liyue genshin impact guide

Liyue Genshin Impact Guide

Once again, we are here for another Nation guide. In this Liyue Genshin Impact guide, we will focus on Liyue, which is a city/ nation in the world of Teyvat from the open-world RPG game Genshin Impact. We will cover the artifact domains, talent book domains, normal bosses, and trounce domain bosses while learning about the rich history of Liyue.

Liyue is a fan favourite location since the region is quite large, and although exploration can be tedious, the rewards are worth it. Liyue is home to the Geo Archon, the oldest Archon (6000 years). Therefore the lore and history available are quite expansive, so I will do my best to condense it. In the following article, we can expect:

  1. The History of Liyue
  2. Modern Liyue, Factions, and Archon
  3. Normal Bosses, Trounce Domain bosses, and Domains
  4. Characters from Liyue
  5. Liyue regional speciality items
  6. A few final thoughts on Liyue and a brief FAQ section for commonly asked questions about Liyue


We enter Liyue to participate in the Rite of Descension festival, where we are introduced to a few key characters. Liyue is home to Zhongli, the Geo Archon, a man who fought for Liyue and lost almost as much as he gained.

Zhongli, or as we are introduced initially, “Rex Lapis,” is an adepti who rose to the rank of a God far before the Archon war. The importance of his presence, the admiration of his people, his status as an Archon, and his reputation being swift and decisive is evident from the beginning as the people of Liyue spare no time in singing his praises. I am a fan of Zhongli; perhaps it is the old man understanding/ vibe we both have or the mildly similar features.

Liyue Genshin Impact

The first Statue of the Seven that we encounter in Liyue is found in Dihua Marsh, a small area within the Bishui Plain. Here, players can decide on whether they would want to resonate with the Geo statue to unlock the Geo Traveler or whether they want to continue as the Anemo Traveler. I like the Geo Traveler, and I find Aether beneficial as a Geo character. However, I still prefer the Anemo variant simply because I enjoy that particular playstyle more.

A good area of our story and events take place in Liyue, making it one of the most important areas in the current version. Since the Chasm was introduced, our attention has been brought back to Liyue and opened up a whole new area for exploration. The Chasm is similar to Dragonspine, it is a part of Liyue, but its exploration remains separate from the rest of Liyue, which is another similarity with Dragon Spine.


Liyue has a very extensive history. Since its archon is almost 6000 years old, there are plenty of stories and lore. Zhongli, or Morax as he was known before, was involved in plenty of battles defending Liyue and her people. Morax, along with the Guizhong, Adepti, Yakshas, Azhdaha, and Marchosius (Guoba), protected Liyue from the likes of Fallen Gods, monsters, and even foes such as Osial (Overlord of the Vortex).

After taking dominion in Liyue, in order to lower the tides, Morax defeated many sea monsters and gods. Once he did that, his people were joined by the people under Guizhong. At some point in between raising Mt. Tianheng and reducing the sea levels, Guizhong and Morax grew close and eventually established the Guili Assembly as well. A place where people from both followings could live in peace without any problems.

However, this peace would not last long because Guizhong passed away during a battle, leaving Morax and Marchosius to take care of the people. Morax and his now much more significant following decided to leave the Guili Assembly due to flooding. They then moved on to establish themselves in what is now known as Liyue Harbor.

Together with the assistance of Morax, the Adepti, Xiao and the last remaining Yaksha, the people built Liyue Harbor from scratch. The Adepti moved away from the Harbor after the events of the Archon war. However, they came in to help the people of Liyue during crisis situations since they have a contract signed with Morax to help defend Liyue from threats.

A flourishing business hub and commercial capital were established through Morax and his people. With the introduction of the Mora, an economic aspect was brought into Liyue as well. After he realized that the people of Liyue could handle things on their own, Morax loosened up on his reign and only came down during the Rite of Descension to advise his people on how to work and make the upcoming year prosperous.

Modern Liyue, Factions, and Archon

Liyue is regarded as the economic hub and home to one of the most (if not the most) prosperous commercial harbours across the entire continent of Teyvat. If one walks through Liyue Harbor, players will run into Snezhnayan merchants and diplomats since the Northland Bank is a Snezhnayan establishment.

