

wild fairies of erinnyes foggy forest path
Interact with the Mysterious Altar – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

As you arrive in the Forest Foggy path, the first thing you need to do is to explore the surroundings. You can interact with the Mysterious Altar to reveal the objective.

Your goal is to find three Teardrop keys that you need to put in monuments near the fountain in the Marcotte station. To get the first Teardrop key, you have to solve three puzzles and obtain it from the Mysterious Altar at the Foggy Forest path.

A Short Pitstop Before We Continue

Before discussing the solution to the puzzles, you need to remember a few key points. If you’ve not explored Fontaine yet, you might come across these new mechanics and end up confused. Let’s go over a few things real quick to get you up to speed.

Harmonious Reed Pipe: A new type of puzzle where you have to ring the pipes in a certain manner to unlock rewards.

The number of eye-like symbols on top of the pipes represents the sequence you have to play the pipes. If multiple pipes have the same count of symbols, it means they should be played together.

To ring the pipes, you can use Dew bubbles, as normal attacks don’t work on the Harmonious Reed pipes.

wild fairies of erinnyes harmonious reed pipes
A brief about the Harmonious Reed pipes puzzle – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Dew Bubbles: As the name sounds, they sprout from Dew branches. Your goal is to either burst them to create a ripple effect to ring the Harmonious Reed Pipes or merge them using the Xenochromatic Ball Octopus’ ability.

Conversely, you can also use them to burst other Dew bubbles and trigger a chain reaction. A coalesced Dew bubble will have a larger radius and thus cover more ground. So, in a nutshell, move them in the vicinity of the Harmonious Reed pipes and strike them to make the pipes ring together.

wild fairies of erinnyes dew bubbles
An overview of Dew bubbles – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Xenochromatic creatures: Simply put, you can borrow various abilities from these organisms. Armored Crab, Hunter’s Ray, Blubberbeast, Jellyfish, and Ball Octopus, can endow you with special skills that are helpful for underwater exploration.

Unfortunately, you cannot use your characters’ abilities under the water, so you have to rely on these borrowed abilities to accomplish tasks.

wild fairies of erinnyes xenochromatic creatures
An overview of Xenochromatic creatures and their abilities – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Contaminated Bacterial Mats: Most of the questline is around cleansing these bacterial mats. You have to purify the connected contaminated cores and clots in order to restore vitality to the corroded area.

It looks similar to the corrosive dark mud we encountered in the depths of the Chasm. You can use Xenochromatic creatures’ abilities to interact with and purify these cores.

wild fairies of erinnyes contaminated bacterial mats
An overview of contaminated Bacterial mats – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Mysterious Altar Puzzle Solutions

First Puzzle: To the Left of the Mysterious Altar

  1. You can see the puzzle when the camera zooms out for a few seconds. The puzzle is to the left of the Mysterious altar. A cluster of contaminated Bacterial mats near the Harmonious Reed pipes needs to be purified.
First Puzzle
The map and location of the first Harmonious Reed pipe puzzle – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

2. Grab the Xenochromatic Ball Octupus’ ability from strange ecological devices nearby and use it to cleanse the clots. An octopus indicator will display around your character when the ability is ready to use. The ability has a limited range on land, so position yourself accordingly.

wild fairies of erinnyes first puzzle
Make use of these devices – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

3. Once you cleanse the area, Dew bubbles will come out, and you can move them with the same Xenochromatic ability. Merge both Dew bubbles to create a bigger one and strike it. All the pipes have the same number of runes, so you don’t need to play them sequentially. 

Hold your skill to move Dew bubbles, and when you see they’ve covered all the pipes, strike them to create a ripple effect that will eventually ring all the pipes together.

Once you successfully complete the puzzle, a melody will play, and you will notice the tree near the Mysterious Altar evolve. Upon every successful puzzle completion, a short cutscene commences.

Second Puzzle: To the Right of the Mysterious Altar

  1. Use the Xenochromatic Ball Octupus’ ability to purify the contaminated bacterial mats around the puzzle. With that done, it’s time to place the Dew bubbles near the Harmonious Reed pipes.
wild fairies of erinnyes second puzzle
The map and location of the second Harmonious Reed pipe puzzle – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

2. Confirm the number of runes on top of the pipes to see the sequence they should be played in. The previous puzzle only needed one large Dew bubble. However, you have to ring the pipes in a sequential fashion. Place a Dew bubble close to the pipe with one rune and another near the pipe with two runes on it. Make sure the Dew bubble near the pipe with two runes covers the third pipe under its radius.

3. With that setup, strike the Dew bubble near the first pipe and then the second to trigger a melody. A ball of water will form in the tree’s branches upon completion.

