Treasure Hoarders guide

Genshin Impact Treasure Hoarders Guide

Players often find themselves fighting unique enemies with different mechanics when it comes to RPGs. Genshin Impact is no different; however, things become a little interesting when featuring a fusion of open-world with RPG. Players can experience both thrills of combat and explore vast regions simultaneously and collect different items throughout their journey.

These items can be in-game flora, fauna, or random enemy drops. With the game’s primary focus on farming in-game materials, players need to collect materials and use them for different purposes like ascension and crafting. Talking about the priority of materials, enemy materials are quite precious and needed for many things to progress smoothly.

In this Treasure Hoarders guide, I will go through such materials that you can acquire after defeating in-game enemies like Treasure hoarders and know more about them in brief. I will go over their different types and remarks on how you can deal with them efficiently. Come over and hop in with me on this journey to know more about Treasure hoarders!

Treasure Hoarders

A member of the decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.

As the name sounds, you will find Treasure Hoarders near places where they think Treasure is. You will see them digging under trees or around rocks in the hope of finding a chest. Luckily, sometimes you will find a chest at a location where they are searching after defeating them.

Unlike other enemies’ in Genshin Impact, Treasure hoarders are rogue humans who participate in criminal activities and are found all over the Teyvat. So, be prepared to find them even in the darkest nook and cranny of places you will visit. I’m pretty sure you will run into them once in a while and teach them a good lesson.

Female Treasure Hoarder

Treasure hoarders wear a mask and usually stay in a group with others. I will recommend you fight them and check locations where they are trying to dig. Many times, I did this and found some exquisite chest. In my opinion, it’s worth a shot, and on top of that, you will get some good drops.

Remember that whenever you are fighting enemies in the co-op mode, their stat scaling like HP increases with the number of players in the world. So, the more co-op party member’s you have, the stronger the enemy becomes.

This isn’t a significant issue unless you have weak characters in your party and aren’t leveled up properly. Most of the time, whenever you are in co-op, defeating enemies becomes relatively more straightforward and faster.

Treasure Hoarders: Drops

Most of the in-game enemies drop certain materials that you can use for character ascension or weapon ascension. Whether it’s character ascension, talent ascension, or crafting an item, you need to have sufficient items in your inventory for the process. This makes players farm materials consistently and keeps replenishing their supplies to counter the net burn of used items.

Treasure Hoarders drop the following items of different rarity:

  • Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • Silver Raven Insignia
  • Golden Raven insignia

All three items above can be used for ascending character talents or weapons of ranging rarity. So, it’s entirely possible that at one point in time in the game, you need to use up these materials for a particular character or weapon.


Used Tiermaker ( to list characters

Now, you must be wondering which characters use materials dropped by Treasure hoarders. Here’s a list of characters that use Treasure hoarder’s Insignia as ascension material and talent ascension material. As of writing this guide, in Genshin impact 2.5, the following characters use Treasure hoarder materials for their ascension:

  1. Bennett
  2. Kaeya
  3. Thoma
  4. Yanfei
  5. Xinyan
  6. Beidou
  7. Kaedehara Kazuha

Along with these characters, many weapons use Treasure hoarder materials for their ascension. So, you need to keep restocking Insignias in your inventory if you plan to invest in these characters for future use.

I will recommend you to go over character guides on the site to know more about these characters to learn more about them in detail. This will help you better understand their gameplay and adopt a team composition that suits your needs.

Related read: Comprehensive Genshin Impact Characters Guide.

Treasure Hoarders: Locations

treasure hoarders locations

To compensate for the use of Insignias, you need to fight Treasure hoarders and re-gain the materials. Whenever I’m farming materials, I mark the locations and take a detour once in a while to replenish supplies.

This helps me keep my inventory stacked up. Even if a new character comes up that uses a material I have, I’m already above the minimum bar.