The Milileth, the Qixing and The Cruz (also known as “The Southern Cross”) are the factions that help keep Liyue safe from external and internal conflict. The Qixing are a group of individuals and traders experienced in commerce; they are led by the Tianquan Ningguang, a playable 4* Geo Catalyst user.

After the “death” of Rex Lapis, the Liyue Qixing established their governance over Liyue and took on the roles of the departed Archon, who relinquished his duties. They specialize in handling issues within Liyue and geopolitical aspects, especially with the Snezhnayan Fatui Diplomats. Ganyu plays the role of secretary within the Qixing and Keqing is the Yuheng of the Qixing, meaning that she oversees the lands and livelihood management.

The modern Milileth are remnants of the Milileth Brigade that fought alongside Rex Lapis during the Archon War. They function in a very similar way to the Knights of Favonius in terms of peacekeeping and assisting the general population of Liyue. However, the most important difference is that they report to the Liyue Qixing, whereas the Knights of Favonius do not report to anyone but their own superior officers.

Milileth Genshin Impact

The Crux Fleet is a ship filled with some of the most demanding sailors Liyue has to offer. The Crux Fleet and the Crux crew are led by Captain Beidou, a playable 4* Electro Claymore user. The Crux Fleet has tales of their adventures, and Beidou herself has stories of instances where she defeated sea monsters and beasts. At the end of our time in Liyue, we depart to Inazuma on the Alcor, along with Beidou and Kaedehara Kazuha.

The Yakshas, as mentioned above under the “History” subtopic, played a pivotal role in shaping the history of Liyue and helped usher in this new era of peace and tranquillity by doing the dirtier jobs that needed to be done. As temperamental and harsh as depicted, they were not immune to death, corruption, and danger either. Since their job brought on karmic pain and trauma, only one of them managed to survive and continues to do his job.

He is, of course, nonother than Xiao, the “Vigilant Yaksha.” Although the other Yakshas have gone away, one still remains to perform his duty. Rex Lapis set the Yakshas out on their never-ending war to free Liyue from the “plagues, curses, and miasmas,” which were after-effects or remnants of the negative and bitter emotions of the fallen gods. Xiao is also an adepti who was granted his Anemo vision many millennia ago.

Speaking of Adepti, we have finally come to the Geo Archon, Rex Lapis. Although his playable version goes by “Zhongli,” the Geo Archon has relinquished his position and even given up his gnosis. This means that he can no longer produce Mora or interfere with the governance of the Qixing.

Zhongli is widely regarded as the oldest of the current Archons, 6000 years old (or older) at the start of the game. He goes by many names and titles, which tend to confuse some of the newer players. These names and titles include:

  1. Zhongli
  2. Morax
  3. Rex Lapis
  4. Prime of Adepti
  5. The God of Contracts
  6. The God of Commerce
  7. The Warrior God
  8. The Groundbreaker
  9. Geo Archon

Zhongli is currently employed at the Wangsheng funeral parlour, with Hu Tao as his boss since she is the director of the funeral parlour. He rarely has any Mora, but he makes outrageous purchases which are usually covered by Hu Tao or Tartaglia (Childe).

He wishes to live his life as a mortal and live among humans as one of them; I believe that the toll of time has burdened his mind along with the loss of his companions, which would turn him towards a life of “regular” or “normal” which would bring him some form of happiness or peace.

World Bosses, Trounce Domain bosses, and Domains

World Bosses

Pyro Regisvine

The Pyro version of the Regisvine monster species of Teyvat can be found in Liyue. This particular normal boss is quite easy to tackle if players use Hydro or Cryo characters. However, it could be a little annoying for newcomers who are not adept at dodging large AoE attacks. I did not find this boss difficult since I had Hydro characters from the game’s early stages.

The best way to tackle this would be to use Hydro or Cryo characters to attack the Corolla of the Regisvine and then launch a full-scale DPS attack once it has been knocked down.

The Pyro Regisvine can be found south of Cuijue Slope in Liyue. The Pyro Regisvine drops the Everflame Seed, the character level-up material required for Bennett, Diluc, Amber, Xiangling, Xinyan, and Klee.




The Oceanid is an elemental lifeform that resides in Liyue, originally from Fontaine. This boss is relatively easy to handle, and most players can get through it with minimal resistance. I composed an article regarding the Oceanid, and if players are interested in an in-depth breakdown of the Oceanid, I would recommend going through the article.