The funny thing is, I actually managed to ring all the Harmonious Reed pipes with a single big Dew bubble. Even I was stunned. Here’s what I did. I pushed each Dew bubble and merged them together by holding the skill button to place them in the center.

As you push the Dew bubble with your skill, you can see the area it encompasses. After I reached an equilibrium point, I struck the large Dew bubble to ring the pipes. If you want to go that way, be my guest. If it works, it works.

Last Puzzle: To the Left of the Waypoint, Near a Waterfall

  1. This one’s rather straightforward, as you only have to cleanse a minor contaminated lump near the Harmonious Reed pipes. Have your team ready to fight Hydro slimes that’ll spawn after you purify the area.
wild fairies of erinnyes second puzzle
The map and location of the last Harmonious Reed pipe puzzle – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

2. One pipe has one rune on it, while the other two have two on them. That means you have to play the first one and then trigger the other two simultaneously.

3. Place a Dew bubble near the first one, near the waterfall, and move the other Dew bubble at an equal distance from the other two. Place it in such a way that it covers the pipes with two runes on them.

4. Pop the first Dew bubble and the second one if the first one’s ripple doesn’t burst the second bubble. To be on the safe side, just burst them yourself because sometimes Ripples may not reach the other Dew bubbles.

With these, the world quest is almost at the end, where we meet a mysterious Melusine, Pahsiv. Go back to the Mysterious Altar to pick up your first Teardrop key.

As we observe the key, a Melusine-like creature, Pahsiv, comes out of nowhere. It’s peculiar that Pahsiv, in reverse, is Vishap. Coincidence?

Though there are language barriers, the Traveler and Paimon are able to deduce the locations of the other two keys: springs in theWith these, the world quest is almost at the end, where we meet a mysterious Melusine, Pahsiv. Go back to t world quest is almost at the end, where we meet a mysterious Melusine, Pahsiv. Go back to thee north and willows in the east.

In a nutshell, the conversation with Pahsiv comes to the conclusion that we have to protect Erinnyes from something, and we need three keys for that.

Now, deciding which key you want to get first is up to you. I collected the second one in the Weeping Willow of the Lake and will proceed with that.

Wilting Weeping Willow

The second Teardrop key is a pretty easy catch. Take the easy way and teleport to the waypoint near the lake. You don’t need to go via the underground tunnels.

There’s absolutely no need to do that. You will observe that a Xenochromatic Ball Octopus is confined inside the Fontemer Seagrass. We must free it to use special Xenochromatic abilities.

  1. Interact with the Mysterious Altar, and you observe that there are three Harmonious Reed pipes with two types of runes. Two pipes have one rune on them, while the last one has two. We need to ring them with a Dew bubble. In case you’re not able to trigger the melody, check the Dew bubble’s placement and strike the Dew bubble again.
Wilting Weeping Willow
Dive into the water – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

2. Find a Hunter’s Ray around the area. You need to borrow this Xenochromatic Fontemer aberrant’s ability to cut the seagrass to free the Ball Octopus. Once you get the ability, hold at the seagrass and release your skill button to free the octopus.

3. Now, interact with the Ball Octopus and borrow its ability to cleanse the contaminated clot and core around the Dew bubble’s branch. Again, use the skill to push the Dew bubble in between the Harmonious Reed pipes and hit it to ring them. Voila! Yet another puzzle has been completed.

As we complete the puzzle, guess who shows up. It’s Pahsiv again. We get a piece of new information on how she wants to protect Erinnyes and is eager for the Traveler to collect the last key.

She mentions a visitor who helps her to protect the place and teaches her new things. However, we have to cut the conversation short because we need to get the last Teardrop key ASAP.

Furious Mouth of the Spring

Now we have to go to a furious lake at Loch Urania to collect the last Teardrop key. Again, teleport to the nearest waypoint and dive into the water

  1. As you dive into the water, you will notice another Xenochromatic creature, an Armored crab. Borrow its ability and hold your skills to destroy the contaminated bacterial mats nearby.
wild fairies of erinnyes furious mouth of the spring
Go under the water to cleanse the area – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

2. As you clear the contaminated clots, go through the strong channel of water to find the last remaining clot. Destroy it using your borrowed ability to trigger a cutscene, showing the waters getting calm.

3. You notice a sleeping vishap near the Mysterious altar, which obviously wakes up. You have to escape from the underwater Altar to reach the surface, where you will face the vishap. I can relate to the Vishap; I will chase anyone who disturbs my sleep.

4. During the fight, Pahsiv will come to your rescue to calm down the angry beast. It’s a good thing that they are acquaintances. Shortly after, the vishap coughs up the last Teardrop key.