  1. You can find Treasure Hoarders in areas of Dragonspine. I recommend you have a pyro character in your party to light up a fire torch and save yourself from the sheer cold status.
  2. Liyue has an abundance of Treasure hoarders that you can fight. Most of the time, you will see them walking around here and there in the Liyue region. So, grab your weapons and defeat them!
  3. Inazuma is full of rogue people, and that includes Treasure hoarders as well. You will find them near water bodies or around some caves or abandoned houses.

I will recommend you collect as many materials as you can whenever you explore the overworld. Even if you have an excess of items in your inventory, you can feed some of them to the Parametric Transformer and reap decent rewards after transmutation.

Tips for Farming: Treasure Hoarders

Let’s go over a few tips that may help you fight Treasure hoarders in the overworld. I will share my remarks and suggestions I follow to defeat them easily.

  • AoE (Area of Effect): Area of effect characters are pretty effective when dealing with enemies in a group. You can use characters like Childe or Ganyu to quickly clear out small groups of enemies and defeat them even in single blows. Whenever I’m farming small enemy groups in the overworld, I equip Childe and his riptides to tear enemies apart. I’m quite a fan of his attack animations when it comes to gameplay. Alright, that’s enough for Childe; if you want to know more about characters, I’ll recommend you go over character guides on the site. The crux is to use a character that deals area damage and can clear out mobs in fewer attacks.
  • Crowd Control: Crowd Control characters like Venti, Sucrose, or Kazuha are pretty helpful in fighting a group of enemies. I personally equip Venti in my team to clear out mobs with just one tap. Fire off a venti ult, and you will see enemies vaporizing before your eyes. Alternatively, you can use characters like Ganyu with another Hydro character to freeze enemies that will help you finish them without receiving incoming damage.
  • One-shot burst characters: Treasure hoarders don’t have high HP scaling and are quite squishy in nature. So, if you have a character like Zhongli or Raiden that can literally one-shot them in their burst, you should equip them. If you plan to use burst build-focused characters, all you need to do is manage their energy requirements. I’ll recommend that some characters act as a battery and funnel energy particles to your burst character.

I believe that minor tweaks in your team composition or artifacts can enhance your gameplay experience. I’ll highly recommend you experiment with team compositions, artifacts, and even weapons that suit your playstyle. This will help you figure out a better playstyle and optimize your gameplay experience.

Treasure Hoarders: Types

A member of a decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.

Most of the enemies in Genshin Impact have various types, and with each class, their mechanics get a unique tweak. You may have seen different kinds of hilicurls and their different abilities. This goes the same for enemies like Treasure Hoarders.

Even Treasure Hoarders have unique variations amongst themselves and feature outstanding skills in their attack patterns. Let’s go over different types of Treasure Hoarders, and I’ll be sharing my remarks on them.

Treasure Hoarders – Scout

Theirs is the legwork and the tailing of targets. They usually wind up in criminal circles due to poverty or lack of education. Still, they don’t seem to have gotten any richer after choosing a life of crime.

You can call them more like the rookie type of mob among Treasure Hoarders. Their face is covered with a mask and usually attacked with knives. Thank god, knives in Genshin Impact don’t kill you instantly and deal slight damage to your character.

Treasure Hoarders scouts are primarily in groups with other members and roaming around usual areas. They’re mainly near other Treasure hoarders where they are digging or walking with other ones.

Coming to their attack patterns, generally, they will throw knives at you from a distance or give you a spinning kick. Quite impressive if you ask me for a rookie enemy to demonstrate martial arts in fighting, that too in Genshin Impact.

You can efficiently deal with them using ranged characters or AoE characters like Venti to group them. You can easily compare Treasure Hoarder: Scouts to normal hilicurls in combat; they are easy to defeat and will not pose a more significant threat to you overall.

Treasure Hoarders – Pyro Potioneer

Risk-takers who utilize their knowledge of chemistry to mix volatile and flammable brews that aid in their comrades’ dastardly deeds.