The best approach to this boss would be to use Freeze comps since it can Freeze all enemies in place while players can attack. Since there are multiple waves of Hydro mimics instead of directly attacking the Oceanid, newcomers might feel a little confused.

The Oceanid can be found south of Cuijue Slope in Liyue. The Oceanid drops the Cleansing Heart, which is the character level-up material required for Tartaglia, Xingqui, Mona, and Barbara.

The Oceanid

Geo Hypostasis 

The Geo version of the Hypostasis monster species of Teyvat, Gimel. This boss gave me a headache when I started Genshin Impact since I did not understand the game mechanics. I would highly recommend taking Geo characters since the Geo constructs resonate with other Geo constructs. Taking Zhongli would be very beneficial, but I know that not everyone was lucky enough to get Zhongli.

Using a Geo character to knock the pillars down would be a lot easier for players; a Claymore user can also help take the pillars down. Once the Geo Hypostasis falls to the ground, swap to any Main DPS character to deal as much damage as possible.

The Geo Hypostasis can be found in Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue. The Geo Hypostasis drops the Basalt Pillar, which is the character level-up material used for Zhongli, Ningguang, Noelle, and Albedo.

Geo Hypostasis


Primo Geovishap

One of the largest members of the Vishap family, The Primo Geovishap, was once a terror that ran havoc alongside Azhdaha in Liyue. It can be presented in four different infused Elemental forms, which is an adaptation that they have taken on due to the Elemental environments. The four forms include:

  1. Pyro – It explodes, dealing 80% ATK as AoE Pyro DMG and leaving a pool of lava in its wake, which deals 20% ATK as Pyro DoT to characters in the affected area.
  2. Hydro – It causes seven small eruptions near the stone’s original location that each deals 50% ATK as AoE Hydro DMG.
  3. Cryo – It causes seven small eruptions near the stone’s original location that each deals 50% ATK as AoE Hydro DMG.
  4. Electro – It explodes in an X-like pattern, dealing 50% ATK as Electro DMG.

The Primo Geovishap can be found in Tianqiu Valley in Liyue. The Primo Geovishap drops the Juvenile Jade, which is the character level-up material required for Xiao, Hu Tao, and Yanfei.

If you want to learn more about the Primo Geovishapcontinue reading this guide.

Ruin Serpent

The newest addition to the Normal Boss list of Teyvat, as of version 2.6. The Ruin Serpent is a slumbering menace found deep within the mines of the Chasm. It is not a difficult boss, but it can be quite annoying since it disappears from the battlefield and also throws Oozing Concretions.

Since it is a Physical damage boss, players can avoid getting into sticky situations like Overload or Freeze. Instead, players can produce elemental reactions of their own; I would recommend using Freeze, Melt, or Vape comps.

The Ruin Serpent can be found in the Underground Mines of the Chasm in Liyue. The Ruin Serpent drops Runic Fang, which is not used as a character level-up material by any characters as of version 2.6. However, I hunch that Yelan might be using the Runic Fang as her character level-up material.

Ruin Serpent Location Ruin Serpent Encounter
Location on the map Location in the game

Trounce Domain Bosses


Azhdaha is the overlord of the Vishap species in Teyvat. Azhdaha was once a close friend and coworker to Morax; together, they helped keep Liyue and its inhabitants safe. However, after many years of erosion, Azhdaha forgot his contract with Morax and soon forgot his face as well.

Due to the erosion, Azhdaha attacked humans and wreaked havoc across Liyue, forcing Morax to subdue him by sealing Azhdaha under the Dragon Queller tree in Nantianmen.

Azhdaha seeks to break free of his imprisonment and almost succeeded as well in Zhongli’s second story quest (the same quest that unlocks him). He might be a terrifying entity to tackle; I remember the first few times I attempted to defeat him, and I got wiped OUT.

Azhdaha Boss Ingame
Location on the map Location in the game

His drops and relevant characters include:

  1. Blood Jade Branch – Ayaka, Yanfei
  2. Dragon Lord’s Crown – Eula, Yoimiya, Traveler (Electro)
  3. Gilded Scale – Kazuha, Sayu
A few snaps of Azhdaha from a cutscene

Childe/ Tartaglia

TAR-TAR-TAGLIA, lover of Snezhnayan queen. There was a cat that really was gone. TAR-TAR-TAGLIA, Snezhnayas greatest love machine. It was a shame how he carried on.”