Now, to the last destination, the square in the west, which refers to the fountain where we started our quest.

Within the Depths of Erinnyes

This sub-quest is straightforward. Before you do anything, I suggest equipping your best team, as you will encounter formidable enemies.

  1. Go back to the fountain and place the three Teardrop keys to reveal a hidden path that goes underground. Unexpected surprises like these are the reason I play Genshin Impact. As you dive into the depths, you will come across a luxurious chest.
wild fairies of erinnyes within the depths of erinnyes
Insert the three Teardrop keys you’ve found – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

2. Now we have to cleanse the roots in the depths of Erinnyes. My camera bugged out for some reason, and if that happens to you, don’t panic; just follow the strong channel in the water, and you will eventually reach your destination.

wild fairies of erinnyes within the depths of erinnyes
Take a leap of faith Traveler – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

3. Again, using Xenochromatic Ball Octopus’s ability, cleanse the tumor latched to the roots. Prioritize the clots to remove the barrier around the core. Amidst the battle, Pahsiv will enhance your power, and you will be able to target multiple clots simultaneously.

wild fairies of erinnyes within the depths of erinnyes
You can target multiple enemies with more potency – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

4. Suddenly, Rifthounds ambush your party, and Pahsiv will run off in panic. At this point, you are on your own. Keep your senses calm and defeat all the enemies. The funny thing is the Vishap we encountered earlier during the quest, Furious Mouth of the Spring, comes to our aid.

Finally, a cutscene triggers to show an updraft of water that will take you to the surface. Go with the flow, and you will meet Pahsiv at the end. Heartfelt goodbyes are exchanged, and the quest comes to an end with treasure chests to collect. Pahsiv, we will meet you again. 

Treasure Chests, Let The Come

The most important reward is that you get to make a new friend, Pahsiv. That aside, the total rewards that you get from the quest series are as follows:

  • 120,000 x Mora
  • 120 x Primogems
  • 12 x Hero’s Wits
  • 12 x Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 1050 x Adventure EXP
wild fairies of erinnyes treasure chests
The moment you all have been waiting for. Chests! – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Achievement: Semnai Sans Shadow – The objective is to meet a mysterious fairy on Erinnyes ( 10 x Primogems )

The achievement you get after completing the world quest – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Pahsiv’s One-Time Shop Is Available Now

Pahsiv becomes an interactable NPC after you complete the Wild Fairies of Erinnyes world quest. Teleport to Loch Urania and run north to a cave near the water.

There’s a small opening through which you can go inside and find Pahsiv. However, the caveat is that you can only get these items for once. You need to exchange Tidalga with Pahsiv to get the items. In total, you need 160 Tidalgas to purchase all the items.

Pahsiv’s shop lists the following one-time items:

  • Transoceanic Pearl x 20
  • Lakelight Lily x 15
  • Bird Egg [ x 4 ] x 5
  • Fish [ x 4 ] x 5
  • Fowl [ x 4 ] x 5
  • Mora [ x 10000 ] x 10
  • Spring of the First Dewdrop x 15
  • Crab [ x 4 ] x 5
wild fairies of erinnyes pahsiv's shop transoceanic pearl
I emptied Pahsiv’s shop in one go – Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is the “visitor” in the Wild Fairies of Erinnyes world quest?

Answer: From the description, the only person I can think of who matches the description Pahsiv gave was Neuvillette. He can taste the water, inferring he could also taste water veins.

Question: Where can you find Pahsiv after the Wild Fairies of Erinnyes World quest?

Answer: Pahsiv is in a cave at Loch Urania. Teleport to the waypoint at the lake and run straight until you see a cave to the right. Pahsiv is inside that cave.

Question: Is there a sequel to the Wild Fairies of Erinnyes World quest?

Answer: The Foggy Forest branch is the sequel to the quest. You can find Pahsiv in a cave at Loch Urania to trigger this objective. I wouldn’t consider it as a quest but more like an optional task.

Bring Forth Tranquil Waters

So there we have it, another fantastic Genshin World Quest draws to a close. We got to meet a new NPC and enjoyed a follow-up task where we had to collect Foggy Forest branches to get extra rewards from her.

I highly recommend doing the quest if you are farming for Furina. You can get Lakelight Lillies ( Furina’s ascension material ) from Pahsiv’s shop. The best thing about the quest is that it tests your understanding of Xenochromatic abilities, which are vital for underwater exploration.

If you liked this one, you might like other world quests like the Aranyaka, Khvarena of Good and Evil, Golden Slumber, and Dirge of Bilqis. Don’t miss out on experiencing the lore-rich world or making new in-game friends. With that said, I shall go back to exploring Fontaine because I’m short on Primogems. See you soon, fellow Travelers.

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