Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure Guide

The Warden of Oasis Prime is a Trounce Domain boss in Genshin Impact; however, it is not just another boss because this particular boss has the potential to be one of the most influential NPCs available in the game.

As we know, the Warden of Oasis Prime is the guardian of the Heart of Oasis, which is a place located inside Apep (the Dendro Dragon of the seven Sovereign Dragons). The Heart of Oasis is a place blessed with a large influx of elemental energy that can evolve to make its consciousnesses, producing different lifeforms.

This is a required course of action because not only will it diversify the biodiversity of Sumeru. However, after Apep was infected with the Forbidden Knowledge following the demise of King Deshret, its pain spread and infected the Heart of Oasis as well.

As a result, almost all entities residing in the heart of Oasis fell victim to the corruption brought on by the Forbidden Knowledge. Only a few creatures managed to escape this event but were ultimately left with no place to call home.

In the following Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure guide, we will look at the different attacks, team comps, what to expect, and a few final thoughts on the Warden of Oasis Prime.


map location Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Location on the map. Image by Rashen Perera
location in the game Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Location in the game. Image by Rashen Perera

Attacks, Stages, and What to Expect

The attacks for each phase will be listed under the relevant phase number because the attacks differ from one phase to another. As a result, the “Stages” section of this article will not be there.


Phase 1

phase 1 Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

4-Part Combo

4 part combo Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

This attack is easy to evade since it is a large one; players should put some distance and start moving away as soon as they see energy being drawn toward the boss.

Typically, this combo includes the following attacks in the same order as mentioned; Swipe -> Slam -> Sweep -> Slam.

However, the following combinations are possible as well;

  1. Swipe -> Slam (the combo ends early)
  2. Slam -> Sweep -> Slam -> Swipe

Body Sweep

body sweep Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

The boss does a spin, covering a large AoE with its body and dealing significant damage to anything in its path. Therefore, I would recommend using highly-mobility characters to evade this attack or dash away from the boss as soon as it stands up to initiate the move.

Emerging Strike

emerging strike Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

The boss sinks into the ground and then travels toward the player; then, it emerges from the ground and slashes at the player with its front limbs. This attack is similar to Azhdaha’s “Burrow” attack, but the only difference is that Azhdaha attacks with its horns, and the Warden of Oasis Prime attacks with its front limbs.

attack Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

Remote Crusher

remote crusher Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

The boss sinks four legs into the ground, similar to the “Emerging Swipe” attack; however, in this instance, the four legs are sent toward the player, and they will slam down consecutively, dealing AoE damage in the process.

Players should back away from the boss as soon as the legs are sunk into the ground and either put up a shield or continue moving back as soon as the first leg pops up.

Tail Sweep

tail sweep Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

As the name suggests, this attack is a double tail sweep done when the player appears behind the boss. In most cases, all of the attacks (aside from this) are made to the area immediately in front of the boss, resulting in large AoE damage, meaning that players would have little to no reason to appear behind the boss.

However, while dodging and evading attacks, it is possible that players could end up behind the boss. This attack is not a major issue, to be completely honest, since it is pretty easy to dodge and would only be triggered if the player gets behind the boss.

Triple Slam

triple slam Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

This attack would be the most difficult to dodge and protect the on-field character simultaneously. Primarily because the attack is not singular, three consecutive slams that deal large AoE damage through spiky orbs that travel from the place of impact throughout the entire arena are dealt to the battlefield.

Players must keep moving or get to some high ground to avoid the spiky orbs from touching the on-field character. These spiky orbs have the ability to get to the player with the minimum effort since they have mild heat-seeker like ability.

Phase 2

phase 2 Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

This phase will contain the Proliferating Organisms; they will be listed below and explained. During this phase, players have to protect the Heart of Oasis because the Proliferating Organisms will be attacking it in an attempt to destroy the Heart of Oasis.

Players need to kill the Proliferating Organisms quickly while keeping an eye on the progress bar of the Heart of Oasis. If the Proliferating Organisms are successful in destroying the Heart of Oasis, players will fail this domain; however, if they are successful in protecting the Heart of Oasis, players will move on to the third and final phase.

