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As we all know, Genshin Impact has bloomed into a massive game with features that attract new players on a daily basis. One of the key features of this game is the Gacha system, through which players can make wishes in an attempt to get the Genshin characters or Weapons that they desire.

Along with this, Genshin Impact also has very well-designed weapons, materials, and quest items, which provide more attractive features to the game. The items can be filtered into three main sections, as shown below; however, each section will have smaller subsections in order to fully understand the importance of these items.

A quick summary of what to expect in this Genshin Impact Items guide would be:

  1. General Items
  2. Precious Items
  3. Other Items
  4. A brief FAQ section with a few final thoughts

Types of Items

As mentioned above, there are three types of items that we can find in Genshin Impact. There are items of general use, items obtained through different type of quests or exploration throughout Teyvat, and gadgets or other items received through events.

Aside from weapons and artifacts, the player’s inventory can hold a maximum of 2000 unique items. The quantity of each item does not matter because each item is counted as one item, under which multiple copies can exist, given each item’s total holding limit.

General Items

Under the items of general use, we can see a few main sections, and each section plays a vital role in helping develop a player’s main combat experience, adventure gameplay, and world-building in Genshin Impact.


Artifacts in inventory. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Artifacts are a significant part of the game, primarily because the deciding factor of a character’s build is based on the type of artifacts given and the subsequent substats of the artifact. Each artifact set has a two-piece set bonus and a four-piece set bonus, and characters can utilize either option or a combination of different artifacts. However, if players opt out of using a four-piece set bonus, only two different artifact set bonuses can be used because one character can only hold five artifacts at once.

Genshin Impact offers a wide variety of artifacts and different types of bonuses in various stats. This gives players a more comprehensive range of artifacts to select from when it comes to character building and overall team buffs or boosts. Two artifacts cannot be farmed in any domain, and these can only be found after defeating Normal Bosses or Trounce Domain Bosses, and they are Gladiators Finale and Wanderer’s Troupe.

Currently, Genshin Impact has five artifact rarities, but after the initial stage of the game, players move towards using only four-star or five-star artifacts. Therefore, all of the available four-star and five-star artifacts (as of version 3.0) will be listed below, along with their respective domains.

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  1. Noblesse Oblige – Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern
  2. Bloodstained Chivalry – Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern
  3. Viridescent Venerer Valley of Remembrance
  4. Maiden Beloved – Valley of Remembrance
  5. Archaic Petra – Domain of Gunyun
  6. Retracting Bolide – Domain of Gunyun
  7. Thundering Fury – Midsummer Courtyard
  8. Thundersoother – Midsummer Courtyard
  9. Crimson Witch of Flames – Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula
  10. Lavawalker – Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula
  11. Heart of Depth – Peak of Vindagnyr
  12. Blizzard Strayer – Peak of Vindagnyr
  13. Tenacity of the Millelith – Ridge Watch
  14. Pale Flame – Ridge Watch
  15. Emblem of Severed Fate – Momiji-Dyed Court
  16. Shimenwa’s Reminiscence – Momiji-Dyed Court
  17. Husk of Opulent Dreams – Slumbering Court
  18. Ocean-Hued Clam – Slumbering Court
  19. Vermillion Hereafter – The Lost Valley
  20. Echoes of an Offering – The Lost Valley
  21. Deepwood Memories – Spire of Solitary Enlightenment
  22. Gilded Dreams – Spire of Solitary Enlightenment


Weapons in inventory. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Weapons are another important factor in Genshin Impact because the weapon raises the character’s base ATK while providing a secondary stat buff. This secondary stat buff is the most crucial stat because most characters are given weapons that complement their overall builds. Aside from the main stat and secondary stat, each weapon has its own unique ability that would be highly beneficial for some characters and quite useless for others.

Therefore, when assigning weapons to characters, the player must understand the character’s build and the type of character (Main DPS, Sub DPS, Support, Healer) in order to take the best out of each character. Therefore, artifacts and weapons do go hand in hand for most cases because players can also use the secondary stat in weapons to make up for the lack of a specific attribute, for example; if a bow-wielding character’s Crit DMG is low, players can use Thundering Pulse to make up for this deficit.