You will see variations of Treasure hoarders in the Spiral abyss. To make chambers challenging in the Spiral abyss, chambers feature unique types of enemies. Being a pyro potioneer, most of his outfit has a dark brownish-red color and a long fur coat with a face mask. You can also see a burning bright red Molotov in his hand, which he is supposed to throw at you.

Belonging to Treasure hoarder’s community, he has adopted a spinning kick and if you get hit, expect a knockback. Knockback isn’t significant in damage but can stagger you for a second if you are performing a critical team rotation.

His primary attack is to throw a Molotov which deals Pyro damage overtime at the spot. Just like Molotovs work in real life, Molotov throws in Genshin Impact will remain on the spot until it goes off and will deal additional Pyro damage in that small area of impact. Even if you get hit by Molotov, you will get Pyro damage and see a bit of impact on your health bar.

Pyro potioneer isn’t a tough enemy to deal with; however, when protecting leyline monolith in the spiral abyss, you need to pay attention to him. Coming to the spiral abyss, I find the pyro potioneer one of the most annoying enemies when protecting a leyline monolith. Understandably, players will get damage from the Molotov; however, even the Monolith’s health starts reducing if it’s in area of impact.

So, if you are doing an abyss chamber and enemies have Pyro potioneer, make sure to defeat him as soon as possible. Another solution can be to make him target you and throw his Molotov away from the Monolith.

In Monolith protecting chamber, you have indefinite time to complete the chamber and not worry about running out of time. All that matters is the health of Monolith after you defeat all the enemies, and based on that, you get rewarded with abyssal stars.

Treasure Hoarders – Hydro Potioneer

They say that some Treasure Hoarder Potioneers used to be charlatans who would wander villages, towns, and cities, hawking their unique blends of elixirs, holy waters, and the like. These cure-alls certainly seem to serve better in combat than they ever did in chicanery.

Hydro potioneers have a similar outfit as Pyro potioneers, just blue in color. They have a face mask, long fur coat, and a Molotov in their hand. However, this time it does not fire Molotov in his hand but a hydro Molotov. Don’t be surprised to see elemental combinations of enemies in Genshin impact.

This game is all about elements and reactions, so be prepared to face even unique combinations in future enemies. Enemies like La Signora and Childe have dual-element phases, making them a bit challenging to deal with.

Let’s talk about Hydro Potioneer’s attack patterns super quick! Hydro Potioneer will attack you with a spinning kick if you are in his melee range and will knockback you if you get hit by it. Knockback isn’t strong enough to impact your health bar, but it can stagger you if you are in an attack sequence.

Talking about his hydro molotov, the initial hit will deal AoE hydro damage to you. And similar to Pyro molotov, Hydro molotovs have AoE DMG over time in the area of impact. Potioneers with different elements can be easily defeated in the overworld most of the time. But when it comes to the Spiral abyss, you have to pay attention to positioning and enemies around you.

Suppose you get hit with Hydro molotov and get a hydro status, then coming in contact with other elements like Electro will trigger an electro-charged reaction on you, thus stun-locking you for a short period of time. This will hamper your team rotation and affect your overall gameplay. Similarly, coming in contact with cryo will instantly freeze you, and you will become vulnerable to incoming damage from enemies.

My tip to you will be to finish off Potioneer enemies as fast as possible and then proceed on defeating other enemies. This will ensure that you can perform your team rotation smoothly without getting stuck in the middle of the process.

Treasure Hoarders – Electro Potioneer

“Potioneer” is the nickname given to the Treasure Hoarder organization members who know how to brew up dangerous chemicals.”What? Did you think this Treasure has ‘Adventurers’ Guild’ written all over it or something?”—A certain Treasure Hoarder Potioneer during a confrontation with adventurers.

Electro Potioneer has similar looks with other Potioneer enemies, and he has dark-violet color on his outfit. You can instantly recognize him from his molotov, which has a bright, electrifying look and seems like some electricity is flowing there.

Most of the time, Potioneer enemies attack you from a range and don’t come close faster. However, if you end up in Electro Potioneer’s melee range, then you can expect a spinning kick towards you. The spinning kick looks real cool, though it will give you a knockback on impact. So, maintain a distance if you don’t want to get a knockback while swapping a character.