Proliferating Organisms

Preliminary Proliferating Organisms

preliminary proliferating organisms Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

This creature has two different attacks;

  1. Melee – The creature that conducts the Melee attacks is a little larger than the Ranged creatures, and it will spawn right next to the Heart of Oasis.
  2. Ranged – These creatures are quite small and will stay away from the Heart of Oasis while dealing ranged damage to the Heart of Oasis via small orbs.

Protective Proliferating Organisms

protective proliferating organisms Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

This creature will provide shields to the Preliminary Proliferating Organisms, and this would be a hassle to deal with, so I recommend taking this creature out before attacking the Preliminary Proliferating Organisms.

Pernicious Proliferating Organisms

This creature is difficult to deal with since it moves swiftly. As soon as it spawns, this creature will start bouncing toward the Heart of Oasis; after it reaches the Heart of Oasis, the Pernicious Proliferating Organism will pause briefly before exploding, dealing a large volume of damage to the Heart of Oasis.

I would recommend placing an obstacle in its path, such as Zhongli’s or the Geo Travelers Elemental Skill. If not, players can simply attack and kill the creature before it reaches the Heart of Oasis. This creature is very similar to the Water Droplets formed during the battle with the Hydro Hypostasis.

Predatory Proliferating Organisms

predatory proliferating organisms Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

This creature is the most annoying to deal with because it initially seems to be a docile creature. However, once it consumes another Proliferating Organism, it enters a rampage mode where it will consume anything in its path in a rapid fashion.

The creature does not stop until it has been killed; additionally, it deals a significant amount of damage. Therefore, I recommend using a character that can produce a strong shield.

Provender Proliferating Organisms

provender proliferating organisms Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

This creature must be dealt with as soon as it spawns; as long as it is on-field, it will provide a buff to the Preliminary Proliferating Organisms on-field. Therefore, I would recommend destroying the Preliminary Proliferating Organisms because this will also directly reduce the Provender Proliferating Organism’s health.

Perch Proliferating Organisms

perch proliferating organisms Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

This creature is the easiest to deal with, in my opinion; even the effect that it has on the battle is mild in comparison to the rest.

If the player is too far from the creature, it will teleport to the player; however, that is where the attack ends. Additionally, the creature will spawn barriers and try to limit the player’s mobility; however, do not worry; players can jump over these barriers or use characters with excellent mobility.

Phase 3

phase 3 Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

Aftershocks of the Apocalypse

aftershocks of the apocalypse Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

This attack is the most difficult to dodge, and if a player gets caught in this, the on-field character is more than certain to die.

This type of large-scale attack seems to be the new trend with the weekly bosses since Scaramouche also has one. However, the process that goes into finding a safe haven during this attack is a lot simpler.

The attack starts after the boss executes “Emerging Strike” and then relocates itself at the center of the arena.

After getting to the center of the arena, the boss jumps up and down multiple times, summoning a floor of Dendro that deals damage constantly unless the players find a way to avoid touching the floor; however, the boss also forms three domes (“Revival’s Hymn”) that will protect the player from the Dendro floor as well as the last stage of the attack.

After this, the final part of the attack is carried out via a shower of Dendro rain that will kill any character on-field; the only way to avoid this is by taking shelter under the above mentioned “Revival’s Hymn” domes.

Double Swipe

double swipe Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

This attack is similar to the “Tail Sweep” attack in the first phase, but instead of using the tail, the boss will use the entire body to deal damage this time. This attack is done twice and can cover a large AoE, and if players cannot dodge on time, a significant amount of damage will be dealt.

Emerging Strike

emerging strike 1 Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

Similar to the attack in the first phase, the boss will sink into the ground and then emerge close to or next to the player. This attack is quite strong because, this time, a full body swipe is done, which covers a large AoE.

Helix Shower

helix shower Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

Multiple double helix-shaped projectiles are shot at the player; this attack covers a considerable distance; therefore, even if players are across the arena from the boss, the attack will reach the player. Consequently, I would recommend using a shield or constantly dashing to avoid this attack.

The indicator for this attack is quite large; therefore, players would have enough time to react to the oncoming attack and create some safety measures. This attack resembles Scaramouche’s “Cosmic Bombardment” attack; players can similarly evade both moves by constantly dashing.

Triple Airstrike

triple airstrike Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

A large area on the ground is marked, and a projectile that causes a very large AoE of damage is shot at the designated area.

