Hilichurl Guide

Hilichurl Guide

When it comes to the vast open world of Genshin Impact, you will encounter many different flora and fauna throughout your adventures. Be it beautiful vibrant flowers or intimidating enemies; you will experience both the thrill of battle and a fun journey in the overworld. To allow players to get an immersible gaming experience, Genshin Impact enables players to collect plants and unique items from enemies, to eventually utilize them to invest in characters.

Players need specific materials for ascending characters, weapons or even crafting different gadgets. This will require players to collect drops of ranging rarity from enemies, bosses, and overworld plants.

When I started playing Genshin Impact, I wasn’t focused enough on farming materials, but as I started progressing through adventure ranks. And started investing in my characters; I was running short on various Genshin materials in my inventory.

Most of them were overworld plant materials because I chose a pacifist path to play the game. Eventually, I had to do what needed to be done with a strong heart. And now I have excessive monster materials in my inventory.

In this Hilichurl guide, I’ll go through one common enemy that you will regularly encounter throughout your journey in Genshin Impact and engage with them occasionally in different Genshin quests and daily tasks.


Hilichurls genshin

Hilichurls are the primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat’s wilderness. Though they look similar to human beings, they don’t possess any intellect or spirituality. Being on the continent for a long time, they don’t have any history of civilization.

Since the pitch-black calamity that happened five hundred years ago, they scattered across different land areas. Hilichurls aren’t very organized and lack strength, but once in a while, they can bring trouble to human beings in their day-to-day life.

I won’t say that they are as aggressive as other enemies like Fatui agents because in some quests with Ella Musk, you try to interact with hilichurls to learn their language. Ella musk will give you a document where she has listed some sentences and instructs you to speak with hilichurls to verify her findings. I recommend you go through that quest guide on the site to know more about it and opt for the correct dialogues to finish the quest.

Hilichurls have an athletic physique and a face mask with dark grey arms and legs. They have brownish cream color furs around their facemask and have bandages wrapped around their arms.

You’ll be able to recognize them because the first task you get after you start Genshin Impact is to clear out a hilichurl camp with Amber. If you are a low adventure rank player, you will encounter various types of hilichurls in the overworld, daily quests, and the spiral abyss.

Hilichurls: Ascension Materials

Hilichurls Ascension Materials

When it comes to farming materials in the overworld, Genshin Impact relies on players to collect exquisite materials and use them for talent ascension, weapon ascension, or crafting items.

This makes farming overworld materials or enemy drops in Genshin Impact one of the essential tasks for players to do periodically. Sure, you can choose not to farm tons of them, but as you collect characters and weapons in the longer run, your requirements will increase for materials.

Currently, Hilichurls dropped the following materials:

  • Damaged Mask: 1-star rarity
  • Firm Arrowhead: 1-star rarity
  • Stained Mask: 2-star rarity
  • Sharp Arrowhead: 2-star rarity
  • Ominous Mask: 3-star rarity
  • Weathered Arrowhead: 3-star rarity

I’ve listed the overall drops that you will be able to obtain from different types of hilichurls and utilize them for unique purposes. Let’s go over the characters that can use these materials for their ascension and talent ascension.

I’ve listed characters that will use masks and arrowheads for their ascension and talent material ascension. You can use arrowheads for talent ascensions except for Traveller’s ascension.

Even if you don’t have all of these characters, you will need to collect these materials from ascending different weapons. With an abundance of weapons in Genshin Impact, I’m sure you will end up with some weapons requiring Hilichurl masks and arrowheads for ascension.

I highly recommend you keep farming materials periodically and keep your supplies in check. This will help you avoid running low on them in the future and consistently invest in your characters.

Hilicurls Locations

Hilicurls Locations

Let’s go over different locations where you can spot hilichurls and collect their materials.

  • You will find that Mondstadt has plenty of Hilichurl camps where you can find them and defeat them to obtain their drops. Sometimes you may find them in caves or on the city’s outskirts when doing daily quests.
  • Liyue is a vast area full of monsters. Combine that with mountain terrain, and you have an aroma of battle. Hilichurls camps aren’t tough to find, and you will find them roaming around.
  • Unlike the other two regions where Hilichurls can be found easily, Inazuma is more dominant in other enemy factions. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find Hilichurls in Inazuma; there are a few locations where you can find them.

