Dragonspine Genshin Impact Guide

I love Dragonspine. Battling against frozen foes and braving the Sheer Cold was a memorable endeavor that left me satisfied standing atop the Skyfrost Nail.

As much as I want to, climbing to the top of Dragonspine from the outside is impossible. Rest in peace, stamina bar; your fight is over.

Even if this area lacked voice acting or a substantial impact on the main story, it was a delightful frozen trip that offered me an epic adventure and a narrative reprieve.

So whether we’re looking for a winter vacation from finding our sibling or want some easy Intertwined Fates for wishing, Dragonspine offers the perfect respite for any weary Traveler.

In this Dragonspine Genshin Impact guide, I’ll review the history of the Frozen Wasteland and the enemies, domains, and materials we can commonly find throughout the mountain. As a bonus, I’ll detail additional heat sources for warding off the Sheer Cold and unique quests that offer potent weapons.

Bottom Line Up Front: Melt the Reinforced Ice covering Dragonspine’s Frostbearing Tree and the several shards with Scarlet Quartz before ascending to the mountain’s peak from the Entombed City Ancient Palace.

Leverage heat sources like fire Seelies, brazier pits, and Goulash to reduce and delay our sheer cold status.


durin's ribcage dragonspine
We can find Durin’s ribcage in Wyrmrest Valley, the literal spine that gave Dragonspine its name.

An icy region found just South of Mondstadt, Dragonspine is a mysterious mountain composed of the ancient remains of a destroyed civilization, a giant dragon, and a plethora of frosty enemies.

Unlike other locations like Mondstadt, Liyue, and Sumera, Dragonspine has no cities or towns and is home to a subzero climate that strangles our every move on the mountain.


durin dragonspine
Even if Durin is long dead, his corrupted heart continues influencing the frozen mountainside.

Regarding its title, Dragonspine is named after the evil Dragon Durin that perished here long ago in its fight against Dvalin. This story is no exaggeration, for we can find Durin’s massive ribcage to the Mountain’s North and even leverage the bones in a time trial.

While exploring Dragonspine is optional (i.e. it’s not used to progress the main story) and has zero voice lines, it offers a fantastic story to investigate at our leisure. If we enjoy challenging puzzles with reduced handholding and rewarding progression, Dragonspine is ripe and waiting for us to dig in!

Dragonspine’s History: The Fall of Sal Vindagnyr

mountain's grim lore dragonspine
After finding every stone tablet, we can open a hidden tomb encasing murals of the mountain’s grim lore.

Thousands of years ago, when Mondstadt was a barren, frozen wasteland, Dragonspine was home to the thriving nation of Sal Vindagnyr.

While the rest of Mondstadt remained a cold and uninhabitable due to the battle between Andrius, the frost wolf, and the God of Storms, Sal Vindagnyr was a green oasis home to a prosperous people supported by the gods of Celestia.

most sheltered area of dragonspine
To access the most sheltered area of Dragonspine we’ll have to scour for every stone tablet methodically. Make sure to keep an eye out!

While Cestia continued to support the humans of Sal Vindagnyr for some time, the birth of a princess who could see the future threatened Celestia’s reign, leading the Gods to revoke their support and destroy Sal Vindagnyr.

Indeed, we can find a mural in the room housing the Starsilver Claymore that harbors the princess’s murals detailing Celestia’s support, betrayal, and destruction of Sal Vindagnyr.

Eventually, Celestia sent down the Skyfrost Nail, which froze Sal Vindagnyr’s climate into a barren wasteland, effectively destroying Sal Vindagnyr.

skyfrost nail dragonspine
We can find and raise the Skyfrost Nail responsible for Sal Vindagnyr at the mountain’s top. It makes for a fantastic view.

Thousands of years later, as prophesized by the princess’s visions, the evil dragon Durin would perish in its fight against Dvalin above the clouds and fall upon the ruins of Sal Vindagnyr.

Eventually, the dragon decomposed, leaving a venomous heart, slowly consumed by the mountain and a massive ribcage that came to earn the mountain’s name Dragonspine.

