Mitachurl Genshin Impact guide

Mitachurl Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game that features a vast open-world to explore and exquisite in-game creatures to battle. While some are general mobs, others can be formidable enough to make you sweat. With abundant enemies to fight, players need to know about their mechanics and various types to excel in fights.

Some enemies can possess certain elements, whereas others have command over weapons. However, this doesn’t mean that they are undefeatable; players can make any fight a cakewalk with enough understanding of enemy mechanics.

Genshin Impact is all about learning and experimenting with the characters that eventually help you excel in the content game has to offer.

Here, I will be going over one enemy, Mitachurl, and discussing the various types you will encounter in the game. After reading this Mitachurl Genshin Impact guide, I’m confident that you will be able to face them fearlessly and conquer any battle against them. Let’s go over what they are and learn more about them.

Types of Mitachurl

Genshin Impact features a lot of exquisite enemies that spawn in the overworld. You can roam around in the overworld and battle these monsters to get their drops. Now, when it comes to monsters, they may seem similar, but they’re not. Even basic enemies like Mitachurls have variations, and players need to tweak their strategy a bit to fight them.

Some mitachurls have shields to defend, whereas others have weapons to attack you. So, be cautious if you are an early game player because they are abundant in the overworld, and you will frequently be engaging with them.

Let’s go over different mitachurl types and see how to deal with them.

Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl

Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl

I find Wooden shield Mitachurl one of the most annoying enemies because of its aggressive attack pattern. He will put up a shield and come ramming your way, staggering you when using your abilities. Combine this with hydro samachurls and electro hilicurls, and you are in a stun lock in no time.

To remove his shield, you have to apply pyro onto it and wait for shield health to reduce to zero. But keep an eye on mitachurl because he can swing his shield to remove pyro and come charging at you again.

So, you can use anemo character to swirl the pyro element on his shield and re-apply the element again or just use a pyro attack on his shield.


Once his shield comes down, he switches to another attack pattern where he tries to punch you, charge at you or even pull a dendro slime out of the ground to throw at you.

If I am honest, I find him annoying because even if I use Raiden’s ultimate in front of his shield, it won’t break. Whereas half of the enemies vaporize even before she finishes her ult, and lore-wise, she even tore islands in half with her ultimate.

One thing to remember is that if you cannot finish him on time, Wooden shield mitachurl will regenerate his shield with the help of dendro slime. He grabs a dendro slime by pushing his hand into the ground and smashing it to re-create the shield again. So, you better slay him before time than deal with his annoying shield again.

Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl

Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl

Most shield mitachurls have aggressive attack patterns and give less time to players to swap characters. In the case of Rockshield mitachurl, he also charges at you and tries to hit you with a shield with force. Like wooden shield wall mitachurl, rock shield wall mitachurl pulls out a geo slime from the ground and throws it at you.

The best way to avoid getting staggered is to move out of the way when he charges and avoid getting hit by the slime. These shield mitachurls really check your dodging skills, and sometimes you need to time the dodges.


To break Rock shieldwall mitachurl’s shield, you can use geo attacks to reduce shield health. Claymores are also quite effective against geo shields and constructs in general. So, having a claymore character like Arataki itto, Noelle or Razor can help you out.

One thing to remember is that you can also break Rock shieldwall mitachurl’s shield with overload reactions. Overload reactions happen with pyro comes into contact with electro element. So, if you can trigger an overload reaction on the mitachurl, you can bring down his shield faster and proceed on the dual with him.

Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl

Just like Rock shieldwall mitachurl, Ice shieldwall Mitachurl has an elemental shield. He has a cryo shield that automatically regenerates in cold climates like the one we see in the Dragonspine region.

He also follows an aggressive attack pattern and will continuously try to stagger you. So, you need to pay attention to his attack patterns a bit if you are fighting multiple enemies.

Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl

Just like his other shield friends, Ice shieldwall mitachurl pulls out a cryo slime from the ground and throws it at you if you are at a different elevation from him.

Whether you are below his level or above his level, expect a chilly snowball coming on your way. Getting hit with cryo slime will apply for cryo status, so coming in contact with hydro will instantly freeze you.


The best way to remove the Ice shieldwall mitachurl’s shield is to use Pyro attacks. Characters like Klee, Diluc, Yanfei or Xiangling can help you reduce his shield health to zero and make him vulnerable to regular attacks. Claymore characters are also a good option because you can use Claymore’s attacks to remove the shield from him.

You will often see Ice shieldwall mitachurl enemies in icy areas like Dragonspine, where you are vulnerable to sheer cold status. So, I recommend you deal with these enemies as fast as possible to avoid health drain over time if you are not fighting a heat source.

Blazing Axe Mitachurl

Sometimes, enemies are not tough to deal with, but things escalate real fast when combined with environmental conditions. So, paying attention to nearby conditions is also an essential skill that a good traveller should follow.

