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When I was a fledgling Genshin Impact player, the mere thought of fighting legendary opponents like Dvalin and Childe in a domain used to make me quake in my boots. I am sure many noobs, and even veterans share my sentiment.

After all, these Genshin Impact domains, also known as Trounce Domains, house some of the most challenging enemies found in Genshin Impact.

So, what sets Trounce Domains apart from the regular domains scattered all over Teyvat? For starters, each Trounce Domain can be attempted only once a week.

Besides, the drops these domains offer might seem useless for new players. But trust me; they will be invaluable for leveling up your characters’ talents in the mid-game and late-game.

Naturally, I don’t advise venturing into the treacherous waters of these domains blindly unless you wish to get beaten up by the bosses. That’s why I will lend you a helping hand by shedding some light on the concept of Trounce Domains. Here’s a rundown of all the points I will discuss in this Trounce Domains guide:

  1. What are Trounce Domains?
  2. How to unlock Trounce Domains?
  3. Locations and list of drops
  4. Weekly bosses and how to beat them
  5. Answers to some frequently asked questions and my personal thoughts

Trounce Domains in a Nutshell

Trounce Domains are domains where you can re-challenge tough bosses weekly in exchange for talent ascension materials and artifacts. Once your character’s talent hits level 6, you will need the drops these domains offer to raise their talents further.

However, you must pay a hefty price of 60 resin to acquire these rewards. Thankfully, Hoyoverse offers a discounted rate of 30 resin for the first three bosses weekly. It’s a boon for F2P players like me.

The seven primary antagonists of Archon Quests and major Story Quests assume the role of Trounce Domain bosses in different regions. So far, you can relive your battles with Dvalin, Andrius, Tartaglia, Azhdaha, La Signora, Raiden Shogun, and Scaramouche by challenging them weekly.

Fret not if handling these formidable opponents alone becomes taxing. You can adjust the difficulty of the bosses by choosing a more accessible domain or lowering the world level. But if you are craving better drops, start co-oping with other strong players. The only weekly boss who doesn’t have a co-op feature is Dvalin.

How to Unlock Trounce Domains?

So now you know the basics and are ready to hit the battlegrounds to grab the much-needed talent level-up goodies. But how do you even unlock these instances? You can’t just knock politely on the doors of these domains and waltz right in.

To unlock a particular Trounce Domain, you need to fulfill certain conditions. Here’s a list of all prerequisites you should complete to unlock the Trounce Domain of every key region.

Name of the Domain


Requirements to unlock the domain

Confront Stormterror

Confront Stormterror location

Reach Adventure Rank 25 and complete Mondstadt Archon Quest’s Act 3.

Dominator of Wolves

Dominator of Wolves location

Reach Adventure Rank 21 and complete Razor’s Story Quest.

Enter the Golden House

Enter the Golden House location

Reach Adventure Rank 35 and Liyue Archon Quest’s Act 3.

Beneath the Dragon-Queller

Beneath the Dragon-Queller location

Reach Adventure Rank 40 and complete Act 2 of Zhongli’s Story Quest.

Narukami Island: Tenshukaku

Narukami Island: Tenshukaku

Reach Adventure Rank 35 and complete Inazuma Archon Quest’s Act 3.

End of the Oneiric Euthymia

End of the Oneiric Euthymia location

Reach Adventure Rank 40 and complete Act 2 of Raiden Shogun’s Story Quest.

Joururi Workshop

Joururi Workshop location

Reach Adventure Rank 35 and complete Sumeru Archon Quest’s Act 5

Trounce Domain Rewards

Since Trounce Domains consume a considerable chunk of resin, they offer better rewards upon completion. Drops can range from domain-specific talent materials to generic artifact sets such as Gladiators’ Finale. Here’s a rundown of all kinds of drops you can obtain from every domain:

Source Talent level-up materials Characters who utilize these materials


(Confront Stormterror)

Dvalin’s Plume Jean, Diluc, Bennett
Dvalin’s Sigh Traveller (Anemo and Geo), Amber, Beidou, Chongyun
Dvalin’s Claw Lisa, Razor, Noelle, Xiangling


(Dominator of Wolves)

Spirit Locket of Boreas Kaeya, Fischl, Sucrose, Ninguang
Ring of Boreas Barbara. Klee, Mona, Keqing
Tail of Boreas Venti, Xingqiu, Qiqi


(Enter the Golden House)

Tusk of Monoceros Caeli Zhongli, Xinyan, Albedo
Shard of Foul Legacy Childe, Hutao, Diona
Shadow of the Warrior Xiao, Rosaria, Ganyu