Modern Dragonspine Factions

Even if modern Dragonspine is a husk of its former self, it still hosts many enemies, each fighting for control of the mountain and its hidden relics and powers.

The Abyss

the abyss dragonspine

Primarily composed of Hilichurls and cryo abyss mages, we can find frost variants of every enemy we encountered in Mondstadt in Dragonspine.

While most enemies are a copy-paste of each enemy in Mondstadt (ie we’ll primarily find cryo hilichurl archers instead of fire and electrotypes), we’ll also encounter a few unique types like the Frostarm Lawachurl.

Overall we’ll discover the Abyss inhabiting nearly every inch of the mountain’s center.

As for the Abyss’s intentions, the dark legion is likely pursuing the destructive technologies that led to Sal Vindagnyr’s downfall, like the Skyfrost Nail or the princesses prophesizes. Whether they seek powerful magical weaponry or glimmers of Tevat’s downfall remains unclear.

The Fatui

the fatui dragonspine

Comprised entirely of Fatui Skirmishers inhabiting the mountain’s trenches and small huts on Dragonspine’s outskirts, the Fatui remain some of the more challenging foes we’ll fight in Dragonspine.

From their bulky hydro variants to their nimble pyro shooters and elector fighters, the Fatui are strong foes we’ll have to fight against to gain Crimson Agate and hidden treasures.

In terms of goals, their intentions on the mountain likely focus on investigating Durin’s Heart, harnassing the dead dragon’s heart to make more delusions and increase their power.

We can find the Fatui hiding several Crimson Agate (a product of the Skyfrost Nail and Durin’s blood) in precious chests that we can use to grow the Frostbearing tree.

Treasure Hoarders

treasure hoarders dragonspine

Likely the least complicated of the three factions vying for control of Dragonspine, the treasure hoarders aim to plunder Dragonspine for it’s ancient artifacts and weapons.

While their motives center around greed and gain, their presence is limited to a small camp at the mountain’s Northwestern base.

Adventurer’s Guild

iris dragonspine
Look out for Iris in the green outfit under the tent; she’ll walk us through the start of our adventure in Dragonspine.

The smallest and weakest of the factions, the Adventurer’s Guild resting in the Camp to the mountain’s North, seeks to chronicle and understand the mystery surrounding Dragonspine.

We’ll work with the Camp’s leader Iris to uncover more of the mountain’s secrets and rescue members stranded on Dragonspine, like Joel’s father.

Core Mechanics Guide

Unlike other regions, Dragonspine is home to a subzero climate that inhibits our every step on the frozen mountain. If we want to make any significant headway in Dragonspine, we should heed the mechanics below.

Sheer Cold

dragonspine gameplay
Pay attention to the blue bar at the bottom of our screen; if it reaches its maximum, we’ll die in seconds.

A debilitating status effect that quickly damages us when filled, Sheer Cold is our greatest enemy for traversing Dragonspine. Whether we’re lost or fighting foes away from a fire source, Sheer Cold makes quick work of us the further we head toward the top.

Luckily there are many options for us to push back the Cold, like standing near waypoints, lightening braziers, seeking out fire seelies, and applying warming bottles when things get drastic.

If we’re struggling to survive Sheer Cold, I recommend using these sources and consuming Goulash to delay and ultimately conquer the challenging effect native to this region.

Melting Reinforced Ice

dragonspine melting reinforced ice
We can mine these red rocks scattered throughout Dragonspine for Scarlet Quartz.

While we can rely on pyro characters to melt most ice patches for wooden chests and frozen boar, Reinforced Ice (sometimes called Strange Ice) requires the application of Scarlet Quartz crystals to thaw out.

This Ice usually hides valuable treasures like Precious Chests and Crimson Agate and protects the strange devices keeping us from Dragonspine’s peak.

