Primo Geovishap Guide

Genshin Impact Primo Geovishap Guide

Primo Geovishap is a normal boss in Liyue and although it’s a Geo damage dealer, it can infuse elements such as Pyro, Hydro, Electro, and Cryo. The infusion is similar to Azhdaha; however, players can breathe a sigh of relief because the Primo Geovishap can only infuse one element.

Since the Primo Geovishap is an entity that players have to battle many times, I have put together everything that a player would need to know when tackling the Primo Geovishap; this information can be beneficial for both new players and Genshin Impact veterans.

A quick summary of what to expect in this Genshin Impact Primo Geovishap guide would be:

  1. What the Primo Geovishap is and where to find it.
  2. The movesets, recommended team comps and rewards.
  3. Mistakes to avoid, hidden achievements, a few final words, and a brief FAQ session.

What is the Primo Geovishap?

The Primo Geovishap is a member of the Vishap species in Genshin Impact, these creatures have existed for a long time, and most of them are able to infuse and harness elemental energy, making them formidable foes. However, with the Primo Geovishap, elemental infusion changes during every server day reset, and each time the Primo Geovishap is defeated.

Players can collect an item called the Juvenile Jade after defeating the Primo Geovishap. This is the character ascension material used to ascend characters such as Xiao, Hu Tao, and Yanfei.

Since Geo is an unreactive element, players will have to use their own characters to trigger Elemental reactions. However, this is an advantage because the Primo Geovishap will not unnecessarily include any other element during elemental reactions.

Since the Primo Geovishap does not fly or use an additional shield, players would have an easier time battling this boss.

The Primo Geovishap is known by a few names in the world of Teyvat; these include:

  1. Geo Dragon Who Once Raged With the King
  2. Long-Slumbering Earthshaker Dragon


Location Primo Geovishap
Location on the map Location in the game

The Primo Geovishap’s lair has two entrances; the waypoints circled in red in the picture above indicate the three closest waypoints. One path includes a sprint through a troublesome area, the second path is a very long glide down, and the final consists of a long walk or sprint, so the choice between the waypoints lies with the preference of the player.

Attacks, Stages, and What to expect

The Primo Geovishap is from the same Vishap species as Azhdaha, so newer players can expect a challenge. I would say that the Primo Geovishap is a much less dangerous version, but players should not take it lightly. Think of the Primo Geovishap as a practice run for when players have to farm Azhdaha’s character talent level-up material.

Unlike Azhdaha, the Primo Geovishap can only infuse one element at a time; this makes it easier for players to build team comps around because of the added benefits of shielding when it comes to the Primordial Shower, as mentioned below.



If the player is out of the Primo Geovishap’s melee range, then the Primo Geovishap burrows itself underground and moves towards the player. While moving towards the player, the Primo Geovishap leaves element-infused stones behind its path.

If the player accidentally bumps into the Primo Geovishap, they will take a lot of damage if they are not protected by a shield. Once the Primo Geovishap reaches its desired location, it will resurface and perform a slam, dealing a high volume of Geo damage.

Right Claw

The Primo Geovishap lunges at the player with its right claw and deals significant damage while interrupting the character unless the character is protected by a shield.

Left Claw

The Primo Geovishap lunges at the player again, only this time it plants the claw into the ground. Geo damage occurs when the claw is inserted into the ground and when it is pulled out.

Elemental Breath

A strong breath is exhaled, dealing high volumes of elemental energy based on the element that is infused.

Combo Slash

Two consecutive attacks are launched at the player ending with a slam, and I would highly recommend maintaining distance during this attack sequence or for players to equip a shield.

Primordial Shower

Players are given a short warning before this attack is launched. This is the strongest move available in the Primo Geovishap’s arsenal, it deals a high volume of elemental damage (of the particular element that has been infused), and it could even result in characters being knocked down.

This move has a large AoE, and it can easily disrupt the player’s game plan. However, if countered correctly, the Primo Geovishap’s greatest weapon is also its biggest downfall. If a character is protected by a shield when this attack is unleashed, players can successfully reflect the damage back at the Primo Geovishap.

I would recommend using a Geo shield or a shield of the infused element (e.g., The Primo Geovishap has infused Pyro to itself; therefore, a Pyro shield is recommended).

Primeval Spring

The Primo Geovishap launches a large amount of element-infused stones and surrounds itself; these stones deal damage when players come into contact with it. However, this attack happens instead of the Primordial Shower when the Primo Geovishap drops below 20% of its maximum health.


