Genshin Impact Consumables Guide

I remember spending hours collecting Apples, Sunsettias, and more the day I first played Genshin Impact. Just an hour into the game, my main character Aether got hurt by some evil hilichurls, and I healed him after consuming an Apple.

For me, it was my first introduction to a fantasy RPG game, and my world revolved around collecting as many items as possible. Little did I know that there are item types, and I can only consume some of them once.

Once you start collecting a unique type of items, you will realize that there are inventory sections, and items are categorized under various types. Sure, that’s an organized inventory, but items come in ranging rarity, and you need to keep track of them.

While some items will sit in your inventory until consumption, others will have a timer on them. Genshin Impact features a bunch of item types, and today, we are going through items that can be used once only.

Consumables are unique items that have their own traits, and it’s better to know about them before you put them to use. In this Genshin Impact consumables guide, I’ll take you through a brief journey about these items and discuss their pros and cons.

Sit back, relax, and hop into the guide!

Consumables, What are They?

Consumables, as the name suggests, are items that your Genshin character can use or consume for once. Usually, they are referred to as food items or potions as once used, their count decreases from the inventory. But technically, they aren’t the only item types that can be categorized under consumables.

There are Gadgets, Precious items, and many more item types that, once used, cannot be recovered, and you need to wisely use them to save your precious resources.

Not only that, some consumables are indestructible, like Resonance stones, so if you craft a ton of them, and don’t have any means to use them, you are stuck with them.

Now you have a basic understanding of what a Consumable is the time has come to go through them one by one. I’ve organized them under suitable headings so that you can quickly go through each of them and go through my remarks over them.


Floaty Splody genshin impact

Before going through all sorts of consumable items, a short disclaimer that I’ve organized them in categories so that you can check other things related to their type.

That will help you to review those categories where you can find related items which belong to that category. If you are a beginner, that will help you to sort your way through the content and know about things in advance that you will obtain later in the game.

Here’s one condition about Consumable: once used, they are gone or depleted from your inventory. There are items that can be put under various categories in the game, but they do share a common ground with Consumables, and you should know the difference between them.

There are items that will overlap with other categories or intersect with different categories. But due to the nature of their use and in-game categorization, it’s okay to refer to them with either type.

For example, the Anemoculus Resonance Stone is a Gadget and a consumable at the same time. So, you can either refer to this item as a Gadget or a Consumable. The essence of the item will remain the same.


Event exclusive items are valid only till the event is running in the game, but in some cases, they may be permanent in the inventory, like Xiao Lanterns. Notably, items like Floaty Splody and Hot Pod are niche to the Consumables category, which were featured in the Midsummer Island Adventure event.

Midsummer Island Adventure was a fantastic event that happened in the game. I highly recommend you check our events guide to know more about it.

Hot Pod, Floaty Splody, Straight Shooter

Hot Pod

Coming to the items, Hot Pod, Straight Shooter, and Floaty Splody are consumables with a validity that lasted during the duration of the event.

Event-exclusive items generally have an expiry timer with a cap in the inventory, and players have to make most of them in that particular event. The players will get a notification about the item’s expiry and also click on them in the inventory to confirm their expiry date.

Hot Pod, Straight Shooter, and Floaty Splody were used during the Midsummer Island Adventure event, and the players used these consumables to complete event-based challenges and tasks. Each of these items had a cap of 99 in the inventory, and they dealt Pyro damage upon impact.

It’s possible that in the future, we may come across items that have validity to their name and are featured in an event. But there are items like Xiao lanterns that still stay after the event has expired. Nonetheless, if we talk strictly about Consumables, Hot Pod and Floaty Splody come under the category.

Light Realm Core, Light Realm Sigil

Other items that were featured in another event are the Light Realm core and Light realm sigil. Both of these items were required during the Three Realms Gateway offering event that exclusively featured the Enkanomiya region, and the players had to re-explore the area and complete event-specific challenges.

Fragrant Food Items

These food items were featured during the Spices from the west event in the game, and a special Fragrant Seasoning was used to make a variety of dishes. Characters had different responses related to the taste of the dish in positive, negative, or neutral tones.

Precious Items

Hunting Trap genshin impact

Precious items are a category in the inventory tab that features items that have a higher rarity and hold more value than other items in the game. These items are rare to obtain and used for important in-game activities. Let’s go over the consumables that come under this category to understand these items in a better sense.

