mondstadt and its archon guide

Mondstadt and its Archon Guide

Genshin Impact features an abundance of story quests, side quests, and daily quests, so there is always something for you to do. Some quests may require a few days to complete, while others can be completed in one go. Since its launch, I’ve been playing Genshin Impact, and, having done plenty of quests in the game, I find myself doing quests on my friend’s accounts to relive the moments.

As you progress through the game and increase your Adventure rank, new story quests will unlock for you, and world quests will appear on your map. World quests can be termed as side quests that sometimes don’t follow the main storyline but can help you connect a few dots in the lore.

There are mesmerizing world quests like “A strange story in Konda.” You have to go through multiple quests, learn about the lore, and solve challenging puzzles. Whereas there are quests like “Nameless treasure”, You simply have to collect the quest items, solve a puzzle and exchange them for decent rewards.

In this Mondstadt and its Archon guide, I’ll be going over one short quest that you can complete in a few minutes and doesn’t require you to put extensive effort onto it. Mondstadt and its archon is a quest that requires you to collect a certain material, give it an NPC, and do the required task. Voila! Have a few rewards for you. Without further ado, let’s know about this quest in detail in our guide.

Mondstadt and its archon

archon of mondstadt
Just a picture of Venti playing his Lyre with his devotee

Mondstadt and its archon is a short world quest that appears after you complete Venti’s story quest and unlocks after you reach Adventure rank 36. Who’s Venti? Venti is the anemo archon of the city of freedom, Mondstadt, also known as Barbatos. 

Want to know more about the Archon of Mondstadt? Check out our comprehensive Barbatos Guide.

You will often hear Barbara being crazy about Lord Barbatos or Grace saying prayers about him. This quest features Grace, an NPC who’s a nun in the Church of Favonius, who leads a prayer group in the daytime and asks you to do a favor for her.

You will need to scatter a few dandelion seeds on the top of a statue and get back to her to receive the rewards. Who knows, while doing that, you may find something new or even get an achievement.

NPCs in the game will sometimes reward you for the first time you interact with them and can even offer weapons as a reward. Grace won’t give you a weapon, but she will provide you with something in return when you interact with her for the first time.

I’ve discussed the rewards in the Questions section and a few things you should have in mind while completing this quest. But, overall, there aren’t constraints for doing this quest if you are Adventure rank 36.

Let’s go over a brief walkthrough and discuss a hidden achievement you can obtain in this quest.


I’ve already completed this quest, so you will not see the drop-down marker in my images. But worry not! Everything’s the same, and you have to teleport to these locations and go through the screenshots I’ve posted.

1. You will see an exclamation mark on the map near the Barbatos statue in Mondstadt. There are exclamation marks on the map if a world quest is available near you, and you can interact with NPCs to start them.

I prefer to jump to Knight of Favonius teleport point and then glide my way to the Cathedral area to save up some stamina. It’s better than climbing the walls or going through stairs and depleting my precious stamina.

Mondstadt Location
Teleport on the Knights of Favonius headquarters
teleport point
Glide from the teleport point

2. Interact with Sister Grace there, and you will have her saying praises about lord barbatos. Barbatos is another name for Venti, the anemo archon of the city of freedom, Mondstadt.

Continuing her dialogues about how Barbatos has protected the city of Mondstadt and thanked him for the safety of the Knights of Favonius, Sister Grace will ask you for a favor.

If you have Venti and want to know more about him, I highly recommend you follow our guide on him and learn about his best team compositions.

city of mondstadt grace
Interact with Grace

3. Grace asks you to collect a few dandelion seeds and scatter them on the top of the Anemo archon’s statue. As you continue the dialogue chain, you will learn that Dandelion seeds that go with the wind carry over the feelings in our hearts with them, whether they are of remembrance or thanksgiving. She concludes that offering Dandelion seeds is the best way to express gratitude to the Anemo archon.

dandelion seeds genshin
Apply anemo element on Dandelion plants to collect Dandelion Seeds
dandelion seed
Collect a Dandelion seed

4. After collecting a few dandelion seeds, head back to Grace and continue the dialogue chain where she asks you to scatter the dandelion seeds on the top of the statue. A drop-down marker will appear in the palm of the statue, and you have to scatter the seeds there.

I won’t lie; I fell down the statue a few times while trying to climb it hastily. Take your time and climb with patience as there are a few curves on the statue.

statue of mondstadt
Climb patiently on the statue
scatter dandelion seeds statue genshin
A drop-down marker will appear here and scatter the dandelion seeds here

5. You can glide down after scattering the seeds on the top of the statue and talk to Grace again. She will thank you for helping her and give a few rewards. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work, I’d say.

After that, you can head over to the Reputation system to claim Reputation EXP and level up your reputation a bit. A reputation system is available for each region. You can increase your reputation to receive various rewards in the game.

mondstadt and its archon reputation system
Mondstadt and its archon quest is mentioned in Reputation system’s Mondstadt Quests

That was all for the walkthrough; I’ve described nitty-gritty details about the quest so that you can easily navigate and find the required materials. If you are an early-game player, short quests can be beneficial for you to get resources to invest in your character and level up your reputation.

