Look for Vermeers Paintbrush Guide

Look for Vermeers Paintbrush Guide

Genshin Impact features a blend of the open-world and role-playing genres in an animated way. Featuring a unique environment with colourful vegetation, the world of Teyvat is full of mysteries waiting to be unravelled. As a Traveler, you start your journey in the city of Mondstadt and come across interesting quests that eventually lead you to explore other regions. Step by step, you progress through the story and come across various characters that leave their impression on you.

While you are on your journey to find out about your sibling, you encounter various NPCs who have their problems and ask for your help. World quests, as the game calls them,  require you to go off the main story and venture into the unknown to help people and obtain rich rewards in return. They are pretty unique as they offer self-contained lore.

World quests are optional, but they offer you a chance to unlock unexplored areas. If you are a completionist and want to complete whatever this game provides, world quests should be on your priority list. Besides doing the same repetitive daily commissions, world quests offer a breath of fresh air and an enriching game experience.

In this ‘Look for Vermeers Paintbrush’ Guide, I’ll be going over one such quest with its short lore, and you can obtain a reward that you will cherish for the whole game.

Luhua Landscape 

Luhua Landscape is a world quest that you can initiate by talking to Vermeer near the Luhua Pool area. You have to interact with him to initiate the quest and complete his request to collect his belongings. Following the same quest, in the second half, you have to do something else to light up the statues in front of you to unlock a Geo totem.

After completing other quest requirements, you can obtain quest rewards and a reward from NPC after following a dialogue chain from an option that appears once.

This quest can be a nice change of pace if you’re fed up with the same repetitive daily quests and want to roam around the world a bit. One tip is that before starting world quests, make sure you have unlocked all the teleport points in the region to travel back and forth faster. Sometimes, world quests require you to travel to further areas, and if you have faster travel unlocked, you won’t be investing much time to complete the quests.


Let’s go over brief steps that you can follow to complete this quest and see how you can complete this quest with flying colours. A short disclaimer that I will cover this quest in two halves so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with details and easily grasp the instructions.

I would highly suggest you try this on your own and if you feel stuck, check back onto this guide. A good traveller must try everything for themselves once!

1. You have to interact with Vermeer, and he will address you, saying he wants to paint pictures and wanted inspiration for it so that he can bring them back with him. But while he was focused on admiring the scenery, he lost his paints and paintbrushes.

2. As you progress through the dialogues, you get to know that he visited two locations, but still cannot pinpoint where his tools may be because he was engrossed in admiring the beauty of the landscape. The scenery is pretty amazing and you too can admire how beautiful the Genshin Impact world is.

3. Luckily, Vermeer has two paintings that he made from two specific locations. He will give you these paintings, and you have to go to places where he painted these paintings to find the whereabouts of his paints and paintbrushes.color sketch black and white sketch

4. Now, you have to visit both of the locations drawn in the paintings. The first one is near the teleport point from where you can Observe Vermeer’s spot with two statues in a diagonal view and all small pools in front of it.

5. This teleport point is in the direction of Pyro regisvine on the map, and you can investigate the nearby area to collect his painting tools.

6. The second one is near the teleport point opposite the one where you found the painting tools earlier. It’s near the cliff but not in the direction of the ruin guard.

7. After teleporting to this place, run to the left along the ridge, and you will see a golden drop-down arrow hovering around a bag.

8. Be careful not to put wooden sticks on the small stone table, as it will summon enemies. You will see an investigate option near it and be able to collect the tools.

9. After collecting the painting tools, you can take any route to return to Vermeer and give him his painting tools back.

There’s more…

The quest hasn’t ended yet because it will go into its second phase, where you have to do a few more tasks to get the rewards. Vermeer will admit that he often leaves a lot of things behind and is quite forgetful. As you continue the dialogue, he will mention that the statues in front of you have eyes that glow up and can be seen from afar.

Saying that he heard these things from people, he couldn’t confirm it because they weren’t glowing when he came there. As he was roaming the area to get a better view of the statues, he found a strange stone that he gave to you and said that it looked like an eye.

Speculating that there may be another one near the area, he says that he picked the rock from Luhua Pool. His speculation is based on the conjecture that people have two eyes, so who knows, maybe there’s another eye in the nearby area. He advises that there could be other items that may be false positives, so be wary of the items you come across.

1. Now an area will appear on your mini-map, which will cover the Luhua pool, and you have to investigate different glowing markers to get another strange stone. Be sure to collect some crabs or lotus heads while you are searching, and there may be some markers that will drop some tomatoes or cabbages.

2. After collecting the strange stones, you will notice that the quest doesn’t give additional markers or hints on what you should do next. Remember the eyes conjecture Vermeer told you earlier?

3. Go back to Vermeer and initiate the dialogue with him. He will indicate that you should pay attention to the eyes of the statue as it doesn’t have any at all.

4. The game doesn’t give any markers or direction here on what you have to do next. Now, you have to figure out which statue to check. Both of those statues have only one eye requirement for them to light up.

5. I’ll recommend you climb up the statue’s spear rather than take a detour around the area. A monologue will appear talking about the mysterious statue, and a dialogue option will appear for you to choose.