Original, Condensed and Transient Resin

Resin types like Original resin, Condensed resin, and Transient resin hold importance in the game because they can be used to claim rewards from leylines, domains, and bosses.

With a variety of uses in the game, with resin, you can invest in your characters and level up their weapons, talents, or ascension levels.  Original resin regenerates over time, Condensed can be crafted using original resin, and Transient can be bought from the Realm Depot with Realm currency.

Hunting Trap

The Hunting Trap was an item that was available during Wolves’ territory quest where you had to hunt some boars for raw meat and give them to Razor.

Although you can use this item in that quest, I’d request you to collect the raw meat by hunting boars normally because once used, this item won’t return. I had one remaining and accidentally used it. Don’t make that mistake because I couldn’t even catch a boar with the last one.

Silken Print

Silken Print is an item that will help you to unlock the Silken Courtyard realm layout, which you can obtain after reaching Sacred Sakura’s level 40. This Realm layout is indeed beautiful, and you should enjoy your time there. Peaceful, serene, and beautiful, it’s definitely one of my favorites

Key Sigil

Key Sigils are Enkanomiya-specific items that you will use to unlock Sigil imprints on certain walls or structures. There are 5 types of key sigils that can be used to unlock impressions for progressing through certain quests or chests.

Dust of Azoth, Dream Solvent

Dream Solvent

Items like Dust of Azoth and Dream Solvent help you to convert your character ascension material and talent ascension material, respectively.

You can obtain Dust of Azoth from Paimon’s Bargains shop and Dream solvent from boss drops. These items will help you transfigure the materials at minimal to no cost and invest them into your characters. You can use these items at the crafting table and if you want to know more about crafting, make sure to check our crafting guide.

Vial of Adeptal Speed

A Vial of Adeptal Speed can help speed up furnishing crafting and instantly finish a creation. You can buy this item in Realm depot with a cap of 99 items in the inventory. So far, I found this to be one of the most valuable items for the Serenitea pot. It helped me craft a lot of furnishings in my Serenitea pot.

Though my realm looks like Khaneri’ah… If you want to know more about worlds, then make sure to check out our world guide, where we have briefly covered Teyvat and areas beyond it. I’m sure you will find something interesting to read there!


Food items, in general, are consumable items because once consumed, you cannot redo the item. Although it’s better to cover up food items in another guide briefly, these items are usually referred to as consumables because their number decreases after consumption in your inventory.


Players use recipes to learn step-by-step instructions about making a specific food item, and the game has plenty of recipes to offer. You can learn these recipes, and once you learn, they will be consumed, equipping you with the knowledge to cook a particular food item.

There are various sources from which you can obtain recipes, the common one’s being food shops that have these recipes for a price. Just like food items, these recipes also come in rarity and offer the same rare dish.

There are plenty of food dishes in the game, and whichever Adventure rank you are, you will come across all sorts of recipes during your journey.


food genshin impact


Potions are a particular type of food item. The difference between potions and food items is that they are cooked, and these ones are crafted, But the thing is that Potions have similar ingredients that relate to flora and fauna, some of which are consumables in a sense.

A variety of potions with unique effects on your character’s stats will help them gain certain buffs. When you have to create them, you will notice that items like Frog come under the food category.

Also, potions satisfy the condition of being consumable; once consumed, their one count disappears from the inventory. I’ve not used potions in the game until now, and I don’t think you will need to use them unless you want to achieve massive damage and showcase that to your friends.


Now there are some Gadgets that will overlap with Consumables and can be used only once. More like, their count decreases once you use them and have to create them again for use. Let’s go over Gadgets one by one, and I’ll put my remarks under them for a better understanding.

Resonance Stones

There are three types of Resonance stones that pertain to finding Oculis: Anemoculus, Geoculus, and Electroculus. Once consumed, these Gadgets can be used to find the related Oculus in the region and will highlight an area that will indicate the presence of the Oculi.

As you reach that area, a white marker will appear on your screen showing the presence of the Oculi, and eventually, as you go into the proximity, an icon will appear on your map.

Resonance stones are indestructible in your inventory, and I advise you to create them in exact or approximate amounts so that you don’t end up using a lot of your resources. You may overuse your resources, and these items will stay in your inventory forever. 