Electro Potioneer has electro molotov, which deals with AoE Electro DMG on impact and remains on the area of effect for a short time. It will deal with Electro DMG over time in the area of impact.

If you get into contact with the Electro DMG, then Electro status will be applied to your character. This makes your character prone to Electro related elemental reactions, so try to avoid getting hit by it with better positioning.

Treasure Hoarders – Cryo Potioneer

Cryo Potioneers is quite the welcome sight amongst the Treasure Hoarders due to their elixirs having the ability to rapidly cool things down. Even out in the wild where there are no Mist Flowers to be found, they can have some cold liquor to make merry with.

Cryo Potioneer has similar looks as his counterparts and is no different when it comes to basic spinning kick attacks. He wears a mask with a long-fur coat which is sky-blue in color. You can easily recognize him from his cryo molotov, which has a cryo aura around it.

Like other potioneers, his spinning kick can also give you a knockback and push you away from him. Incoming damage from his spinning kick is not significant. Still, you should avoid getting hit because it can disrupt your character swap or attack sequence. I always pay attention to enemies’ attacks in the spiral abyss. Sometimes, one mistake can cost you to restart a whole chamber.

Cryo potioneers’ molotov deals AoE cryo damage on impact and applies for cryo status on your character. It also deals with AoE cryo damage over time in the area of impact, so avoid getting in contact with it. If your character has cryo status, you become prone to elemental reactions like freeze, which happens after cryo comes into contact with hydro.

Potioneer Enemies Summary:

Most Potioneer enemies are easy to deal with in the over-world. You can easily defeat them when it comes to general combat mechanics. However, things get a bit challenging in the spiral abyss, and many enemy activities are happening around you. You need to pay attention to your surrounding environment. With different potioneer enemies around you, the risk of getting affected by an elemental reaction increases.

It’s likely that with a few potioneer enemies around you, you will get affected by an elemental reaction. To avoid that, I highly recommend you have a character in your team that can trigger AoE crowd control like Venti, Sucrose, or Kazuha. That will help to group up enemies at a single point. Potioneer enemies are lightweight in nature and can be easily grouped up, so I’ll recommend you benefit from this.

Treasure Hoarders – Handyman

These members do physical work and are lower on the pecking order. They are often laughed at for their physique — but when the gang comes under attack, they get a chance to show their unexpectedly high strength and agility.

A handyman is more like a melee combat enemy than other treasure hoarders who are ranged attackers. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take him lightly; he’s quite a martial artist when it comes to attack pattern and have a few tricks up his sleeve.

At first, he looks like a bulky guy with a mask, a cream T-shirt, and brown pants. Contrary to his looks, he has agile attack patterns that feature kicks and back-to-back knockback. I swear, at the point, Genshin becomes like a WWE fight because a guy is literally dropkicking you.

Anyways, Handyman has a signature spinning kick that belongs to Treasure hoarders. On top of that, a combination of three spinning kicks, where the last of which deals a knockback on getting hit, is something you should avoid.

One of Handyman’s signature moves is to come charging at you and try to dropkick you, which also gives a knockback effect on the player. I will say he’s not tough to deal with because most of his attacks deal physical damage and don’t have elemental complexities like potioneers. So, even having a decent damage dealer is enough to finish him in a single blow.

Treasure Hoarders – Marksman

Though they are called “marksmen,” this name has an undercurrent of mockery, as they use crossbows instead of bows, which require a long training period. It must be said that even hilichurls know how to operate a crossbow. Just point the broader end at the enemy, pull the trigger, and bam — that’s all there is.

Treasure Hoarder Marksman can be easily identified from his looks because he’s holding a big crossbow in his hand. He wears a hat with a feather on it and has a light-brown color outfit. Unlike other Treasure hoarders, Marksman will try to attack you from a distance and won’t come into a melee fight with you. Well, that’s a relief that you don’t have to deal with spinning kicks anymore.

