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Gorou Guide

Genshin Impact is an open-world fantasy RPG with numerous characters with versatile abilities. Throughout the journey, players will obtain new characters who will join their roster and bring unique skills to the table. While some characters will focus on more damage potential, others will provide team support abilities. Players need to figure out optimal team compositions to clear end-game content like the spiral abyss and fight tough bosses in the overworld. p

Here, I’ll go through one interesting character with team support abilities that focus on one of the standard stats: defence. Though many characters have been launched in Genshin impact, only a few are defense-oriented. When it comes to turning DEF into offence, players need to go with characters like Arataki Itto, Albedo, Yunjin, and Noelle.

Gorou is one such character that can provide a team-wide defense buff, and his abilities deal damage based on his defense. Gorou is an excellent geo team support character, featuring passives and constellations that scale off the defense. Let’s go over his intricate details in the Gorou guide below and see what he has in the pack for us!

Gorou: Character Details

” The great general of Watatsumi Island’s forces. His subordinates deeply trust him.”

Gorou, also known as Canine Warrior, is the main general in the Watatsumi army, led by Sangonomiya Kokomi. Gorou has all the qualities you can expect from a dependable and committed army general. He cares for his comrade, motivates them, and is deeply respected among the soldiers.

He and Kaedehara Kazuha can be seen as good friends who help each other in dire situations. In a fight where Traveler was against Kujou, Sara’s soldiers and Kazuha came in with Beidou to the rescue. Gorou was happy to see his friend support him, which motivated him to charge with a full adrenaline rush.

Gorou is a 4-star Geo bow character specializing in providing team support, and his abilities boost characters’ defense. I’ll say he’s like Bennett but without healing in his overall kit. Gorou’s abilities scale off his defense and give defense bonuses to other party members according to his talent level.

I won’t’ say he cannot heal like Bennett, but he needs an extra constellation to be used as a healer. In short, he’s a niche geo element team-support character whose main source of power is defense. Just like they say, the best defense is the best offense.

Gorou: Character Availability

Gorou was available alongside Arataki Itto in Oni’s Royale promoted character banner in Genshin Impact version 2.4. Luckily, I managed to get C1 gorou and Arataki Itto in one multi-pull, seems like RNG god blessed me after that, getting two Qiqis. The other two characters in the banner were Barbara and Xiangling; they can be good with extra constellations.

Surprisingly, Hoyoverse added Gorou to the standard wish Wanderlust Invocation pool, and even if you are a new player, you can have a chance to get Gorou from the standard character banner. Another reason not to miss this guide is that who knows your next wish, maybe Gorou himself?

I would say Gorou is a good character if you know how to take benefit from his passives and abilities. Sometimes, I use him in a mono-geo team composition with Ningguang, Zhongli, and Geo Traveler to take advantage of his Geo damage bonus boost. Instead of using characters like Arataki Itto and Noelle, I like to try different team combinations with him to see his performance. I mainly used him in that team composition because all of my characters were burst-build, and I wanted to see how his geo damage boost affects their damage.

If you can get your hands on Gorou, I’m sure you will enjoy building him because he can synergize with Noelle. Noelle is a guaranteed character that you can get from Beginner’s wish character banner. Both of them are a good match because they have abilities that scale off the defense.

Character Stat Progression

As Gorou’s elemental skill focuses on providing a defense boost to the team members, I highly recommend you take him to level 90. Flat base attack, defense, and HP can only be increased when you level up your character. But keep in mind that the resources you need to take a character from level 80 to level 90 may increase exponentially.

So, before investing in Gorou, I’d recommend you keep a check on your Mora and ascension items in the inventory. But keep in mind that if you just want to use him for his elemental skill, then leveling up his elemental skill talent should be your priority.

Gorou will become a bit tankier, but his elemental skill is what you are looking for when it comes to buffs, and his buff is talent-level based. Even if you keep him at level 81 after ascension, that’s perfectly fine to save up some resources and invest in another character. That will help you optimally manage your resources and not worry about running out of materials.