Adepti Seeker’s Stove

Adepti Seeker's Stove

Adepti Seeker stove is a portable stove that you can carry anywhere and plant on a valid point. The prominent role of this stove is to allow you to create food anywhere in the world for your characters.

Once placed, you will access the food menu, which has a certain period until it goes away. It will disappear once you have used it or if you engage in combat near the equipment. I would say it is sensitive equipment and if you cook food, ensure you are in a safe area.

Warming Bottle

A warming bottle is a Gadget that you can create to resist the effect of Sheer cold status on your character. Sheer cold status is observed in Dragonspine, where your active character starts to accumulate cold and become prone to the environment.

Once your sheer cold status reaches the maximum level, the characters’ health bar starts to deplete and may result in falling if the character isn’t replenished or provided a heat source.

Exploring Dragonspine without a Pyro character, food, or nearby heat sources is tough, and that’s why a Warming bottle is an excellent Gadget to carry around in that area.

Portable Waypoint

A portable waypoint, as the name suggests, is a Gadget that you can place at any valid location in the world and will act as a waypoint. The only difference is that you have a seven-day duration on this item, and if you place another one, then the previous one will disappear.

I used to place a Portable waypoint near the Wolf of the North challenge so that I didn’t have to run or climb for long. Another instance was when I had to farm Geo hypostasis for Noelle and Zhongli; I placed my portable waypoint near the boss.

I would suggest you use this Gadget in this way if you want to, and feel free to slay the bosses and claim their drops. A portable waypoint is, in my opinion, an excellent Gadget that can help you save some time and give easy access to areas you need to visit frequently.

Omni-Ubiquity Net

Omni-Ubiquity Net genshin impact

Omni-Ubiquity is an item that can be used to capture wild animals in the overworld. Think of this Gadget as a  Pokeball that you can throw to catch animals in a small area. The key benefit of this equipment is to the players who prefer to build their Serenitea pot and want to have animals in there.

You can place the captured animals in your teapot system, but you cannot capture all of them. There are a limited set of animals that you can capture in the overworld and place in your Serenitea pot system.

Serenitea pot is an in-game housing system where players can build their houses, place characters and do all sorts of activities. You can customize it and even put animals in it.

So, this Gadget is beneficial if you are looking to build your Serenitea pot and place animals inside it. Also, by a limited number of animals, I don’t mean to say that you can only capture a handful of them. You can capture more than 40 types of animals and place them in your Serenitea pot; that’s really good!


Blueprints have a few names, but they are detailed instructions to create a specific item. That item can be a weapon, Gadget, or another consumable.

These prints can be found in overworld chests, quests, or a variety of sources in the game. These items are unique in their role, and not a lot of them are in the game. Let’s go over them to understand them in a better sense.

Furnishing Blueprints

Furnishing blueprints are similar to what the Diagrams or Instructions use but pertain to Furnishings only. As recipes can be purchased from shops, these blueprints can be bought from Tubby, who’s a Serenitea pot spirit.

Not only that, but you can also purchase Furnishing blueprints from Non-playable characters in the overworld or other sources like chests or quests. The key here is that these blueprints are specific only to the Furnishing system and help you to craft a particular type of furnishing.

Crafting Blueprints & Forging Blueprints

Blacksmith's shop genshin impact

Crafting Blueprints and Forging blueprints are also known as Instructions and Diagrams, respectively. Here’s the thing these both can be categorized separately, but the items that can be created with their help more or less fall under the same categories.

These can be used to develop Gadgets, weapons, and baits that will help you throughout the game. With the help of Diagrams, you can create forgeable weapons and use billets to produce them in more quantities.

As the name suggests, you can use Crafting blueprints’ items at the crafting table and produce them there. Whereas the ones you learn from the Forging blueprints will be used at the Blacksmith’s shop. You can go to alchemy for crafting-related tasks and interact with blacksmiths for forging purposes.

Unless you really want to have the craftable weapons, then go and forge them; otherwise, try to use the weapons you get from wishes or in-game rewards like Adventure rank rewards.

Consumables Summary

Before wrapping up, there’s one thing that you should keep in mind, and that is regarding the destruction of items. I won’t explicitly mention each item in that game because that will be tedious and confusing at the same time. But, there’s one easy to find out whether you can destroy in-game items or not.

Open up your inventory and tap on the bin option to the bottom left of the screen. From that option, you can check which items can be destroyed, and if you click on an indestructible item, you will get an error message.