To melt this Reinforced Ice, we’ll have to attack a nearby red stone patch until broken, gather the Scarlet Quartz that drops, then whack the patch of Reinforce Ice to melt it. Unfortunately, these crystals only last for about 25 seconds, and attacking an enemy removes the effect, so we’ll have to act fast when melting reinforced Ice.

Redeeming Crimson Agate

dragonspine redeeming crimson agate
After we donate enough Crimson Agate, the frostbearing sapling matures into a wonderful tree!

Much like the Geoculus and Animoculus in Liyue and Mondstadt, we can collect and redeem Crimson Agate at the Frostbearing Tree for Adventure XP, Free Wishes, and Mora.

However, while we don’t gain increased stamina like in other regions, redeeming Crimson Agate offers access to the powerful frostbearer catalyst, a crown of insight, and even the Wings of Concealing Snow.

Frankly, I enjoyed redeeming crimson agate more than in other regions for the bleak, optimistic lore and watching the Frostbearing Tree gradually regain its strength.

If we want to observe our Frostbearing Tree physically grow in size and effectively save Dragonspine, Redeeming Crimson Agate is a worthwhile way to spend our time.

Trounce Domain Bosses, and Domains – World Bosses

Cryo Hypostasis

dragonspine Cryo Hypostasis
Location on the world map.
dragonspine Cryo Hypostasis
We can only access this fight after completing the In the Mountain’s Quest.

A Cryo version of the Hypostasis bosses, we can unlock this boss encounter and repeatedly fight them in the mountain’s Northwest after completing the In the Mountains quest. While Cryo Hypostasises are relatively easy to fight, the presence of Sheer Cold can turn them into a lethal battle if we delay the skirmish.

I advise going into these fights with two or more pyro characters, Xiangling and Diluc are a fine pairing and watching out for Sheer Cold. If we have any cryo characters in the party, these bosses offer an excellent source of Shivada Jade, so be sure to return when we have extra resin to spare.

Frostarm Lawachurl

dragonspine Frostarm Lawachurl
We can employ pyro characters to melt through the Lawachurl’s icy armor. Just watch out for its jump attack!


dragonspine Frostarm Lawachurl
Frostarm Lawachurl location on world map.

A massive, frosty hilichurl with a bad attitude, we can find the Frostarm Lawachurl once by the Frostbearing Tree and later in an area to the mountain’s Southwest. While the Frostarm Lawachurl lacks ranged attacks, it leverages some brutal melee moves that can close the distance for some lethal finishers.

I advise equipping several pyro characters to break through the Lawachurl’s cryo shield and quickly finishing the boss with elemental reactions like Overcharge and Burning.

If we’re successful, we can rely on repeated visits to the Lawachurl for Heavy Horns and Damaged Masks, besides a small helping of Mora and Character EXP.

The Great Snowboar King

dragonspine The Great Snowboar King
The Great Snowboar King location on the world map.


dragonspine boars' icy vengeance
The boars’ icy vengeance hath come at last!

Yes, really, the boars of Mondstadt shall finally have their ice-cold vengeance with the Great Snowboar King! Despite the silly nickname, the Snowboar King is no joke, and we’ll constantly find ourselves getting trampled if we’re not careful.

I recommend keeping our distance with pyro characters and timing our dodges right to deal with this boss safely.

While the Great Snowboar King doesn’t offer us any unique artifacts, it’s an excellent source of Chilled meat that we can farm twice daily every 12 hours for Goulash to ward off the Sheer Cold.

I recommend regularly returning to this boss after we complete the “Ah, Fresh Meat!” quest Harris gives us at the adventurer’s Camp to Dragonspine’s North.

Ruins Grader

dragonspine ruins grader
Ruin Grader Location on World Map
dragonspine ruins grader
Watch out for their lasers! These evil automatons pack a punch!

Much like their counterparts in Mondstadt, the Ruins Graders patrolling Dragonspine are remnants of the nation of Khaenri’ah continuing their battle against Tevat and the Gods of Celestia 500 years later.

We can find broken-down Ruins Guards littered across the freezing mountain and a few unique variants guarding access to the Strange Shards.

