Return of the Jade Chamber Guide

Return of the Jade Chamber Guide

Genshin Impact boasts a mysterious storyline and interesting characters you meet throughout your journey in the World of Genshin. You won’t only be meeting playable characters but also NPCs who have interesting backstories. While some NPCs won’t stick for long, others will have a unique role in their quests.

Though world quests are sidequests you can do at your own pace and enjoy a story besides the game’s main plot, you should pay attention to these side quests. Why? Because they may have bits and pieces about the lore that can help you connect the dots better and fill up any plotholes in the storyline.

Since the game’s launch, I’ve come across many world quests. I would agree that the world quests’ experience is mesmerizing. Besides repetitive daily quests, it feels rejuvenating to do a quest and follow a story not linked to the main plot. While some world quests are available without any constraints, others require you to complete their prior parts.

In this Return of the Jade chamber guide, I’ll go over one such world quest that you can obtain from an NPC who will give you this world quest’s prequel. Feel free to complete these two world quests in one go or have one remaining for some other time. Without much delay, let’s go over this world quest guide!

Return of the Jade Chamber

Return of the Jade chamber world quest is related to the aftermath effects of a fight between Osial and the protectors of the City of Liyue. The protectors of Liyue are Ningguang, the Adepti, and other characters who participated in that event to tackle Osial. Ningguang had to sacrifice her Jade chamber to reseal Osial. While there was no appearance of Zhongli in that quest, the whole experience was mesmerizing.

With the Jade chamber destroyed, a Millelith guard named Kun has world quests for you where he asks you to do a few favors to him. In return, you receive information about the Jade chamber with relevant rewards. You should do these world quests because you learn about the aftermath of the crisis where Osial emerges against Liyue, and the Jade chamber is sacrificed to deal with it. 

I want to make a disclaimer that you cannot do this quest directly because it’s a sequel to a former quest named Fishing for the Jade, where you have to clean up flotsam of the Jade chamber’s fragments. The same NPC Kun will give you that quest, and it’s already covered on our site, so make sure to take a look at it. Because Return of the jade chamber will be given by the same NPC, you have to complete its prequel world quest.


The dialogues may change whether you have completed The Crane returns on the wind quest and have to complete the Fishing for the jade world quest before initiating this quest. This quest comes after you finish that previous quest from the same NPC.

I’ll be giving my remarks over the interactions and chip-in images where you can find the NPCs and appropriate locations for the items. I’ve already completed this quest, but worry not; I’ve highlighted the areas where you have to go and proceed with ease with the quest.

You will find Kun patrolling around this area

1. You have to interact with an NPC named Kun, a Millelith in Liyue arbor, who earlier gives you the Fishing for the Jade world quest. Teleport to Liyue Harbor, glide down, and interact with a Mill

Interact with Kun

2. Kun discusses the Jade chamber’s reconstruction and shares that Baiwen gave him a checklist of required materials. Worried about leaving his post, he asks you to help him collect the items and gives a reason for being busy with the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Kun also mentions the book “Meadow of Gems” and small bamboo ornaments that you have to obtain. He will instruct you to ask Jifang about the book and head over to Master Lu of Fanmu Carpenter for the bamboo ornaments.

Teleport to Liyue harbor and move up the stairs where you will find Jifang

3. I’d recommend you jump back to the teleport point and head to Jifang’s location. As you inquire about the book, you find out that she doesn’t have the book in the stock yet. And tells you to find Qingzhou, who is at Wangshuu Inn and might know about the book’s whereabouts.

Teleport to the Wangshuu Inn and goto the ground floor

4. Teleport to Wangshuu Inn, and you will find Qingzhou down below standing in a thinking pose. Qingzhou, for the first half of the dialogue, is busy pondering his thoughts over a poem. But soon after you remind him about the book, he confesses that he doesn’t know where you could find the book.

You will find Qingzhou at this location
Qingzhou will be standing by the fence. Go and interact with him.

5. Now, here I would say his dialogues made me a fan of his memory and how awesome he is when it comes to books. He will offer to help you write the book by himself if it’s urgent and admits that he can write that book because it wasn’t a lengthy text.

He backs his claim by saying that the book collector didn’t let him loan out the book, so he memorized the content and admires that poetry is something you cannot rush.

While he is writing a copy of the “Meadow of Gems,” he asks you for a serving of Triple-Layered Consommé. Get a serving of Triple-Layered Consommé and interact with him to obtain a copy of the book and the work indeed is impressive. With that completed, the time’s come to get another item, bamboo ornaments.

Teleport to Qingce village

6. Teleport to Qingce village and find master Lu to ask him about bamboo ornaments. He agrees to complete the order quickly when you tell him that the demand comes from the Yuehai Pavilion.

Find master Lu and interact with him

Seems like Baiwen is quite a known personality. He confirms to work right away if you can chase the boars away from the bamboo forest to have him collect the bamboo. Before ending the dialogue, he informs you to meet him after you have chased away the boars.

I’ve marked locations on my map..Boar locations will also appear on your mini-map in small yellow circles.

7. Jump to the teleport point near the bamboo forest and clear the area of the boars. I’d say have fun dealing with those boars and collecting their drops. You’re going to have some raw meat in your inventory after you clear the area of the boars.

After clearing the area of the boars, teleport back to Qingce village and interact with master Lu again. Master Lu affirms to deliver the goods when they are ready after collecting the bamboo from the forest. Meanwhile, paimon suggests you head to Yuehai Pavilion and pass the book to Baiwen.

