Paimon Guide

Paimon Guide

Who is Paimon?

We’ll begin this Paimon guide by introducing you to Paimon. Paimon, aside from being Emergency food for the Traveler, is a floating entity that accompanies the Traveler in the Protagonist’s journey to find the missing sibling. As an NPC, Paimon is not a playable character, so even though she might speak to the Traveler in a “convincing” manner about how tough she is, she does not help us during combat. Players are never alone because Paimon is the first NPC that we encounter, she engages in discussions and conversations, and additionally, she aids the Traveler with decision making.

The Traveler first meets Paimon when the Traveler fishes her out of the water; Paimon states that she would have drowned if the Traveler was not there to save her. She acts as an in-game guide as she helps the Traveler by providing information as they embark on this journey together.

Her likes and dislikes are made abundantly clear through her talkative nature; she even goes on to provide nicknames that are either complimenting or degrading, depending on how much she likes the person. For example:

  • Paimon dislikes Venti, so her names for him include: Tone Deaf Bard (because of Venti’s personality).
  • Paimon likes Diluc, so her names for him include: Captain Pyro (because she was in awe of Diluc’s abilities and perhaps a tiny amount of intimidation).

Aside from giving nicknames, her favorite things include Mora, treasure, food, and annoying the Traveler. In general, she delivers snarky one-liners, witty comments, and rude remarks to everyone but Yae Miko, probably because she thinks that Miko might eat her.

Paimon has her moments where she shows care and compassion towards others and the Traveler as well; she is a loveable character although most players find her annoying.

  1. Paimon has a similar marking on her attire to that found in Celestia, which could hint at her having some sort of relationship with Celestia. Players have formulated a theory that she might be an Archon of time, which can be seen in the lore both in the game and outside as well.
  2. Players also feel that Paimon might betray the Traveler at some point in the game in order to further the plot, however, I see this as unlikely. Although KichiboushI does call her “Spymon” players should always take this a grain of salt, but as always the game developers have not confirmed anything yet. This would mean that Paimon is working with or for the Unknown God.
  3. The next theory comes with Paimon’s lack of memory regarding her past, although she can remember almost everything about Teyvat. Dainsleaf also experiences a similar memory loss, but his memory loss is related to Khaenri’ah. Perhaps Paimon’s missing memories of her past could be linked to the Cataclysm or even the events that unfolded in Celestia, which would mean that she could have played a part in the Archon War or other events that took place in Teyvat’s history.

Although not much is known about Paimon, the Genshin Impact community has not been shy in making conspiracy theories about her. However, unless we are presented with a sudden twist at the end of the game, I see Paimon as a loving companion who will help us complete this journey across Teyvat.

In-game Interactions

At the beginning of the game, after the introductory cut scene, Paimon teaches the player the game’s controls and guides us to the City of Freedom, Mondstadtet, where we meet Dvalin and Venti. After completing this cut scene, she guides us to the outskirts of Mondstadt, where we meet Amber. Below I will list the in-game controls that Paimon helps us understand and learn and a few other interactions.

Movement and combat-related controls

Use Scroll

Waypoint unlocking and climbing over obstructions

Waypoint unlocking and climbing over obstructions

Sharing a view of Mondstadt with the Traveler

Sharing a view of Mondstadt with the Traveler

Instructing the Traveler to interact with the first Statue of the Seven in Mondstadt

Instructing the Traveler

Time skipping mechanics (time can only be moved forward, never backward)

Time skipping mechanics

Helping the Traveler sneak around and avoid the Milileth

Helping the Traveler sneak around and avoid the Milileth

Trying to help the Traveler during the battle against Tartaglia (Childe, the eleventh Harbinger)

Trying to help the Traveler

Staying by the Traveler’s side during the battle against La Signora (The Crimson Witch, the eighth Harbinger)

Paimon standing next to her painting drawn by Albedo

Paimon standing next to her painting drawn by Albedo

Paimon’s Bargain Shop

Paimon’s Bargain Shop comes with a wide variety of items that can help the player make their gaming experience much more manageable. Among the listed items, players can purchase five Intertwined Fate and five Acquaint Fate; since these items are rare, players are always advised to buy them as soon as possible. Paimon’s Bargain Shop resets every month, which means players are guaranteed to have five wishes for the limited banners and five wishes for the permanent banner every month.

Along with the wishes, players can expect to see two four-star characters along with a set of weapons. The options for the weapon choices are between the Royal weapon set and the Blackcliff weapon set.

*Players need to remember that these purchases are not reversible.*

Starglitter Exchange

Starglitter Exchange

In this section, players can exchange their Starglitter to purchase rewards. These rewards include characters, weapons, and monster drops. Most players save this currency to purchase characters and weapons since most of the monster drops can be found if players work hard to hunt and defeat monsters. Players can obtain this currency through the wish system after making wishes, the means include:

  1. Duplicate Character, incomplete constellation: Two Masterless Starglitter (for 4* characters) and Ten Masterless Starglitter (for 5* characters)
  2. Duplicate Character, complete constellation: Five Masterless Starglitter (for 4* characters) and Twenty Five Masterless Starglitter (for 5* characters)
  3. Weapons: Two Masterless Starglitter (for 4* weapons) and Ten Masterless Starglitter (for 5* weapons)


As we have witnessed last year, Genshin Impact follows a pattern where certain characters appear alongside weapon sets. However, unlike the weapons, we can only buy one character.

If the player has maxed out the character’s constellations, the character cannot be purchased. As shown below, we can expect to see these characters in their respective pairs coming up in the next few months.