There are five weapon rarities in Genshin Impact, and similar to the artifacts, players move toward using four-star or five-star weapons and use the other weapons as fodder to level up the better weapons. It is pretty easy to obtain a four-star weapon because, for every ten wishes, players could get a character or a weapon.

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However, getting a five-star weapon is quite tricky because players would have to make 90 wishes to get a guaranteed five-star weapon and 180 wishes to get the five-star weapon of choice from the Weapons Banner. This task is quite tiresome, and I would only recommend making wishes on the weapons banner if players have already completed their desired character team comps.

However, there is a small silver lining to the wish system because players can get either a guaranteed five-star character or five-star weapon when they make 90 wishes on the Standard Banner. Although players will not be able to get the exact weapon that they want, the weapons on the Standard Banner are all quite useful.

Character Development and Weapon Development Items

These items are required to ascend characters or weapons, and players can easily find them in the open world, in shops, and in domains.

Character Development

Character Development Items
Character development items in inventory. Photo by Rashen Perera.

These are pretty easy to come by, and most players should have unholy amounts of each item by the time they wrap up the Archon Quest in Inazuma. In comparison, the character development items are much easier to farm as well because players can use the official interactive map to locate the spawn points of each enemy and then set up a farming route based on their own preference.

In my opinion, the most annoying mob to farm would be the Specters, mainly due to the low drop rate of the items and the general annoyingness of having to fight multiple Specters at once.

Talent Books
Talent books in inventory. Photo by Rashen Perera.

The next item that players need to collect would be the Talent level-up items (talent books). These are found in domains, in event shops, and in certain chests. The character talents are the final part of optimizing their characters to get the best out of them, and players can level up each of the three main talents (Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst) to level 10. Each Talent level-up domain changes the contents of the respective domain every day; the only day that all of the talent books are available for the player to pick and choose from is Sunday.

I would recommend farming talent books after players unlock the fourth level of the domain because this will guarantee a better chance to directly obtain Gold Talent level-up items. A farming routine for this is highly recommended because, during the latter stages of the game, players need to increase the talent levels of multiple characters in order to build many team comps to deal with any situation.

Trounce Domain Boss Drops
Trounce Domain Boss drops in inventory. Photo by Rashen Perera.

These items are needed to upgrade the character’s talent level, and they are obtained after defeating Trounce Domain bosses. Each Trounce Domain Boss drops three different items; they can be fought once a week.

Weapon Development

Weapon Development Materials
Weapon development materials. Photo by Rashen Perera.

These items are a little tricky to obtain, mainly because players have to make a schedule and time the days correctly in order to get the actual items that they require. This is because the weapon development item changes every day, and the only time that all of the items are available for players to choose and farm is Sunday. I would recommend making a weekly routine to fit in all of the domains that must be completed; that way, players can maximize their efficiency.


Food can be divided into two sections, and these are the main food section and the processed item section.


Cooked Food
Cooked food in inventory. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Food items are very important in any open-world game, and Genshin Impact is no stranger to this concept. With many fans trying to recreate signature Genshin Impact dishes (*cough* not me) by making these at home or popular streamers recreating these dishes, it opens up yet another avenue of interest.

Many players prefer buying food from local vendors or restaurants; however, I like cooking food on my own, and although the mechanism is relatively easy to handle, the sense of satisfaction that I receive is quite nice.

Genshin Impact has five main types of food; they are:

  1. ATK boosting food
  2. DEF boosting food
  3. Health replenishing food
  4. Stamina replenishing/ consumption decreasing food
  5. Revival food

Each character (as of version 3.0), except Raiden Shogun, can cook their own specialty dish, which is a unique take on a select few already popular dishes in Teyvat. This adds another personalized touch to the game, making the recipes and food seem less generic than most games.

Processed Food Items

Processed Food
Processed food items. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Processed food items are made by “processing” certain materials that can be found while adventuring or bought at the local shops. When players process their food, they can make better quality ingredients which will help them make more complex or better dishes along the way.

Many dishes require a lot of different processed items, but players can manage without processing their ingredients. However, I would recommend processing materials and getting processed food items, and this is due to the better quality of dishes that can be produced, which will aid players during risky situations.


