Violetgrass Genshin Impact Guide

Violetgrass Genshin Impact Guide

I’m the kind of player who will pick up anything that glimmers in the distance. Plants, flowers, mushrooms, if it is shining, I want it in my inventory. If you are in a co-op world with me, I’ll be competing with you to grab overworld items as fast as I can. Most of my early-game experience was spent collecting things and utilizing them to craft items or cook food. It wasn’t until I got some new characters I was aware of the painstaking process of farming materials.

I was leveling up the Traveler and grinding the default characters’ ascension materials. Life was good when I only had characters from Mondstadt because my inventory was full of Mondstadt’s local specialties. I had no lack of materials to ascend these Genshin characters and was progressing at a faster rate.

Until one day, I wished upon the standard banner with my last acquaint fate and saw a golden star for the first time. The rush, excitement, and feeling of getting my first 5-star character were overwhelming. Qiqi’s splash art flashed on my wish screen, and I ascended her immediately. Soon I realized that I needed ascension material that wasn’t available in Mondstadt. An ascension material that I had to get from the cliffs and mountains situated in a land far away.

This was, of course, Violetgrass. This was the first time I had to get out of my comfort zone and venture into the unknown to hunt for material. After numerous tumbles off cliffs, constantly running out of stamina, and getting pummelled by strong enemies, I was able to ascend my Qiqi beyond their last ascension state.

In this Violetgrass Genshin Impact guide, I will share my experience of collecting this unique plant across Liyue. I will discuss its unique uses in cooking, crafting, and locations from where you can obtain this unique plant.

Violetgrass, What is it?

Violetgrass has a downward-blooming flower with a green stem and is found near cliffs in Liyue. The flower is a local specialty in the region, which means it can only be found in those areas. Liyue is a land of ingredients, and exotic dishes. You will find renowned chefs, and rising culinary stars like Xiangling.

Violetgrass pops up in a number of these specialty dishes, and is capable of tickling anyone’s tastebuds. Wanmin restaurant’s boiled fish is one such dish you’ll definitely try while visiting Liyue Harbor. Whether you are a fan of fish recipes, or a spicy stew, you’ll become very familiar with Voiletgrass, and it’s stunning fragrance.

Violet Flower Grass Genshin Impact
Violetgrass in-game description

Good Characters for Exploration

Characters like Qiqi or Yanfei can help you to show the location of local specialties on the mini-map. You should pay attention to characters’ passives to benefit from extra QoL features in the game.

Qiqi’s passive, Former Life Memories, and Yanfei’s passive, Encyclopedic Expertise, can help you spot Liyue’s local specialties. You can have these characters in your active party to benefit from their passive utility. 

Genshin Impact Gameplay Violet Grass
You can check the location of a nearby local specialty on the mini-map

Violetgrass Uses

Character Ascension

Violetgrass is essential to ascend two characters in the game, Qiqi, and Xinyan. You need a total of 168 Violetgrass each for ascending these characters. It may seem a big goal at first, but once you mark the routes in the game, you can easily grab these flowers in the overworld.

Violet Grass Genshin Impact Ascension Materials Preview
Qiqi’s ascension materials preview

Qiqi’s ascension materials:

  • Mora x 420,000
  • Hoarfrost core x 46
  • Shivada jade sliver x 1
  • Shivada jade fragment x 9
  • Shivada jade chunk x 9
  • Shivada jade gemstone x 6
  • Divining scroll x 18
  • Sealed scroll x 30
  • Forbidden curse scroll x 36
  • Violetgrass 168
Xinyan's Ascension Material Preview Violet Grass Genshin Impact
Xinyan’s ascension material preview

Xinyan’s ascension materials:

  • Mora x 420,000
  • Everflame seed x 46
  • Agnidus agate sliver x 1
  • Agnidus agate fragment x 9
  • Agnidus agate chunk x 9
  • Agnidus agate gemstone x 6
  • Treasure hoarder insignia x 18
  • Silver raven insignia x 30
  • Golden raven insignia x 36
  • Violetgrass x 165

As of now, there is no use of Violetgrass in ascending a weapon. Though, I’d still recommend collecting a bunch of them if you find them in the overworld. The game launches various weapons, characters, and craftables that may require Violetgrass in the future.