Let’s go over the rewards you can get after completing this quest and discuss a hidden achievement.


After successfully completing the quest, you will get the following rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 100
  • Dandelion Seeds x 5
  • Mora x 16000
  • Hero’s Wit x5

Achievement you get after sitting on the palms of the statue

Achievement ( Wonders of the World ) – Beloved of the Anemo Archon – Take a seat in the hands of the God statue in Mondstadt – Primogems x 5

sit palm statue genshin mondstadt
Tap on the Sit option hovering on the palms of the statue

You can get this achievement if you’ve not climbed the statue yet. I got this achievement while doing this quest because there was a sit option, and I thought there was nothing to lose in just sitting at the hand of the statue. To my surprise, an achievement appeared, and I was happy to discover a hidden achievement. 

Another good thing about this place is that it’s good to click pictures with your friends or make weird structures on the statue. You must have seen the memes on Genshin Impact pages, and players indeed have a creative mind.

Quest Questions

Let’s go over a few questions that you may have after reading this quest guide.

Question: What are Dandelion Seeds, and where can I find them?

Answer: Dandelion seeds are a local specialty to Mondstadt that can be farmed from the Dandelion Plants in the region. Local specialty means you can only find Dandelion seeds in the Mondstadt region. Like, Jueyun chili exists only in the Liyue region; the same is true for Dandelion seeds. You have to apply anemo element on the Dandelion plants to collect them.

If you have characters like Jean or Eula, you need Dandelion seeds for their ascension. I’d recommend you to go through our guide on Dandelion seeds on the site to learn more about them and start collecting them if you have any characters that use them in their ascension.

I won’t recommend you stack them up in your inventory, rather, have a few of them as you need to give them to some NPCs in certain quests. Sometimes, daily commissions require you to interact with NPCs in the daily quests. You have to submit certain materials to them. Dandelion seeds can be used to submit to some NPCs, and I highly recommend you keep a few of them in your inventory.

Question: What are the requirements for this quest?

Answer: This world quest appears after you complete Venti’s story quest and unlocks at Adventure rank 36. It may happen that you will see Venti sitting on the palm of the statue while trying to scatter Dandelion seeds there. Venti will be there as long as you have not left the area, and interacting with him doesn’t change anything about the quest.

Also, you won’t see Grace during the night time and are only available during the day time in between 06:00 – 19:00 leading a prayer group. She really does pray to Lord Barbatos a lot. While their lord is spending his time drinking wine. Besides that, you need to have Dandelion seeds to scatter over the top of the statue. The best thing about this quest is that it comes under the reputation system, and you can claim reputation experience.

The better your reputation is in the city, the better discounts you can get from the shops and even some blueprints as you level up your reputation. Each city has its own reputation system, and I highly recommend you look at it while you are doing normal quests. 

Question: I’ve heard NPCs give you rewards when you interact with them? Are there any rewards Grace will provide me with?

Answer: You will receive three Cecilias after following a specific dialogue branch if you meet her for the first time. Many times, NPCs often give you rewards for interacting with them for the first time, and some rewards like the Dark Iron sword can also be obtained.
The Dark Iron sword is only a single 3-star sword in the game that cannot be refined, and you can only receive it once. I fed it to a weapon, and now there’s no chance of getting it again. I recommend you refine 3-star weapons because some are specific to regions like White tassel found in Liyue. 

So, pay attention to the rewards you get from NPCs because you may not know that it’s a rare item to have in your inventory, and you may accidentally destroy it. My tip for you would be to interact with NPCs and learn about their stories, and who knows, you may get to know about a few lore pieces.

There’s also an achievement Friends the World over that you get after achieving a total of 10,000 dialogue option interactions when speaking with NPCs, and yes, I do have this achievement. Won’t lie; I’ve ground the living breath out of this game.

Achievement Friends the World over

Mondstadt and its Archon Guide – Final Remarks

Mondstadt and its archon is a sweet quest where you learn about Grace, an NPC who worships lord Barbatos. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a competition between Barbara and Grace to find the prime devotee of Barbatos. While you are completing the quest, you can take a few pictures in the hands of the statue and sit there. When I first completed this quest, I didn’t know that there was an achievement for sitting in the hands of the statue. 

I love when Genshin features these hidden achievements that you can get by doing tasks like these or finding them out while exploring. I remember an achievement Boared to death, that you get after your active character falls off when hit by a boar. Well, that’s why Genshin has one of the best storylines in the gaming industry and keeps its players busy unraveling various mysteries in the game.

That was all for this guide I wish you the very best for your Genshin pulls and recommend you to go through our guides on the site. There are fantastic character, boss, and even weapon guides where you can find exciting details about your favorites.

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