Genshin Impact Secret Achievements Guide

Genshin Impact Secret Achievements Guide

I’m one of those players who want to complete every piece of content Genshin Impact has to offer. Seelies, puzzles, domains, you name it, I’ll be doing it.

Though I cannot always maintain a fast pace, I try my best to get things done. My daily routine is to plug in some good EDM music, open up the Genshin Impact map, and grind collectibles.

While scouring for Primogems throughout the lands of Teyvat, I realized the importance of achievements. They don’t give you a ton of Primogems, but they arguably offer something more valuable. Bragging rights.

Incentives always make us complete tasks faster. So what could be better than getting recognized for flawlessly completing a task? Achievements play a great role in the game, and greater is the joy when you discover something unknown to the masses and get rewarded for that.

Hidden achievements, a niche that most players tend to forget, are what drive a completionist. I’m all for quirky and mysterious achievements. Accomplishments that aren’t listed in the game but appear when you fulfill certain criteria.

To showcase some of the notable hidden achievements, in this Genshin Impact Secret Achievements guide, I will share notable hidden achievements that I got in the game and will share the process to help you add these to our completed achievements list. 

Achievements: Freemogems Here I Come

Listing all the hidden achievements in the game would be a tedious task. That’s why I only list noteworthy hidden achievements I got throughout my journey. Here are the criteria I went with: 

Selection Criteria

  • Achievements you get from story quests, hangouts, bosses, or world quests won’t be considered. However, hidden world quests’ or achievements you get by triggering a quest’s alternate ending would be considered.
  • I considered achievements that cannot be found in the game’s achievements list until you unlock them.
  • Accomplishments that most players get from natural progression or play will not be considered.

Gameplay, No Pain, No Gain


5 x Primogems

You get a wholesome achievement once you click a photo on the heart island. The island is located between Yaoguang Shoal and the Guyun Stone forest. You can go to the island with a friend and stand in the heart-shaped formation.

It depends on you whether you want to start your journey from Yaoguang Shoal or the Stone forest. I’d recommend starting from the stone forest because you can easily glide to the island.

Once you click a photo, an achievement will splash on your screen, and a luxurious chest will spawn. One thing to remember is that only the host can claim the chest and not both players. I completed this with another fellow writer on our team, Callum.

…Smells like Asphalt

5 x Primogems

You can get this achievement only in the underground area of the Chasm because it occurs when your character is brought down by the contaminated dark mud. Remember to unequip your Lumenstone Adjuvant first as you approach a pile of mud.

Once you are near the muddy pile, your character’s health will start to deplete, and eventually, they will die. Once they perish, an achievement will flash on your screen that’ll grant you five primogems and will be listed under the Wonders of the World category.

Sky High

5 x Primogems

After you complete the “Thaw All The Shards Out” quest, you can free the Skyfrost nail from the top of Dragonspine. Once released, the nail will rise above in the sky, and getting on top will give you achievement. You can climb a hilltop near the teleport point, activate Anemo totems and eventually glide to the nail.

I Hate ‘Em Myself!

5 x Primogems

You’d expect a wild jungle cat, a cute little bird, or flying fungi in the wilderness, but what would you expect in the middle of a desert? A mirage, scorpions, or maybe a Wenut. They are fierce native predators of the sand who are on the lookout for their prey.

They will wait for the perfect moment to ambush you. Once they are about to hit you, a circular indicator will flash on the ground, and the next thing you know is a ferocious sandworm. After a Wenut hits you for the first time, an achievement will flash on the screen.

Drifting in the Wild

5 x Primogems

Quite ironic that a desert full of poisonous creatures has harmless tumbleweeds rolling out in desolate places. With not a living being in sight, you’ll find these rolling balls of scrap cruising everywhere. Even the slightest touch is enough to break these fragile balls. Go near a tumbleweed, stand in front of it, and get the achievement.