Regarding strategy, I recommend equipping archer characters and taking two charged shots at the machine’s glowing eye. After the second shot, the automaton should be temporarily disabled, and we’ll be able to make quick work of it with elemental reactions.


Peak of Vindagnyr – Artifact Domain

dragonspine Peak of Vindagnyr After Raising the Skyfrost Nail
Peak of Vindagnyr After Raising the Skyfrost Nail


dragonspine Peak of Vindagnyr Location on World Map
Peak of Vindagnyr Location on World Map

A frozen domain located at Dragonspine’s peak, we can farm the Peak of Vindagnyr for flower artifacts that enhance our elemental capabilities.

While we’ll have to complete the In the Mountains Quest first and raise the Sky Frost Nail, removing the artifact grants access to this Domain and several luxurious chests for our perusal.

This domain also has a unique feature where we are constantly bombarded with sheer cold and must push for heat tiles while avoiding ice tiles. I recommend finishing the fight quickly or consuming Goulash beforehand to prevent the fight from turning into a lethal battle.

Character of Dragonspine

Due to Dragonspine’s subzero climate and Sheer Cold, the mountain is functionally inhabitable, preventing any of our companions from making a home here.

However, while our characters live outside of Dragonspine, we can technically consider Albedo a character of the Frozen Tundra, given his origination there and his relation to the Dragon Durin.

To specify, it’s speculated that Rhinedottir, the great Khaenri’an alchemist, created the synthetic human Abeldo in Dragonspine, and we can even hear Albedo whisper “Master” quietly while traversing the region.

Overall, while Abeldo does not live in Dragonspine, his special character quest that takes place there and his fraternal relation to the Dragon Durin allows us to consider him a part of the Wintery Mountain.


dragonspine albedo
Don’t be fooled by his typical appearance; Abledo is a synthetic human with more in common with Durin the Dragon than us.

Dragonspine Regional Specialty Items

Despite its small size, Dragonspine is home to a few unique resources we can reliably find throughout the mountain. I recommend checking out the Genshin Impact interactive map to pinpoint where to find these resources efficiently.

If we want to save ourselves a hassle, we can also mark the locations of each resource on the world map, so keep this in mind if we’re looking for an easy way to farm these resources for potions and Goulash.

Frankly, none of these resources are required for character ascension, however, so we don’t have to worry too much about grinding Dragonspine for resources.

Chilled Meat

dragonspine chilled meat


Strange Tooth

dragonspine strange tooth

Crystal Core (Dropped by Cryo Fireflies)

dragonspine crystal core



Dragonspine Main Quests

Due to Dragonspine’s small size, there are far fewer quests for the icy biome than in regions like Mondstadt and Liyue.

While it will take us a comparatively short time to complete them all, they offer some fantastic weapons, primogems, and frost-flavored stories for us to enjoy. I advise giving these quests a try to make the most out of our time with Dragonspine

In the Mountains

dragonspine skyfrost nail
Gazing up at the Skyfrost Nail after In the Mountains offered a satisfying conclusion to the quest.

Essentially the main quest of Dragonspine, In the Mountain tasks us with thawing the three strange shards dotting Dragonspine so we can disperse the deathly wind and reach Dragonspine’s peak.

While this quest forces us to intuit the answer without any waypoints or objectives, we’ve made a guide covering the locations of the shards here.

All-in-all, I enjoyed the rewarding feeling of conquering Dragonspine in this quest and heartily recommend it for the fantastic view and luxurious chests at the mountain’s top.

In the Mountain Steps

  1. Talk to Iris at the adventurer’s camp.
  2. Defeat the Frostarm Lawachurl and thaw out the Frostbearing Tree.
  3. Thaw the strange shard in the ice circle to the mountain’s Northwest.
  4. Thaw the strange shard at the bottom of Dragonspine’s cavern.
  5. Head to Dragonspine’s Peak through the Entombed City’s upper path.
  6. Reassemble the Skyfrost Nail and ascend it into the sky.
  7. Return to Iris for hot chocolate and head pats (and a hefty helping of Primogems).