Attack Talents

When it comes to a character, we want to know which abilities they bring to the table and how they perform in the game. Gorou’s abilities are support-oriented and require to have Geo teammates for their benefit.

I’ll cover more about them in the sections below. For now, let’s go over his abilities so that you will be able to understand better the advice and team composition suggestions I have for you.

Normal Attack: Ripping Fang Fletching

  • Normal Attack – Perform up to 4 consecutive hits with a bow
  • Charged attack: Perform an aimed shot with increased damage. While aiming, stone crystals that give off geo element aura will accumulate on the arrow’s tip. A properly charged crystalline arrow will deal geo element damage.
  • Plunging attack: Fires off a shower of shining arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE damage upon impact.

I don’t think you need to level up this talent because building Gorou as a physical damage dealer won’t be the optimal choice to make. The only thing you need to pay attention to is Charged attack. As his charged attack deals Geo damage, you can use it to apply Geo element on a totem and activate its mechanism. The charged attack can also be helpful when it comes to hitting flying objects like bloaty floaties or anemo slimes, which may give you an exquisite chest.

Still, you don’t need to have extra damage on the charged attack so that you can leave this talent without any upgrades. You can save your talent books and use them on another character or level up Gorou’s other talents.

Inazuka All-Round Defense

” Take up this formation, and we’ll be safe — I guarantee it! “. As a general of Watatsuand, a leader of troops, the last thing Gorou wants to see is those who follow him getting hurt.

Deals AoE geo damage and sets up a general’s war banner

General’s war banner

Provides up to three buffs to active characters within the skill’s AoE based on several geo characters in part at the time of casting:

  • 1 Geo character: Adds ” Standing Firm” – Defense buff
  • 2 Geo characters: Adds ” Impregnable” – Increases character resistance to interruption
  • 3 Geo characters: Adds “Crunch” – Geo damage buff

Gorou can deploy only one General’s War banner on the field at any one time. Team characters can only benefit from 1 General’s war banner at a time. When a team member leaves the field, the active buffs will last for 2 s.


Adjust the location of the skill

You may be wondering whether you need a full geo team to benefit from the buffs and be at ease because the buffs will take Gorou as a geo character into account before applying. In my opinion, this ability is among one of his most important abilities because it gives a defense boost to team members, which scales off Gorou’s talent level.

For characters like Arataki Itto, Noelle, or Albedo, a defense boost can be helpful because their abilities scale off their defense. So, to have a character in your team that can boost their defense would be highly recommended.

Along with a defense boost, you also get a geo damage bonus to enhance your Geo character’s potential further. I’ve used Ningguang, Zhongli, and Gorou in a team composition on burst builds, and the results were quite good. A short disclaimer that I had a C6 Ningguang triple crown with a max refined widsith and Zhongli with the skyward spine to complement their burst builds with optimal CRIT ratios.

One best thing about Gorou’s elemental skill is that it has the same time duration for cooldown and skill. Don’t worry about elemental skill cooldown because it will be available even before you can finish your team rotation.

Leveling up this talent should be your highest priority.

Juuga: Forward unto victory

” We have the high ground! ” Gorou can ever so slightly change the battlefield’s terrain to help win victory. This technique has seen him through many battles against seemingly superior opponents.

Displaying his courage as a general, Gorou deals AoE geo damage and creates a field known as General’s Glory to encourage his comrades

General’s Glory

The field has the following properties:

  • Like the General’s War Banner created by Inuzaka, All-Round Defense, Gorou provides buffs to active characters within the skill’s area are based on the number of Geo characters in the party. It also moves together with your active character.
  • Generates 1 Crystal Collapse every 1.5 s that deals with AoE Geo DMG to 1 opponent within the AoE skill.
  • Pulls one elemental shard in the skill’s AoE to your active character’s position every 1.5s (Crystallized reactions create elemental shards).

If a General’s War Banner deployed by Gorou currently exists on the field when this ability is used, it gets destroyed. Additionally, for the duration of General’s Glory, Gorou’s Elemental Skill “Inuzaka All-Round Defense” will not create the General’s War Banner.