“Seeds of Stories, Brought by the Wind…”

5 x Primogems

Places like the Chasm, Enkanomiya, and the Abyss aren’t a part of Teyvat’s main map, but you can still unlock these unique areas by following the story. However, there are unmarked places that exist in Teyvat that are completely unknown to the players.

The nameless island, an island located northeast of the Starfell valley in Mondstadt, is a place that’s obscure to the majority of the players. An island that may seem inaccessible at first, but is open to any player who wants to push their limits and glide all the way to the site.

Before you glide from the cliff to the island, I would suggest consuming some stamina-reduction food. It’s likely that you might get an achievement for gliding while trying to reach the island.

Once you reach the island, you can also initiate the quest, and it will eventually lead you back to Mondstadt’s area. You can interact with a ragged book on the island to trigger a hidden world quest, Time and Wind.

Golden Gliding License

genshin impact secret achievements
Glide for a long period of time

10 x Primogems

Another achievement can be obtained by gliding for a long distance. I suggest going to the teleport point on top of Qingyun Peak and gliding until you eventually touch down again.

I reckon that you will get the achievement before your character lands on the ground. Following the same food buff, and character passive mentioned before, you can achieve this.

Untellable Tale

5 x Primogems

Who would have imagined that you could get a hidden Crimson Agate by feeding some foxes? One of my friends recently completed Crimson wishes, and it would be quite surprising to them that one Crimson Agate was always hiding in plain sight.

Being a time-gated task, you have to feed the foxes with 2 Berries for six days, and on the last day, you will receive a Precious chest with a Crimson Agate in it. Even if you miss a day, the chain continues, so mark the place, visit once in a while, and get your precious chest.

… You could Hear Paimon All along, couldn’t You?

5 x Primogems

This was by far the funniest achievement I ever got. Messing with Paimon is always fun. You have to go to your settings menu and tweak the dialogue volume in the audio settings. Once Paimon has repeated herself four times, she will rant, and you will get the achievement.

Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

genshin impact secret achievements - taking responsibility for your actions
Achievement for apologizing to Timmie

5 x Primogems

We all have gone through the usual daily commissions. They feature some of the simplest tasks in the game in exchange for a few primogems. Collecting things, clearing monsters, or securely transporting materials are a few assignments that you could get.

However, there are alternate endings to some of these commissions. You don’t necessarily have to go through the alternate endings every time, as finishing their alternate conclusion once is enough to get secret hidden achievements.

“Pigeon, Duck, and Child” is one such commission where you have to kill the ducks that Timmie will tell you to feed.

Quite heartbreaking for poor Timmie, but once you do that, you are welcomed with a new quest, “Sorry Timmie!” where you have to apologize to him. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Next time, be a little nice, Traveler.

They Enter the Flow

5 x Primogems

A unique exploration mechanic unlocks once you complete a major world quest, Varuna Gatha. A mechanic that can control the area’s weather. You have to click the picture of the Varunastra when the time is 00:00 or 12:00 in the game.

The catch is that you cannot use the Kamera Gadget or Special Kamera and have to use the game’s in-game photo mode. I would suggest following the Aranyaka world quest series first to unlock major parts of Sumeru region and then complete this task.

Bon Appétit

5 x Primogems

Who doesn’t love food? I’m a foodie myself. A lot of times, you will use food items to heal your characters or benefit from their unique exploration buffs. To get this achievement, you have to have all your characters in a full state.

There is a smiley indicator near your characters’ cards when you overfeed them, and once that’s visible on all your party members, you will earn 5 Primogems. I suggest using low-value, high-volume food to reach the fullness status on your characters.

Even if you don’t have good dishes, you can go with abundant food items like Apples or Sunsettias and consume them. I recommend lowering the food item count as the value persists when you switch to another character, and that wastes precious food.

Quest Failed

genshin impact secret achievements - quest failed
Just let the timer expire to get the achievement

5 x Primogems

There are various reputation systems in different nations where you can accept bounties and reputation quests. Once you complete those quests, you can get reputation EXP. To unlock this achievement, you have to accept a bounty and let the timer run out in the bounty area. 