6. You can submit one strange stone to each of the statues, and a cutscene will play where the Geo totem will unlock near Vermeer.

7. Vermeer will be surprised, and you will teleport near the totem and initiate a conversation with Vermeer. He will confirm that two strange stones were indeed the eyes of the statues and go away to find a better angle to paint the picture.

8. Now, as you will apply the Geo element on the totem to activate it, a time-gated challenge will start where you have to defeat three abyss mages. A Pyro, Cryo, and Hydro mage will appear and try to attack you.

9. After completing the challenge, you will see the gate to the room below the statues open, and you can explore that room to two exquisite chests and one luxurious chest. Make sure to destroy the spider webs to open exquisite chests on both sides.

10. After exploring the ruins and opening the luxurious chest inside, you will see the quest completed and get those sweet rewards.

Quest Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 450
  • Mora x 30,000
  • Primogems x 50
  • Hero’s Wit x 2

I would say the rewards aren’t that great for this quest, but the experience is worth the effort. You get a sweet little world quest that you can complete on your own and get to know a piece of lore related to the game. I love these kinds of quests where you can explore on your own and enjoy the game’s beauty.

You can also go back to Vermeer to follow a dialogue branch to get a nameless sketch. You will find him in one of the places where he was making the painting.

You can interact with him, and following the one-time dialogue, you can obtain the full drawn painting as a reward.


After completing the quest, you will see Vermeer standing near one of the teleport points where he drew his earlier sketches. You can interact with him to ask him, “How’s the painting going?”.

Following this dialogue thread to the end, you will obtain a Nameless sketch, a painting of two statues with glowing eyes and an achievement, “Shadow Over Luhua Pool.”

FAQ Section

Let’s go over a few questions that you may have after going through this guide.

Question: What’s the best way to deal with abyss mages?

Answer: You can slightly move them if you push against them. If you don’t want to do that, go a bit away, and they will teleport to your location. You can easily break their shields if you can group them and trigger a swirl reaction. There will be three abyss mages, each one from Hydro, Pyro, and Cryo. If Pyro abyss isn’t a big problem here, but Hydro and Cryo ones are. Hydro abyss mage can lock you up in a Hydro bubble and quickly detain you.

On top of that, if you are affected by Hydro and the Cryo abyss mage applies the Cryo element on you, then you will be frozen. So, you can either have a team with opposite elements or try to use the brute force method. Or, you can group them and trigger a swirl reaction with Anemo characters like Sucrose, Geo Traveler, Venti, Kazuha, or Sayu.

Question: Should I even do world quests? Are they important at all?

Answer: I would say they are important if you aim for complete exploration and unlock certain areas. Quests like Chi of Guyun open up an area under the mountain where you can collect Geoculus and open up some chests to get primogems. If you want to complete as much exploration as possible, then doing world quests is important.

Also, keep in mind to check if some characters are not busy doing other quests and are not unavailable to initiate another quest. I recommend you do world quests because some are great and have a self-contained storyline that mesmerizes players.

And as you complete world quests, you can get plenty of rewards in return which makes the event more enjoyable. It’s better to do a world quest once in a while when you get bored of RNG-dependent daily quests in which most of them require you to do the same thing repeatedly. That way, you can progress the game at your own pace and enjoy a bit of new content once in a while.

Question: Are there any tips you give to new players who want to do world quests?

Answer: There are two types of players, those who want to complete things on their own and those who want to take a shortcut with some help. Any way you choose, you don’t have to stick with it. Suppose there is a quest that is quite tough, like Chi of Guyun, which a lot of early-game players find difficult to complete because, at the same time, you have to protect a monolith and fight ruined guards.

If you are someone who wants to achieve this on your own but cannot, I would suggest you take help from your friends or even a random stranger to finishing it. Rather than time leveling up and getting frustrated to do the same thing repeatedly, you can sometimes enjoy some shortcuts, or I would say some help.

I’ve taken a lot of help from my friends to complete limited-time events and challenges, and to this day, I’m friends with those people. Though you should be careful of sharing your personal information online, being in-game friends won’t hurt you, and keep yourself at a distance from people you think are a bit annoying. Keep yourself surrounded by positive in-game friends, co-op with them and take help from them if you cannot complete a particular quest.

Look for Vermeers Paintbrush Guide: Closing Remarks

Vermeer’s quest is unique, requiring you to collect his belonging which leads to an unravelling mystery. While it’s not hidden lore related to the story yet, the quest gives its small background story about the statues and is quite rewarding.

On top of that, getting a picture as a reward after completing the quest is a nice surprise that you can get after following a one-time dialogue. I found the quest enjoyable as I was able to both enjoy the scenery and solve a small mystery in the game.

World quests are good ways to unlock exploration areas as some of them are quest related and require additional steps to move into. Also, doing a world quest once in a while can be refreshing, as most of the time, you will be doing repetitive daily commissions.

As you approach the end-game, there is not much content that you can complete to entertain yourself. While Genshin Impact features a lot of content, you should keep aside some unique content to complete when you are on a boring vacation.

That was all from my end, and I hope you learnt something new from the guide. I would say Luhua Landscape is indeed a good quest to spend your time and entertains you in a rewarding way.

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