The Chi of Guyun Guide

The Chi of Guyun Guide

Genshin Impact is full of world quests that will make you venture into the unknown and solve mysteries all around Teyvat. Players will interact with NPCs, get to know about their backstories, and eventually join on in their journey.

Throughout the game, you will come across items and NPCs that will trigger a variety of world quests, and you will dive into a mesmerizing experience in the story. While some world quests have their own self-contained plot, others will take you back to the events that happened in the past. You will dive into the aftermath of events that occurred hundreds of years before the current timeline and learn about them from world quests.

The Chi of Yore is one such quest that deals with the aftermath of a battle between a God and an evil monster. After engaging in a brutal fight above the clouds, the beast was eventually defeated, but the after-effects can be observed till the current day.

The Chi of Yore, which was previously called Chi of Guyun, is an incredible quest. Why an astonishing quest? Delving into the past of a god, you will get to know about lore unknown to the ordinary folks and risk yourself to get your hands on a treasure.

Let’s dive deeper into our The Chi of Guyun guide and uncover the mysteries of this world quest and see how you can figure out a path for yourself to flawlessly uncover the truth behind this quest. I must say Chi of Yore is one of the most memorable world quests I have played, and I recommend every player to try it out. Without further ado, let’s hop in and know more about it.

The Chi of Yore

The Chi of Yore

The Chi of Yore is a quest that focuses on an ancient evil monster housed in Mt. Qingce and was subdued in a battle between it and The Geo archon, Rex Lapis. You have to interact with an NPC Ya’ner, and she will describe her research regarding the monster.

Furthermore, as you progress through the quest, you get to know about the exact details from Granny Ruoxin and how the Chi was a fierce and evil monster. You get to know about the past events where the battle took place, and Granny informs us that there are trees that have mutated because of Chi’s blood. Blood-Fed trees are larger and sturdier than regular trees due to the effects of Chi’s blood in the ground, and the area where they grow is known as Chi’s eyes.

As you progress more through the quest, you get to know about an underground vault that can be opened with the fragments you’ve collected, and a final fight takes place there. You have to fight through treasure hoarders, ruin guards, and ruin hunters to complete the challenge and eventually be able to collect the rewards in that area.

I found out about this quest when I was collecting Geoculi because there’s one Geoculus inside this vault that you can obtain, and I was roaming on the top of the mountain to search for this last Geoculus. I hopped on Youtube and discord servers and eventually found out about this quest, and I won’t lie; the experience was fantastic and a bit scary. Why is it a bit difficult? Well, I used to do quests solo in the early game and didn’t know much about co-op in quests.

One thing I was lucky about was a few tips from Youtubers that this quest is a challenging quest, and the fight isn’t easy for an early game player. So, I took a week’s time to prepare for this quest, leveled up my character, and finally completed the challenge. That’s more like a gist of what happened, and now I’ll go through a brief walkthrough of this quest.


Let’s dive into the quest walkthrough, and I’ll attach relevant pictures so that you can easily figure out what I’m trying to convey. I’ll recommend you pause the quest if you want to and give it a few days to complete it. Chi of Yore is indeed a long quest and may take you some time to complete, and you should take it slow. Let’s go over the steps to complete this world quest and get the rewards.

1. Talk to Yan’er near the ruins in the Bishui plains; when you will approach her, you will see an exclamation mark hovering over her head, and she will tell you about some research she was doing.

Yan’er will ask you about Qingce’s origin and hidden meaning, but soon get to know that you have no knowledge about the culture.

bishui plains
Teleport to Bishui plains and go toward the ruins

Following the dialogues, Yan’er will ask you about Chi and whether you know something about it.

2. Quoting the legend, she will describe that Chi was a dragon-like monster that occupied that place and was defeated by Morax in the past. Chi’s body got twisted into a rock, blood turned into water, and its scales became terraced fields.

Deriving a conclusion from her rigorous research, she will deduce that Chi and Qingce have the same meaning. Ya’ner will further proceed to claim that Chi’s corpse may still be on the mountain, and its blood is the result that there are Giant trees in the area.

Referring to the locals, she will say that the trees are called Blood-fed trees because they grow up after absorbing their blood, and their area is Chi’s eyes.