Blazing axe mitachurl don’t have a shield, but like his other friend, he’s also aggressive in nature. Mitachurls really need a well-chilled drink to calm themselves down and go for a holiday.

Blazing Axe Mitachurl

When it comes to attacking patterns, Blazing axe mitachurl swings his axe and go for a spinning pattern with his axe. Expect an endless amount of stagger if you get hit when he’s rotating his axe and coming at you. So, the best way to avoid getting hit is to move sideways and dodge them easily.

But if you are far away from him, he will jump to your location and slam his axe onto the ground to deal damage to your character. You have to fight him unless you plan to teleport to a different location or go away from his attack radius.


Most of these attack patterns are aggressive, but you can deal damage to him, unlike the shieldwall mitachurls where you have to bring down their shields first and then damage them.

However, this is not the end. Things really get serious when Blazing Axe Mitachurl infuses his axe with pyro and deals Pyro damage instead. All his attack combinations will deal pyro damage to your character. His slam attack and swing combos will deal AoE pyro damage to your character.

Most of these attacks can be easily dodged if you pay attention to him and plan your moves. But one of his axe slam attacks with pyro infusion is hard to dodge. Blazing Axe mitachurl will leap toward you and slams his axe onto the ground if you are far away from him but still in his attack radius.

But with pyro infusion in effect, he will initiate three continuous linear blasts in a cone-shaped area. To dodge this attack, you may need a bit of practice because it’s possible you may not face him alone at a time. With other enemies around you and Blazing Axe mitachurl in them, you need to pay attention to your surroundings to defeat all of them successfully.

Remember that his axe in the elemental infusion can react with elements like Hydro, electro, cryo,anemo and geo. So, you can remove his pyro infusion from the axe if you can successfully reach the elements. This will help you make him switch to basic attack patterns and avoid triggering a heated fight.

Crackling Axe Mitachurl

Crackling Axe mitachurl and Blazing Axe mitachurl are pretty similar in attacking patterns. Crackling Axe mitachurl infuses his axe with electro element and deal Electro dmg to the player. But you cannot trigger elemental reactions with his axe, so the electro elemental infusion will remain indefinitely on his axe.

Crackling Axe Mitachurl

Like other mitachurl types, he pulls out an electro slime from the ground and throws it at your if you are at a distance. Most of these attacks like swinging the axe, spinning with an axe or slamming the ground with an axe are similar to Blazing Axe mitachurl.

Both of these mitachurls have pretty a style when it comes to attacking players because they really make some cool moves, just like the ones you see in professional fighting programmes.

Crackling Axe mitachurl has a special attack. He summons lighting to his location and deals electro damage if you are in the attack radius.

But as you know, every equal action has an opposite reaction; the lightning will backfire and stun mitachurl in the process. This gives you a breathing space to deal damage to him while he’s down and successfully defeat him without taking damage.

Mitachurl Locations

Genshin Impact makes players focus on farming overworld materials to utilize them on levelling up character talents, weapons or crafting purposes. Players need to consistently farm materials to keep up with progression and invest in the characters in the longer run.

As players increase the world level, enemies’ stats will increase proportionately, making them difficult to deal with. So, keep in mind to invest in your characters to challenge formidable opponents and achieve victory in the battles.

Mitachurls drops can level up character talents, ascend weapons, or different craft items. You can follow this map to keep track of Mitachurl locations and collect their drops after defeating them. You can also go to Adventurer’s handbook and select Mitachurl enemies to set up navigation for them.

I recommend you to use mini-map markers and place them where you find these enemies, so you can take a detour here and there to collect their materials once in a while.

Tips for Farming

I bet I’m not the only one with different teams in party setup. If you don’t know, you can set up different teams by going to the Party setup option in the Paimon menu.

With a maximum of 4 party slots, you can have different team compositions for specific situations. Whether you want to have a dedicated team for exploration or a team to battle formidable enemies. Party setup has got you covered!

Now, I’ll be giving some tips with which you can make your own exploration party and optimize your farming time better. I also recommend you experiment with different characters. You have to adapt well to their playstyle.

Elemental Resonance

Mitachurl Wooden Shield

Elemental resonance is a party buff you get when you have 2 characters of the same element. There are 7 types of elemental resonance which 6 come from elements, and the remaining one considers different elements. For exploration purposes, the most important Elemental Resonance is Impetuous Winds, which provides the following buffs to your team

  • Decreases stamina consumption rate by 15%
  • Increases movement speed by 10%
  • Shortens elemental skill cooldown by 5%

Now, these bonuses are helpful when exploring relatively larger areas or have mountain terrain. You really want to save that stamina while crossing rivers, climbing mountains, or gliding off high cliff locations. Most of the time, stamina becomes essential when a new region comes out. You have to unlock all teleport points in that area.

Having an elemental resonance effect on your party can help you optimally explore the region.

Passive Abilities

Characters in Genshin Impact often have a few passive abilities that provide different buffs to their stats or add a unique feature.

