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Lingering Malady Guide – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact features side quests that are called world quests in the game’s terms and can take a few minutes to days to complete. World quests are easily identifiable as most of them are given by NPCs, and exclamation marks hover over them. Players need to interact with NPCs and complete the world quests at their leisure.

Since the game’s launch, I’ve come across many quests through my journey of Teyvat and prefer to do world quests once in a while to take my head off repetitive daily quests. World quests are fun to enjoy something else besides the game’s main story and offer a unique gameplay experience.

Some world quests even award gadgets and can help you unlock certain areas in different regions. A prime example of unlocking an area is the Chi of Guyun quest, which allows you to open an underground ruin with a Geoculus and plenty of chests to collect for prime gems.

In this Lingering Malady guide, I’ll go over a world quest you can obtain after reaching a certain adventure rank and help a Knight of Favonius in his work. I’ll share intricate details about the quest and mark the locations so that you can efficiently complete this quest without getting paused in the process. So, sit back and relax and let’s go over the Lingering malady quest.

Lingering Malady

Find Aramis near Favonius Cathedral in Mondstadt

The Lingering Malady world quest becomes available after you reach Adventure rank 30 and interact with an NPC named Aramis. Aramis mentions the storm that engulfed the city during Dvalin’s rage and worries about posters and billboards that flew away. As an honorary knight, you agree to help Aramis find these posters throughout the city and get rewards for helping him out.

I’d say this world quest was a bit tricky to complete because I had to go over the rooftops and city walls to find the locations of the posters and billboards. Though the city area is not vast, scanning the area was challenging, and I finally could locate all the required items.

While doing the quest, you also learn about the merchants’ advertisements and get a few pieces about their rivalries. The quest features Cat’s Tail, Angel’s share, Good Hunter, and Adventurer’s guild promotions.

I enjoyed reading those advertisements with paimon making funny comments. If you are someone who speedruns content and skips dialogues and wants to know what were those advertisements about? I’d recommend you go over the Quest Questions section to learn about them.


You have to interact with Aramis in this world quest. He is a knight of Favonius responsible for securing the area around Favonius Cathedral. You will find him near the stairs. After reaching Adventure Rank 30, you will be able to see a hovering exclamation mark on his head, indicating that he has a world quest for you.

Lets’ go over the walkthrough to better understand the quest goals and locations where you can find the posters and billboards. I’ve marked the spots and attached relevant images. You won’t see drop-down markers in my images because I’ve already completed this quest but in the exact locations. So, you won’t have any problem completing this world quest and completing it with flying colors. Let’s roll, shall we?

Head over to the front of the Cathedral in Mondstadt, and you will find Aramis walking there, scratching his head and having an exclamation mark hovering over him. As you interact with him and start the dialogue, you will get to know that he’s talking about something that has blown away.

Teleport to Knights of Favonius Headquartes and glide to the Cathedral’s area

Following his dialogues, he will mention that posters and signboards of a few merchants have blown away and ended up on rooftops or city walls. Aramis is the only Knight left to do the work as the Knights of Favonius are shorthanded.

Describing his condition to be in bad shape and unable to climb high walls, he will ask for your help to grab three posters and a signboard from the rooftops and city walls. He asks you to bring the posters to him and leave the signboard at his place, which his other colleague will pass up to the relevant merchant.

I like to use Venti to explore faster

I’ve marked the locations of three posters, all of them are on the rooftops, and you can glide to them from the teleport point on top of Knights of Favonius’s headquarters. The last signboard is on the top of the area’s city wall.

Locations of the posters and a billboard
Location of the first poster
Location of the second poster
Location of the third poster
Location of the billboard

After you have collected all the posters, head back to the location where you found Aramis and talk to him. Aramis gives his utmost thanks to you and informs you that he’ll return the items to relevant merchants.

Interact with Aramis

There were a few tricky spots to find, so I recommend you go through the images again and see the area on the mini-map. I’ve attached the screenshots from my current account, and you won’t see drop-down markers pointing to the billboards and posters.

But, worry not, once you initiate the quest, you have to visit these locations and see them there to collect. 


You will get the following in-game rewards for completing this world quest

  • Adventure EXP x 100
  • Mora x 20,000
  • Hero’s Wit x 6
  • Northern Smoked Chicken x 3

Northern Smoked chicken is an excellent recipe that can help you restore stamina. Sometimes you have to glide long distances or climb a wall, but then stamina runs out, and you fall to the ground. Having dishes that can help you recover stamina will help you explore efficiently.

I used stamina dishes from time to time when I was swimming across short islands or climbing a big rock. Sometimes, while climbing, players use a movement button to jump a bit higher, consuming stamina faster.

If you are an early game player, these stamina recovery dishes will be helpful for you to explore areas in a better way. There are also hidden achievements for covering long distances and reaching islands far away.