Boared to Death

genshin impact secret achievements - boared to death
Get hit by a boar in the wild

5 x Primogems

Quite literally. I remember getting this achievement in the early game. I didn’t know that the game had hidden achievements at that time. I was roaming around in the wild, fighting hilichurls, and collecting drop materials near the Cecilia Garden domain.

I vividly remember being at low health and seeing a boar coming at me. I thought, what could these boars do anyways? Seems like it really did a number on my Traveler, and they vanished into oblivion. Boared to Death flashed on my screen, and it was my first introduction to the concept of hidden achievements.

Wrath of the Gods

genshin impact secret achievements - wrath of the gods
Get struck by lightning in Inazuma

5 x Primogems

Quite an easy achievement to get. Once you reach Inazuma, you will notice the whole island is cursed by lightning. The thunder won’t go away unless you complete the world quest, Orobashi’s legacy.

Well, lucky for us, because once you get hit by thunder, you will get this achievement. It’s easy to get hit before doing the world quest, as the thunder will track your character and strike near them.

Summit of Wisdom

5 x Primogems

For this one, you must climb to the top of a tree in Sumeru city. Be careful while climbing it because you may fall. I slipped a few times until I reached the tallest branch. There’s also a Dendroculus on a branch near it that you can grab.

Press CTRL to switch to walking or get into Aim mode with a bow character, so you don’t fall. Reach the end of the branch to get the achievement.

Quick as Lightning

genshin impact secret achievements - quick as lightning
Keep running!

10 x Primogems

Another achievement that requires you to cover some distance. You must sprint or run continuously for around 15+ seconds to achieve this. Even if your stamina runs out, keep on jumping and moving forward.

The best place to do this challenge is outside Mondstadt’s city gates. You can run on the road outside the gate and avoid enemies roaming in the wild.

It’s the Same as Having Wings

genshin impact secret achievements - it's the same as having wings
Glide a long distance

10 x Primogems

The achievement requires you to glide continuously for 80 seconds. As a beginner player, you might not have enough stamina to complete this challenge, but you can give it a shot by eating stamina-reduction food and having two Anemo characters at your party.

Otherwise, you can also have a character like Amber, whose passive helps Gliding Champion, decreasing all party members’ stamina consumption rate while gliding. I achieved this while trying to reach the nameless island from the Starsnatch cliff.

Opportunistic Gain

5 x Primogems

Quite a quirky achievement. You have to make the Fungi fight each other in this one. Once you unlock the Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss, you will find a lot of Fungi under the boss arena. Startle all of them and try to make them follow you so you can easily group them.

Once they are together, they will start to attack each other, and achievement will splash on your screen. Seems like you are quite a fixer like Thoma. Getting things done by manipulation.

Nice Boat!

genshin impact secret achievements - nice boat!
Ride your friend’s Waverider

5 x Primogems

Waveriders have been a boon to the exploration of bodies of water within this game. I’ve spent so much time riding the vast ocean of Teyvat in search of floating boxes to get some Mora.

You can achieve a nice achievement once you hop in your friend’s Waverider. You can have them join your world and go to a Waverider point to summon Waveriders. Once you get into your friend’s Waverider, you can get the achievement.

Mighty and Illuminated Waverider

genshin impact secret achievements - mighty and illuminated waverider
Continuously sail your Waverider

5 x Primogems

You must ride your Waverider for quite a long time for this achievement. A safe time would be more than 3 minutes, after which you have to eject from your Waverider to see the achievement splash on your screen.

You don’t have to push Waverider’s stamina for this achievement; keep surfing.

Beloved of the Anemo Archon

5 x Primogems

The achievement features a really sweet short task. You have to sit in the hands of the State of Barbatos in Mondstadt for this one. Teleport on the top of the Knights of Favonius headquarters and glide straight to Venti’s statue.

Once you climb the statue, you will see an option to Sit near the hands. Sit there, enjoy, and take a picture.