3. The legend is the reason she’s putting so much effort and want to know about the corpse to extend her research. Who knows, maybe there’s something incredible under the ground, and Ya’ner is correct in her claims.

Nonetheless, she cannot continue her research because of a ruin hunter guarding the ruin and doesn’t want to risk her safety because of an antediluvian legend. Eventually, she will advise you to explore in safety if you’re going to, and there may be a clue to some treasure.

Go near the entrace to the ruins

As you enter the ruin, you will notice a pillar of light that is being guarded by a ruin hunter, and you need to defeat it before you can interact with the hologram-like post.

4. After defeating the ruin hunter, interact with the incomplete writing there. The script informs about an evil serpent that’s gone from Qingce, and a magic formula used to subdue it is no longer effective.

Ruin hunter
Defeat the Ruin hunter

Though the serpent didn’t die because of it and the foul blood seeped into the earth to form stones, thus poisoning the world. Three statues were used to subdue it, and paimon hints that they should look for strange rocks around the area.

It’s likely that there are stone statues that you have to interact with and locate three of them near the area. There are three statues in three directions, and they are near the writing, so you can easily interact with them. Make sure to collect the Geoculus hovering in a circular structure to offer that to the statue of the seven in Liyue.

  • Location of the first statue
    Location of the second statue
    Location of the third statue

5. After interacting with three statues in the nearby area, a precious chest will unlock near the incomplete writing monument. You will obtain a fragment, and paimon will hint you to ask about it to residents of Qingce village.

Collect the Geoculus here and a precious chest will spawn here with the fragment

Because paimon can’t make a sense out of the item and not figure out whether it’s a drawing, writing, or something else, she’s leaving you on your own. It rarely happens that paimon doesn’t know about anything but its’ time for you to become a detective and find some information about the fragment.

Ask about the items to residents of Qingce village. Little Liu, Little Xing, Little You, Little Zuo, Master Lu, Pops Kai, and Zhi, all of these NPCs, will tell you to go to Granny Ruoxin because she may know something about it. And also, granny Ruoxin is the village chief, and most of the NPCs confirm that she knows about a lot of things.

Teleport to the Qingce village
Interact with the NPCs in the village and they will refer you to Granny Ruoxin

6. Goto Granny Ruoxin and interact with her to exchange dialogues. Granny Ruoxin will take a look at the fragment and concludes that it’s a drawing because the writing wasn’t invented back then, and people used to record events with pictures.

Interact with Granny Ruoxin to know more about the fragment

She points at a symbol and depicts that it looks like Chi which was a legendary beast, and she can recognize it by only looking at a part of it.

7. Though it’s only a part of it, she guesses that it portrays a battle between the Geo lord and the Chi, but to confirm the hypothesis, she needs to take a look at the whole picture.

Granny admires the traveler’s enthusiasm to find other pieces and tells about the legend that the battle took place at a great height, and traces of that can also be found in ruins.

Also, after defeating the Chi, the Geo lord instructed her forebearers to put up Geo statues to subdue Chi’s remaining power.

She points at a place west of the Qingce village where there are a lot of Geo statues and, after finding the remaining fragments, consult with her.

8. Head to another teleport point in the Qingce village and turn back to climb a short cliff. Now, as you reach the Second geo statue puzzle, you will notice five geo statues and an incomplete writing monument there.

The incomplete writing will depict a battle between Rex lapis and Chi, and eventually, Rex lapis was able to overcome Chi, but Chi’s entirety couldn’t perish. So, finally, rex lapis conquered each of its facets in turns, and the writing is as follows:

  • Spirit bounded in the north
  • Bones pinned in the south-east
  • flesh incarcerated in the north-west
  • Soul fettered in the north-east
  • And, the form was crushed in the south-west
    Teleport and climb the cliff behind you and goto this place where the statues are

9. Solve the puzzle in the above order to successfully complete it. There are plenty of apples offered here on a stone slab; feel free to collect them if you want to.

Solution to the Geo statue puzzle, solve it to obtain a precious chest

I mean, no one’s watching, so why not put a few of them in your pocket. At least, that’s what I do when I visit this place. Free food, yay!

The Geo puzzle is here at the top of the mountain

10. After getting the precious chest, it’s time to head to the last geo statue puzzle on top of a mountain peak where there’s another incomplete writing. You may see a couple of teleport points near the area, but none of them are worth the shot.

