Tales of Winter Guide

Genshin Impact Tales of Winter Guide

Tales of Winter is a daily commission that gives you a chance to interact with a Fatui member and get to know a bit about the internal working of the Fatui. While the information is brief, it’s enough content to give you an idea about the scale of operation that Fatui works on.

I was fighting Fatui enemies here and there. I used to think they must be common enemy organization enemies like the Treasure hoarders. But I was wrong. After doing this quest, one thing was clear in mind: the Fatui isn’t what it looks like. There’s much more to the Fatui than we see on the outside.

Hop on this journey to know more about the Fatui and go through this Tales of winter guide and see what it holds for us. Without any delay, let’s dive straight in!

Tales of Winter

Tales of Winter occurs as an RNG-based daily commission that you can obtain in the Mondstadt region. You have to interact with Viktor, who is in the Favonius cathedral, and he will give you specific tasks to complete. For each job, he will exchange some information related to the Fatui with you.

He will urge you to join the ranks among the Fatui and assures you that you will have a promising future in the organization. While that’s not a priority for you, you still agree to do errands for him to get to know about the Fatui

You have to do this quest three times to get an achievement and remember the order you chose the dialogues. Because the dialogues will be the same next time, you have to select the remaining ones to fulfill the requirements for the achievement.

After you complete this quest for the first time, another quest, Equivalent Exchange, will unlock from the same NPC, Viktor. Remember that this daily commission is RNG-based, so it may or may not occur for an extended period.

Quest Walkthrough

Let’s go over the quests’ brief walkthrough, and for the sake of simplicity, I’ve also attached relevant images. You will see the enemies at these locations and defeat them to further progress through the daily commission.

Teleport to the City of Freedom, Mondstadt

Head to the teleport point above the Knight of Favonius headquarters and glide to the Cathedral. Go inside the Cathedral, and you will see Viktor standing near the entrance.

As you interact with Viktor, he confirms that he’s observed you and proposes you join Fatui. While Paimon is against the idea, Traveler seems a bit assertive in the thought. Viktor appreciates the decision.

Inside Catedral with Viktor

Viktor takes pride in Fatui’s recruitment from all over the continent. Even Knights have no say in the decision. Viktor will assume you may have some questions. Here, the quest will branch out into three variations, each with a unique conclusion and task.

After choosing a dialogue, let’s go over all three options and the job you will get. I’ve consolidated them in sections so that you can quickly grasp the world quest.

So, tell me about the Fatui.


Choosing this first option will astonish Viktor because you are pretty direct to know about the Fatui despite not being an official member. While Fatui’s got a long back story, he gives you the challenge to bring back a horn from a Mitachurl in exchange for giving out some information. Viktor’s dialogue confirms that he’s not a patient person and wants you to hurry to complete the task.

Mitachurl Loot

Enemies: 3 x Electro hilichurl shooter , 2 x Hilichurl grenadier, 1 x anemo samachurl, 1 x hilichurl berkserker, 1 x Blazing axe mitachurl

You will find Hilichurl enemies at Thousand winds temple; fight them off. After collecting the loot from Blazing Axe mitachurl, you can teleport back to the Cathedral and give it to Viktor.

Once you bring the horn and he passes you, he will give you a short briefing about the Fatui. Viktor clears that Fatui hail from Zapolyarny palace, inheriting and enacting Her Majesty Tsaritsa’s will. They follow Tsaritsa’s commands and follow her absolute will throughout the land.

Viktor claims that the Harbingers are the strongest among them, and there are eleven of them who are granted the Title by her Majesty. Trying to convince the Traveler that even they can become a harbinger if they have the mettle to prove their strength and climb the ranks to the top.

Viktor further emphasizes that he’s not more than a pawn, not a “chosen” one, and running an errand for Signora, another Fatui harbinger. While given the option, he’d like to work for Capitano, whos another Fatui harbinger.

We know from the game that Fatui is indeed a powerful organization. Their Harbingers are the forces not to reckon with. So far, Childe, Scaramouche, and Signora have made their appearance in the game, and eight of them remain in the unknown.

While Signora was turned to ash by the Raiden Shogun, it’s no doubt that Childe and Scaramouche live up to their titles of Harbingers. Who knows? Maybe we’d see more of them in the near future.

About Delusions

Treasure Hoarders

Asking about delusions would be the second option, and Viktor is stunned when you ask him about the delusions. While he laughs off and asks whether you are an idiot or actually smart enough to act, he stresses that you are not an official member of Fatui yet to ask about Delusions.