Marksman doesn’t have many attack patterns, rather a single one where he shoots an arrow at you through a period of time. Neither does he has any elemental infusion on his arrows, so you will receive physical DMG on hit only.

He may seem like an easy enemy, but his attacks can pose an obstacle to your movement around the area in the spiral abyss. I like to clear enemies that attack from a distance because they can disrupt your movement and keep annoying you through the battle. So, my advice is to remove ranged enemies as soon as possible and have a smooth battle experience.

Treasure Hoarders – Gravedigger

“They say that we stand on the shoulders of giants. That means digging up the accumulated wealth of our forebears, taking them with us, and… uh, returning them to the economic cycle! What a noble endeavor, am I right?”—A certain Treasure Hoarder Gravedigger, delving deep into a ruin.

Remember I was talking about Treasure hoarders who can be found near trees and rocks, trying to dig something. Well, Gravediggers are the ones I was talking about. Equipped with a shovel, you can expect them to be in a group among other Treasure hoarders or trying to dig a place in the hope of finding a treasure.

Gravedigger wears a cream-colored T-shirt with a brown hat and pants. You can quickly identify him as he’s holding a long shovel in his hands. If you come in his melee range, he will try to hit you with his shovel and receive a light knockback.

In his special attack with the shovel, he digs up some soil from the ground and throws it at you, but worry not; it won’t damage your character, somewhat will blur your vision for a period of time. You can expect him to do the same in the spiral abyss, where he sometimes targets leyline monolith and throws dirt at it.

It may sound like a pain to worry about when some enemy throws something at the leyline monolith, and you have to protect its health. In the case of Gravedigger, you don’t have to worry about him throwing dirt at the Monolith because dirt won’t do any damage to Monolith’s health. So, you can ignore him for a while and finish up other enemies to clear the chamber.

Treasure Hoarders – Seaman

“Stealing? What do you mean, stealing? Its re-discovery, I tell you — the return of Treasure to those who appreciate it! Makes everyone happy, to boot! How great is that, eh?”—A certain Treasure Hoarder Seaman, in response to a question posed by a doubtful recruit

Treasure hoarder Seaman has a bulky physique and wears a bandana with a grey-colored outfit. You can identify him from his oar, which he holds on his shoulder. In my opinion, he’s not tough to deal with, but when it comes to attacking the player, he can be a bit aggressive.

If you are in his melee range, he will try to hit you with his oar in an area, which will damage your character. You particularly don’t have to worry about this attack because it can be easily dodged with a bit of quick positioning.

His other attack is quite aggressive. He charges at you and recklessly swings his oars in different directions while charging. If you get caught in it, you will receive multiple staggers and continuous physical damage in the process.

Enemies like him aren’t the hardest to deal with but the annoying ones. Suppose you are initiating combat in the spiral abyss and come in contact with Seaman’s charging attack. You will be unable to do anything for a short duration of time, and on top of that, other enemies will attack you. This will make the combat difficult for a short span of time because you need to properly switch characters again and maybe redo the whole team rotation.

Treasure Hoarders – Pugilist

Passionate about battle and muscles, they are pretty picky about food and will often boast of the benefits of having a fine musculature, leading to some dissatisfaction from their fellow Treasure Hoarders.

Pugilists are muscular in their looks and give off martial artist vibes from their outfits. He wears a bandana on his wrist and a combat outfit to be ready for a fight anytime. Unlike other Treasure hoarder enemies, Pugilist will fight with his bare fists in a melee-ranged area.

He will try to punch you after charging for a small distance and deal physical damage to your character. He will throw himself at you in his charged punch mode and tries to punch you with his might. If you get him with his charged attack, you will receive a knockback, which may disrupt your combat experience.

I recommend you avoid coming into his melee range and save yourself from a knockback. It’s better to swap to a character like Venti, Sucrose, or kazuha, who can apply crowd control to these enemies and help you group them up at a single point for dealing damage.

