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Nine Pillars of Peace Guide – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact features a variety of quests that are different from main story quests. These quests are called world quests because you can initiate them by interacting with an NPC or an overworld item like an ancient stone tablet. There are some quests like Nameless treasure where even the player doesn’t know they’ve collected items already because there are items with an unknown purpose. Sometimes, it may happen during exploration that you end up with things you don’t know the use of until you encounter a quest related to that. 

But, some quests have a few constraints that you have to do before initiating the quest. That may be a busy character in another quest or items you need to collect from the overworld. In this Nine Pillars of Peace guide, I’ll be going over one such quest that requires you to collect all Geoculi and go through a tough challenge to obtain the rewards.

Nine pillars of peace are one such quest that requires you to level up your statue of seven to the maximum level to get stones of remembrance that will help you unlock the pillars. You need to climb up nine pillars and insert stones of remembrance in them so that their outer structure breaks, revealing their proper form.

The quest features thrilling combat and massive rewards for an early-game player that can prove to be beneficial for investing in team characters. Without further ado, Let’s go over this quest and see how you can complete it with flying colors and get its rewards.

Nine Pillars of Peace, An Inevitable quest

“Greed, nostalgia, vision, jealousy, anger, lust, self-aggrandizement, competition, turmoil…”

You must be wondering why I’m writing that the Nine pillars of peace are an inevitable quest? Well, because you can only initiate a part of this quest after collecting all Geoculi. And at one point, most of the players will have to collect all Oculis of a region to increase their stamina or get better rewards. The best thing about this quest is that it’s thrilling and mysterious at the same time.

You collect the required Geoculi in the overworld, and after that, dive into this dark place where you unlock these pillars and enter a dark ruin full of monsters. After completing everything, you end up with good rewards. However, Paimon still is skeptical about the ruins and urges you to leave. As usual, Paimon tells you to exchange an antique for a reward, and after exchanging, the quest comes to an end.

I remember doing this quest when I was in City of Liyue and hunting chests to farm primogems. I didn’t know much about the game and came across these pillars while doing the Luhua landscape quest. That’s a fun quest if you aren’t looking for a tense combat experience yet. While in the nine pillars of peace, you have to consistently fight enemies here and there as Cuijue slope is full of them. 

Let’s go over this quest’s brief walkthrough and see how you can complete it flawlessly. 

Brief Walkthrough

Nine Pillars of Peace

I’ll be going over the steps required for this quest. Feel free to stop at any point because it is a draining quest to complete because of its difficulty in solo mode and requirements to unlock. I’ll briefly discuss and chip in some resources that can help you complete this quest.

I‘ll go in sub-sections to keep the walkthrough easy to get and give a few tips for the main fight. Also, a short disclaimer, I’ve already completed this quest, so I’ll be posting images of the arena, but no worries, the places, and locations will remain the same for you

ancient stone tablet genshin

The first step is to interact with an Ancient tablet in Cuijue Slope, the Liyue, to initiate the quest, and you need to have a stone of remembrance to insert into the pillars. You can only get stones of remembrance as a reward for leveling up the statue of seven in Liyue. You will get one stone per level and need to collect Geoculi to level up the statue.

Now, you need to collect all Geoculi, and I recommend you take a few days to collect them to avoid burning out. It took me two days to collect them because I wanted to do this quest and thought I’d have to collect them anyway. It’s better to do it now than at a later time in the game.

pillar locations Genshin

Genshin Impact Pillars

After collecting all the stones, teleport to Cuijue slope in Liyue and insert the stones of remembrance into pillars. Every pillar will spawn an exquisite chest after getting unlocked, and as you are in the cutscene, you will fall off the pillar.

Cuijue slope Maps

Make sure you’re not on lower health, as some pillars will have monsters spawned near them after you unlock them. Suppose you are on low health and monsters’ attack defeat you. In that case, you’ll be using recovery dishes before reaching the actual end fight of this quest.

underground Ruins entrance genshin

You will notice that the gate to the underground ruin will change its structure and eventually opens up after you insert the last stone of remembrance in the last pillar.