Taking a jab at the Knight of Favonius guards at the gate, Viktor denies that it’s not that easy for him to tell about it. But, Viktor also claims that Delusions are their precious pride and joy, and it won’t hurt to explain a little bit about them.

To give the information, Viktor will propose a deal where you have to grab something off the Treasure hoarders outside the City of Mondstadt and see whether they have something of value or not. While he calls them a bunch of skulking two-bit pikers, he also confirms that sometimes they get their hands on valuable items. If the Traveler can complete the task, he will explain some details about Delusions.

Further dialogues reveal Viktor taking another jab at the Knight of Favonius, saying he won’t say anything for money. The deal will be off if the Traveler tries to exchange something old.

Treasure Hoarder Loot

Treasure Hoarder Loot

Enemies: 1 x Electro potioneer, 1 x Gravedigger, 1 x Marksman, 1 x Pyro Potioneer, 1 x Scout , 1 x Crusher, 1 x Gravedigger

You will find groups of Treasure hoarders in the vicinity of Brightcrown Canyon to the southwest of the teleport waypoint there. After fighting off the enemies and taking the loot from Treasure Hoarders crusher, you can obtain the loot for Viktor. 

After you get the item and submit it to Viktor, he denies that you have found something of value but still keeps his word to tell about Delusions. Viktor claims that Delusions have tremendous power and are granted by Her Majesty, Tsaritsa in person. Delusions makes everything look like child’s play, whether it’s faith or vision.

The difference between Delusions and Visions is that the latter is granted by the grace of the gods, and the former is more practical for ordinary mortals to choose. Not everyone can wield a delusion beyond the eleven Fatui harbingers and a few other Fatui.

Viktor further continues and points to the Traveler that they don’t have a vision. He proposes that they may be able to obtain a delusion if they joined the Fatui. Viktor ends the dialogue by making a taunt at the Knights of Favonius that they are rather touchy on delusion and advises the Traveler not to snitch on him. The knights of Favonius might come Viktor’s way if the Traveler passes this information.

Down the line, you will notice how powerful delusions are when you fight Childe. I won’t lie; I barely was able to survive that fight, though I completed it on the first try; only Razor was the one left alive in my team.

It was nerve-wracking because he was a tough boss when he launched, and Hoyoverse had to lower the difficulty later. Throughout the game, you will notice that Delusions are powerful, but they also have side effects on people. I hope we get to know more about them in the upcoming updates.

About the Tsaritsa

You will find a ruin guard here and the area will appear on your map after selecting the option

The third and last option is asking about the Tsarista, where Viktor asks you whether she is the reason you want to join the Fatui? Viktor is the kind of guy who needs something in return for an exchange of information.

He affirms that he will tell you about the Tsaritsa only if you can grab something off a ruin guard. He insists that you should collect something like a trophy off a ruin guard and wants to collect it. While to Fatui, ruin guards aren’t a big deal, he takes a jab on Mondstadt folk if they are afraid of a little ruin guard.

Well, I mean, there can be two possibilities. Either Viktor doesn’t want to admit that he’s afraid of a ruin guard, or Fatui has some badass arsenal that they don’t fear ruin guards.

Ruin guard loot

Ruin guard loot

You will find a ruin guard spawned near Brightcrown Canyon to the northwest of the teleport waypoint. Keep in mind that this ruin guard will be in addition to the ones already roaming there.

Viktor will tell you about the Tsaritsa after you bring the goods back to him. Viktor explains that the Tsaritsa is their god; she is the only truth and is the Cryo archon, one of the seven who holds dominion over the mortal realm.

He says that the Tsaritsa is beyond even that of a god for them, and if you want to comprehend his conclusion, you should join the Fatui. Basically, the gist is that the Fatui adores their Majesty, the Tsaritsa.

Quest Summary:

You will have to go through each of these dialogues three times when you get this daily commission. When you complete all three options, a unique achievement will unlock for you. The quest is interesting as it features a Fatui member who’s willing to tell you something about the organization in exchange for items. The only thing you should keep in mind while doing this quest is to remember the dialogue options you chose last time, and eventually, complete all three dialogue chains.

As you progress through the story, you will learn more about the Fatui in archon quests. Fatui harbingers like Scaramouche are evil and will go to any extent to have their wishes fulfilled. Well, that’s just my view; who knows, down the story, he could turn out to be good.

Even Childe tried to wreak havoc upon Liyue. Still, somewhere deep inside, he cares for his family and helps Traveler under challenging situations like the Shiki Taishou domain. Overall, it’s too early to judge the Fatui, and we can only hope to get a few more crumbs about them in future updates.