Treasure Hoarders – Crusher

This person was originally a miner — one who, even with the allowance they were provided with after the closure of the Chasm, ended up with the Treasure Hoarders for various reasons.

Crusher looks more like Blacksmith that you interact with in Liyue and Mondstadt. He has a muscular body and wields a hammer in his hand. He also has a bandana tied up with his wrist and looks intimidating to fight.

All of his attacks will deal quite a lot of physical damage with solid knockback effects. He will try to swing his hammer at you and charge for a short distance to cover up the space in his melee range. His most dangerous attack is when he charges with his hammer at you and tries to hit you in a row. He will cover some distance while charging at you and if you cannot dodge his attack, then expect a solid knockback effect.

Though his attacks may look quite intimidating and severe at first, he’s not quite agile in attacking patterns. Just pay attention to his attack patterns, and you will be able to easily dodge them. Whenever facing enemies that try to charge at you, you only need to position yourself better and let them go their way.


After reading this guide about Treasure hoarders, let’s go over a few questions that you may have.

Question: How significant are drops from Treasure Hoarders?

Answer: One way or other, drops from any enemies you fight will find a way to be used in some character ascension or weapon ascension. The same can be said for Treasure hoarders, drops where they can be used for character or weapon ascension. Genshin Impact heavily focuses on farming in-game materials and requires players to collect enemy drops for progression.

As you progress through the game and start investing in your character talents, you will see materials running out of your inventory quickly. So, I’ll recommend you to collect drops from Treasure hoarders as they can be used in certain character talent ascensions.

Question: What are the options for Treasure hoarders that players face in the spiral abyss?

Answer: Most of them can be efficiently dealt with if you have a good crowd control character like Venti, Sucrose, or Kazuha. Alternatively, you can also use hydro and cryo characters to freeze the enemies. This will give you breathing room for performing team rotation and deal a nice amount of damage.

reasure hoarders aren’t formidable enemies to deal with in the spiral abyss; however, when you face potioneers, you may run into unexpected elemental reactions that may hamper your team rotation or even damage you in the process. Most treasure hoarders’ abilities aren’t damage-oriented rather annoy players in their combat. So, my advice is to clear out ranged treasure hoarders as soon as possible and then focus on other enemies. Crowd control characters will do the job flawlessly when dealing with multiple enemies.

Question: Do I really need to collect Treasure Hoarder drop materials?

Answer: I won’t say it’s mandatory to collect their materials, but it’s possible that you already have a character that will use their materials for ascension. Even if you don’t have many characters on your roster, you will need Treasure hoarder materials to ascend Kaeya and his talent levels. He’s a 4-star cryo character that you are guaranteed to get early in the game. So, suppose you don’t have enough primogems to wish for a new character or replacement for Kaeya. In that case, you need to invest in his talents and ascend him.

I’ll recommend you collect the materials whenever you can because you never know when you may need a particular material for a specific character. It’s always better to be prepared before running low on materials in your inventory.

Closing Remarks

Treasure Hoarders consist of humans that participate in criminal activities and can be found all over the Teyvat. With the majority of them concentrated in Liyue, it’s no surprise that you may find them even in the remotest area throughout your journey. Though looking intimidating at first, they are pretty easy to deal with in the overworld.

However, you need to pay attention to them when initiating combats in the spiral abyss. Their abilities aren’t the ones you should worry about, but their combination can be annoying to deal with. Suppose you come into contact with multiple potioneer attacks. In that case, it can trigger an elemental reaction on your character and make you vulnerable to freeze, overload, and electro-charged attacks.

Elemental reactions like electro-charged can stun-lock you and disrupt your team rotation. So, pay attention to enemies in your surroundings and defeat them to avoid any future obstacles in your combat. I recommend you read other guides on the site to know about characters like Venti, who can apply crowd control in an area to the enemies.

I wish you luck on your Genshin impact journey and hope you will be able to clear any in-game content that you will come across. Adios! Till we meet next time 

Citation: Used Tiermaker to list characters in an appropriate format.
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