If Gorou falls, his death will clear the effects of General’s Glory.

I’ve not seen many people build this talent because they want to benefit from Gorou’s skill and switch to a main geo damage dealer like Arataki Itto. However, if you want to get some extra punch, you can level up this talent.

I have leveled up this talent because I had some extra talent books, and I like to perform team rotation fast. Yeah, I love to make combos fast and achieve a perfect rotation to turn my enemies into ashes.

Leveling up this talent can be put on a priority list.

Talent level priority: Inazuka – All-round defense > Juuga: Forward unto victory > Normal attack: Ripping fang fletching.

Passive Talents

Every character in Genshin Impact has passive talents that enhance their overall kit or give them unique abilities. Depending on the situation, whether you are in the overworld or the spiral abyss, you can benefit from the character’s passive and further optimize your gameplay.

Seeker of Shinies

Displays the location of nearby resources unique ( local specialties) to Inazuma on the mini-map

I’d say passives like this are quite rare and help you a lot when farming for in-game items. I have to open Genshin map in the background to farming for local specialties, but since the day I’ve got Gorou, I just put him in the team and go roaming here and there to collect the materials.

So, if you’re on your way to collect some local specialties of Inazuma, Gorou is a must for your team, and he will help you find the materials pretty fast.

Heedless of the Wind and Weather

After using Juuga: Forward unto victory, all nearby team members’ defense is increased by 25 % for 12 s.

This is a massive damage boost for characters whose kits are defense-centered, like Arataki Itto, Albedo, Yunjin, or Noelle. You can build a defense-focused team composition and have the team member’s defense scale like a rocket! Also, the best thing about this passive is that you have a 12 s cooldown, which means you will be able to perform your team rotation efficiently.

A Favor Rapid

Gorou will receive the following damage bonuses to his attack, which are based on his DEF:

  • Inuzaka all-round defense: Elemental skill damage is increased by 156% of defense
  • Juuga: Forward unto victory: Elemental skill damage and crystal collapse damage are increased by 15.6 % of the defense

I’d say this passive is quite game-changing when it comes to Gorou’s damage. However, most players build Gorou for team support because of how valuable his elemental skill is to boost the team’s defense. But if you want to deal extra damage in his elemental skill, this passive will help you out.


Most of Gorou’s constellations are team-support-oriented and provide buffs that can increase the team’s potential. This constellation will benefit your team if you have Gorou and level him up properly over time.

Rushing Hound: Swift as the wind

When team characters (other than Gorou) within the AoE of Gorou’s General’s War banner or general’s glory deal geo damage to opponents, the CD of gorou’s Inuzuka all-around defense is decreased by 2 s.

This effect has a cooldown of 10s.

One of the best constellations for Gorou if you’re using him as a support. With zero downtime, you can have his defense buff from the elemental skill and keep the buff ongoing for team rotations.

Thankfully, I could get this constellation unlocked, and things have been going quite smoothly in the abyss.

Sitting Hound: Steady as a clock

General’s Glory is in effect, and its duration extends by 1s when a nearby active team character gets an Elemental Shard from a Crystallize elemental reaction. This effect can proc once every 0.1s. Max extension is 3s.

Another constellation helps you when you play Gorou as an off-field team support character. You can invest in his elemental skill and benefit from a crystallized reaction. However, the crystallized reaction doesn’t deal damage as insane as amplifying reactions like vaporizing or melting; having something is better than having nothing.

Mauling Hound: Fierce as Fire

Increases the level of Inuzaka’s all-around defense by three levels. The maximum upgrade level is 15

Massive upgrade to Gorou’s defense buff from his elemental skill. Having this constellation unlocked on him will raise his elemental skill level and allow the players to give an extra defense to other team members.

Lapping Hound: Warm as water

When General’s Glory ability is in the “Impregnable” or “Crunch” states, it will also heal active team characters within its area by 50 % of Gorou’s defense every 1.5 s

If you wish to stop pulling extra constellations, this is a game-changing constellation and a nice pitstop. Suppose you have a mono-geo team composition and wish to remove Noelle; then, with this constellation unlocked on Gorou, you can happily see off Noelle from your party.