This attack is complicated to dodge; therefore, I recommend using a shield or character that can move quickly, such as Xiao. Three consecutive airstrikes will be deployed, and a new location will be marked after each projectile drops. This means that players must move constantly to avoid the attack.

How to Beat the Warden of Oasis Prime

This boss is relatively easy to beat, mainly because; the first phase is quite weak, the second phase has multiple enemies, and the third phase is the only challenging one. Players need to keep a few things in mind when tackling this boss, and they are as listed below;

  1.  The most important thing to pay attention to would be the floor during the “Aftershocks of the Apocalypse” because this can greatly reduce the on-field characters’ health.
  2. Players need to hide under the “Revival’s Hymn,” which is a small dome that appears right before the large-scale Dendro rain attack that comes on during the last stage of the “Aftershocks of the Apocalypse” attack.
  3. Players must kill the Predatory Proliferating Organisms as soon as it spawns; if it is given a chance to consume a Preliminary Proliferating Organism, the Predatory Proliferating Organisms will cause a lot of trouble.
  4. Players should also destroy the Protective Proliferating Organism as soon as it spawns because if this Proliferating Organism is allowed to remain on the field, it will prolong the duration of the battle, resulting in a higher percentage of failing the second phase of this battle.
warden of oasis prime Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure
Image by Rashen Perera

Team Comps

As always, we will look at four team comps designed to take on and defeat this boss. It should be mentioned that players can swap characters out and put the characters they prefer to make the game more enjoyable for them.

This particular boss only has a special elemental RES for the Dendro element; therefore, players can use all other elements or physical damage to destroy the boss. Additionally, players can use their high-damage team comps in order to make the battle even more fun.

Free-To-Play Friendly

free to play friendly main team comp Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure

Main Team Comp

  • Main DPS – Kaeya, Weapon – Harbinger of Dawn
  • Sub DPS – Xiangling, Weapon – The Catch
  • Support – Noelle, Weapon – Whiteblind
  • Healer – Barbara, Weapon – Prototype Amber

In this team comp, Kaeya will be the focal point of the damage through Melt reactions. Xiangling will apply Pyro while providing a buff when Guoba despawns.

Kaeya can easily hold the fort down in terms of dealing damage, and Xiangling can sub in whenever Kaeya has cooldowns to deal with. Kaeya’s constant Cryo application through his Elemental Burst will provide a massive damage buff as long as Xiangling’s Elemental Burst is activated as well.

Xiangling’s Pyro application is among the best Pyro characters in Genshin Impact, which is why obtaining her for free is a massive plus for the players. Additionally, collecting her constellations is a fairly easy task, and this will add even more firepower (pun unintended) to the team damage.

I would recommend using Xiangling as an off-field Sub DPS with a more Support based role; this way, players can maximize the Melt damage that they can inflict.

Noelle’s role in this team comp is to apply shields and heal the teammates as well. In my opinion, Noelle’s shielding capabilities will be the deciding factor as to whether or not this team can survive.

I recommend starting the battle with Noelle and using her shields before swapping to either Xiangling or Kaeya. Noelle could even help the team by healing them through her Elemental Skill, which means that Noelle is a massive asset to the team.

Finally, we have our reliable free to play healer, Barbara. She is a great healer, but once again, she might interfere with the elemental reactions since she applies Hydro. Players could use this to their advantage by utilizing her for Vaporize damage or Crystallize reactions rather than Freeze.

Alternate Team Comp

  • Main DPS – Xiangling, Weapon – Harbinger of Dawn
  • Sub DPS – Noelle, Weapon – Whiteblind
  • Support –Lisa, Weapon – The Hakushin Ring
  • Healer – Barbara, Weapon – Prototype Amber

This time, Xiangling will be the one to lead the charge, along with Noelle playing a Sub DPS role. With Xiangling up front, I would recommend using her Elemental Burst as frequently as possible in order to maximize the damage output.

I would even suggest an Elemental Mastery build for Xiangling, primarily to make the most out of the elemental reactions.

In this team comp, Noelle will inflict damage while providing shields and healing the team, all in one go. She is a multi purpose unit in this team comp, and players are encouraged to use her frequently to collect the Crystallize reaction shards; this way, players can easily add more protective layers while minimizing the damage taken on.