The Primo Geovishap does not have any stages or transitions. However, it does have four different element-infused forms. These forms change with every day reset and also after every defeat.

The Primo Geovishap gains an increased elemental RES for the infused element, along with the ability to carry out element-infused attacks. Players can identify which element is infused by taking note of the color on the markings on the Primo Geovishap.

Pyro-infused Primo Geovishap
Hydro-infused Primo Geovishap
Electro-infused Primo Geovishap
Cryo-infused Primo Geovishap

What to expect

The Primo Geovishap may seem intimidating and tanky at first, but after a few test runs, players can find the right pattern to deal with the attacks while dealing high volumes of damage. I would recommend new players to prepare beforehand with a bunch of health replenishing food and revival food.

The attacks carry a lot of damage; therefore, players would benefit from having strong shielding units such as Zhongli or even multiple shielding units. The Primordial Shower is the strongest move in the Primo Geovishap’s arsenal, so when players see the warning sign, they should immediately equip a shield if they are not shielded already.

How to beat the Primo Geovishap

This battle is relatively straightforward; players will not have any complications or stages. This is why some players prefer using this boss to do damage showcases or to test run their new character builds.

As a normal boss, the Primo Geovishap is on the easier end of the boss tier lists. However, the Primo Geovishap is a good practice opportunity for players who want to tackle Azhdaha.

  1. A shielding character is a must-have; this will help players reflect the Primordial Shower attack and then deal damage to the Primo Geovishap.
  2. Players should use ranged characters like Ganyu, Tartaglia, Yoimiya, and Yelan. This would help players deal with the Primo Geovishap while keeping some distance in order to protect themselves.
  3. The Primo Geovishap can be a little tanky for new players. However, this is not a problem if players can manage to deal high volumes of damage consistently.

Team Comps

As always, we will be looking at two types of team comps to help newer/ free to play players and our more veteran players. As I have mentioned many times before, any team comp attempting to tackle the Primo Geovishap needs a shielder.

Apart from protecting the team, a shielding character can also reflect the Primordial Shower, which would save the team from suffering significant setbacks.

Free-to-play Friendly

When looking at team comps to tackle the Primo Geovishap, for our free to play section, we will look at two separate teams that are balanced, with the latter being a higher damage output team.

The characters from these team comps are interchangeable, but I would recommend keeping Noelle on the team either as a Main DPS, Sub DPS, or a Support character.

  • Noelle – Xiangling – Geo Traveler – Barbara
  • Kaeya – Xiangling – Noelle – Barbara

*These teams and weapons are strictly free to play only*

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Main Team Comp Suggestion

Main DPS – Noelle

Noelle is a Geo claymore user; this means that she does extra damage, although her movement might be slower in comparison to other characters such as polearm users or sword users. However, against the Primo Geovishap, claymore characters have an added advantage; with the added bonus of Noelle being a Geo character, players can create a shield through the Crystallize reaction.

Noelle cannot do any elemental reactions that will result in dealing damage. Still, she can provide healing and shielding through her Elemental Skill and additional layers of shielding through the Crystallize reactions.

Weapon – Whiteblind (Obtained through forging)

Sub DPS – Xiangling

Players can drop Guoba and then apply Pyro while having to deal with minimum issues as long as the Primo Geovishap remains stationary. Players can dash away during this time to heal, revive, or simply change the game plan. As one of the best Pyro appliers in the game, Xiangling can help the team if she is given an Elemental Mastery build or a Burst DPS build.

Weapon – Kitain Cross (Obtained through forging)

Support – Geo Traveler

This variant of the Traveler is one that I rarely use; however, this form is very useful in this team comp because it can help pave the way for Geo resonance which can help shred the opponent as long as the on-field character is protected by a shield.

Weapon – Anemona Kageuchi (Obtained through forging)

Healer – Barbara

Barbara is the designated free to play healer character; she can aid in Vaporize reactions with Xiangling and help produce Hydro shields through Crystallize reactions.

Weapon – Prototype Amber (Obtained through forging)

Substitute Suggestion

This team works largely the same as the previous one, just this time Kaeya is your main DPS and Noelle is your support instead of Geo Traveller, just remember to keep Noelle’s shield up, it is the most important part of this fight!

Main DPS – Kaeya

Kaeya can be used as a Main DPS to do Melt reactions with the help of Xiangling’s Pyro application. Since Kaeya is the primary source of damage, players should regularly swap between Noelle and Kaeya to keep reapplying the shield through Noelle’s Elemental Skill in order to prevent Kaeya from getting knocked down.