Fischl Xiangling

Fischl and Xiangling – January, July

Beidou Noelle

Beidou and Noelle – February, August

Ningguang Xingqui

Ningguang and Xingqui – March, September

Razor Amber

Razor and Amber – April, October

Bennett Lisa

Bennett and Lisa – May, November


Barbara and Kaeya – June, December


My recommendation would be to obtain and use the Blackcliff weapons. My preference is to use this weapon set because I believe that it would provide better overall benefits for your characters. I use the Blackcliff Pole for my Xiao build; the weapon offers a CRIT DMG bonus that helps give Xiao a 55.1% CRIT DMG bonus while providing an additional 510 ATK increase.

To be honest, I have not purchased any Royal weapons. However, when I used a few of them during character trials, I was not significantly impressed. The Blackcliff weapons outperformed the Royal weapons. However, this is just my opinion, and it may differ from one player to another.

Players should remember that for each month, players can only buy the weapon three times. However, over the course of time, players can buy the weapons as many times as they would like since there are no restrictions like the character’s constellations.

  • Blackcliff Weapon set: January, March, May, July, September, November
  • Royal Weapon set: February, April, June, August, October, December

Stardust Exchange

Stardust Exchange

In this section, players can exchange their Stardust to purchase rewards. These rewards include Intertwined Fate, Acquaint Fate, Character level-up books, Weapon level-up ore, Mora, and monster drops. Players can also purchase “The dust of Azoth,” this item helps players when they want to convert other Trounce Domain Boss drops or Elemental crystals, into items that they need. Players can obtain this currency through the wish system after making wishes, for every 3* item that the player obtains the player receives fifteen Masterless Stardust.

Purchase With Primogems

Purchase With Primogems

In this section, players can exchange their Primogems to purchase rewards such as Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate. However, players must remember that one Fate is equal to 160 Primogems. I would recommend using the Primogems to purchase Intertwined Fate over Acquaint Fate since Intertwined Fate is much rarer.

Players can obtain both types of Fates from the in-game events or rewards. However, the Acquaint Fates are more accessible and require less work in comparison. Primogems can be obtained through various means and they include:

  1. Opening chests: depending on the rarity of the chest the primogems received differ. Common chest provides 0-2 primogems, Exquisite chest provides 2-5 primogems, Precious chest provides 5-10 primogems, and Luxurious chest provides 10-40 primogems.
  2. Quests: by completing Archon Quests, World Quests, Story Quests, and Hangout Events, players can obtain primogems.
  3. Events: many events provide primogems and most of them include up to 480 primogems.
  4. Codes: players receive redeemable codes either during official Genshin Impact live streams or certain events.
  5. Compensation rewards: due to maintenance or other issues (such as the version 2.7 delay) Mihoyo gives players compensation rewards to make up for the inconvenience.
  6. Web Events: every new version or new 5* character release comes with an online web event that provides players an opportunity to win some primogems along with Mora or other materials.
  7. Commissions: daily commissions provide 60 primogems.
  8. Spiral Abyss: every two weeks the Spiral Abyss resets, this allows players to redo floors 9 to 12 in hopes of getting 150 primogems from each floor.
  9. Achievements: players can obtain primogems for completing specific achievements.
  10. Genesis Crystals: a top-up section where players can make transactions and purchase Genesis Crystals in exchange for dollars. Genesis Crystals can be exchanged for Primogems, the conversion rate is 1:1.

The Wish banners that can be wished upon through Intertwined Fate are:

The limited-time Character Wish Banner

The limited-time Character Wish Banner

The limited-time Weapon Wish Banner

The limited-time Weapon Wish Banner

The Wish banners that can be wished upon through Acquaint Fate are:

The permanent Character Wish Banner

The permanent Character Wish Banner

The Beginner Banner (Noelle is a guaranteed character within 20 wishes)

The Beginner Banner


Question: When will Paimon be a playable character?

Answer: Paimon is an NPC since her role in the game is to act as the in-game guide while the Traveler explores the world of Teyvat. I see no reason for Paimon to be presented as a playable character. However, the game developers have not given a definite answer on whether or not we can see Paimon as a playable character.

Question: Can Paimon control time?

Answer: Aside from skipping a few days into the future through the in-game time skip option, once again, we do not have definitive proof of Paimon being able to control time. However, a few theories have circulated within the community that Paimon could be the Archon of Time. These theories are fueled by the symbol on her chest, accessories, and cape.

Question: Can Paimon walk?

Answer: Technically, yes, because she has legs, players can assume that she can walk. However, she chooses to float, although she constantly complains about her sore muscles.

Question: Will Paimon betray us?

Answer: Once again, we do not have a definite answer, but the community has its own theories for this as well. The community has conspiracy theories on how Paimon could be linked to Celestia or even the Unknown God.

Question: Can Paimon use a weapon?

Answer: No, at least not a weapon that we are aware of, given the current version of the game. However, she claims that she wants a great weapon, especially during Kaeya’s story quest.

Paimon Guide – Conclusion

As far as in-game NPC guides go, Paimon might be the best and most well-versed NPC that I have come across. Although her job is to help the Traveler understand the world of Teyvat and inform the Traveler of any dangers that lie ahead, Paimon truly cares about the Traveler. As the companion of the Protagonist, she has had her fair share of touching moments with the Traveler and us, the player.

As she plays an important role, both in-game and outside the game as well, Paimon is a pivotal part of the game. Not only is she an in-game guide, but she is also the game mascot, and she displays herself on the game app and the promotional pages too.

Paimon is a lovable character, and as we explore every inch of Teyvat, we form a deeper bond and understanding with our flying source of Emergency Food. She behaves in the way a sibling would, although she can be very serious; maybe this is to help bridge the gap and help the Traveler feel a little less lonely.

Paimon is an interesting character, so as we journey across Teyvat, I am confident that we will learn more about her and her origins. Until then, I urge players to keep annoying Paimon.

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