You can shift to healing artifacts or artifacts with main stats as DEF%, and with enough energy recharge from sub stats, you have a full defense boost and team-healing package.

Down the line, if a character banner comes with Gorou as a featured 4-star character, then highly likely that I want to have him reach this constellation so I can replace Noelle in the party.

Striking Hound: Thunderous Force

Increases the talent level of Juuga: Forward unto victory by three levels. The maximum upgrade level is 15

This constellation will increase Gorou’s elemental burst damage and help him deal some extra damage to the enemies. This constellation will add more damage bonus if you have leveled up his elemental burst.

Valiant Hound: Mountainous Fealty

For 12 s after using Inuzaka all-round defense or Juuga: Forward unto victory, increases CRIT damage of all party member’s Geo damage based on the buff level of the skill’s field at the time of use:

  • “Standing Firm”: Increases CRIT damage by 10 %
  • “Impregnable”: Increases CRIT damage by 20 %
  • “Crunch”: Increases CRIT damage by 40 %

This bonus cannot stack and will take reference from the last instance of the triggered effect.

This constellation is a godsend if you are someone like me who runs burst team compositions. Having this constellation unlocked on Gorou will give him insane team support capabilities that boost CRIT damage. Especially when you have three geo team members, a CRIT damage boost of 40 % on a burst-build Zhongli will obliterate enemies in the area.

That will be a sight to behold, but I’m yet to see it. Characters like Arataki Itto, Ningguang, Albedo, and Zhongli can take the most benefit from this constellation.

Ascension Material

Let’s go over the different ascension materials you need for Gorou to ascend to level 81. Here’s a list of ascension materials you need for Gorou.

Prithiva Topaz Sliver = 1 Spectral Husk = 18 Perpetual Heart = 46
Prithiva Topaz Fragment = 9 Spectral Heart = 30 Sango Pearl = 168
Prithiva Topaz Chunk = 9 Spectral Nucleus = 36
Prithiva Topaz Gemstone = 6 Total Mora Required = 420,000

You have to beat the perpetual mechanical array to get Perpetual heart and collect sango pearls found on Watatsumi island. And then comes annoying specters. Even I find them annoying to fight because of their immunity to crowd control and sky-high elevation from characters.

Sometimes they can be tough to attack but have to do what needs to be done. After collecting these materials, you can take a few days to break to congratulate because you have all of Gorou’s ascension materials.

But things don’t end here; you need around 415+ Hero’s Wits and around 1.6+ million Mora to level up Gorou from level 1 to level 90. Genshin Impact heavily relies on players to focus on farming resources and put extensive hours to level up the character properly. So, I’ll highly recommend pre-farm materials so that you can be stress-free when maxing out a character.


Gorou is quite a niche character in the gameplay; with his abilities and constellation focused around team support, he has limited artifact options. This doesn’t mean he’s a bad character.

He still has good artifact options that can bring the most out of his team support abilities. Let’s go over the most recommended artifact sets for Gorou.

Noblesse Oblige

  • 2-piece effect bonus: Increases elemental damage burst by 20 %
  • 4-piece effect bonus: Using an elemental burst increases all party member’s attacks by 20 %. This effect cannot stack.

Noblesse Oblige is a good option for supporting team members. It helps increase the attack percent of all team members and gives a decent boost to your support’s elemental burst. I’m using this artifact set on Gorou to enhance his team support capabilities, and after using his elemental burst, I shift back to my main damage dealer.

Husk of Opulent Dreams

  • 2-piece effect bonus: Increases defense by 30 %
  • 4-piece effect bonus: A character equipping this artifact set will get a curiosity effect in the following conditions: When the character is on the field, the character gains one stack after hitting an opponent with a geo element attack; it triggers a maximum of once every 0.3 s. When off the field, the character gets one stack every 3 s. The curiosity effect can stack up to four times, where each stack provides a 6 % def increase and a 6 % geo damage bonus. One stack is lost when 6 seconds have passed without gaining a curiosity stack.