You will notice a ruin guard sitting in front of you as you head down the ruins, and here’s where the real challenge begins. Let’s discuss the fight in a section so that you have a heads up before initiating this fight. 

Quest Bosses

Nine Pillars of Peace Bosses

You will face three waves of enemies: a Ruin guard, two geovishap hatchlings, and a Ruin hunter. I’ll go over them separately, so you can easily fight them on your own, and if you are an early-game player, you better not skip this part.

One tip I’d highly recommend you before starting the fight is to scan the area for spider webs and destroy them to have better ground in the combat. While fighting the Ruin hunter, infusion stones may spawn in those locations, and you’ll be stuck there taking damage.

Nine Pillars of Peace Spiders

Also, if the spider attacks you, you will get a small amount of physical damage and reduced movement speed for a short time. Dodging incoming enemy attacks on reduced movement speed is not a good sight when fighting dangerous enemies.

nine pillars of peace boss fight

Ruin Guard

You will face it as the first enemy in the ruins, and it will be inactive unless you go near it. As soon as you go near it, you will hear a mechanical sound, activating it. You need to be wary of a pyro infusion stone nearby as it will apply a pyro aura to the ruin guard.

The infustion stone will respawn on the battlefield and is destructible. It’s better to remove the aura from the enemies because you may not get time to pay attention to the stone. 

I’d recommend having a bow character in your team to shut down the ruin guard for a short time and deal damage to it. You have to attack the Ruin guard’s eye while vulnerable and open to attacks. After successfully defeating the ruined guard, two geovishap hatchlings will spawn.

Geovishap Hatchlings

I hate them passionately because once they start rotating, they will stagger the living daylights out of your characters. The best thing to do is to use a shield character or pick up the shield they leave behind so that the next time they attack you, you can pull up an Uno reverse on them.

Well, that’s the best analogy I can come up with here. They get a rebound when they try to attack your shielded character, falling on their backs, and you can easily deal damage to them.

Another annoying ability they have is to go under the ground and dodge your elemental bursts or attack combinations. Spinning around the map and popping up here and there makes them an annoying enemy.

You can use a combination of hydro and cryo to freeze them. That’s better to deal with them while they are immobilized and frozen simultaneously. After defeating these geovishap hatchlings, the time has come for the last boss.

Here’s everything we know about the Geovishap in Genshin.

Ruin Hunter

After defeating the geovishap hatchlings, a ruin hunter will spawn that will rise in the air. You can use a bow characters’ charged shot to temporarily shut it down. You have to attack it while its eye is opened, and once you hit it, the Ruin hunter will fall to the ground.

Traps and infusion stones will spawn throughout the area that will buff the Ruin hunter. You can destroy them to remove the aura or do elemental damage to the Ruin hunter to debuff it. Once you defeat the ruin hunter, a room will unlock where you can find the rewards.

You can invite a few friends to help you out fighting the monsters while you are unlocking the pillars. And the best thing about the fight is that the enemy wave progress will be saved, so you can come at a later time, and you don’t have to restart the whole fight.

Well, indeed a good thing because the enemies are more challenging in this quest, and I don’t recommend any player go solo on this quest. Though I did complete this quest in solo mode, and you are free to do so, mind that it’s a challenging world quest indeed.

Rewards Redemption

nine pillars of peace chest rewards location

Adventure EXP x 450 , Royal Flora x 1, Primogems x 50

You will see that the room has a luxurious chest, a precious chest, an artifact (a Royal flora), and a dull ring. For the dull ring, you have a few options to redeem it from merchants in Liyue and obtain one type of reward.