Violetgrass can be used as an ingredient in some dishes that you can consume to buff your characters. I will go over these dishes and give a quick summary of their uses.

Black-Back Perch Stew ( 3-star )

Recipe: 3 x Fish, 1 x Jueyun Chilli, 1 x Salt, 1 x Violetgrass

The dish helps to restore the health of a selected character. It immediately restores 28 % of maximum health and an additional 620 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds. A really good dish to restore health to your character and tank incoming damage. If you face enemies like Riftwolves, who can apply corrosion on your characters, it’s better to have consistent heals.

Bountiful Year ( 4-star )

Recipe: 4 x Fish, 4 x Carrot, 2 x Onion, 1 x Violetgrass

After consuming this dish, party members’ attack increases by 272 and CRIT rate by 8 % for 300 seconds. A small attack percentage and CRIT rate boost will help you ace through a co-op domain.

Stone Harbor Delicacies ( 2-star )

Recipe: 2 x Potato, 1 x Violetgrass, 1 x Matsutake

The dish increases the CRIT rate of all party members by 9 % for 300 seconds. A small boost in CRIT rate for your team, but not a game-changing buff.

Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish ( 3-star )

Recipe: 3 x Fish, 1 x Jueyun Chilli, 1 x Salt, 1 x Violetgrass

It instantly restores 34 % of maximum health to the selected character and regenerates 980 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds. A good dish if you face enemies that come in waves and deal consistent damage to your characters. You can consume this dish to instantly heal your character and regenerate your health over time.

How to Get Violetgrass Without Exploring 

Violetgrass can be obtained from the shops in the game and by interacting with different NPCs located in those areas. If you are not a fan of grinding in typical locations and climbing enormous cliffs, you can visit a few NPCs to exchange Mora for some Violetgrass. Let’s go over sources of Violetgrass in the game.

A Shop in Sumeru

The shop owner, Babak, in Sumeru, sells Violetgrass for 1000 Mora. His shop is near Port Ormos in Sumeru and also sells local specialties of different regions. You can teleport to Port Ormos and make a run for the shop near the port. You don’t have to go deep into the market because the shop is near the teleport point where you can see the harbored ships.

Location of Babak's shop in Port Ormos Sumeru Violet Grass Genshin Impact
Location of Babak’s shop in Port Ormos, Sumeru
Interact With Babak
Interact with Babak
Babak Shop Philanemo Mushroom Violet Grass Genshin Impact
Babak sells all sorts of local specialties

A Shop in Liyue Harbor

Herbalist Gui, the pharmacist at the Bubu pharmacy in Liyue harbor, sells one Violetgrass for 1000 Mora. You can obtain 5 Violetgrass for 500 Mora. Bubu pharmacy is where you meet Qiqi for the first time and learn that she is also a colleague of Herbalist Gui.

You can teleport to the Liyue harbor and take a direct path to the pharmacy to interact with the NPC.

Bubu Pharmacy Violet Grass Genshin Impact
The location of Bubu pharmacy in Liyue harbor
Herbalist Gui Violet Grass Genshin Impact
You can interact with herbalist Gui in the shop
Herbalist Gui's Shop Quingxin Violet Grass Genshin Impact
Herbalist Gui’s shop

A Shop in Wangshu Inn

Verr Goldet, the boss of the Wangshu Inn, also sells Violetgrass for 1000. The shop refreshes every three days, and you can obtain 5 Violetgass for 5000 Mora. You can teleport directly on top of the Wangshu Inn and glide in the inner section.

Verr Goldet sells a lot of different recipes and items you can purchase if you are running low on them in your inventory.

Shop in Wangshu Inn Violet Grass Genshin Impact
Interact with Verr Goldet at the Wangshu Inn
Shop In Wangshu Inn Violet Grass Genshin Impact
Verr Goldet’s shop menu

An NPC in Dihua Marsh

Mengmeng in the Dihua Marsh, Liyue, rewards you with 5 Violetgrass after following a certain dialogue chain. Teleport to the statue of seven in the Dihua Marsh and look for Mengmeng.