Gorou’s abilities scale off his defense, and having this artifact set on him would further enhance his damage-dealing potential. However, most of the time, players want to use their elemental skill to get a quick boost on defense and switch back to their main damage dealer.

If you have a C4 Gorou, this artifact set can be quite potent to increase his healing potential, and you won’t need to run a dedicated healer to the team. Because after unlocking the fourth constellation on Gorou, you can have him heal your characters and provide a defense boost at the same time. However, keep in mind to manage his energy recharge requirements if you are going for a complete DEF set on artifacts’ sands, Circlet, and goblet.

The Exile

  • 2-piece effect bonus: Increases Energy recharge by 20 %
  • 4-piece effect bonus: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for other party members every 2s for 6s. This effect cannot stack.

This is a good artifact set if you are an early game player and just beginning your journey in Genshin impact. Having a 4-piece exile artifact will help you manage Gorou’s high elemental burst cost and have 100 % uptime on his elemental burst. The cherry on the top will be to have an energy recharge weapon to optimize his energy recharge requirements further.

Artifact stats

Now you must be wondering what artifact stats you should have on Gorou. For a general build, I recommend you build Energy recharge on Sands of Eon and go with either DEF% or Geo damage bonus on Goblet of Eonothem.

Having energy recharge on Sands will help you manage his high burst cost, and you can choose whether you want his damage or better DEF% on his abilities. For Circlet of logos, you can go with Crit rate or Crit damage depending on whether you have Favonius war bow. Otherwise, you can go with DEF % there if you are looking to make Gorou tank heavy hits.

On constellation C4, If you want to make Gorou a dedicated healer, you should go with DEF% on major artifact pieces, namely Sands of Eon, Goblet of Eonothem, and Circlet logos. I’m assuming you have Favonius warbow and optimal energy recharge to get back his burst from cooldown. I target over 200 % energy recharge on Gorou to ensure smooth team rotation and use Favonius warbow with energy recharge on sands.


I would say that the best weapons for Gorou are the ones that have Energy recharge as their secondary stat. Because in my opinion, building Gorou for dealing damage with his elemental skill and elemental burst isn’t worth the effort.

He can provide buffs to team members with his abilities, and his constellations strengthen that fact more. So, I highly recommend you to build him as a team-support character and avoid building him as a damage dealer.

He’s not terrible at dealing damage in the overworld. Still, when you are facing enemies in the spiral abyss, you should focus on optimal team compositions, and character builds that synergize with your characters.

5-star weapons

Elegy for the End


  • Rarity: 5 – star
  • Base attack – 46
  • Secondary Stat: Energy recharge ( 12 % )

I don’t think you need to utilize the passive effect from the bow, but rather you should focus on the secondary stat. It can help you manage your energy recharge requirements on Gorou and help you out as you build him up.

Gorou has a high burst cost, and having a bow that can fill up his energy recharge requirements will be sufficient in the longer run. Elegy of the end also offers plenty of base attacks, elemental mastery boost, and attack increase, but I don’t think you will need them for Gorou.

This bow is best for Venti if you have him, but because of its secondary stat, Energy recharge, many characters can benefit from this. If you have Venti and are looking for a detailed guide, I recommend you go over his character guide on the site. That will help you learn more about his abilities, builds, weapons, and recommended team compositions.

4-star weapons

Favonius Warbow

  • Rarity: 4- star
  • Secondary Stat: Energy recharge
  • Passive ability: Windfall
  • Passive ability description: Crit Hits have a 60 % chance to generate a small number of elemental particles, which will regenerate six energy for the character. It can proc once every 12 s.

Favonius warbow is the best weapon when it comes to Gorou. Although there’s a 5-star weapon that you can use on Gorou, the Favonius warbow has its passive that will help you to generate energy particles.

Having energy particles in front of you will help you collect them and instantly get your burst back in no time. Favonius warbow’s secondary stat is energy recharge, compensating for Gorou’s high elemental burst cost.