(Beneath the Dragon-Queller)

Dragon Lord’s Crown Eula, Yoimiya, Traveler (Electro)
Gilded Scale Kazuha, Yelan, Sayu
Bloodjade Branch Ayaka, Yanfei, Dori
La Signora


(Narukami Island: Tenshukaku)

Ashen Heart Itto, Sara, Yunjin
Hellfire Butterfly Kokomi, Shenhe, Thoma
Molten Moment Ei, Gorou, Aloy
Raiden Shogun


(End of the Oneiric Euthymia)

Tears of the Calamitous God Nilou, Candace, Collei, Shinobu 
Mudra of the Malefic General  Cyno, Ayato, Traveler (Dendro)
The Meaning of Aeons Yae Miko, Tighnari, Heizou


(Joururi Workshop)

Mirror of Mushin Al Haitham, Layla
Daka’s Bell Scaramouche, Yaoyao
Puppet Strings Dehya, Nahida, Faruzan

Besides the unique drops, miscellaneous rewards like Dream Solvent, Billets, and Gemstones can be acquired at every Trounce Domain. Artifact drops for any weekly boss include Gladiator’s Finale, Wanderer’s Troupe, The Exile, Instructor, and Berserker artifact sets.

Trounce Domain Bosses, the ‘Big Bad’ of Genshin Impact

As I mentioned earlier, the weekly bosses of Trounce Domains aren’t your run-of-the-mill opponents. In fact, all of them possess god-tier powers that can easily crush even the finest vision holders.

Their powers are as complex as their personalities, and getting the hang of their fighting style takes a while. For example, almost every Trounce Domain boss deals more than one kind of elemental damage.

Moreover, they don’t die if you deplete their HP bar once. Instead, they undergo Super Saiyan-like transformations and revive again. (I am looking at you, Signora, and Childe).

But once I understood these bosses’ different phases and attack styles, I could solo all the domains after a few runs. I have summarized every weekly boss’s phases and attack patterns for your convenience below.


Dvalin’s appearance was initially intimidating, but he revealed his gentle demeanor eventually. Dvalin as a Trounce Domain boss reflects this very duality. Despite being one of the Four Winds of Monstadt, he is considered the easiest weekly boss within the community.

In my opinion, the difficulty level of Dvalin is low because his attacks are considerably slower. Besides, he’s predictable because his move set remains the same in all phases. Here’s how a typical phase in Confront Stormterror domain goes:

  • Early Phase: Dvalin dives to the center of the active platform, and grazes his claws against the ground to deal massive AoE damage. Then, he swoops towards the player to bite them or digs his claws against the active platform to blast the player with his Dragon Breath.
Dvalin Genshin Impact
Dvalin kicks off the first phase with a Center Sweep attack
  • Mid-Phase: Dvalin will continue to use the attack combo mentioned above repeatedly. If you shave off his hide armor in time, he is paralyzed. But eventually, he gains consciousness and launches two aimed Pulse Bombs or a single Pulse Bomb.
Dvalin's paralyzed state Genshin Impact
Dvalin’s paralyzed state
  • Late Phase: Once his signature move is charged, Dvalin releases a terrifying roar and uses Anemo shards to damage the active platform and neighboring platforms. Your characters will be dealt continuous Anemo DoT if they stand on a broken platform.
Dvalin's Dragon Roar attack Genshin Impact
Dvalin’s Dragon Roar attack

Dvalin breaks the pattern I mentioned above in the third and fifth phases. In the third phase, he uses Meteor Shower to rain meteor attacks on the active platform. Finally, he unleashes Dragon Roar repeatedly in the last stage. Surviving the final Dragon Roar is challenging because all platforms are damaged.

Andrius (Lupus Boreas)

Even though Andrius is a weekly boss, I wouldn’t exactly call him an antagonist. Sure, he wasn’t exactly people’s favorite. But the little tidbits of his true self revealed through Razor’s Story Quest show how he is a sympathetic father figure for Razor and the wolves of Wolvendom.

Unlike other weekly bosses, Andrius doesn’t own an actual domain. Instead, players fight him in an open arena. I loved fighting in an open area because it gave me more room to move around.

The phases of this domain are straightforward as well. Andrius undergoes a single transformation throughout the battle. His transition constitutes a separate phase.