Teleport to Mt. Tianheng
Glide to the Yiyan Temple
You will find Baiwen here in front of the Yiyan temple

8. Teleport to Mount Tianheng and glide to the Yiyan temple, where you will find Baiwen. Interact with her, and she is surprised to see a copy of the book ” Meadow of Gems” and confirms that she couldn’t find a single copy of the book throughout Liyue. You admit that Qingzhou wrote the book for you, and she acknowledges that he indeed is a well-reputed poet.

That was all for the book and for the ornaments. Baiwen affirms that Master Lu will be compensated after he sends bamboo ornaments. With a few more dialogues, she expresses her gratitude for helping her out, and you successfully complete this world quest.

With that, you can complete the Return of the Jade chamber world quest and receive rewards from Baiwen. 


Let’s go over the rewards you can get after completing this world quest

  • Adventure EXP x 100
  • Mora x 50,000
  • Teachings of Prosperity x 2
  • Teachings of Diligence x 2
  • Teachings of Gold x 2

Well, no primogems, it seems, but still, I’d say the rewards are okay, more like equal to a run to mora leyline and a few talent domains runs. Hoyoverse should have put primogems as a reward here; at least 20 would have sufficed. I like to prioritize the content that can yield primogems after completion and make wishes on a new banner.

But, still, something is better than having nothing, and these rewards, however minimal they are, are still worth the effort. So far, I’ve noticed the more challenging the quest is better the rewards are. So, as there aren’t many things to do in this world quest, to receive these rewards is still good.

Quest Questions

After reading this world quest guide, let’s go over a few questions that you may have.

Question: What are the requirements for getting this world quest?

Answer: Unlike other world quests in the game, you have to complete the Fishing for the Jade world quest before proceeding with this quest. You have to be Adventure rank 40 or above and complete Ganyu’s story quest to get Fishing for the Jade world quest. Millelith guard Kun would be the NPC who will give you both of these world quests, and you can find him patrolling the liyue harbor.

Sometimes, with new updates, Hoyoverse adds new world quests in the regions, and you can complete them at your own leisure. I suggest you complete both of these world quests, Fishing for the Jade and Return of the Jade chamber, as they give you information about the aftermath of a clash between Osial and Liyue.

Question: Do you recommend doing world quests that appear in the regions? Why should I do them?

Answer: Most of the world quests have stories that are either related to the main storyline or have their own self-contained lore. Nonetheless, they also offer decent rewards that you cannot afford to miss and enjoy an experience away from the main storyline. In the case of these two world quests, Fishing for the Jade and Return of the Jade chamber, you get to know about happenings that occurred after a clash between Osial and Liyue.

And how Liyue’s administration is handling the matter urgently and their ministries are working efficiently to rebuild the Jade chamber. So far, as much as I’ve played the game, Liyue’s administration is the most efficient and works for the well-being of their people. But I cannot say that everyone’s got a good heart there; it might be possible there are skeletons in the closets of some characters, that only time will tell. 

Coming back to the world quests, yes, you should do them because some quests like “A strange story in Konda” or “Chi of Guyun” can help you unlock certain areas that otherwise wouldn’t be available. They also offer awesome rewards for the players and an experience that can leave you breathless. So, if you have free time and want to enjoy something different from than main plot, world quests are your way to go.

Question: Do you think it’s better to have constraints like completing certain quests before you can initiate other quests? 

Answer: To get the Return of the Jade chamber quest, you have to complete its prequel quest, Fishing for the Jade. Before you can initiate the Fishing for the Jade quest, you have to complete Ganyu’s story quest and reach Adventure Rank 40 or above. Constraints like these are somewhat better because having too many quests on your plate would be mind-boggling.
As you progress through the game, increase your Adventure rank, and your world level increases, you will face tougher enemies. With increasing world level, enemies get stronger, and new quests start to unlock where you may have to fight challenging bosses. If your characters aren’t properly investing in their firepower, it will take a few hits to take you down, and you will be stuck there.

So, I would say it’s a good mechanism that Hoyoverse has implemented. You can only initiate some quests after reaching a certain Adventure rank or completing a necessary quest. That way, you have plenty of time to go around the world, learn about the game’s story, and progress at your own pace. It further complements the content you face in archon quests and helps you stay connected to the game a bit. While I won’t put many opinions about the game’s content, I would say its’ good to have world quests once in a while.

Return of the Jade Chamber Guide – Quest Remarks

Return of the Jade world quest is indeed a fascinating quest to complete because it sheds light on the aftermath effects of the clash between Osial and Liyue. Many players wanted to know about what happened after Osial was resealed after Ningguang dropped the Jade chamber on it. And, to have world quests that hint that significant preparations are going on to rebuild the Jade chamber is comforting. 

This quest is a short quest that can help you connect a few dots and hint that the Jade chamber isn’t lost forever. Liyue administration is working hours to rebuild it. Indeed, the Jade chamber is like a crown for the Liyue region, and players wanted to revisit it again. So, it’s an awesome move from the game’s writers to feature the Jade chamber again. Players can visit it in case players want to relive the Jade chamber experience.

With that, the time has come to wrap up this quest guide, and I hope now you will be able to complete with world quest with ease. I would highly suggest you go through our guides related to characters, weapons, and even other quests. I’m sure you will get to know something new from them and flawlessly complete the game’s quest. I’ll be back in another quest guide and till then, have fun playing Genshin Impact.

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