You may choose to ignore marking their locations on the map because they already are in abundance in Genshin Impact, but if you want to farm a lot of hilicurls, I recommend you mark their locations and take a detour once in a while to collect their materials. 

Hilichurl Types

When it comes to enemies in Genshin Impact, there are many different types. Mitachurls, for example, possess other elements and have unique abilities. Hilichurls also belong to various elements and display different attack patterns.

I’ve covered different types of Mitachurls in a guide, and you can follow that to know more about them. It’s common to see Mitachurls and Hilichurls together, so reading that guide with this one would be killing two birds with one stone.

Let’s go over different types of Hilichurls, and I’ll give my brief remarks about them.


Hilichurl Types

Hilichurls are the primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat’s wilderness. Though they look similar to human beings, they don’t possess any intellect or spirituality. Being on the continent for a long time, they don’t have any history of civilization.

Being the most common type of Hilichurl, you will often see them in the overworld, and they are easy to defeat. These basic hilichurls don’t have different attack sequences like their counterparts, and the last attack consists of throwing a rock at you. 

Hilichurl Fighter

Hilichurl Fighter

What happens when a hilichurl chooses to pick a wooden club and is angry, you get a Hilichurl fighter. Hilichurl fighter, as the name suggests, displays aggressive attack behavior and try to smack a wooden piece at the player. You can avoid his attack by going out of his melee range and easily positioning yourself.

When you are out of his melee range, he will try to switch to two different attacks. The first one is where he will try to charge at you, swing his wooden club with full force, and smack you. Another one is where he goes crazy and comes at you swinging his wooden club.

Though the incoming damage isn’t significant enough to drop your health bar to red, it still has a staggering effect on the character. The only thing that annoys me isn’t heavy incoming damage but attacks that stagger characters and disrupt character swap or rotation. So, whenever I see enemies that can stagger me, I press Raiden’s ult and vaporize their whole clan instantly.

If the Hilichurl Fighters club comes into contact with Pyro, it will start burning, similar to Mitachurl’s wooden shield. The club will disappear unless affected by any other elemental reaction to extinguish the fire.

Once the wooden club disappears, the Hilichurl fighter will have the same attack patterns as basic hilichurl. He will try to punch you if you come in his melee range and throws a rock at you from a distance.

I don’t think you need to take them seriously; just pay a little attention to them if your characters are underdeveloped.  If you see them in the spiral abyss, you can use any crowd control character like Venti to wipe them off in a single burst and enjoy full stars on the chamber.

Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard

Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard


What happens when you give a hilichurl fighter a shield? You get a wooden shield hilichurl guard.

He will have a wooden club and wooden shield, which can interact with Pyro and start burning. You can quickly destroy both in a short period of burning; however, if Pyro comes into contact with other elements like electro, cryo, or hydro, the burning status will disappear. The best way to destroy their shield and club is to have a pyro character in the party.

One problem with a wooden shield is that you cannot destroy it instantly, even with a high damage burst of characters like Raiden or Zhongli. Although lore-wise, they can slash mountains in pieces and slay mighty beasts instantly, they cannot tear a hilichurl’s wooden shield. Hmm, interesting.

Coming to attack patterns, Hilichurl will try to follow the same attack sequence as that of the Hilichurl fighter if the shield is destroyed. Swinging the club one time, charging at the player with rapid swings and one charged attack, similar to an earlier version.

If you can successfully destroy both wooden shield and club, the attack pattern will be of basic hilichurl, where the hilichurl will try to punch you in melee range or throw a rock at you from a distance. As you disarm the hilichurl, you can see that he will start following the attack patterns of previous hilichurls. So, it’s just a new name for a hilichurl fighter with a shield.

Hilichurl Shooter

Hilichurl Shooter

Hilichurl shooters wield simple crossbows. It is commonly believed that there is an organization that controls the hilichurls from behind the scenes and furnishes them with equipment and material supplies. The Abyss Mages that often accompany these hilichurls are especially suspicious.