Lingering Malady comes under Mondstadt reputation quest system

 Lingering Malady comes under Mondstadt’s reputation quests, and you can get 20 Mondstadt reputation EXP for completing it. Having a better reputation level in each city will help you get discounts in merchant shops and blueprints for gadgets. These gadgets will vary from city to city, and the reputation system also rewards you with dedicated city wind gliders. You should try to prioritize reputation quests and get your reputation level to level 8. Level 8 is the maximum level, and you can benefit from extra perks you get after maxing out your reputation.

Quest Questions

Let’s go over a few questions that you may have after going through this guide.

Question: What was written on three posters? Can you tell us about it?

Answer: As you’ll progress through this quest, you will get to know that three posters belonged to Adventurer’s guild, Cat’s tail, and Good hunter. The first poster from Adventurer’s guild announces the recruitment of new members, and they are accepting new applicants. If anyone wants to sign up for Adventurer’s guild, they should speak to Branch master Cyrus that day in Mondstadt.

The second poster from Cat’s tail announces that Cat’s tail would be serving new drinks and Diona would be the bartender. Paimon takes a jib at Cat’s tail and concludes that Cat’s tail is stepping up their game and trying to compete with Angel’s share. Diluc vs. Diona couldn’t get any better.

The last poster is from Good hunter, where they are announcing a new meal deal offering 10% off on a combo order of satisfying salad and sticky honey roast. Yum yum. Whenever I see food in Genshin, I always get hungry. I’m sure you’d have seen posts where people cook food similar to Genshin.

These were the three posters you were trying to hunt, and if you are someone who likes to speedrun dialogues and want to re-visit and know what those posters were about, I got you covered here.

Question: We were supposed to find a billboard as well. What was that billboard about?

Answer: The billboard that flew away to the top of the city wall was of Angel’s share, where they were offering a great deal for newcomers. The new patrons signing up there would get 30 % off their first bottle of a select new beverage. You can see that there are bits and pieces of rivalry between Diluc’s Angel’s share and Diona’s Cat’s Tail, where they are offering great deals to the people.

Angel’s share is a tavern found in Mondstadt city, and you can purchase drinks from their bartender Charles. Cat’s tail is another tavern in Mondstadt owned by Margaret, where Diona works as a bartender. Overall, I’d say there’s a stiff competition between both taverns, and it offers great deals to the people in the city.

Question: Which characters do you use for exploration?

Answer: Most of the time, I use Zhongli and Venti while exploring new areas because of how helpful their abilities are in exploration. If there’s a slight height I have to cover, then I hold Venti’s elemental skill to create a wind current and ride the wind to reach faraway places. Suppose there’s a considerable distance to cover.

In that case, I create a pillar with Zhongli’s hold version of elemental skill and use Venti’s elemental skill on top of that to fly to a higher elevation. Whenever I explore a new region, these two Genshin Impact characters are always in my party. They helped me quite a lot in the Chasm exploration. Venti and Zhongli’s elemental bursts are awesome to clear out a group of enemies and help you get rid of monsters pretty effectively.

On top of that, if a region like Liyue requires me to cover large distances, then I switch to a double anemo party to benefit from elemental resonance. Two anemo characters give you Impetuous winds elemental resonance. That elemental resonance helps you consume less stamina, increase movement speed and reduce elemental skill cooldown. Anemo characters are fantastic in exploration, and characters like Sayu can help you cover a long distance with the help of her fast elemental skill.

Question: Should I speed run world quests? How do you do your world quests?

Answer: I would say that you should do world quests unless you don’t have anything to do in the game. I still have one world quest remaining in my quest menu because I want to do it when I’m relaxed. There are a lot of events that follow you when you reach higher adventure ranks, and you get involved in them to earn rewards. Most world quests don’t have massive rewards, but their experience is awesome.

So, I recommend you not speedrun world quests and instead enjoy them and take your time to complete them. I always do my world quests with patience unless I’m short on time. There are many moments in Genshin that you will cherish for a long time. And, I highly recommend you take as many pictures as you can, whether with friends or roaming alone. 

Lingering Malady Guide – Quest Remarks

The Lingering Malady is a short world quest that unlocks after you reach Adventure rank 30 and interact with an NPC named Aramis. Aramis is a knight of Favonius and asks for your help. As an honorary knight, you have a reputation to uphold and can’t deny his request for help and hunt for the required items.

I would say it’s a short pleasant quest that you can do while you are bored from repetitive daily commissions. While the quest is straightforward, finding the posters and billboards was tricky and required you to scan the rooftops and city walls.

Overall, Lingering malady is a decent quest that can help you breathe fresh air and explore the rooftops. You will probably find some Philanemo mushrooms or a common chest here and there. That was all for the Lingering Malady world quest, and I hope you will flawlessly complete the quest after going through our guide. 

If you want to know more about quests, weapons, or characters, I recommend checking out other guides. Is there any weapon you like to use? A character you love? We got you covered! There are some brief guides written by our team, and you’d get to know intricate details and new facts about your characters. With that said, I wish you luck on your adventure through Teyvat and will meet you in another guide. Adios!

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