Once you have collected the rewards, the rewarding dialogue will be removed.

Serenitea Pot

You can also plant Violetgrass in the Serenitea pot. You can sow the seeds on A path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe and wait for the plants to appear after some time. It’s a really good passive way to farm Violetgrass

. Once you equip the seed dispensary gadget, you automatically collect seeds while picking up plants. You can place patches of land in your Serenitea pot and come back after some time to collect them.

Serenitea Pot Violet Grass Genshin Impact
Pretty much what my teapot looks like. Check out my meme here, lol
Plant Violetgrass Seed Genshin Impact
You can collect seeds in a Seeds dispensary and sow them in patches of lands
Violetgrass Plant Genshin Impact
You can check the time after sowing the seeds

Come, Let’s go collect Violetgrass

You will find Violetgrass on the edge of cliffs and have to climb there to collect them. You can collect them while climbing or fly down near the cliffs to get those plants. You can also refer to the Official Genshin Impact interactive map to briefly check them. Let’s go over a few locations that are in Liyue where you can get Violetgrass.

Official Genshin Impact Interactive Map Violetgrass Locations
You can check these patches to collect Violetgrass
Official Genshin Impact Interactive Map Violetgrass Locations
There are plenty of Violetgrasses in the Chasm

Which Character to Focus On? Qiqi or Xinyan?

Qiqi is a 5-star character who can heal your team members quickly and is flexible enough to fit in any team composition. She can help to trigger reactions like Superconduct. You can use her in teams and deploy her elemental skill to heal an active character. Equipping her with an Ocean-Hued artifact set can buff your off-field damage as well.

On the other hand, Xinyan is a Pyro 4-star character who can shield your characters as support or act as a Physical damage dealer.  Xinyan’s constellations can be obtained on character banners and leveled up to benefit from better damage output.

Depending on your requirements, you can go with any character, but if you have both of them, ascending Qiqi would be better. Healers are necessary in the game, and if you don’t have good healers, Qiqi can easily fulfill that role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much Violetgrass should I farm?

Answer: If you plan to raise Qiqi and Xinyan on your account, you need to farm 168 Violetgrass for each character. A rule of thumb is to have around 20-30 items of each category in your inventory in case you need to submit them in a quest or use them for cooking a new dish. Sometimes, you need to submit items in the game, and it’s always better to have extra items stacked up to avoid a detour to farm those items.

Question: Can you give me some tips for farming Violetgrass?

Answer: You can co-op with other players to farm in their world. You can join your friends’ worlds or ask other players’ permission to farm in their worlds. Violetgrass isn’t much used on characters, so anyone would allow you to farm it in their world. You can also use characters like Venti, Zhongli, Kazuha, or Scaramouche, who can help you to get to hard-to-reach places in the game.

Question: What’s your take on using local specialties in dishes?

Answer: I usually avoid using precious materials from my inventory, including local specialties. Local specialties are region-specific, and you may need them to ascend a weapon, character, or talent in the game. There are different uses of materials in the game, and you should preserve your resources.

A Bouquet of Violet Bells

I remember Zhongli mentioning Violetgrass in one of his idle voice lines that it nurtures in a moist environment and the best time to pick Violetgrass is after the rain. It’s interesting that the game cites all sorts of items and references them in various places. Being the Geo archon, Zhongli sure knows a lot about Liyue’s exotic materials, and Violetgrass is no exception.

Do pay attention to your surroundings because you may see Violetgrass on your map, but it can be anywhere on a cliff. At the top, edge, or bottom, Violetgrass can harbor itself anywhere. Only keen eyes can spot them in an instant, but I’m sure you guys are up to the task.

There are many unique items in the game that you have to farm on various events and have to put to use. Whether it’s Jueyun chili in Liyue or Dandelion seeds in Mondstadt, you will come across a lot of local specialties required for characters’ ascension. All you have to do is to follow a slow and steady approach, and you will see your inventory full of those materials. 

That was it for the Violetgrass Genshin Impact guide, and I will soon meet you in another interesting guide. Until then, have fun farming this unique bell-like plant and keep track of your progress.

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