Hilichurl shooters have a crossbow that they use to attack the player. They will try to attack you from a distance with an arrow after charging for a short time. The incoming damage isn’t significant; however, the annoying thing about his attack is disrupting your character’s movement. You will experience a small knockback when the arrow hits you.

Pyro Hilichurl Shooter

Pyro Hilichurl Shooter

These archers wield simple crossbows, and their arrowheads are coated with a thin layer of flammable material that can set their targets on fire. 

Pyro Hilichurl shooters have dark red color fur and patterns on their bodies. Their clothing has a red-brown color and has a pyro symbol on their mask. Generally, when you see an enemy capable of using a particular element, it will have that same element’s color scheme and aura.

As the name suggests, Pyro Hilichurl shooters try to shoot arrows infused with Pyro from a distance with their crossbow. The player will receive pyro dmg upon the hit, and in some cases, hilichurl will do an advanced attack, shooting five arrows simultaneously in a cone area.

The advanced attack isn’t a big deal in the overworld because you don’t have to protect a monolith unless it’s a daily quest. Players need to save a leyline monolith from some challenges when it comes to the spiral abyss. Pyro hilichurl shooter’s advanced attack can pose a severe threat to monolith’s health because they can cover a wide area and attack from a distance.

So, better be ready to grab them at the first opportunity and wipe them off to keep the leyline health intact from ranged attacks. Characters like Venti, Sucrose, and Kazuha are pretty helpful in these scenarios where you can group enemies at a single point and damage them.

Hilichurl Grenadier

Hilichurl Grenadier

Unlike Hilichurl pyro shooters, grenadiers will try to throw pyro slime at you, which will explode on contact. There aren’t many variations in his attack pattern; however, pyro slime explosion depends on different conditions.

His primary attack follows a regular hilichurl attack pattern where he will try to approach you and punch you in his melee range. He will pull out a pyro slime from the ground and throw the player in his other attack sequence.

The slime will deal AoE pyro damage with an explosion. If you manage to extinguish the heat on the slime with an elemental reaction, then the explosion damage would be minimal and converted to physical damage.

If the slime falls to the ground, it will explore with a bright spark. If the slime is off the heat, it will explore with a dull spark. You don’t need to focus on the slime because, in combat, you will rarely have time to see what’s coming at you.

While most attacks aren’t aggressive and fatal to the character’s health, getting hit by the slime may stagger your character resulting in disruption of character swap or team rotation. This is annoying in the spiral abyss where you have to clear content for a limited time, and a simple mistake can cost restarting a chamber.

So, I’ll recommend you pay attention to your surroundings and avoid getting hit by enemies that will attack from a distance.

Hilichurl Berserker

Hilichurl Berserker

Hilichurl berserker is the pyro version of hilichurl fighter, where his club is infused with Pyro. You can quickly extinguish the fire with an elemental reaction by applying other elements like Electro, Cryo, or Hydro. Hilichurl berserker is an aggressive enemy who will come charging at you and try to annoy you in combat.

Luckily, he doesn’t have many attack patterns, similar to what Hilichurl fighter has. He will try to attack you with his wooden club, and if infused, it will deal pyro damage on a hit. Another quite aggressive attack is to come charging at you and recklessly swing his wooden club to attack you. You can easily dodge the attack; however, if you come in the way, expect to get hit continuously and get staggered.

Cryo Hilichurl Shooter

Cryo Hilichurl Shooter

Cryo Hilichurl shooters are like Pyro hilichurl shooters with cryo elements in their command and appearance, synergizing with cryo elements. They have sky blue bandages on their arms, wield a crossbow, have a cryo icon on their mask, and have sky-blue fur. They have an athletic physique and wear a dark-blue-colored skirt.

Cryo hilichurl shooter will try to attack you from a distance after charging up an arrow in their crossbow. Their advanced attack consists of shooting five arrows in a cone-shaped area that has a high possibility to hit you. Their attacks aren’t significant enough in the overworld; however, they make you vulnerable to elemental reactions in the spiral abyss because of cryo application on the hit.