  • Phase 1: Andrius slowly walks around the arena and attacks using a series of slow pounces, vicious slashes, and occasional charge attacks. An ice circle is generated whenever he is about to perform a pounce or slash attack.
Andrius Genshin Impact
Andrius creates an ice circle before his attack.
  • Interlude Phase: In this phase, the outer edge of the domain is covered in a trail of ice, which deals continuous Cryo damage over time. Meanwhile, Andrius runs circles around the arena and performs two consecutive dashes, leaving a trail of ice in the wake. The phase ends when Andrius makes a final leap.
Andrius runs around the arena genshin impact
Andrius runs around the arena.
  • Phase 2: Andrius finally brings his second element to the table and infuses his attacks with the power of Anemo during this phase. His front legs land powerful ground slams, and his tail sweeps the area behind his vulnerable back. Moreover, the player is constantly assaulted with a barrage of icicles that can cause both AoE and AoT damage.
Constant Ice Shard rain during the second phase genshin impact
Constant Ice Shard rain during the second phase

But if your characters are strong enough, you can easily skip the interlude and the second phases by slaying the mighty wolf in the first phase.


Childe might be the weakest Harbinger among the Fatui, but I can’t deny that he’s one of the most skillful fighters I have ever seen in the game. He incorporates both a bow and twin daggers during a battle and proclaims that he has mastered nearly every weapon.

His combat style consists of a diverse range of Electro and Hydro-infused techniques that can’t be explained in a few words. However, I will try to break down his transformation process and combat style during every phase.

  • Phase 1 (Hydro Vision Harbinger form): Childe applies the Riptide mark to the player by hitting them with charged bow attacks, shark waves, and melee slashes. Attacking him through melee hits is difficult since he constantly dashes and counterattacks most hits. I use bow users to deal constant damage from a safe distance.
Phase 1: Hydro Vision
  • Phase 2 (Electro Delusion Harbinger form): Once Childe’s health bar becomes critical, he covers himself with a giant water dome and transforms into an Electro Delusion user. Childe primarily relies on melee combos, chained dashes, and massive 180-degree sweeps during this phase. Staying constantly on the move is the key to survival here.
Watch out for his chained dashes!
  • Phase 3 (Foul Legacy form): Childe combines his Hydro Vision and Electro Delusion powers through his Foul Legacy transformation. In addition to his charged attacks and slashes, Childe starts employing AoE damage techniques in this stage. The range of his Electro-Hydro burst attacks and Celestial Voyager expand to cover more area.
Foul Legacy’s AoE attack


The Lord of Vishaps might be Zhongli’s close friend, but he tops my ‘Genshin Impact enemies I loathe to fight’ list. Azhdaha is a demanding boss to deal with because he wields not one or two but a whopping five elements at the same time.

Yes, you heard that right. Azhdaha can use Geo, Cryo, Electro, Hydro, and Pyro elements simultaneously, which makes it challenging to choose the right DPS unit. Besides, beating him is time-consuming, thanks to his chunky health bar and various elemental resistances.

  • Phase 1 (Geo Element Infusion): In this stage, Azhdaha deals Geo damage and additional elemental damage by temporarily infusing an alternate element. His preferred combat technique is generating shockwaves by slamming various body parts against the ground. Azhdaha might also burrow under the earth and launch charge attacks at times.
Geo Element Azhdaha genshin impact
Geo Element Azhdaha
  • Phase 2 (Single Element Infusion): Once 25% of his health is depleted, Azhdaha infuses either Hydro or Pyro element and gains additional resistance to that specific infused element. He will use only two attacks in this phase: Earthquakes and Hydro/Pyro orbs.
Single Element Infusion
  • Phase 3 (Dual Element Infusion): When Azdaha’s HP bar hits 45%, he will reach the final stage by infusing either Cryo or Electro elements. Regardless of the element he chooses, he will use his infamous ‘Pie Slice’ move by launching thunderbolts or hailstorms in a cone shape around the arena.
Dual Element Infusion

La Signora

La Signora was a Harbinger who formerly ranked eighth among the eleven Fatui Harbingers. Since she ranked higher than Childe, she was naturally more powerful than him. However, she wasn’t strong enough to face an actual Archon, which led to her inevitable demise at the hands of Raiden Shogun.

La Signora wields her Vision and Delusion powers in the battle, just like her fellow Fatui Harbinger, Childe.