Quest Rewards

You will get 10 primogems regardless of your Adventure rank. Other rewards like Adventure Rank EXP, Companionship EXP, Mora, and Weapon EXP ores will depend on your Adventure rank during the completion of the quest.


Achievement: Telling It How It Is

Snezhnaya Does Not Believe in Tears Series I – Tales of Winter – Primogems x 5

You have to interact with Viktor and ask about the Fatui, Delusions, and the Tsaritsa while doing the Tales of Winter quest. Basically, you have to complete all the three options and complete this quest three times. Make sure to remember the options you selected to quickly get this achievement.

Quest Questions

Let’s go over a few questions that you may have after reading this daily commission guide.

Question: What do you think about RNG-based quests? What are your views on it?

Answer: RNG quests can be tedious and fun at times. The fun factor is that you never know when you will get the quests. In the tales of winter, the quest has three dialogue branches, and each of them has something related to the lore. Covering the backstory about the Fatui, delusions, and Her Majesty, the Tsaritsa, you get to know about the fatui. RNG-based quests have hidden achievements, dialogues, and tasks that can make the quest fun for players and bring something unique to the table.

On the other hand, RNG quests may not appear for months, or sometimes if you are unlucky like me, you may not get RNG quests. There are some RNG quests that I’m not able to get to this day and simply waiting for the day to come. Still, RNG quests are a bit of a challenge because it depends on the system whether I’ll get that particular quest. Like any other thing has pros and cons associated with it in the game, RNG quests can be excellent or unpleasant, depending on your perspective.

Question: The Fatui seems like a dangerous organization; what’s your viewpoint about them?

Answer: The Fatui is quite a large organization and always a few steps ahead of the Traveler. In some quests, wherever you are going, Fatui members are already in that area and go against the Traveler to get their work done. Enemies like Treasure hoarders aren’t much of a deal because they are not as organized and vast as the fatui are. Also, one unique thing about the Fatui is that Her Majesty, the Tsaritsa, exercises absolute control over them, and her words are final.

You learn about her and how Fatui members see her as a god. She is the cryo archon and has selected influential individuals named Harbingers to fulfill her wishes. We are yet to know more about them and have only seen three harbingers so far. All of those three, Childe, Scaramouche, and Signora, were cunning, smart, and powerful in their own ways. I’m excited to see how other members will be revealed later in the story and how they will influence the plot.

Question: I’m bored of repetitive daily commissions; what should I do?

Answer: Well, there isn’t much you can do besides completing world quests, challenges, or spending resin on domains or bosses. There’s not enough content to hunt as an end-game player if you have already 36-starred the spiral abyss. While it may seem trivial, the spiral abyss is actually challenging, and you have to complete numerous challenges with optimal team compositions. I’d recommend you to go through our spiral abyss guide and learn more about the challenges.

The daily commissions are a part of the game you cannot ignore because they give you primogems, and for free-to-play players, they are essential. Unless you can afford to spend money on the game, you cannot skip daily commissions. Otherwise, you won’t be able to wish on character banners. You can also complete the game’s content without spending a dime on it, although, you would have to prioritize your team building and equip your character with better artifacts and weapons. I’d suggest you keep aside a few world quests to do them in later stages or just go with some story quests while you are bored. That will help keep your mind off the repetitive content.

Tales of Winter: Quest Remarks

Tales of Winter is an RNG-based daily commission that you get in Mondstadt from an NPC Viktor. Viktor is a member of Fatui and asks you to run a few errands for him and get information related to the organization in exchange.

While the tasks are quite simple, the information Viktor briefs you is valuable for the story. You get to know about another Harbinger name, Capitano, who has yet to appear in the game, and Viktor is in Mondstadt under the orders of Signora, another Fatui Harbinger. Viktor tells you about Delusions, Harbingers, and Her Majesty, The Tsaritsa. 

While briefing you about the Fatui, Viktor will propose you join the ranks and affirms that you would have a bright future in the organization. It’s pretty sure that the Traveler isn’t interested in joining the Fatui but gets along with Viktor to know more about the organization. Also, it’s not completely clear what motives the Fatui have in the region. The Fatui state most of their operations under cover of diplomacy.

Only time will tell what role the Fatui will play in the story and how the events will be. That was all from my end, and I hope you got to know something new about the plot. I’d highly recommend you check out other guides and see whether you want to do another quest or follow a character guide for optimal team compositions.

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