Some characters have passive abilities that can help you locate, explore or provide an overall team buff by just having them in your team. So, when it comes to exploration, you can benefit from the character’s passive abilities and further optimize your experience.

Here are a few characters I like to swap in-out of my party to benefit from their passive abilities.

  • Kaeya: Kaeya Alberich is a 4-star cryo character whose passive, Hidden strength decreases all party members’ sprinting stamina consumption rate by 20%. Every player in Genshin Impact has Kaeya and can take benefit of his passive just by having in the team. Also, with his skills, you can temporarily create an ice platform on top of water bodies and cross over them without spending stamina on swimming.
  • Amber: Amber is a 4-star pyro character whose passive Gliding champion reduces all party members’ gliding stamina by 20%; this doesn’t stack with effects that provide the same buff. Amber is also a free character you get at the beginning of the game, so you can swap her in your team if you’re venturing out on a long gliding journey. There are a couple of islands in Genshin Impact that you only reach by gliding from high places, so conserving stamina will become potent.
  • Klee: Tadada! Klee is a 5-star pyro character whose passive, All of My treasures, mark the location of all nearby resources unique to Mondstadt on your mini-map. Super helpful, if you ask me! If you’re planning to take a day off and go on a rigorous farming session, then Klee’s gonna be your best bet in that case. Especially for Mondstadt, where you will be able to see markers on your mini-map.
  • Ningguang: Ningguang is a 4-star geo character whose passive Trove of Marvelous Treasures displays the location of nearby ores on the mini-map. Another super important passive is farming ores for weapons or EXP material. The best thing about her is that you can farm ores by attacking them with Ningguang’s regular attacks.


I recommend you co-op with your friends or even random strangers for farming sessions. When I’m farming for a character, I like to co-op with my friends or just ask a random person online for help. People are willing to help you if you ask them nicely and even assist you in fights. So, when it comes to farming, doing it, solo may feel tedious.

Still, if you are having a co-op party, then fights will become relatively easy. Unless you are trying to fight a boss with a higher level, most of the mobs in the game can be defeated easily at a party. This will help you to save time and optimize your farming session further.


Let’s go over a few questions that you may have after reading this guide.

Question: Are Mitachurls Tough to Fight in the Overworld?

Answer: They are not tough to fight if you have invested well into your characters and levelled up their talents. Mitachurls are quite basic enemies you will encounter in the overworld while roaming different areas. So, they are easy to fight even if they are in a group with hilicurls.

However, suppose you have low-level characters and don’t have proper weapons or artifacts. In that case, you may need to reconsider your decision to fight. I recommend you invest in your characters. After that fighting, any enemy in the overworld will become a cakewalk.

Question: How Good Drop from Enemies Like Mitachurls? Do they have any Use?

Answer: Drops from enemies are used in ascending weapons, characters and talent levels. Genshin Impact heavily relies on farming in-game materials and requires players to consistently farm materials to progress. Drops from mitachurls can be used in different characters.

As you progress through the game, even drops rarity will matter to ascend higher rarity items. The rule of thumb is to collect anything that shines; you never know which material you may require down the line, and running out of material will be bad.
I always keep my inventory stacked up, just in case I decide to level up a character or a weapon in the future.

Question: Which Characters do You Rcommend to Fight Enemies’ in the Group, Like Mitachurl with a Group of Hilicurls?

Answer: I will recommend you to have characters in your team that can do area damage or area-wide crowd control. Characters like Venti, Sucrose and Kazuha are quite reasonable when applying crowd control on a group of enemies and focusing all of them onto a single spot.

Coming to damage characters, Childe and Ganyu are effective against multiple enemies, and their abilities have quadratic scaling. In short, the more the enemies, the more their damage will be inabilities.

So, whenever you fight a group of enemies, it’s recommended to have characters whose abilities can either crowd control or have an area-wide damage effect.

But this doesn’t mean single target enemies like Yoimiya are bad. In the longer run, it won’t matter whichever character you use to fight enemies in the overworld as long as they are not of the same element.

Most of the enemies in the overworld can be efficiently dealt with, and you will be able to defeat them without any hassle.

Closing Remarks

Genshin Impact features an abundance of in-game enemies that players can challenge to battle and obtain their drops. This syncs perfectly with the game’s core farming essence and allows players to enjoy the thrill of battle and farm materials simultaneously.

Players can engage in battles with enemies throughout the overworld; however, enemies’ have their preferred locations where they can be found. So, keeping track of their location becomes an excellent skill for a veteran player.

But this doesn’t mean that players have to explore the area to know about locations. Features like Adventurer’s book and online interactive maps can help find enemies.

Couple this with good team composition, and you can farm materials without any obstacles. In the longer run, most materials will be used in crafting, ascension, and talent.

Hopefully, now you know how important farming is in Genshin Impact. I recommend you farm a bit daily and keep your inventory stacked up. This way, you will not run out of materials soon enough and keep investing in your characters.

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