It’s a Reference!

Déjà Vu

genshin impact secret achievements - déjà vu
Run out of the stamina on your Waverider

5 x Primogems

Initial D intensifies. I love the reference here. Initial D is one of my favorite anime series of all time, and whenever I hear the word, Déjà vu, their signature song flashes in my head. We don’t have cars in the game yet, but we do have Waveriders.

You must continuously surf at high speed and let your Waverider’s stamina run out. Once you hit the required time limit, the achievement will splash on your screen.

…And Her Name is the Mary Celeste

5 x Primogems

You might be thinking that it may be a reference to the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” where almost every other ship was getting destroyed in some battle. There was a Black Pearl, but there was no “Mary Celeste.”

Turns out, Mary Celeste was a vessel that was abandoned in the Antarctic ocean. Her cargo was intact, and there was no shortage of supplies on the board.

It was quite a shocking discovery because why would someone desert a ship in the middle of nowhere? Was it the work of a giant squid? Did someone attack the ship? Was there a mutiny? With no solid evidence came an abundance of conspiracy theories. Here’s the must-read real-life story, if you’re interested 

Unfortunately, unlike the story, you have to witness the destruction of your Waverider to get the achievement. Go near some enemies, let them do their thing, and eventually, the ship’s health will reach zero. Don’t try to game the system by going near natural phenomena like whirlpools. That won’t count.

Fine, I’ll Do It Myself

genshin impact secret achievements - fine, i'll do it myself
Defeat the Primo Geovishap without a shield character

5 x Primogems

I’ve been watching Marvel movies for a long time now. As a kid, I used to watch Spiderman movies on repeat and tried to mimic Tobey Maguire’s signature web move. New movies started coming out, and I got hooked on the Iron man franchise.

Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans, I grew up watching these phenomenal actors. Like any other superhero movie, there were villains who posed a threat to humanity, but none had the charisma of Josh Brolin as Thanos in the Infinity War arc.

After the movies aired, the internet was loaded with Thanos memes. “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be,” “Reality can whatever be I want,” “Impossible,” his words echoed in the meme chambers of the internet.

One among them was, “Fine, I’ll do it myself,” a monologue by Thanos at the ending credits scene of the Age of Ultron.

To get this achievement, you have to defeat the Primo Geovishap without a shield character. Fighting a mystical creature with unique elemental powers is no less than facing Thanos himself.

Yet the Darkness Did Not Overcome It…

genshin impact secret achievements - yet the darkness did not overcome it...
Use the Lumenstone Adjuvant

5 x Primogems

The darkness cannot overcome the light. Something we’ve been told over since the concept of time. This a reference to a verse in the Holy Bible that depicts the power of the light to cleanse the darkness in our hearts. A subtle cultural reference that makes you ponder over the meaning of life and karma.

To purge the darkness in the underground area of the Chasm, you have to use the Lumenstone Adjuvant’s blooming light to purify the oozing concentrations of contaminated mud. Once you truly harness the power of the light, an achievement will splash on the screen.

Who Let the Dogs Out

5 x Primogems

Woof Woof! Who let the dogs out? Who! Who! This a direct reference to a song by Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out. A nostalgic trip to my school days when I used to sing this in unison with my friends.

Being a pet lover, I cannot bear to see animals in distress. I hate people who aren’t kind to animals. You must free a caged dog on Jinren Island in Inazuma for this achievement.

Teleport or ride to the island on your Waverider, and you will see a caged dog near an enemy. To free the dog, you need to find a metal key that can be found on the island. The key is near some stacked boxes near a seelie holder.

Once you get the key, head back to the cage and free the dog. I would suggest feeding something to the dog. Fun fact, once you let the dog out and follow it, it will lead you to a precious chest. Talk about man’s best friend.