Variety of potions. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Potions are another consumable that the players can use to help their team; however, players can only craft these at the Crafting Bench. The potions are yet another underrated part of Genshin Impact, and it is quite rare to come across a player that uses these regularly.

To be fair, the materials needed to craft potions are a little challenging to obtain because they are not as straightforward as other materials; however, this does not mean that it is an impossibility. The use of potions gives players the opportunity to expand their offense and defense. The potions can be separated into two different parts, and they are;

  1. Damage boosting potions
  2. Shielding potions

Damage dealing potions increase the elemental damage of the specific element, and shielding potions raise the elemental RES of the specific element. Players can use multiple potions simultaneously, which would overlap, but the overall benefits are excellent.

Adventure Items

Adventure Items
Two adventure items. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Adventure items are items that help the player either by making changes in the environment or changes to the player. These items can only be used in their respective nations or regions of nations. This is an interaction-based mechanism, meaning players would need to meet specific criteria to unlock or use the effects of these items.

  1. Players must be in the correct location (specific nation or region of a specific nation).
  2. Players need to find the correct objective/ interface point.
  3. Players must have the respective item responsible for the interaction in the “Gadget” slot.
  4. Players need to check whether the level of the item is compatible with the current objective/ interface point.


Various furnishings in inventory. Photo by Rashen Perera.

This section is an extension of the Serenitea Pot, and in fact, it is the place where players can view the total amount of furnishings that they currently own, have made, or have to make based on the available blueprints. This is an exciting section because this is the world building section of Genshin Impact.

In my opinion, the Serenitea Pot is a very interesting addition to the game because it allows players to fully embrace their creativity by basically building a home and investing in making it look good. Players can also find the ornamental fish (four-star fish) that they may have caught during their fishing sessions.

There are certain Serenitea Pot creations that I have seen on Pinterest, and if I am being honest, I would say that I could not even recognize that it was actually Genshin Impact. The creativity and the opportunity to explore the creative aspects of an individual are very well presented.


Unlocked namecards. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Namecards are amongst some of my favorite things in Genshin Impact. A character namecard is obtained by leveling up the Friendship level of a character to level 10. When level 10 is reached, the character will give a namecard to the Traveler, and this is evidence that the player has spent a lot of time playing with the character and leveling them up.

The Achievement namecards are different; these can only be obtained by completing the relevant Achievement page. This is no easy task; there are certain achievements that can be done quite easily, but some require days, if not months, of consistent game time and daily checkups.

However, the reward for all of that hard work is very aesthetically pleasing, and players can use these namecards to customize their player profile by displaying the namecard of their favorite character, favorite achievement, or the most visually pleasing.

Precious Items

Under precious items, we mainly see items that cannot be deleted in any way, and these items are a vital part of the Genshin Impact storyline and gameplay. In terms of item importance, these items rank very high, and the rarity of each item is significantly high as well.

Oculi Based On Its Nation/ Region

Oculi are different for each region. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Every nation has its respective element, and along with that, many other things change, such as the type of grana available and, of course, the Oculi as well. The Oculi are an integral part of the game, and they are used to level up the Statues of the Seven in each respective nation; for example, the Anemoculus will only level up the Statues of the Seven in Mondstadt.

Additionally, each nation has an attached region, and these regions have their own form of “Oculi” that can be used in exchange for rewards. As we can see in the picture above, the three nation-based Oculi are visible, and in red, we can see the Crimson Agate, which is the item that must be collected and offered to the Frostbearing Tree in order to level up the tree and obtain rewards.


Two currencies in the game. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Genshin Impact has five different currencies, and they are;

  1. Mora – the official currency of Teyvat
  2. Primogems – the item needed to make a wish (one wish = 160 primogems)
  3. Masterless Starglitter – an item that can be collected after making a wish; this can be used in Paimons Bargain shop
  4. Masterless Stardust – an item that can be collected after making a wish; this can be used in Paimons Bargain shop
  5. Genesis Crystals – an item that can be purchased using real money; it can be used to purchase skins for characters or converted into primogems

Regional Sigils

Regional Sigils
Three regional sigils. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Regional sigils can be obtained by opening chests, and players can exchange these sigils in the souvenir shops or the relevant offering site of the particular nation in exchange for rewards.