You can either exchange the ring with Bolai at Liyue Harbor or Linlang. There’s another quest where you have to interact with Linlang, a nameless treasure, and you should look at it because it has no constraints to initiate.

linlang liyue harbor

Bolai mechant Liyue Harbor

You can sell the dull ring to Bolai for 180k mora and 5 Adeptus temptation or 200k mora to Linlang. I chose the former option because Adeptus temptation needs peculiar ingredients.

I thought it was better to have one of the best attack-boosting dishes in my inventory. To ignore Adeptus’s temptation for 20k extra mora didn’t seem a good deal to me.

  • Achievement (Wonders of the world): Scourge of the Battlefield – Fetch a good price for a treasure found in an ancient ruin – Primogems x 5
  • Achievement ( The Hero’s Journey): Legendary Treasure – Obtain a 5-star artifact – Primogems x 5

If you are an early-game player and haven’t got any 5-star artifact yet, this achievement would unlock for you. 

Quest Questions

Question: First things first, How should I collect all Geoculi? Are there any resources you recommend?

Answer: Whenever a new region launches, the first task I do is to collect that region’s related oculis. Whether it’s a Lumenspar in case of the chasm or electroculi in Inazuma, I head over to the official genshin interactive map or Genshin map sample map to hunt for the oculis or collectibles of that region. Inazuma launched, and some speedrunners in a discord group started collecting Electoculi. Most of the time, the official map updates a bit later, and third-party maps update faster. 

A resource I follow is the official Hoyolab app. The community makes posts regarding the game and posts beneficial articles. There are some awesome artifact routes, tips, and tricks about the game that members post, and you can also get your hands on hidden achievements. So, I highly recommend you to check these resources.

Question: Do I really need to do the nine pillars’ quest? What’s your take on this quest?

Answer: Back then, I had no 5-star artifacts and wondered how they were when I watched whales rank up fast and get those artifacts. I learned about this quest when I was exploring the Liyue region and started to collect Geoculi. I was shocked to know that Geoculi were almost double the amount of Anemoculi and would require extensive efforts to collect them. So, I hopped over to a third-party genshin map and started collecting the Oculis. You can use youtube for this as people have posted Oculi locations with timestamps and collecting methods, so if you like to follow tutorials and follow video walkthroughs, Youtube is your friend.

I’d say this quest is kinda tough as a world quest because not only do you need to collect all Geoculi but also fight a fairly tough boss. I won’t lie, I had to retry this boss fight a couple of times and finally was able to win with only Razor left alive. I don’t remember the team composition, but Razor was my main damage dealer in the early game. You should do this quest when your characters and weapons are leveled up.

Question: What tips do you recommend should an early game player follow while doing this quest?

Answer: Level up your main team’s characters, weapons, and artifacts. I mean, even before that, level up their talents to deal decent damage and avoid getting one-shotted. Don’t underestimate that Ruin hunter because there will be missiles coming here and there. You need to remove the pyro aura from it and a ruin guard with 2 geo vishaps.

You should have plenty of recovery dishes; a good healer and a bow character are highly recommended. Because, with charged bow shots, you can shut down Ruin hunter and Ruin guard for some time. To remove the pyro aura, you can take characters that have Hydro, Cryo, or Electro elements. If you’re an early game player, Barbara, Amber, Noelle, and Geo traveler can be a good team. You can use Geo Traveler’s abilities to shield from incoming attacks and take a defensive position on the battlefield.

Nine Pillars of Peace Guide – Final Thoughts

Nine pillars of peace isn’t really a peaceful quest because you’ll be stressing yourself in a pursuit to collect Geoculis and fight enemies that are on a higher level than you. If your characters are under-leveled and not invested properly, you’ll use recovery food like oxygen.

This quest can pose a challenge for a solo player, an early-game player, or even a mid-game player. If you are in a co-op mode, this quest may seem like a breeze, considering that you have a higher-level player joining your world.

Overall, you will get good rewards after completing this quest. Leveling up the statue of seven will enhance your gameplay experience. Nine pillars of peace are inevitable because you will eventually collect all Geoculi, and doing this quest will yield you good rewards.

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