Genshin Chronicle Team

We, the Genshin Chronicle Team, are a team of talented individuals with decades of gaming experience in the Genshin world. We have a genuine passion for the game and spend time obsessing over the lore. We have collectively spent well over 7,000 hours in the world of Teyvat. We spend hours building the best parties and characters through trial and error. We are here to guide you through the wonderful, whimsical world of Genshin.

Yae Miko Guide

Yae Miko Guide

Yae Miko hails from Inazuma and is a cunning lady of many faces. Whether acting as head shrine maiden of the Grand Narukami Shrine, as editor-in-chief for Yae Publishing House’s many light novels, or as familiar to the enigmatic Raiden Shogun, her whims are a mystery to the many people that she meets. Yet despite …

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Sara Genshin Impact Guide

Sara Genshin Impact Guide – The Tengu General Leads the Charge

In this Sara Genshin Impact Guide, we’ll be breaking down the best uses for the Tengu General of the Kujou clan (Or as referred to by a certain Oni “Kujou Chicken”) in-depth, so you can lead in battle like the Tengu General herself! Kujou Sara is a 4-star Electro Vision wielding bow user Genshin character. …

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Retracing Bolide Guide

Retracing Bolide Guide

On your adventures through the vast world of Teyvat, you’ll come across many different ways to strengthen your characters. For the most part, leveling characters, strengthening weapons, and upgrading your talents are straightforward endeavors. Artifacts, on the other hand, will likely have most adventurers scratching their heads. With limited Resin at hand yet limitless possibilities …

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