This information is up to date till Genshin Impact version 2.7, and it may be possible that changes will come in the future. I really want this feature to be modified so that I can put my excessive crafts to one side and get something else in return.

It would be awesome if they could refund some amount of the materials used in the crafting, but that’s all speculation for now.


Now we know how many types of Consumables are there and what their functionalities are. Let’s review some food for thought questions to make things interesting.

Question: Have You Made any Mistake while Crafting a Consumable that Cannot be Undone?

Answer: Yes! It was indeed a silly mistake that still sits in my inventory. I created a bunch of Geoculus resonance stones while I only needed one to collect the last remaining Geoculus.
I still remember I was at a crafting table in Liyue harbor by the waypoint and thought, let’s create a bunch of them, and I must be able to destroy them for the mora.

I made Geoculus resonance stones and went to collect the last one. Thinking that the game would allow me to eliminate the excess of them, I opened up my inventory only to find that I could not do so.

I must say crafting them did take a good amount of resources from my inventory because I was in the early game and didn’t have many items. Especially Cor Lapis because I wasn’t more of a farming player and preferred Crystal chunks from expeditions.

Even now, in my inventory, I have about two or three Cor Lapis because I used them to ascend Keqing. Since then, I didn’t pay much attention to stacking up resources and regret crafting extra Geoculus resonance stones.

My advice would be to prepare the amount you need for a task and not overuse your resources. I learned this the hard way and hoped you won’t make the same mistake.

Question: How Important is Resin in the Game?

Answer: I would say resin is one of the most critical aspects of the game because it helps you to level up your characters, weapons, and artifacts. With the help of resin, you can claim rewards from leylines, domains, bosses, and many more in-game entities.

Now there are types of resins where condensed can be crafted and Transient can be bought. Though you can also get fragile resin from the battle pass, not everyone can purchase the battle pass.

From my experience, I would say you should try to utilize your resin efficiently on the characters because it is a limited resource and cannot be replenished quickly in the game unless you plan to spend primogems.

There’s a limit to what a person can spend on this game, and if you don’t come in that bracket, then it’s easy for you to easily invest in your characters. But for, low-spenders or free-to-play players need to optimize their resin utilization and prioritize the characters they want to invest in in the long term.

Question: Are there any Tips for Farming for Materials as some of these Gadgets Require Materials to Craft them?

Answer: One of my most recommended tips is to co-op with your friends so that they can help you farm materials in their world. Sure, you can co-op with random people, but I’d advise you to exercise a bit of caution and not give away your personal information to them.

Generally, it’s better to keep the connections within the game limited, but also, if you are good with people and want to socialize, feel free to do so. I’ve connected to a few of my friends with whom I was playing for years, and we still co-op to this day.

When you start to do co-op with your friends, you can combine your forces with them and farm materials in shared worlds.

Also, suppose you have multiple people in the overworld. In that case, you can slay enemies faster and collectively farm the materials you need. Though there are some materials that cannot be shared but still now have access to other players’ worlds that will make things easier.

One important tip would be to rest and not burn yourself out while playing the game for long hours. I know it sounds a bit boring to do, but you should also take care of your health. Genshin Impact is a marathon, not a sprint, so you need consistent effort, not a speed run.

Final Remarks

Genshin Impact features a plethora of in-game items that can be overwhelming for beginner players, and using them without research might prove to be a mistake. There are some items that, once crafted, become indestructible in the inventory and take up unnecessary space.

I mean, if you want to keep them as a memento, then it’s cool to create an extra, but overusing resources on them will be a waste of them. In the past, I have made a similar mistake in creating additional Geoculus resonance stones, and now I advise players to not make the same mistake.

If they can manage their resources well, then they don’t have to spend numerous hours farming for materials.

Sometimes it happens that during major in-game events, event shops feature a lot of materials that can be exchanged by just collecting the event-exclusive currency.

That will help you to save your resin and prioritize the characters you want to invest in. Similar is the case with consumables that you have to use wisely. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep track of resources spent in crafting them.

That was all for the consumables guide, and I hope now you know a few tips that you have to keep in mind while using them. Feel free to check our other guides on the site, and hope you get to know something exciting from them.

I will soon meet you in another Genshin Impact guide, and till then, take care of yourself and have fun in the game!

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