Items Needed to Make Wishes

Intertwined Fate
Intertwined Fate item. Photo by Rashen Perera.

There are two types of fates, and each one is responsible for making a different type of wish.

  1. Intertwined Fate – this can be used to make wishes on the limited-time Character Banner and the limited-time Weapon Banner
  2. Acquaint Fate – this can be used to make wishes on the Standard Banner

Special/ Exclusive Items

Player's Birthday Cake
Player’s birthday cake. Photo by Rashen Perera.

These items are special gifts from Mihoyo, either to celebrate a landmark event such as a player’s birthday or an important event in the game or as a means of thanking the players for continuing to play the game.

Items Received After Completing the Archon Quest

Items from Archon Quest
Items received after the Archon quests.

These items are received after completing Archon Quests, and these items can be considered to be trophies and a token to remember memorable moments in our journey across Teyvat.


Resin is an important part of the game, and players have been using these since the beginning of the game. There are four types of Resin; however, because the Original Resin is naturally occurring, we do not need to touch on that, but we will be going over the other types of Resin.

Condensed Resin

Condesed Resin
Condesed Resin in the game. Photo by Rashen Perera.

This is my favorite type of Resin because it makes my domain farming routines quite easy. Usually, players would have to do domains multiple times in order to obtain the rewards, however, by using Condensed Resin, players can obtain double the rewards. Condensed Resin is made by crafting 40 Original Resin with one Crystal Core.

Fragile Resin

Fragile Resin
Fragile Resin in the game. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Fragile Resin can be obtained through quests, adventure rank level-up rewards, the battlepass, and certain compensation rewards. When Fragile Resin is used, it converts itself into 60 Original Resin.

Transient Resin

Transient Resin
Transient Resin in the game. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Transient Resin can only be purchased from the Realm Depot; however, this item comes with a two-week time limit. One Transient Resin can only remain in the inventory for two weeks or until used, which converts into 60 Original Resin as well.

Other Items

This section will look at items that are more or less gadgets but have been classified as “Other Items.” These items help ease the adventure for most Travelers while providing others help by capturing important moments.



Two kameras. Photo by Rashen Perera.

The Kamera is one of the first gadgets that we receive, and we are immediately set to work in order to use it. Players can use the Kamera to capture important or beautiful moments that come by as they journey through Teyvat.

The slightly red-looking Kamera has a filter; hopefully, in future versions of the game, we will get to see newer features added to this gadget.

Resonance Stone

Resonance Stones
Resonance stones. Photo by Rashen Perera.

The Resonance Stones are the most beneficial items that a player could carry when they go out searching for any Oculi that they might have missed or could not locate at all.

The only downside to this item is that it breaks after it has been used; therefore, players would have to make multiple copies at the expense of precious resources in order to collect all of the missing Oculi.

Treasure Compass

Treasure Compass
Three treasure compasses. Photo by Rashen Perera.

The Treasure Compasses are great for late-game players because we have nothing to do besides commissions and events. These items will have us chasing our tails, trying to find the last few remaining chests that may have slipped past our eager eyes.

I would highly recommend using this item because the most significant benefits that come from opening the chests include; primogems and sigils.

Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod
Fishing rods in the game. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Fishing rods are a part of an underrated mechanic in Genshin Impact. Personally, I love fishing in the game, and it helps to gather resources for food items. collect resources to purchase “The Catch,” and collect torn pages in Inazuma.

Quest-Related Items
Various quest-related items. Photo by Rashen Perera.

These items may or may not be expired at the end of certain quests, players do get to keep some of these items, but we also have to submit them in order to gain rewards. Once again, these are tokens of quest completion and act as a means for nostalgia as well.

Event Exclusive Items

Event Exclusive Items
Various event exclusive items. Photo by Rashen Perera.

These items can *only* be obtained as an event reward or as an item that must be used during an event. A few of these items have been made available for purchase; however, the majority still remain as a rare spectacle.