I am very sorry; I just cannot resist; yes, it is a curse. Tartaglia becomes a trounce domain boss after the Archon quest in Liyue; he poses as the antagonist, and the Traveler has to defeat him to pass on to the next stage of the quest.

Tartaglia is quite the formidable opponent, the type that is quite hard to come by *cough cough*. Tartaglia would be my favorite Trounce Domain boss and my favorite character (tied with Xiao and Zhongli).

He has three phases:

  1. Phase one: Hydro Vision
  2. Phase two: Electro Delusion
  3. Phase three: Foul Legacy – The Devouring Deep

As a whole, I would recommend a team of Anemo –  Geo (preferably a shielder) – Pyro – Hydro. Tartaglia is not a difficult boss, but he can be tricky to deal with for newcomers. Most of the experienced players glide through with relative ease.

Phase one: Hydro Vision
Phase two: Electro Delusion
Phase three: Foul Legacy – The Devouring Deep (A mix of the Vision, Delusion, and Abyssal Teachings)

His drops and relevant characters include:

  1. Tusk of Monoceros Caeli – Zhongli, Albedo, Xinyan
  2. Shard of a Foul Legacy – Tartaglia, Hu Tao, Diona
  3. Shadow of the Warrior – Xiao, Ganyu, Rosaria
Childe/ Tartaglia Location Childe Tartaglia Ingame
Location on the map Location in the game


Artifact Domains

Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula

This is also known as the Crimson Witch domain since most players take part in this domain to obtain better artifacts for their Pyro characters; this domain also provides the Lavawalker set, which reduces the Pyro RES.

This domain is not difficult if players have Cryo characters since Cryo characters receive a buff. Players will experience a drawback if they trigger Overload reactions, so not using Electro characters is highly recommended.

Crimson Witch is an artifact set that will pull the best out of almost any Pyro character through the 2-piece set bonus of +15% Pyro DMG. I would recommend Hydro characters since Vaporize reactions help take down Pyro Abyss Mage shields a lot faster.

Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Ingame
Location on the map Location in the game

Ridge Watch

Ridge Watch is home to both the Tenacity of the Milileth and Pale Flame artifact sets. Eula would benefit greatly from Pale Flame, and a support based Zhongli would benefit from Tenacity of the Milileth.

This domain has two Geovishaps, they are not difficult to handle, but I would recommend taking characters that can produce shields since the domain buff benefits shielded characters.

I am currently using a support based Zhongli in order to help both of my main DPS characters (Xiao and Tartaglia) produce higher volumes of damage while being protected by the additional shield bonus as well from a 4 piece Tenacity of the Milileth artifact set bonus.

It works very well since both of them are able to fully utilize the additional ATK buff while being well protected since they are close combat characters.

Ridge Watch Location Ridge Watch In game
Location on the map Location in the game

Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern

This domain provides the Noblesse Oblige and Bloodstained Chivalry artifacts sets. Noblesse Oblige is one of the most used and important artifact sets in Genshin Impact. It boosts the Elemental Burst damage, which is excellent for support characters who exist to buff the Main DPS/ Sub DPS characters.

The 4 piece set works well with characters such as Bennett, Xiangling, Mona, Xingqui, and Kaeya Alberich. Bloodstained Chivalry is a Physical damage focused artifact most of the Physical damage based characters in Genshin Impact can benefit from this.

Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Location Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Genshin
Location on the map Location in the game

The Lost Valley

This domain is still new (as of version 2.6), but the domain is relatively straightforward and easy to complete. The buff provided is a shockwave that emanates from the on field character every time they unleash an Elemental skill.

This domain is home to the Vermillion Hereafter and Echoes of an Offering artifact sets. Both of these artifacts are ATK based, which provides additional ATK benefits through their 4 piece sets. Xiao benefits from the Vermillion Hereafter set since the 4-piece set ATK buff is activated through health loss.

Kamisato Ayato benefits from the Echoes of an Offering set since the 4-piece buff further enhances his ATK kit. The domain is relatively easy if players can take a shield based character and characters who can unleash their Elemental skill multiple times.

The Lost Valley The Lost Valley Genshin
Location on the map Location in the game

Talent Book Domains

Taishan Mansion

Another relatively easy domain where players have to deal with two Mitachurls and two Fatui agents. Players can overwhelm the enemies by using Electro and Hydro characters.