Lisa will be used as an off-field Support character that can deploy her Elemental Burst and disappear while the Main DPS and Sub DPS characters handle the rest.

Her Elemental Skill will help add to the damage volume as well because the Electro application will help Xiangling deal more Overload damage. Players could even temporarily use her as an on-field DPS if Xiangling and Noelle need time to recuperate.

As always, we will be using Barbara as the healer; luckily for players, as a free character, Barbara is a pretty good healer and can be used in high-level team comps as well.

However, the only issue would be that she might interfere with the team’s reactions; one way to use this to the player’s advantage would be to use the Hydro applications for Vaporize reactions since they deal significant damage.

Best Team Comp

best team comp main team comp Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure


  • Main DPS – Hu Tao, Weapon – Staff of Homa
  • Sub DPS – Ganyu, Weapon – Amos Bow
  • Support – Kazuha, Weapon – Freedom Sworn
  • Healer – Diona, Weapon – Sacrificial Bow

Hu Tao, as we all know, is one of the best Main DPS characters in the game; therefore, players can easily utilize her in any team comp and expect large damage numbers. As the best Pyro Main DPS, Hu Tao excels in Melt and Vaporize team comps, so she fits in perfectly with this Melt team.

Players should aim to get her health as low as possible, and the best way to sustain this would be through Diona’s shields. There is no need to worry too much about healing because not only do players have Diona’s Elemental Burst, but they also have Hu Tao’s Elemental Burst that will heal herself.

Ganyu as a Sub DPS would be her best role for this team comp, primarily because of her ability to deal off-field damage. Players can quickly drop her Elemental Burst and swap her out for Hu Tao, and this way, players can easily carry out Melt reactions. I would recommend an Elemental Mastery build for Ganyu; this way, the damage dealt via Melt would be much more significant.

Players could also use her Elemental Skill to distract the Proliferating Organisms, and this will reduce the damage done to the Heart of Oasis. The best part about using Ganyu and Hu Tao is the fact that; Melt and Reverse Melt reactions are possible, resulting in a large volume of damage either way.

Kazuha is here to take the damage done by this team to the next level through his ability to buff Elemental Reactions. Not only will he help the team amplify their damage, but he will also provide some much-needed mobility during the final phase of the battle. In my opinion, Kazuha is the perfect addition to this team because of his off-field Elemental Burst, which will have a large AoE effect of the absorbed element.

I would recommend infusing Cryo into the Elemental Burst; this way, Hu Tao can continue dealing constant Melt damage even if Ganyu’s Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst ends its duration.

Diona is perfect for this team comp because she can apply Cryo, trigger Cryo Resonance with Ganyu, provide shields, and heal the team as well. By using “Sacrificial Bow” as her weapon, players have a chance to end the cooldown of the Elemental Skill immediately; therefore, this can result in players being able to apply Diona’s shields faster if players do take on any damage.

Alternate Team Comp

  • Main DPS – Raiden Shogun, Weapon – Engulfing Lightning
  • Main DPS – Kamisato Ayato, Weapon – Haran Geppaku Futsu
  • Support – Zhongli, Weapon – Staff of Homa
  • Healer – Kokomi, Weapon – Everlasting Moonglow

Raiden Shogun will be leading the charge in this team comp with her Electro application, and on-field and off-field damage capabilities will help the team in more ways than one.

Her Electro application through the Elemental Skill will be one of the most important attributes to this team comp because it will allow any character to carry out Electro related reactions such as; Electro-Charged and Electro Crystalize.

I would recommend using her Elemental Burst as often as possible because the most significant part of the damage done by this team comp will be through this.

Kamisato Ayato will play a shared Main DPS role since he can carry out on-field and off-field damage as well. This team comp is more or less a taser team because it would technically have infinite Electro-Charged reactions due to exceptional Electro and Hydro application.

Kamisato Ayato will also help deal with the Proliferating Organisms through his large AoE Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

If players can get their timing right, they can even use Kamisato Ayato’s Elemental Skill to carry out small AoE slashes, which will come in handy when dealing with the Premilinary Proliferating Organisms since they spawn more than one enemy.