Items That Must Be Submitted to Complete Quests/ Challenges

Items Pending to Expire
Some items expire after a certain time. Photo by Rashen Perera.

These items will expire once their duration is complete; these items act as interactive objects that may help us in our adventures. The reason for their expiration is that most of these are event-related, and once the event is complete, there is no need or benefit that comes with keeping the item. This is a good option because, this way, the player’s inventory will not be harmed.


Question: Can items from past/ missed events be bought?

Answer: Yes, however, only certain items, such as “Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon,” “Windsong Lyre,” and “Wind-Blessed Harpastum” are available for purchase from Marjorie at the Souvenir Shop in Mondstadt. We could potentially see more items from past events, such as the “Arataki’s Great and Glorious Drum,” being made available in Souvenir Shops in different nations. This could be introduced a few versions down the line; that way, more players will be playing the game by the time they release the items again.

Question: Will players be able to obtain pets in the newer versions of the game?

Answer: This is difficult to answer because, in the current version of the game, we do have the option of placing animals in the Serenitea Pot. However, the same animals will not be able to accompany us during our travels across Teyvat. A few versions ago, Genshin Impact introduced Seelies that can accompany Travelers, similar to mini companions, and this could be the closest we would come to having a pet. However, do not be discouraged; there are many, many, many versions of Genshin Impact coming ahead, which would mean that we could potentially get pets that act as companions, or if not, players would have to settle for Paimon.

Question: What should I use Genesis Crystals on?

Answer: Genesis Crystals are a rare form of currency in Genshin Impact, primarily because they must be purchased using real money. However, for first time purchases, Genshin Impact offers an added bonus on top of the purchased Genesis Crystal pack. The rates for the Genesis Crystal pac[ks are as follows;

60 Genesis Crystal Pack – $0.99 (initial purchase bonus – 60 Genesis Crystals)
300 Genesis Crystal Pack – $4.99 (initial purchase bonus – 300 Genesis Crystals)
980 Genesis Crystal Pack – $14.99 (initial purchase bonus – 980 Genesis Crystals)
1980 Genesis Crystal Pack – $29.99 (initial purchase bonus – 1980 Genesis Crystals)
3280 Genesis Crystal Pack -$49.99 (initial purchase bonus – 3280 Genesis Crystals)
6480 Genesis Crystal Pack – $99.99 (initial purchase bonus – 6480 Genesis Crystals)

An alternate method for players to get Genesis Crystals would be to purchase the Blessings of the Welkin Moon; this gives 300 Genesis Crystals and then 90 primogems every day for thirty days. Players can use the Genesis Crystal to purchase skins for a select few characters, or players can convert Genesis Crystals to primogems (1:1 ratio).

Question: What is the rarest item in Genshin Impact?

Answer: The rarest item in Genshin Impact is the Dark Iron Sword; this item is a three-star longsword, and it was released in version 1.0. It can no longer be obtained; however, the players that do have it received it from an NPC called “Chen the Sharp.” This sword has Elemental Mastery as its substat, and it primarily focuses on boosting Electro related reactions and damage.

Question: How to sell items in Genshin Impact?

Answer: Players can sell/ delete excess items to make space in the inventory. The main items that players can sell would be artifacts and weapons; however, this is not the traditional sell, and instead, it is a form of deletion. However, this deletion is not a waste because players will receive Mora as fair compensation based on the rarity of the artifact. Although the prospect of gaining a large sum of Mora is enticing, I would recommend using these items as fodder to level up other artifacts or weapons rather than just getting rid of them for the sake of storage.


Items play an essential role in Genshin Impact because they have various roles in different aspects of the game. From using items as gadgets to make the gameplay smoother to having items as tokens of accomplishment or simply for nostalgia, each item plays an important role, no matter how small it may seem.

Personally, one of the things that I enjoy would be going over the items that I received after completing the Archon Quests. The sense of accomplishment and the memories made while struggling with my low-level character teams makes the game feel quite nostalgic, although it has only been one year since I joined this adventure.

I would recommend reading the lore and descriptions behind each item, and this way, players can truly appreciate the story even more than they already do because it would add more depth to the game and the content that it presents.

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