Weapon – Dawn Harbinger (Obtained as a free weapon)

Best Team Comp

In the team comps below, we are looking at two different teams. These teams are high damage output teams that can be used to take this boss on multiple times if players want to farm the character ascension material.

With a Superconduct team and a Vaporize team, the elemental reactions carried out by these teams are the primary sources of damage while players are protected by the best shield in the game.

Main Team Comp Suggestion

Main DPS – Ganyu

Ganyu is one of the best Main DPS characters in the game, although she can also be used as a Sub DPS as well. Ganyu can deal high volumes of Cryo damage, and she can easily take the Primo Geovishap out all by herself with minimal assistance.

However, since we are looking at team comps, I would recommend using Zhongli’s shield before starting the battle since it would allow players to run around and deal damage with minimum interference.

Ganyu’s first source of damage comes from her charged shot; this can be used consecutively if she is protected by a shield.

Weapon – Amos Bow (Obtained through Gacha)

Sub DPS – Fischl

Fischl is one of the game’s best off-field damage dealers and batteries. Players can activate her Elemental Skill, swap out to bring Ganyu, and then deal damage through the Superconduct reactions.

Fischl also generates a high amount of energy particles through her Elemental Skill, and this is great news because characters like Diona will benefit from the additional energy particles.

Weapon – Polar Star (Obtained through Gacha)

Support – Zhongli

Zongli has the best shield in the game, and remains one of the best Support units in the game. If he has a four piece Tenacity of the Milileth artifact set, the entire team will receive an ATK buff and a shield buff as well, as long as the Elemental Skill continues to strike the opponents.

Weapon – Vortex Vanquisher (Obtained through Gacha)

Healer – Diona

Diona can provide shields and heal the team as well while being an excellent Cryo applier. Her presence in the team also triggers the Cryo resonance, which would then increase the CRIT rate of the characters against enemies that are Frozen or affected by Cryo.

Weapon – Sacrificial Bow (Obtained through Gacha)

Substitute Team Comp Suggestion

Main DPS – Tartaglia

Tartaglia is still my favorite Hydro character, and his overall damage output and playstyle have been able to keep up with the game changes. However, Tartaglia is the complete package.

He has long-range attacks, a melee stance, and two different Elemental Bursts (depending on the stance equipped at the time of Elemental Burst activation).

The range of his arsenal helps me confidently recommend him for almost any team comp, and in the case of the Primo Geovishap, Tartaglia would be my preferred choice.

The only warning is that players must keep an eye on the duration of his Elemental Skill usage since the CD becomes longer when he is in melee stance for too long.

Weapon – Polar Star (Obtained through Gacha)

Sub DPS – Xiangling

Once again, a complete Elemental Mastery build for Xiangling will help Tartaglia deal absurd amounts of damage. The best part about Xiangling is her off-field Pyro application since it will help pave the way for multiple Vaporize reactions.

Xiangling is one of the best characters in the game and one that I would recommend players to invest in because she would be able to fit into many team comps with her Pyro application abilities.

Weapon – Engulfing Lightning (Obtained through Gacha)

Support – Zhongli

Once again, my best recommendation for a shielding character is Zhongli. Another four piece Tenacity of the Milileth artifact set would be perfect since it will help Tartaglia get an additional boost to his high volume of damage.

Zhongli needs to be built with a very high HP level because his shield strength scales off the max health.

Weapon – Vortex Vanquisher (Obtained through Gacha)

Healer – Bennett

Bennett is one of the best Support units in the game, and I believe that the majority of the Genshin Impact community will agree with me because not only does Bennett heal the on-field character when they are standing on his Elemental Burst, but he also provides them with an ATK buff when their health is greater than 70% of the max HP. Including Bennett into this team comp also triggers Pyro resonance; this increases ATK by 25% for all characters.

Weapon – Mistsplitter Reforged (Obtained through Gacha)


As with every other boss in Genshin Impact, players can expect to receive similar rewards, with the only change being the character ascension material.

These rewards include:

  1. Juvenile Jade
  2. Adventure EXP
  3. Companionship EXP
  4. Mora
  5. Character ascension stones based on the infused element (Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Cryo) and Geo
  6. Gladiators Finale(4* or 5*)
  7. Wanderers Troupe(4* or 5*)
  8. Instructor(3* or 4*)
  9. Berserker(3* or 4*)
  10. Lucky Dog(2* or 3*)

The rewards obtained change with every world level; I would recommend players to start farming the Normal Bosses after adventure rank 40 or 45 because it would help players receive better rewards. Since characters such as Xiao and Hu Tao are notoriously famous for their damage output, almost every player would be trying to obtain them.