They become annoying in chambers where you have to protect a leyline monolith, and their attacks from a distance can threaten the monolith’s health. So, try to wrap them up as soon as possible and other ranged enemies when trying to protect a monolith in a challenge.

Electro Hilichurl Shooter

Electro Hilichurl Shooter

Electro Hilichurl shooters are similar to other hilichurl shooters where they shoot arrows with an elemental infusion. Electro hilichurl shooters have light violet-colored bandages on their arms and wear dark violet-colored clothing. They wield a crossbow to shoot the arrows at the player from a distance, which deals physical damage to the player.

In their advanced version, they will shoot five arrows in a cone-shaped area, and it’s tough to avoid them when you are fighting in the spiral abyss. With many enemies in the surroundings, it becomes tough to focus on an enemy attacking you from the other end of the room. So, I’ll recommend you to finish up ranged enemies first and then focus on completing the challenge.

Rock Shield Hilichurl Guard

Rock Shield Hilichurl Guard

Rock shield hilichurl guard has a geo shield and a rock club to attack the player. Their appearance is similar to Hilichurl fighters and has similar attack patterns when disarmed. Rock shield hilichurl guard will approach you, close the distance, and finally try to hit you with his rock club. Quite sneaky if you ask me.

But their shields will act as geo constructs and can be destroyed with claymores or geo attacks. So, having a character with a claymore can benefit your team. Another way to destroy their shields is to trigger an overload reaction resulting in explosions that eventually destroy shields.

Cryo Hilichurl Grenadier

Cryo Hilichurl Grenadier

Cyro Hilichurl Grenadiers are similar to Pyro Hilchurl grenadiers, the difference being they throw cryo slimes instead of Pyro. They look the same as cryo hilichurl shooters and have bandages around their arms with dark blue skirts. You can quickly identify them from the cryo mark on their mask and sky blue fur around their face area.

Cryo Hilichurl Grenadier will try to dig a cryo slime from the ground and hurl it towards the player. It will area AoE cryo damage to the player if it hits, and if it falls to the ground, it will explode on that place after a short period. Unlike pyro slime, which reacts with other elements, Cryo slime doesn’t have any elemental reaction and different reaction phases.

Ice Shield Hilichurl Guard

Ice Shield Hilichurl Guard

Ice Shield Hilichurl guards are similar to other hilichurl guards, with the only difference being their cryo club and cryo shield. They have a cryo shield to defend against attacks and slowly approach you to attack you with a cryo club. Likewise, you can also sneak behind them and attack them for a quick win.

Melting their shield and cryo club with pyro attacks work the best, and it becomes essential to have one pyro character in the party when facing these enemies. You will often encounter them in the Dragonspine region because of its cold, snowy environment.

Their attack patterns become similar to a hilichurl fighter once their shield is destroyed and try to swing his cryo club at you, make a charged attack or just come charging recklessly swinging the club.

Electro Hilichurl Grenadier

Electro Hilichurl Grenadier

Electro Hilichurl Grenadier is another variation of Grenadier enemies who try to dig a slime from the ground, grab it and then hurl it towards the player. They will hastily search the ground and pull out an electro slime which will deal with AoE electro dmg on the hit.

You can stagger them and knock electro slime from their hands to let the slime fall to the ground. After a short period, the slime will detonate automatically and deal with AoE electro damage in the impact area.

Electro slime will not show any reaction with other elements like Pyro slime does, so you don’t have to worry about any elemental reactions going around.

Unusual Hilichurl

Unusual Hilichurl

If you give a hilichurl nice suitcase with decent looks, you get Unusual hilichurl or Menace of the mansion. Unlike other hilichurl enemies found anywhere in the regions, Unusual hilichurl is special. Only two unusual Hilichurls spawn in 12 hours if you manage to defeat both of them. This hilichurl is an easter egg based on Da Wei, the director, and co-founder of Hoyoverse.

