Genshin Impact Domains Guide

Genshin Impact domains are an integral part of the gameplay, especially the domains that players need to do in order to collect artifacts, character ascension materials, and weapon ascension materials.

Players will find themselves doing repeated runs of the above mentioned domains; therefore, players have to make a schedule and keep the days in mind.

The one time domains are a bit challenging; however, players need to complete these to obtain essential rewards such as the Keys to the Shrines of Depth, regional sigils, and most importantly, the Primogems. Welcome to a Genshin Impact Domains Guide.

Types of Domains

Domains of Blessing

genshin impact domains of blessing

These domains contain artifacts that can be used to enhance the character’s general use, and this is via building on particular stats that are complimentary to the character’s kit. Players will find themselves stuck in these domains for months on end, gathering and perfecting their artifact sets.

I can confirm this because when the “Vermillion Hereafter” artifact set came out, I spent almost six months hunting for the perfect collection of artifacts. Players can also collect unwanted five-star artifacts and put them in an Artifact Strongbox in exchange for artifacts from different artifact sets that they desire.

Players can also collect artifacts after completing all three chambers from floors 9 to 12 in the Spiral Abyss. The rewards that can be obtained in these domains are artifacts, adventure EXP, companionship EXP, and Mora.

Below we will look at each nation, the Domains of Blessing available, and the artifacts present in each domain.


  1. Midsummer Courtyard – Thundering Fury and Thundersoother
  2. Peak of Vindagnyr – Heart of Depth and Blizzard Strayer
  3. Valley of Remembrance – Maiden Beloved and Viridescent Venerer


  1. Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern – Bloodstained Chivalry and Nobless Oblige
  2. Domain of Guyun – Archaic Petra and Retracting Bolide
  3. Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula – Crimson Witch of Flames and Lavawalker
  4. Ridge Watch – Pale Flame and Tenacity of the Millelith
  5. The Lost Valley – Echoes of an Offering and Vermillion Hereafter


  1. Momiji-Dyed Court – Emblem of Severed Fate and Shimenawa’s Reminiscence
  2. Slumbering Court – Husk of Opulent Dreams and Ocean Hued Clam


  1. City of Gold – Desert Pavilion Chronicle and Flower of Paradise Lost
  2. Spire of Solitary Enlightenment – Deepwood Memories and Gilded Dreams

Domains of Forgery

genshin impact domains of forgery

These domains are essential to Genshin Impact since they hold materials to enhance weapons. Weapons go a long way to build the desired stats of a character or improve buffs provided by a character’s base ATK; for characters such as Bennett or Faruzan.

Each nation only has one Domain of Forgery; however, the pool of weapons that need these weapon ascension materials keeps increasing. I noticed a huge positive in these domains, and players do not have to spend weeks or months doing these domains; instead, they can collect all of the necessary items in one or two days.

Another way to collect the weapon ascension materials would be during certain events as event rewards. After completing the domain, players can collect the weapon ascension materials, adventure EXP, Mora, and companionship EXP.

Under this section, players can find the nation, the Domain of Forgery, and the respective weapon ascension materials.

Mondstadt – Cecilia Garden

The available weapon ascension materials are;

  1. Tile of Decarabian’s Tower
  2. Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth
  3. Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator

Liyue – Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula

The available weapon ascension materials are;

  1. Luminous Sands from Guyun
  2. Mist Veiled Lead Elixir
  3. Grain of Aerosiderite

Inazuma – Court of Flowing Sands

The available weapon ascension materials are;

  1. Coral Branch of a Distant Sea
  2. Narukami’s Wisdom
  3. Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant

Sumeru – Tower of Abject Pride

The available weapon ascension materials are;

  1. Copper Talisman of the Forest Dew
  2. Oasis Garden’s Reminiscence
  3. Echo of Scorching Might

Domains of Mastery

genshin impact domains of mastery

These domains are the final part of building a character, and this is because the Domains of Mastery hold the talent books required to enhance a character’s talents. Enhancing a character’s Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst is an essential aspect of getting the best out of any character.