Han Always Shoots First…

5 x Primogems

This a reference to the Raiders of the Lost arc movie where Indiana (Harrison Ford) and Marion (Karen Allen) are attacked by assassins in the Cairo market. While Marion uses a frying pan to defend herself, Indiana whips out his revolver to settle matters quickly.

Here you have to shoot an Eremite while they’re performing a sword juggle animation. There are plenty of Eremites in the Sumeru region, and you can easily find one of them and get the achievement. Be patient enough to move away from them and attack them with perfect timing.

Get Over Here!

genshin impact secret achievements - get over here!
Find a Winged Dendroshroom and bring it down with your attacks

5 x Primogems

You probably read this achievement’s name in Scorpion’s voice from Mortal Kombat. He’s the only reason I followed the franchise and watched the movie. To achieve this, you must bring down a Winged Dendroshroom with attacks.

Have a bow character in your team do their thing, and eventually, it’ll land on the ground; you might as well slay it. I love Fungi, they’re so cute, but we need their materials.

Fantastic Four

genshin impact secret achievements - fantastic four
The team I used for the achievement

10 x Primogems

Remember the movie Fantastic four, where four superhumans try to save the world from, of course, enemies of mankind? I had my eyes on this one for quite a long time. I didn’t have many characters in the early game phase.

Once I learned about hidden achievements, I started completing them as soon as possible. Fantastic four requires you to complete a domain with 4 characters of the same element.

I vividly remember completing the Taishan Mansion domain with 4 Cryo characters: Diona, Chongyun, Qiqi, and Kaeya. Qiqi was my first 5-star character, and Chongyun was my first 4-star character. Quite a combo to get this unique achievement.

On a Magic Carpet Ride

5 x Primogems

Where have you seen magic carpets? In Disney’s Aladdin, of course. I used to play Disney’s Aladdin on my computer in third grade. I’m one of those who call themselves ’90s kids; it was the era when 8-bit games were still futuristic and modern.

It was exhilarating to cross such a distance via wind loops. It’s necessary to complete a time trial to earn this achievement. You can find the trial near a teleport point to the south of Old Vanarana.

Turn around the teleport point a bit, go down, and you will see the challenge. Once you start it, you will go through plenty of wind loops to reach your destination with a precious chest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I Need to Complete All the Secret Achievements in the Game?

Answer: There are a plethora of achievements in the game. I reckon it’s possible to do all of them in a few days. Some are locked behind world quests, while others require you to complete certain exploration objectives.

I’d advise you to follow a steady pace throughout the game and enjoy the story. You can complete all the secret achievements in the game, but there’s no rush.

Question: How Tough are Hidden Achievements?

Answer: Most of them are pretty straightforward. Ones tied with world quests can be lengthy depending on the tasks and progress you have in that region. I suggest clearing out any obstacles that you may face during exploration.

For example, suppose you have to investigate Inazuma without getting hit by lightning. In that case, you must complete the World quest, Orobashi’s legacy, to clear out thunderclouds. After that, you can easily explore the area.

Question: Are Primogems from Hidden Achievements Worth the Effort?

Answer: I reckon you wouldn’t get a lot of primogems from these achievements. Most of the achievements give 5 or 10 primogems to the players. Some achievements give you 20 primogems, but at the same time, they require quite an effort.

Thinking Outside The Box

Hidden achievements do add spice to the game. As they say, curiosity is the mother of invention, which leads people to experiment with unique things in the world to obtain otherworldly outcomes.

While these results are backed by scientific methods in the real world, in the magical world of Teyvat, experiments lead to unique phenomena and, thus, exceptional consequences.

The more you experiment in the game, the more you discover and learn about things. Applying the same logic in the game will help unlock mysterious hidden achievements, rewarding you with primogems.

As a veteran Genshin Impact player, I highly advocate overworld exploration and thinking out-of-the-box. Gliding for the longest time possible, swimming across islands, or getting yourself eradicated by a strange environmental phenomenon will give you an achievement to showcase your experience.

Wrapping up, I’d suggest following our world quest guides that can help you unlock unique areas in the game.

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