Unusual Hilichurl will not attack you unless you initiate the fight, so take a few moments to take pictures with him or just relax beside him. Among all the enemies in Genshin Impact, I find him one of the coolest. Once you initiate the fight and make him angry, he will try to slam you with his suitcase in a melee range.

If you go out of his melee range, he will pull primogems or cabbages from the suitcase and throw them at you. Don’t be greedy; those primogems are meant to hurt you, not for collection. He will pull out a homu doll in his other attack and throw it at you. It will explore with party effect and deal AoE physical damage to your character on contact.


  • …Well, That was Strange – Defeat Unusual hilichurl 1 time – 5 primogems
  • …Well, That was Strange – Defeat Unusual hilichurl 20 times – 10 primogems
  • …Well, That was Strange – Defeat Unusual hilichurl 50 times – 20 primogems

You don’t get primogems to fight these hilichurls, but you can get primogems if you complete the above challenges listed in Challenger Series: II.

They spawn at 12 different locations, and after defeating two of them, you can find them again after a period of 12hr cooldown. You can also fix some days and complete all the challenges related to unusual hilichurls, you can co-op with your friend or strangers to fight unusual hilichurl in their world.


Let’s go over a few questions that you may have after reading this guide.

Question: Are Hilicurls tough enemies to fight?

Answer: Not at all; even if your characters are not properly invested, you can beat hilicurls easily. However, you have to consider that they are mostly in groups with Mitachurls or Lawachurls, so you may need to have good characters in your party to take them down. Hilichurls are what you call one of the most common enemies in Genshin Impact, and you will see them throughout areas and engage with them once in a while.

Question: What kind of characters should I use while fighting hilichurls?

Answer: I’ll recommend you use a character that can specialize in dealing with area damage. Characters like Venti, Sucrose, Childe, Ganyu, and Kazuha are decent examples of characters that can cover many areas and deal damage to a group of enemies. Most of the time, hilichurls appear in groups, and you can quickly clear out a bunch of them if you have these kinds of characters. One example is Zhongli’s burst or Raiden’s burst, which can instantly vaporize enemies in an area.

Hilichurls aren’t tough enemies to fight; even if you use single target damage characters, they will vaporize in a few attacks and leave their drops behind for collection. You necessarily don’t need to pay attention to team composition unless you’re in the spiral abyss, where you may face ranged hilichurl shooters. Then you have to use characters that can clear them out from a distance or apply area-wide crowd control like Venti.

Question: Do you think we can see variations of hilichurls in the future?

Answer: I’ll be honest, we have seen many elemental variations of enemies in the game, and so far, we’ve not seen a hydro hilichurl. Maybe down the line, we may see a hilichurl that specializes in dealing with dendro damage. But it’s all speculation from my end because ultimately, it depends on how Hoyoverse, creator of Genshin impact, plans to approach the game in the future and create new enemies.

It all comes down to a better gameplay experience and the thrill of combat with enemies. And I’m pretty sure Hoyoverse has some good plans for this game in the future and won’t disappoint players in the longer run. Being a day one player has gone through some ups and downs in terms of the content game has to offer, but so far, I’m pretty satisfied with it because I prefer to have more casual gameplay. However, I spend most of the time doing spiral abyss on my friend’s accounts.

Closing Remarks

You will encounter different enemies in Genshin Impact and often see their elemental variants. This doesn’t mean they are stronger but have unique attack patterns and abilities in their kit.

Hilichurls are prime examples of this mechanic and come in different variants: electro, cryo, or Pyro. Hilichurls possessing other elements use their elemental abilities to damage the player, infuse their attacks with respective elements, or just throw an elemental slime at you.

Despite having elemental abilities, infusions and shields, when they run out of magic tricks, they come to basic hilichurl attack patterns. All you have to do is disarm them, and you will see a normal hilichurl standing in front of you. So, I’ll say hilichurls are quite easy to deal with if you know what you are doing and do not worry about them much.

That was all from my end about hilichurls, and I hope you learned something more about these primitive beings of Teyvat. I wish you the very best on your Genshin journey and hope you enjoy the game with your friends.

Citation: Used Tiermaker to list the characters in an appropriate format

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