However, not every character needs all three talent levels to upgrade to level ten fully. In fact, most characters can function quite well with only one or two talent levels fully upgraded to level ten. Since players need a large number of talent books, players will find themselves redoing these domains more frequently than they would think.

Players can also collect these talent books during events as event rewards. Once these domains are completed, players can receive the respective talent books that they need, Mora, adventure EXP, and companionship EXP.

Players can see the Domains of Mastery and their respective talent books under each nation in the following part.

Mondstadt – Forsaken Rift

The available talent books are;

  1. Teachings of Freedom
  2. Teachings of Resistance
  3. Teachings of Ballad

Liyue – Taishan Mansion

The available talent books are;

  1. Teachings of Prosperity
  2. Teachings of Diligence
  3. Teachings of Gold

Inazuma – Violet Court

The available talent books are;

  1. Teachings of Transience
  2. Teachings of Elegance
  3. Teachings of Light

Sumeru – Steeple of Ignorance

The available talent books are;

  1. Teachings of Admonition
  2. Teachings of Ingenuity
  3. Teachings of Praxis

Trounce Domains

Trounce domains host some of the most challenging bosses in Genshin Impact, and in fact, most of these bosses are often linked to the regional Archon quests.

After completing the respective Archon quests of each nation, players will unlock a Trounce domain, and the additional Trounce domains are unlocked after completing other story/ Archon quests.

  1. Confront Stormterror – Unlocked after completing the Mondstadt Archon quest
  2. Dominator of Wolves – Unlocked after completing Razor’s Story quest
  3. Enter the Golden House – Unlocked after completing the Liyue Archon quest
  4. Beneath the Dragon-Queller – Unlocked after completing Zhongli’s Story quest
  5. Narukami Island: Tenshukaku – Unlocked after completing the Inazuma Archon quest
  6. End of the Oneiric Euthymia – Unlocked after completing Raiden Shogun’s Story quest
  7. Joururi Workshop – Unlocked after completing the Sumeru Archon quest

Players have to defeat Trounce domain bosses and collect their material to level up each character’s talents. This could be a very time-consuming process since the rewards received are based on RNG, and every character needs materials from different bosses.

There is a weekly discount on the resin spent when collecting the rewards from the first three Trounce domain bosses, which should encourage players to defeat the bosses regularly.

The rewards that can be obtained include; Trounce domain boss materials, artifacts, Dream Solvent (based on RNG, so it is a little challenging to get this), adventure EXP, character EXP, companionship EXP, weapon billets, character ascension gems, and Mora.


  1. Confront Stormterror – Dvalin’s Claw, Dvalin’s Plume, Dvalin’s Sigh
  2. Dominator of Wolves – Ring of Boreas, Spirit Locket of Boreas, Tail of Boreas


  1. Enter the Golden House – Shadow of the Warrior, Shard of a Foul Legacy, Tusk of Monoceros Caeli
  2. Beneath the Dragon-Queller – Bloodjade Branch, Dragon Lord’s Crown, Gilded Scale


  1. Narukami Island: Tenshukaku – Ashen Heart, Hellfire Butterfly, Molten Moment
  2. End of the Oneiric Euthymia – Mudra of the Malefic General, Tears of the Calamitous God, The Meaning of Aeons


  1. Joururi Workshop – Daka’s Bell, Mirror of Mushin, Puppet Strings

One Time Domains

genshin impact one time domains

These domains can be done more than once if players would like to test their strength; however, the rewards received can only be obtained once.

Each nation has these domains, and they often carry a good chunk of regional sigils, which will go a long way when it comes to leveling up the Sacred Sakura Tree in Inazuma and the Tree of Dreams in Sumeru.

In Mondstadt, one such domain is home to the “Elemental Trials” in this domain, players can test different elemental reactions with the help of designated trial characters. This domain will give new players a deeper understanding and better perspective of the different elemental reaction mechanisms in Genshin Impact.


