Himanshu Verkiya

Himanshu is a passionate writer who loves to write about open-world games featuring anime style characters. He admits that his love for interesting anime stories and characters were a major reason he started playing Open world role playing games. Having played different Open world games in the past, now he prefers to play casual role playing games which feature beautiful sceneries and vast worlds to roam in. Besides writing about his favourite games, Himanshu prefers to keep himself up-to-date with the latest happenings in the financial world, watching anime, cooking and listening to music from all around the world.

nilotpala lotus guide

Nilotpala Lotus Guide

Regardless of your playstyle, everyone has a fun time exploring new areas. I remember going into a tunnel in the Chasm and getting out in Sumeru to a beautiful environment. I’ve not slept for a few days because I’m so much into exploring the Teyvat and doing world quests here and there.  Now we know …

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dainsleif guide

Dainsleif Guide

Going through our character guides, you must have noticed that the game gives a clear understanding of various characters’ personas and backstories. With their unique trivia, even veterans search for extra bits of lore to get to know about the game’s key moments. But what if I tell you that there’s a character in Genshin …

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Trails in Tiagui Guide

Trails in Tiagui Guide

Genshin Impact features numerous quests that players encounter throughout their journey in the World of Teyvat. While some of the quests may be related to the main storyline, others relate to the game’s lore. World quests can be initiated via interacting with an NPC or an in-game item.  World quests come in varying difficulties. Their …

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