Zhongli will be the one keeping the team safe from damage through his shields because Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato are close combat characters. Additionally, suppose Zhongli is equipped with the “Tenacity of the Millelith” artifact while his Elemental Skill is active and interacting with the opponent. In that case, players can expect an attack and shield buff.

This will be a game changer, given the large amounts of damage done by the boss, because players can use the stronger shields during the final phase when facing the “Aftershocks of the Apocalypse” attack.

Finally, we have Kokomi as our designated healer because she is, arguably, the best healer in the game. As a character with a kit dedicated to healing, Kokomi can heal through both her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

Additionally, she can apply Hydro as well, making her even more useful to the team. Kokomi can also trigger Hydro Resonance with Kamisato Ayato; this way, her healing capabilities will be amplified as well.


The rewards for the Guardian of Oasis Prime will include:

  1. Trounce Domain Boss drop material; Everamber, Primordial Greenbloom, Worldspan Fern
  2. Adventure EXP
  3. Companionship EXP
  4. Mora
  5. Character ascension stones (Dendro only)
  6. Five Star artifacts; Gladiators Finale, Wanderers Troupe, Instructor, Berserker
  7. Four Star artifacts; Gladiators Finale, Wanderers Troupe, Instructor, Berserker
  8. Three Star artifacts; Instructor, Berserker, Lucky Dog
  9. Two Star artifacts; Lucky Dog
Primordial Greenbloom
Primordial Greenbloom
worldspan fern
Worldspan Fern

The characters that use the above Trounce Domain Boss materials are;

  1. Everamber – Kirara
  2. Primordial Greenbloom – Kaveh
  3. Worldspan Fern – Baizhu

Achievement Name: Like the Sun’s Passage

In order to unlock this achievement, players need to avoid getting hit by the “Aftershocks of Apocalypse” attack.

Players can easily prevent this by hiding under one of the domes that will spawn during the attack. Players may take damage from the floor during the time frame required to get into one of the domes, but this can be avoided by using high-mobility characters such as Kazuha, Venti, and Keqing.

Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure Guide: FAQs

Question: Is the Warden of Oasis Prime similar to Azhdaha and Dvalin?

Answer: This particular Dragon has incredible lore behind it, which is a lot richer than that of Azhdaha and Dvalin as well, in my opinion. As one of the Seven Sovereigns, Apep is a very well-respected entity belonging to the Sumeru region.

Apep is a mighty being that created many lifeforms in the Sumeru region while protecting the nation and its inhabitants from Celestia. Although we do not know where Apep is right now or what form it has taken, its influence on Sumeru remains visible through locations named after it and a few other minor details as well.

Question: Was the Warden of Oasis Prime friends with King Deshret?

Answer: Yes, they were friends, but they were not the best of friends due to Apep’s nature restricting it from being too close to the gods. King Deshret had a great interest in the Apep’s ways and the ability to create lifeforms.

However, Apep should have stayed away from King Deshret’s civilization because, as a result of their bond, Apep was also infected with Forbidden Knowledge, resulting in years of immense pain and torment.

Question: Are Wenuts and other serpentine creatures children of the Warden of Oasis Prime?

Answer: Yes, up to some extent. Although whether the Wenuts and Serpentine creatures are literally children of Apep remains unknown, they do have a link that remains to be explored.

As we know, Apep contains the “Heart of Oasis,” which, as we know, contains concentrated forms of energy that can take the shape of different lifeforms. This particular phenomenon was displayed in Nahida’s second story quest, which we must complete to unlock Apep’s domain.

Genshin Impact Dragon of Vendure wenuts

Warden of Oasis Prime: Final Remarks

In my opinion, the Warden of Oasis Prime is the most lore rich Trounce Domain boss in the game so far. I would love to see more of Apep explored as the game progresses, not only the lore but the sheer power behind this Dragon as one of the seven sovereigns must be displayed.

As one of the few creatures that actively rebelled against Celestia and survived, there is a reason behind its survival, and it would help further the plot to explore this during flashbacks or even special story quests.

Moving forward, the game developers have left plenty of room to explore Apep’s abilities and life after being cleared of the Forbidden Knowledge. Hopefully, we will be able to look into the lives of the other Dragon Sovereigns as well since they played such a vital role in the story before the Archons became the ones to rule over the lands.

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