Grouping them in one place by using either Venti’s or Sucrose’s Elemental burst would make things flow a lot smoother as well.

During the latter stages (level 3 and level 4), players will be hit by a “Pursuing Fireball” that explodes three times once it reaches the player, dealing Pyro DMG.

This domain is unlocked through a puzzle in Jueyun Karst; players can easily find this domain.

Taishan Mansion Location Taishan Mansion Location Ingame
Location on the map Location in the game
  1. Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Prosperity – Monday/ Thursday/ Sunday
  2. Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Diligence – Tuesday/ Friday/ Sunday
  3. Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Gold – Wednesday/ Saturday/ Sunday
Talent Book Character
Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Prosperity
Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Diligence
Teachings/Guide/Philosophies of Gold

Weapons ascension material Domains

Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula

This domain is not too challenging, since the enemies are mostly Electro based. Characters who deal Cryo and Pyro damage are recommended. I love taking Bennett and Xiangling and although my Xiangling has an ER deficiency, Bennett makes up for that by gathering Pyro energy particles.

Periodically, players will be hit by “Engulfing Storm,” which reduces the energy of the characters. To combat this, players can use characters with a high ER or use characters from similar elements to help gather their respective energy particles.

Using Overload in this domain is tricky, but it is also so much fun. Vaporize, melt, and freeze comps work very well too. I prefer using vape teams, but gathering the enemies in one place through Venti’s or Sucrose’s burst would help conduct the elemental reactions more efficiently.

This domain is located right outside Mingyun village on the way to Yaoguang Shoal; it is relatively easy to find and unlock this domain. There is an unlockable cave close to the domain where players can find some Noctilucous Jade and a few Cor Lapis.

Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula Location Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula Location Genshin
Location on the map Location in the game
  1. Luminous Sands of Guyun – Monday/ Thursday/ Sunday
  2. Mist Veiled Lead Elixir – Tuesday/ Friday/ Sunday
  3. Grain of Aerosiderite – Wednesday/ Saturday/ Sunday

*I will list below the 4* and 5* weapons that require these materials; I will use the names instead of the pictures because there are many weapons.*

Weapon Ascension Material 4* Weapon 5* Weapon
Luminous Sands of Guyun Bow – Blackcliff Warbow, Rust


Catalyst – Blackcliff Agate, Solar Pearl

Claymore – Whiteblind, Lithic Blade

Longsword – Lion’s Roar, Blackcliff Longsword

Polearm – Crescent Pike




Longsword – Summit Shaper

Polearm – Primordial Jade Winged Spear


Mist Veiled Lead Elixir Bow – Prototype Crescent


Catalyst – Eye of Perception, Prototype Amber

Claymore – Rainslasher, Blackcliff Slasher

Longsword – Prototype Rancour

Polearm – Blackcliff Pole, Dragon’s Bane, Royal Spear

Claymore – The Unforged


Longsword – Primordial Jade Cutter

Polearm – Calamity Queller

Grain of Aerosiderite Bow – Compound Bow


Catalyst – Mappa Mare

Claymore – Luxurious Sea-Lord, Prototype Archaic, Serpent Spine

Longsword – Iron Sting

Polearm – Lithic Spear, Prototype Starglitter

Catalyst – Memory of Dust


Polearm – Staff of Homa, Vortex Vanquisher

Characters from Liyue

When we first enter Liyue, one of the main characters we see is Ningguang; she conducts the Rite of Descension festival before Rex Lapis falls from the skies.

The Liyue Qixing conduct the investigation and finally round it up as well; following the events of the Archon quest, we see:

  • Keqing being the down to Earth hardworking one
  • Beidou the fearless Captain of the Alcor
  • Xingqui being the book worm
  • Hu Tao trying to gather customers for the funeral parlor
  • Xiao vanquishing demons
  • Zhongli casually trying to blend in with the mortals.
Character Name
Hu Tao


(Tartaglia is not originally from Liyue, he is from Snezhnaya. He was introduced to us during the Rite of Descension; he is listed with the characters from Liyue on the official Genshin Impact page.)

Yun Jin

Liyue regional specialty items

As with all nations, Liyue has regional speciality items and animals. These items and animals can be found through the official Genshin Impact interactive map.