You will see an incomplete writing hologram here on the top of the mountain

The best way to reach the top, teleport to the Crimson Witch of flames domain and start the trek. It’s gonna take you a few minutes to reach the top because it literally is on a high elevation.11. After you reach the top, you will notice an incomplete writing hologram there. Interact with it, and the writing refers to the Chi with its bones pierced, spirit faded, soul and form decimated, but still, its flesh survived.

Solution to the puzzle

The writing points to the statues to watch in each direction: the wind-swept ruin, the snow-capped peak, the adepti’s abode, and the city of liyue.

Qingce village Granny Ruoxin
Goto the Qingce village and interact with Granny Ruoxin

12. After completing the puzzle, you will get the third and last fragment. The time has come to show off your investigating skills to Granny and learn more about Chi. Teleport and Head back to Granny Ruoxin in the Qingce village after you obtain the last fragment.

13. Granny will point at a symbol of Chi and brief about Chi’s defeat in a major battle with Rex Lapis. Chi was a dragon-like monster, and Mt. Qingce was once its lair. Granny also details how it was sealed.

The water was used to seal Chi’s corpse, and treasures were used to pin it in the center of the vault.

While not confirmed about its corpse’s existence, she concludes that only Rex Lapis would be the one to know the answer to that question.

Granny will further explain that if you are looking for a treasure according to the fragments, then you must search a place near water but also a place where the entrance can be blocked.

Goto the place where vault is located and head towards it

She concludes that there’s a sizeable waterfall north-west of Qingce village that may be related to the vault.

14. The fastest way to get to the waterfall is to teleport to another teleport point in the village and glide to the waterfall. You will notice treasure hoarders there, and once you jump down in the waterfall, you will see a diary there.

Treasure hoarder’s notes regarding the vault

The journal will mention Treasure hoarders discussing a Ruin hunter who is guarding the vault. It feels like they are scared to go inside and have spent days investigating the area.

15. Once you go to the waterfall, you will notice a secret passage near it, and you will have to insert the fragments there. As you enter the vault, paimon will describe the place as dangerous, and they may trigger something if they don’t take their steps carefully.

The hidden passage is to the right of the waterfall when you jump down the cliff
Go inside the passage and you will notice a gate, insert three fragments in it to unlock
The view inside the underground area after you go inside

Treasure hoarders will spawn, and after defeating them, you can start the challenge. Though you won’t find too many rewards, you head back to the village to interact with Granny Ruoxin. Fight the treasure hoarders who will pop up there when you will go near the monolith. Start the challenge and fight waves of enemies.

Start the challenge and get ready for some enemies

There will be five enemies. One of them will be a ruin hunter and rest of them are ruin guards.

Go inside the area and collect the chests there
Go inside the area to explore it for more chests,collect Geoculus and interact with the Seelie
A Geoculus will be here and collect the Seelie to have it deposited in front of the entrance

16. Before that, explore the area as much as possible because there are plenty of chests there. Go further into the site, and you will notice another small underground area where you can collect chests and interact with a seelie. Interact with all of them and get those sweet primogems and a Geoculus.

17. Teleport back to the Qingce village after searching the vault and interact with Granny Ruoxin. You tell your experience to Granny, and she is relieved to know that there was nothing inside the vault.

Interact with Granny Ruoxin to complete the quest after completing the challenge

She despises treasure hoarders and concludes that they need to be taught a lesson. For your extra running for errands here and there, she rewards you, and the quest is finally completed.

The Chi of Yore is an interesting world quest that will feature a challenging battle between you and automatons. Automaton is just another name for mechanical enemies like Ruin guards and Ruin hunters. You have to go across the map, climb mountains and solve puzzles to obtain the fragments.

Eventually, you are able to unlock the underground area to get a Geoculus and plenty of chests there. Feel free to explore the area, and I’m sure you’d get to know about the lore.

I’d highly recommend you to complete this world quest’s challenge in co-op mode so that you can easily defeat the enemies. Personally, I like the quests that feature an awesome environment and give players a challenge.

Having completed this world quest in the early game stage, I remember it as one of the toughest quests I had in the game. Let’s go over quest rewards that you can obtain after completing this world quest.