Ah, Fresh Meat

dragonspine harris
Be on the lookout for Chef Harris; this kind chef hands us the quest for Goulash, the most helpful item for exploring the frozen mountain.

Ideally, one of the first quests we’ll want to complete before exploring the Mountain, Ah Fresh Meat earns us the Goulash recipe that slows the accumulation of Sheer Cold.

While the quest primarily consists of fighting frozen boar for their chilled meat, we’ll also have to battle the Great Snowboar King for a silly, albeit challenging, fight.

I highly recommend completing this quest as soon as possible for Goulash once a quest icon appears over Chef Harris in the Dragonspine Adventurer’s Camp.

Ah, Fresh Meat Steps

  1. Talk to Chef Harris at the adventurer’s camp.
  2. Melt and attack the frozen boar scattered around Dragonspine’s Eastern perimeter for Chilled meat.
  3. Return to Chef Harris, who tasks us with hunting the Great Snowbear King.
  4. Defeat the Snowbear King in the silliest battle in the history of Dragonspine.
  5. Return to Chef Harris and cook delicious Goulash.
  6. Wait till 18:00 and chat with Harris with to enjoy the fruits of our labors and enable us to cook Goulash.

Lost In the Snow

dragonspine joel
Gazing at the reunited father and son filled me with such joy after the many quests spent searching for the wayward father.

One of the more emotional quests that struck a cord with me, Lost in the Snow centers on finding a lost father on Dragonspine.

After speaking with the miserable child Joel in the adventurer’s Camp South of Dragonspine, we’ll spend several quests looking for the whereabouts of Joel’s father.

While this quest does not offer any unique rewards besides Adventurer XP and Mora, it was gratifying to finally reunite the pair after such a hassle.

Lost in the Snow Steps

  1. Speak to Joel in the Adventurer’s Camp.
  2. Follow the snow-covered path until we find a neatly written note.
  3. Melt the Ice covering the neatly written note with pyro and read it.
  4. Head up the mountain and look for a breakable rock wall.
  5. Report back to Joel.
  6. Repeat these steps once more in Snowy Silhouette: Hope.
  7. Return to Joel to witness the heartfelt reunion between an amnesiac father and his overjoyed son.

Dragonspine’s Glacial Secret

dragonspine stone tablets
Finding all the stone tablets scattered throughout Dragonspine opens this ominous door with a dreadful secret!

An unmarked quest that reveals Dragonspine’s tragic past, Dragonspine’s Glacial Secret tasks us to find and interact with all the stone Tablets scattered throughout the mountain to access the princess’s tomb.

To complete this task, we’ll have to finish the In the Mountain’s quest and access the Secret Chamber before opening the door at the bottom of the Entombed City Ancient Palace.

I was captivated by the room’s eerie music and grimly prophetic murals, and I highly recommend it for the frightening revelation at the quest’s end.

Dragonspine’s Glacial Secret Steps

  1. Finish In the Mountains to gain access to the stone tablet beneath the frost nail at Dragonspine’s peak.
  2. Acquire Priest’s Box, Princess’s Box, and Scribe’s box to access the secret room with the stone tablet.
  3. Interact with the stone tablet near the frost-bearing tree’s Northeast.
  4. Activate the stone tablet beneath the Statue of the Seven.
  5. Use the stone tablet to the South of Wyrmrest Valley.
  6. Touch the stone tablet located beneath the Cryo Hypostasis boss fight.
  7. Head to the Southwestern ruins of the Starglow Cavern and melt the reinforced Ice hiding the stone tablet within.
  8. Interact with the stone tablet beside an inactive Ruin Grader at the top of the Starglow Caverns.
  9. Return to the Entombed City Ancient Palace and interact with the locks blocking the giant door.
  10. Light up the four braziers inside with a Pyro character to access the Starsilver Claymore.