I’m using Favonius warbow on Gorou to compensate for his lack of energy recharge. With enough energy recharge substats on artifact pieces, I can switch to more potent artifact main stats like DEF% or Crit Rate.

Keep in mind to have some CRIT rate on your artifact pieces to have a chance to proc the bow’s passive to generate more energy particles. Favonius warbow is insanely good for generating energy or getting your burst back before the cooldown, given that you can proc the bow’s passive.

Sacrificial Bow

  • Rarity: 4-star
  • Base attack: 44
  • Secondary stat: Energy recharge
  • Passive ability: Composed
  • Passive ability description: After damaging an opponent with an elemental skill, the elemental skill has a 40 % chance to end its cooldown. It can only occur once every 30 s

A sacrificial bow is another bow weapon that offers energy recharge as its secondary stat. You have a chance to reset the cooldown of your elemental skill that can help you generate a few more energy particles.

This bow can help you achieve a perfect 100 % uptime on Gorou’s elemental skill because of its ability to reset the cooldown. You don’t have to worry about cooldown time and instantly pop up his elemental skill somewhere else.

The best thing about this weapon is that it features energy recharge as its secondary stat, which will eventually help you achieve a 100 % uptime on elemental burst. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Energy recharge weapons have the best synergy for building Gorou, and I highly recommend using Energy recharge weapons on him. If you can manage refinements on 4-star bows, that will further help you manage the gameplay.

Specific Food

Gorou’s specialty. The side dishes have piled high to form a sight as moving as Gorou’s motivations. As you finish the noodles and soup all in one go and pat your stomach in satisfaction, you look up and see Gorou. smiling radiantly as his tail wags from side to side (the latter probably unbeknownst to him!)

Special Dish – Victorious Legend


  • Rarity : 3-star
  • Effect: Restores 40 % of the Max HP and an additional 2,350 HP to the selected character
  • Recipe: Raw meat x 4, Flour x 3, Bamboo shoot x 2, Bird egg x 1

You can obtain Gorou’s special dish if you select him on the cooking menu and cook the food with his help. Victorious legend sounds like an apt name for a general committed to his leadership quality and formidable enough to lead his comrades into victory. I would say that I loved his dishes’ name because it gives off a general’s aura.

While most of the ingredients are easy to obtain, Bamboo shoots can take players some time to collect because of how rare they are in the over-world and are generally found in mountainous terrains. So, if you plan to stock up on this dish, I highly recommend you take a detour once a few days to collect Bamboo shoots here and there.

Team composition

These are my recommendations on how you may approach building Gorou. I’ve found these team compositions working for me, and I recommend you try them out. Feel free to experiment with your characters and see which team composition fits you the best and suits your playstyle. I’ll list the roles you can dedicate to each slot and give short remarks about the characters.

Triple Geo – Gorou Arataki Itto Noelle Flex

  • Gorou: Will acts as team support and buff character
  • Arataki Itto: Main geo damage dealer
  • Noelle: Healer, if there are enemies that can severely damage you
  • Flex: Depending on requirements, you can add one off-field damage dealer like Fischl or Xingqiu.

If some shields require you to have an extra element, this team can be a good choice because you are getting an extra character slot and raw geo damage power in one team.

With three geo characters in the team, you can also benefit from Gorou’s elemental burst, and if you have a C6 gorou, then his constellation will also add a massive boost in Crit damage.

Mono-Geo – Gorou Arataki Itto Noelle Albedo

  • Gorou – Team support
  • Noelle – Team healer
  • Arataki Itto – Main geo damage dealer
  • Albedo – Off-field damage dealer

The mono-geo team is a pure geo character team that can pump out raw elemental power to take down heavy enemy chambers like those filled with ruin guards and ruin graders. The elemental synergy combined with energy particle generation will keep your rotations going smoothly and allow you to unleash massive damage in short durations of time.