  • Phase 1 (Cryo Delusion): Signora uses Cryo elemental powers granted to her by her Delusion in the first phase. The player also accumulates Sheer Cold during this stage, which causes a loss of HP every second once the gauge is filled. Signora’s attacks freeze the domain’s floor, and the frozen ground deals additional Cryo damage.
Signora genshin impact
Signora unleashes a homing ice spear during Phase 1
  • Interlude Phase: Once Signora’s HP bar is nearly depleted, she covers herself with a thick ice cocoon to replenish her health. The icicles and ice flowers launched by the cocoon will zero in on the player. You can use regular Pyro attacks or Crimson Lotus Moths to melt the cocoon.
Signora genshin impact
Signora retreats into a frozen cocoon.
  • Phase 2 (Crimson Witch of Flames): Once the cocoon completely melts, Signora emerges from the shell as the Crimson Witch of Flames. Players are subjected to Blazing Heat instead of Sheer Cold in this stage. Moreover, Signora’s fireballs, tornadoes, and whip attacks turn the floor into a lava floor. The smoldering ground constantly deals Pyro damage.
Signora genshin impact
Phase 2: Pyro Vision

Raiden Shogun

Fighting an actual Archon again was not on my Genshin Impact to-do list. So imagine my surprise when I had to face a more intimidating version of Raiden Shogun during the Act 2 of her Story Quest!

Though she consistently wielded a single element during the entire fight, beating her was challenging because she kept switching her stances.

Understanding her stance styles and timing of stance switches is the key to survival. As a weekly boss, she utilizes two stances –  Musou Isshin and Engulfing Lightning. Each stance has its own unique set of moves, but she uses slashes and shields irrespective of the type of stance used.

Engulfing Lightning stance
Musou Isshin stance

Raiden Shogun will accumulate Ominous Destiny continuously throughout the battle. Ominous Destiny acts as a charge bar for her Baleful Shadowlord state. In addition to the good ol’ slash attacks, Baleful Shadowlord deals damage by swinging her sword or attacking the player with its puppet hands.

However, you need to watch out for her Final Calamity move. Final Calamity can kill your character instantly. Even Zhongli’s impenetrable shield can’t deflect this attack. The easiest way to survive is to quickly deploy the domain’s shield through Electro attacks.

Fischl survives Final Calamity thanks to the shield.


Scaramouche, the 6th Harbinger among the eleven Fatui Harbingers, assumed the role of the first weekly boss in the Sumeru region. Even with several years of experience fighting all kinds of opponents, I was frankly intimidated by the sheer size of his Shouki no Kami form.

The enormity of his puppet doesn’t hinder his movements, though. He can around in the arena reasonably well, which consumes much of the player’s stamina. Moreover, he can use five elements in every phase.

  • Phase 1: During Phase 1, only the upper half of Shouki no Kami’s body is visible. The small arena contains five elemental circles called ‘matrices’. Once the Neo Akasha Terminal is charged, you can use these matrices to trigger reactions. These reactions can help you survive some of his attacks.




Generates a wind current


Melts frozen patches of ground


Removes patches of embers from the ground


Stuns Scaramouche for some time

Elemental Matrices in the first phase
  • Phase 2: Scaramouche merges the upper half of his puppet with the lower half after his health is entirely depleted in the previous phase. Additionally, he gains a resilient shield that can be broken down through Neo Akasha Terminal’s constant bullets. However, be wary of his Setsuna Shoumetsu attack, which can instantly kill your character if you don’t destroy his shield in time.
Setsuna Shoumetsu kills Al Haitham in a single shot.

Once Scaramouche’s shields are rendered useless, you can finally damage his health by attacking his core or legs. I highly recommend attacking his core since it depletes his health bar quicker. Throw your strongest elemental and burst moves at him to stop his revival!

Tips to Beat Trounce Domains

Every phase of a weekly boss has its own intricate move set, which can be countered only by forming a solid strategy. You need to understand the mechanics, the timing, and what elements are effective against a particular boss to beat them quickly.

I will offer some quick tips to help you determine your overall team composition and battle approach for every Trounce Domain.

Confront the Stormterror

It’s necessary to beat Dvalin before he performs his third Dragon Roar since he breaks every platform during his final Dragon Roar. You must destroy his hide shield as often as possible in every phase to achieve this goal.

Though most of his attacks grant a window of time to attack him, I recommend using your strongest attacks during his Claw Slam move. Dvalin’s talons are vulnerable for a long time during Claw Slam, so it’s easy to shave off a considerable portion of his shield bar.

Also, players should avoid using their burst skills to punish Dvalin’s shield. Instead, reserve your bursts and unleash them when Dvalin is paralyzed. The subsequent reactions caused by the consecutive burst skills will speed up your run.

Wolf of the North challenge

If you can afford to spend some time fighting Andrius, try cheesing the first phase to reserve your character’s HP.

To use this cheese method, I climbed on the top of the wall opposite the entrance and attacked Andrius through charged bow attacks. I flew back into the domain once Andrius entered the interlude phase.