There are a lot of chests that you can collect in the underground area and while exploring the new areas. I’ll recommend you defeat monsters here and there to collect their drops and have your inventory replenished.

Quest Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 500
  • Primogems x 60
  • Liyue Shrine of Depths key x 1

Achievement (Wonders of the World): “Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi” – Learn about the tale of Chi – Primogems x 5

Achievement for completing the world quest, The Chi of Yore

For an early-game player, this quest may seem challenging and may require a couple of tries to complete. But the rewards are pretty decent, and you can have plenty of resources and primogems in your inventory. I would say the quest experience is mesmerizing, and indeed, this quest takes place among one of the most challenging world quests. 

Also, you get a Liyue shrine of depths key that can be used to unlock a Liyue shrine of depth and obtain a luxurious chest inside it.

Quest Questions

Question: What tips would you give to an early game player who wants to complete this quest?

Answer: The Chi of Yore’s final battle is indeed a tough nut to crack if you are doing it on your own and characters are under-leveled. I’d highly recommend you bring over some friends or ask a nice random to help you out in this challenge because of how tough it is. I completed this challenge in solo mode and would say the fight is tedious for an early game player.

The enemies are a higher level than you, and it feels like you’re not doing any damage at all. Also, you have to protect the monolith from getting destroyed, and it took me two tries to complete this challenge. I didn’t expect to fight 5 automatons, and the Ruin hunter is indeed a pain to deal with.

If you are going to tackle this quest in solo mode, then make sure you have plenty of food items, are invested in your characters and weapons, and are mentally ready to take on a tough challenge. I must say you need to make up your mind to initiate this challenge because it is a bit tough if you are on your own. But if I’ve done it on solo mode, so can you. Keep calm, and you ace this challenge with ease.

Question: Can you reactivate the mechanism and redo the challenge?

Answer: You can initiate this challenge in co-op mode and redo the challenge after completing it for the first time. You won’t get any rewards for completing it again. Whenever I visit Qingce village to collect some Jueyun chili for a dish, I hope onto Chi of Yore challenge and pass some time defeating automaton enemies. Also, the best thing about this underground area is that it’s serene and vibrant in its beauty. I love sceneries and sites like this one in the game because it really depicts how much effort developers put into the game and numerous hours of artists’ hard work.

Question: Is this quest necessary to complete? 

Answer: I advise you have this quest on your bucket list and complete it whenever you feel like it. I mean, obviously, you should complete this quest because there’s a Geoculus inside the area and plenty of chests from which you can get primogems and resources.
Another thing about this quest is that you get to know about the past of the village and events related to the Geo archon. From the story, it’s clear that Morax was a powerful god and has slain numerous gods in the past. 

I highly recommend players to complete this quest because of the Geoculus, and if you are only missing a single one to level up the statue, you know that you can find a Geoculus in this area. Besides the puzzles, which are easy to complete once you go through their instructions, this quest is pretty fun to complete. Additionally, you get to know about the events that occurred hundreds of years ago, and that’s a cherry on the top for lore enthusiasts.

The Chi of Yore, Final thoughts

The Chi of Yore, earlier known as The Chi of Guyun, is a world quest that features the aftermath of the events that occurred hundreds of years ago. The center of attraction of this quest is a monster named Chi who dominated Mt. Qingce and had to be subdued by the Geo archon in order to restore peace to the land.

While the Geo archon was able to stop the monster, the after-effects of its power can still be seen till the present day. Chi’s blood seeped into the earth and led to mutation among the flora in the area giving birth to the legend of Chi. And, while the everyday folks don’t have any recollection about the legend, Granny Ruoxin and Yan’er are the ones who brief you about it.

I would say Chi of Yore is an exciting and well-written world quest because it features a ferocious battle at a great height that took place hundreds of years ago. You get to know nitty-gritty details about the past and venture on your own to discover what has been buried in the past.

Chi of Yore is a quest that you should begin after completing archon quests and Zhongli’s story quest to get a better grasp on the lore and connect the dots easily.

I hope you got to know about some lore and will complete this quest in the future. Feel free to check out our guide on Rex Lapis, also known by the name Zhongli, the Geo archon of Liyue city. I’ll meet you in another exciting guide and till then enjoy the game!

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