Burst- Geo – Ningguang Zhongli Gorou Noelle

I’ve personally used this team because I wanted to benefit from the Geo damage bonus that Gorou gives. I ran Noelle as a battery to help with healing and team support. And other characters were burst built with Noblesse Oblige.

Surprisingly, this team performed quite well, exceeding my expectations, and being a free-to-play player, I was able to hit more than 100k on Zhongli burst with this team.

You guessed it right, RNG god has blessed me with some good artifact substats. Nevertheless, this team is quite good if you have constellations and love building a character that can deal much damage.

Overall, these were my team’s recommendations. Depending on the enemies you are facing, you can shift your character here and there to compensate for team damage or support.

While making any team with Gorou, I always choose three geo characters to take the most benefit from his abilities because of his niche team-support nature.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try him with other characters. Try pairing him with characters you have in your roster and see which team composition suits your playstyle.


Let’s go over some questions that you may have after reading this guide

Question: Should I use Gorou with other element characters?

Answer: Although, in Genshin impact, you can make any team combination and still ace the overworld content. But when it comes to challenging the spiral abyss, you need to have optimal team compositions. To see whether we can use Gorou with other characters, we need to go over his key use to boost team members’ defense from his skill. So, if you’re using characters like Noelle or Arataki Itto, you can expect to see an increase in Geo damage bonus and their overall defense.

Ultimately, an increase in their defense will enhance their abilities and give players access to their untapped potential. With more constellations, you can even make Noelle, your main damage dealer. I know it may sound astonishing, but having used the main DPS Noelle, I’d say she packs a punch. I like to build healers as DPS for fun. Yet to try main DPS barbara.

Question: How good is Gorou in the spiral abyss?

Answer: I tried using him in the spiral abyss, and I must say, when it comes to mono-geo teams, his performance is phenomenal. Genshin Impact has started releasing niche element supports like Gorou and Kujou Sara, so we may see another element supports coming down the line. With that being said, if you are pairing Gorou with defense scaling characters like Arataki Itto, Albedo, or Noelle, you will see good results.

But this doesn’t end here; I particularly used him for the Geo damage bonus for my burst comp, where I used Ningguang ( C6), Zhongli, Gorou, and Geo main Traveler. The team obliterated enemies in one rotation, and I could clear floor 12 without any worries. These teams are good where you only need raw damage to deplete enemy HP bars quickly. Suppose you are against two ruin guards, then a team like this can finish them off just in one rotation with optimal artifact set and weapons.

Question: Any speculations for future support characters?

Answer: I would say Hoyoverse has shifted their approach to characters now, and they are releasing characters that are niche to their element. Characters like Gorou and Kujou Sara are prime examples of being certain element support characters. Even their constellations focus on niche roles and support elements from their respective elements.

I highly speculate that we may see support-oriented characters whose abilities will focus only on their respective element characters and buff their abilities for that particular element only. I won’t be surprised if, down the line, a character comes in who only focuses on buffing hydro abilities or dendro abilities if dendro comes in Sumeru launch. But for now, these are all the speculations I have from my end, and I hope we see some overall support characters launching in the future.

Closing Remarks

Gorou is a 4-star geo bow character whose abilities specialize in DEF stats. While most of the characters in the game have offensive stats in their kit or support stats like Elemental mastery, Gorou’s kit features a stat that the players usually neglect. Simply because the DEF stat isn’t much prominent in the game, and characters have to scale off aggressive stats in gameplay.

Though the silver lining is that we have characters like Arataki Itto who can take the most benefit from Gorou’s abilities and outshine others in their role, Arataki Itto, Albedo, Noelle, and Yunjin are geo characters whose abilities scale off DEF, and Gorou can further enhance their capabilities by providing them a team-wide buff. Gorou is quite a niche character whose full potential rises when you focus on Geo teams with at least three geo members and benefit from his additional passives and constellations.

That was all from my end about Gorou, and I hope you learned something new from the guide. Feel free to read other character guides on the site or just hop onto some weapon guide to see which characters can take the most benefit of them. I wish you luck on your Genshin journey and hope your adventures are thrilling in the World of Teyvat.

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