  1. Eagles Gate
  2. Temple of the Falcon
  3. Temple of the Lion
  4. Temple of the Wolf


  1. Domain of Forsaken Ruins
  2. Domain of the Wayward Path
  3. Hidden Palace of Guizang Palace


  1. Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates
  2. Formation Estate
  3. Moshi Kara
  4. Palace in a Pool
  5. Shakkei Pavilion


  1. Altar of Mirages
  2. Fragment of Childhood Ruins
  3. Garden of Endless Pillars
  4. Red Desert Threshold
  5. The Coordinates of Sun and Rain
  6. The Dark Valley
  7. Under the Umbrella’s Shade

Spiral Abyss

genshin impact spiral abyss

This domain is one of the most important sources of primogems for players, especially end-game players that have very little to do in Genshin Impact. The Sprial abyss has twelve floors;

  1. The first eight floors are pretty easy, and as an incentive, players get two additional rewards after reaching the fourth and fifth floors. The first reward is Xiangling, one of the best Pyro characters in the game and a worthy addition to almost any team. The second reward is Collei; she is one of the best characters for Dendro team comps since her Dendro application is much greater than that of the Dendro Traveler. Unfortunately, the rewards for these floors can only be collected once. However, players will receive more than enough rewards that will help them get started on their upcoming journeys.
  2. The final four floors are a little difficult, and every two weeks, these floors will reset, allowing players to collect the rewards once again. Players have to build two teams for this part of the Spiral Abyss and continue to make changes depending on the new enemies that are introduced. The final two floors usually have at least one Normal boss, meaning players must be prepared to deal with a potentially more prolonged bout. This is why I would recommend collecting Main DPS characters and investing indifferent four-star units as Support characters; this way, players will have a wide range of selections.

Additionally, the Spiral Abyss gives players a minor bragging right if they are able to complete the final four floors of the Spiral Abyss while collecting 36 stars. Once again, I would recommend building two separate teams from the start of the game: one that specializes in reactions and another that has inert characters.

This way, players will have two heavily invested teams that can compete in the Spiral Abyss while taking the challenges head-on with minimum room for failure.

Event Domains

genshin impact event domains

These domains are displayed for a very limited time, just for the duration of the respective event; this means that the domains will despawn within one to two weeks on average. Each of these domains is different from the one before, with certain domains containing buffs or DMG/ score multipliers.

In my opinion, events and domains such as this really set Genshin Impact apart from the other open-world games because it allows players to test themselves against the game or even let their creative outlets run wild.

Players are often given a chance to vote on whether they want reruns for particular events or domains through the in-game surveys.

A few famous event domains are;

  1. Hyakunin Ikki
  2. Oceanic Defender
  3. Mystic Onmyou Chamber
  4. Divine Ingenuity
  5. Harmonics Research Facility (Vibro Crystal Research event)

Quest Domains

Quest domains appear at the end of most story quests; in these domains, players usually receive the chance to use the respective story character and a special cutscene.

These domains are not permanent, and they will despawn once the story quest is completed. Additionally, these domains are one-time use domains as well.

Genshin Impact Domains: FAQs

Question: On what Days do the Genshin Impact Domains Change?

Answer: In general, all domains of forgery and domains of mastery change their respective rewards on a daily basis. However, there is a pattern that can be followed, and it is;

Reward 1 – Monday/Thursday/ Sunday
Reward 2 – Tuesday/ Friday/ Sunday
Reward 3 – Wednesday/ Saturday/ Sunday

Question: Which Genshin Impact Domains are Playable on Co-op?

Answer: All Domains of Blessing, Domains of Forgery, and Domains of Mastery are available on co-op. Players even have a “match” option where other players that need help completing the domain can come together to attempt to beat the domain.

Question: Are Story Quest Domains Replayable?

Answer: Once a story quest domain has been completed, it cannot be replayed. This is quite unfortunate because these domains often give players a chance to use certain five-star characters that players may or may not have.


The domains in Genshin Impact are pretty straightforward, in my opinion. However, certain domains have a level of difficulty that most early game players will struggle against.

I would recommend using characters that can heal or shield, preferably both, unless players have hard-hitting Main DPS characters. The one time domains are much more complex than the other domains, and this is due to the high-value rewards that can be obtained.

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