I got myself, Xiao, during his second rerun, and I immediately brought him to level 90; I was prepared in advance for this because I kept farming the Primo Geovishap for weeks.

Every character requires 46 character ascension boss material; therefore, players can expect themselves to battle the same boss repeatedly. This is an ordinary course of events shared by every Genshin Impact player, which is why I highly recommend taking on bosses at higher adventure rank levels or world levels in order to guarantee a better chance of obtaining better rewards.

Mistakes to avoid

When tackling this boss, players must pay attention to a few key points that might be the turning point if players are trapped in a corner.

  1. Players should avoid close combat if the player is not shielded. However, this causes a problem when it comes to dealing damage. Since the Primio Geovishap’s attacks are mid-ranged, players should bring a ranged character along with a character that can deal damage even if they are off-field (such as Xiangling and Fischl through their Elemental Skills). This would help balance the damage while players rush to a safe spot to heal or catch their breath.
  2. Players must always bring a character that can shield. This is a must for anyone planning on farming the Primo Geovishap, primarily because of the deflection damage of the Primordial Shower (when players are protected by a shield).
  3. Players should also avoid launching heavy attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts until the Primo Geovishap wakes up and starts walking. Until it starts walking, the Primo Geovishap has a 200% RES for all attacks, both physical and elemental.

Achievement name: Deflection!

Players should use a shield and successfully counter the Primordial Shower.

Achievement name: You Can Have Those Back!

Use a Geo shield or an elemental shield of the infused elemental form during the Primordial Shower attack. This will reverse the attack and reflect the damage back to the Primo Geovishap.

Achievement name: Geo Elemental Reaction?

Players must successfully defeat each infused elemental form of the Primo Geovishap (Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Cryo).

Achievement name: Fine, I’ll Do It Myself

Players must successfully defeat the Primo Geovishap without using a shield to counter the Primordial Shower.

Achievement name: Moving Mountains

Players must defeat the Primo Geovishap in co-op mode.


Question: Is the Primo Geovishap immune to Geo and other infused elements?

Answer: No. The Primo Geovishap is not immune to Geo or the infused Elements. The elemental infusion only provides an added arsenal of attacks. There is an added elemental RES to the infused element and the Geo element as well.

• Geo RES – 40%
• Infused Elemental RES – 20%

Question: Why does the shield not work against the Primo Geovishap?

Answer: This is a common glitch. Players can teleport to a waypoint nearby and then approach the Primo Geovishap again; this would reset the boss and allow the player to initiate the battle once more.

After this reset, players can expect to have a regular battle; however, if the problem persists, players should exit the game and then restart. This would help clear out the glitch and resume a player’s regular interaction with the Primo Geovishap.

Question: Are shielders necessary when fighting the Primo Geovishap?

Answer: Yes. Shielding characters are absolutely necessary against the Primo Geovishap. Their key contribution comes in during the Primordial Shower attack. If the player equips a shield during this attack, the damage from the Primordial Shower is reflected back to the Primio Geovishap, dealing a very high amount of damage.

Characters such as Noelle and Zhongli are perfect for this battle because they can produce more shields after coming into contact with the Primo Geovishap’s element-infused attacks through the Geo Crystallize reaction.

Primo Geovishap Guide: Final Remarks

The Primo Geovishap is an easy boss, though most players will struggle initially. But with repetitive trials, players can always enhance their approach towards defeating this boss.

Players need to defeat this boss regularly since two characters with the highest damage outputs in the game (Xiao and Hu Tao) require character ascension material from the Primo Geovishap.

If players do not have Zhongli to provide shields, I would highly recommend using Noelle as a replacement. Players can also use characters such as Beidou, Thoma, Xinyan, Diona, and other Geo characters to generate shields through Crystallize reactions. Engaging in co-op battles is one way for players to tackle the Primo Geovishap if they are having trouble handling this boss.

I would recommend players to start early with other bosses and leave the Primo Geovishap for later since only three characters need the character ascension material.

That being said, the Primo Geovishap is an excellent source of elemental shards; players can wait till the desired elemental infusion happens and then defeat the Primo Geovishap to obtain the rewards.

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