Wolf of the North challenge genshin impact
Cheesing Andrius from a distance

But remember to keep a mid-range distance from Andrius while attacking him in the later stages. The farther you stand from Andrius, the higher the risk of being punished by his ranged attacks and the outer ice circle.

Enter the Golden House

Whenever I attempt this particular domain, I always carry a ranged unit. Childe moves around quickly, so attacking him from a safe distance by using a catalyst or bow user makes the run much more manageable.

However, if you prefer to fight melee, attack Childe when he generates a Hydro or Electro shield around him. After you break down his shield, he will stagger. It will buy you some time, and you can quickly cut down a considerable portion of Childe’s health.

Lastly, keep track of Childe’s Riptide mark. Childe unlocks better moves once his Riptide marks you. I brush my character against the Pyro-infused boundary of the domain to dissolve his mark in any stage.

I touched the Pyro-infused wall to remove the Riptide mark.

Beneath the Dragon-Queller

As I established earlier, fighting Azhdaha is a lengthy process. His moves aren’t easy to dodge either, so healers and shielders are indispensable to any team composition. Characters like Diona, Barbara, and Thoma are great alternatives for F2P players.

I typically strike Azhdaha from behind since his tail is the safest spot during the battle. Players need to watch out for his Tail Sweep attack, which can be predicted easily if you pay attention to his hind legs.

If you prefer using melee characters, run away quickly during any phase change. The ground slams that Azhdaha lands during this transition can deal heavy damage. You can return to the boss once he lands his sixth and final stomp.

Narukami Island: Tenshukaku

La Signora is a  straightforward boss with no complex moves. As long as you carry a Pyro/Electro character for Phase 1 and a Hydro/Cryo character for Phase 2, you can easily beat her.

However, watching out for her homing attacks like Ice Spears and Fire Butterflies would be best. Ice Spears are difficult to dodge, but you can evade the Fire Butterfly by dashing forward toward the butterfly.

End of the Oneiric Euthymia

In terms of team composition, adding an Electro character to your team is an absolute must to protect yourself from Final Calamity. You can also use a Cryo character to break her Electro Shield during the Baleful Shadowlord phase.

During the battle, Raiden Shogun’s attacks emit a white flash before they land on her opponents. This white flash will help you predict the exact timing of her hits.

Finally, reserve your ultimate moves to attack her human stances. Baleful Shadowlord saps energy, so you won’t be able to use your burst attacks during her puppet phase at all.

Joururi Workshop

Matrices play a vital role during the first phase, but not all matrices are helpful. I focus only on the Electro and Anemo matrices. The Electro matrice grants a comfortable window of time to attack. Meanwhile, I use the Anemo matrice to dodge the fatal Electro merry-go-round move.

In Phase 2, prioritize dodging his every attack, since attacking him face-on will deplete your stamina quickly. Instead, let the Neo Akasha Terminal do all the grunt work.

Finally, dash i-frames will be your best friends in this domain. Dash i-frames refer to a phenomenon in which a character gains temporary invincibility against any attacks after a dash. Keep your dashes short and sweet, and avoid turning them into full-blown sprints.

The dash i-frames mitigate any damage caused by Scaramouche’s projectiles.


Question: Which is the hardest Trounce Domain in Genshin?

Answer: In my opinion, the End of Oneiric Euthymia is the most difficult Trounce Domain in Genshin Impact. Raiden Shogun is quite tanky, and it’s difficult to tear apart her Electro Shield without a decent Cryo character. Besides, she can use her deadly Final Calamity move several times in the battle.

Question: What are the material drop rates of Trounce Domains?

Answer: Genshin Helper Team’s crowdsourced list shows that the drop rate of Billets and Dream Solvent is fixed at 0.12% and 0.33%, respectively.

Meanwhile, on average, you can get two weekly talent level-up materials per Trounce Blossom in a single run. When it comes to artifacts, you can get one 5-star artifact every run. Lastly, gemstones have a drop rate of 0.32% at AR 55 and above.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Trounce Domains play an integral role in the overall building process of any character. Though I tackled these domains to get my hands on the talent materials, I had a lot of fun just tinkering around with their features.

Fighting these bosses improved my dodging skills and even helped me understand the strength of my team compositions. Besides, the rush of dopamine I felt after defeating Raiden Shogun or Scaramouche by myself was so worth it.

I think Trounce Domain is perhaps the most challenging battle mechanism in the game after Spiral Abyss. These domains are an essential rite of passage for anyone who aims to become a seasoned Genshin Impact player.

If you wish to learn more about the overall domain mechanism in Genshin Impact, I recommend checking out our Domains Guide.

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