A Land Entombed

Interacting with these small camps scattered around Dragonspine offers logs detailing a lost expedition. We can also feed wild foxes!
Interacting with these small camps scattered around Dragonspine offers logs detailing a lost expedition. We can also feed wild foxes!

An informative quest that centers around us finding the lost logs scattered around Dragonspine, A Land Entombed tells the story of a wayward expedition gone awry.

While we can start the quest at any time by picking up one of the logs on the makeshift Dragonspine Camps scattered throughout the mountain, we’ll have to find all three journals and report back to Stevens in the main Camp to finish it.

While this quest was ultimately anti-climatic, I enjoyed the bitter storytelling following the wayward party.

A Land Entombed Steps

  1. Gather the first journal in a cellar at the Southwestern Ruins.
  2. Find the second journal at the South Base Camp.
  3. Look for the last journal in the secret chamber near the Entombed City Ancient Palace.
  4. Return to Stevens at the Adventurer’s camp North of Dragonspine for a bitter resolution to the quest.

The Festering Fang


dragonspine durin's red heart
We can search around Durin’s red heart for easy access to a strange tooth. His heart also protects from Sheer Cold if we’re worried about the elements too!


A unique quest allowing us to make a weapon out of Durin’s teeth, we can start this quest by finding any of the Strange tooths scattered around Dragonspine (I recommend the one by Durin’s heart) and reporting back to Iris.

While this quest compels us to perform a plethora of busy work between fighting Fatui and locating more strange teeth, we eventually earn the unique Dragonspine Spear for our efforts.

While the weapon does a moderate amount of damage, it has a 60% chance of dropping an Everfrost Icicle dealing massive damage to enemies weak to Cryo, so I heartily recommend this quest if we have a polearm-wielding Cryo character.

The Festering Fang Steps

  1. Discover a Strange Tooth scattered across Dragonspine.
  2. Head to the Adventurer’s Camp and talk to Iris and Orban.
  3. Dispatch the marked two groups of Fatui for three Vitalized Dragon Teeth.
  4. Gather the materials required to craft the Dragonspine spear (1 Northlander Polearm Prototype, 50 Starsilver, 3 Strange Teeth).
  5. Talk to Orban and give him the materials to obtain the Dragonspine spear.


Question: Why is Dragonspine so Cold?

Answer: The titular Sky Frost Nail resting at the mountain’s top is responsible for Dragonspine’s cold climate and the Sal Vindagnyr’s grim fate. While we can raise the Sky Frost Nail sent to destroy the once-prosperous nation, Dragonspine remains a barren, lifeless mountain.

Question: How do I reduce Sheer Cold?

Answer: Staying near heat sources like fire seelies, braziers, and waypoints quickly reverses our Sheer Cold status. However, for more extended expeditions away from known heat sources, I recommend eating Goulash to reduce the buildup of Sheer Cold.

Question: Where are the Strange Ice Shards?

Answer: We can find the three Strange Ice Shards used to access the mountain’s top at the Frostbearing tree to the mountain’s Northeast, under an ice circle to the mountain’s Northwest, and at the bottom of Starglow Cavern.

Thawing the shards requires completing each puzzle/event and then leveraging scarlet quartz to melt the reinforced Ice encasing each Ice Shard.

Dragonspine Final Thoughts

Even if Dragonspine initially left me with a cold first impression watching Lisa repeatedly perish as I tried to scale the mountainside, I grew to love the frozen Wasteland.

Between its gorgeous interior and exterior of the mountain and the melancholic story and music permeating every inch of our expedition, Dragonspine blew me away.

While the story only grew bleaker as I pieced together more of the frozen mountain’s tragic fate, it was a gripping tale that left me utterly devastated by the journey’s end. Even so, knowing how I helped revive the Frostbearing Tree and give new life to the deserted land left me touched.

All-in-all, while I enjoy returning whenever I need flower artifacts or Shivade Jade, the wonderful music offers a frosty respite from the main quest.

While the nation and people of Dragonspine may be beyond saving, knowing Dragonspine may yet live again was a comforting thought that left me optimistic for the snowy mountain’s future.

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