Item Name
Cor Lapis
Noctilucous Jade
Silk Flower
Glaze Lily
Bamboo Shoot
Lotus Head
Jueyun Chili
Lumestone Adjuvant
Geo Resonance Stone
Geo Treasure Compass
Serenitea Pot


Location Name
Liyue Harbor Liyue Harbor
Jade Chamber Jade Chamber
Wang Shu Inn Genshin Wang Shu Inn
Sal Terre Genshin Sal Terre
Guyun Stone Forest Guyun Stone Forest
Dunyu Ruins Dunyu Ruins
Jueyun Karst Jueyun Karst
Tianqiu Valley Tianqiu Valley
Cuijue Slope Cuijue Slope
Lingju Pass Lingju Pass
Qingce Village Qingce Village
Dragon Queller Tree Dragon Queller Tree
Guili Assembly Genshin Guili Assembly
Mount Aozang Genshin Mount Aozang
Mount Hulao Genshin Mount Hulao
Qingxu Pool Genshin Qingxu Pool
Luhua Pool Luhua Pool
Chasm gENSHIN Chasm
The Chasm Genshin Chasm, mines


Question: Where is Liyue based on?

Answer: Liyue is based on China, specifically the economic perspective and ports (as seen with Liyue Harbor).

Question: How many chests are available in Liyue?

Answer: Within Liyue’s achievement list, we have an achievement for unlocking 800 chests. So it is safe to assume that there are 800 chests in Liyue. However, we easily have more than 800 chests available since some chests respawn, and some are hidden away SO WELL that most players do not come across them unless they find them accidentally.

Question: Which character shows Liyue specialties?

Answer: Yanfei and Qiqi, when either Yanfei or Qiqi are a part of the active party, they display all of Liyue’s specialty items on the mini-map. This allows players to easily find and collect the items after getting the general location of items from the interactive map.

Ningguang is another alternative for exploration since she displays all ore locations, which would make mining items a lot easier. She is also an excellent option for Chasm exploration since there are plenty of ore with a faint blue glow; this ore would be beneficial when recharging the Lumenstone Adjuvant.

Question: Who are the Liyue big three?

Answer: Xiao, Hu Tao, and Ganyu. These three characters are regarded as the highest DPS characters from Liyue. Xiao being an Anemo Main DPS, his main damage output comes from his plunge attacks after using his Elemental burst, which turns all of his attacks into Anemo damage.

Hu Tao being a Pyro Main DPS/ Sub DPS, her main damage output comes from her Elemental skill, which turns all of her attacks into Pyro damage. Ganyu being a Cryo Main DPS/ Sub DPS, her main damage comes from her charged attack/ Aimed shot; by using her Elemental skill, she can gather the enemies in one area and then use her charged attack.

Question: Who is Guizhong?

Answer: Guizhong is the former God of Dust, also known as “Dust Monarch Demon God.” She was among the few gods who established and presided over the Guili Assembly; she was in the company of Morax (Zhongli) and Marchosius (Guoba, yes, the same Guoba that accompanies Xiangling).

She was a close friend to Zhongli; some community members theorize that she could have been a partner as well. Unfortunately, she passed away during the Archon War; she left the world of Teyvat while resting on a field of Glaze Lilies.

She left behind her invention, The Guizhong Ballista, which is a weapon that can be used to defend the people of Liyue. She also left Zhongli a parting gift, The Memory of Dust, which is a puzzle which is based on a Burr puzzle. The Memory of Dust description leaves us with a brief story on Guizhong and Zhongli; I obtained a part of the description to provide the following:
“This is the mark of our pledge, and it is also my challenge to you.”
“All my wisdom is hidden within this stone dumbbell.”
“If you can unlock it—”

Many years passed, and he was never able to unlock that dumbbell, nor would he ever learn what might have followed that sentence.

Over the years, the wild Glaze Lilies, too, dwindled till at last, they were no more.


Although Liyue is the economic hub of Teyvat, it is also home to so much lore and a lot of interesting characters. The history behind Geo Archon, the Archon War, the after-effects of the Archon War, the people, and the cuisine are all things that players enjoy learning about through the quests and the cut scenes as well.

The current version of the game has brought us The Chasm, which has brought some attention back to Liyue. Liyue is a beautiful place; there is one seating area near Mingyun village, where I sometimes just sit and take in the scenery.

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