Genshin Impact Wishing Guide

Genshin Impact Wishing Guide – When You Wish Upon A Star

Ah, the age-old tradition of wishing upon a shooting star. It’s a custom handed down from generation to generation, and then like most things, was immortalized in animated form by Walt Disney in the 1940’s adaption of Pinnochio. Shameless monetization from Walt aside, the custom is a pretty wholesome one and allows watching eyes down below to look deep inside and manifest their deepest desires.

Well, when hopeful RPG fans looked at Genshin Impact’s initial trailers all those years ago, we can only imagine that they wished for this overachieving BOTW clone to forge a path to become one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. Well, years later, we can confirm that this game has exceeded all expectations and their wish was well and truly granted.

However, it’s not wishing upon a star I want to discuss today. No, I like my wishes with ingrained RNG and the inherent frustration that comes with it. That’s right; we are talking about the Wish System within Genshin Impact. Now, even the most novice of Genshin players will be acutely aware of how important wishing is within Genshin Impact.

It’s how you gather up new and interesting characters, it’s how you get their respective constellations, it’s how you unlock new weapons, and it’s also how you gather consumables like Masterless Starglitter and Masterless Stardust to stretch your wishes that little bit further.

However, you may not know all those little secrets that allow you to wish in Genshin with the utmost efficiency, and you may be looking for new and interesting ways to make more Primogems, and guarantee getting those Banner characters without breaking the bank.

As an FTP player myself, I understand more than most how important it is to make those Primogems count. So with that in mind, here is a guide that will help you wish well, and frequently wish in Genshin Impact. This is Genshin Chronicle’s Genshin Impact Wishing Guide; enjoy!

How to Wish In Genshin Impact

Okay, so let’s get moving. The first question anyone new to Genshin will ask is how can I make a wish? You might think that this is something that you can do right off the bat in Genshin, but you’ll actually have to progress a little bit into the first Archon Quest before you get handed your complimentary beginner wishes.

To unlock the wishing sub-menu, you’ll need to complete Chapter One Prologue: The Outlander Who Caught The Wind – Knights of Favonius. Once this is complete, the wishing sub-menu will appear, and you’ll also gain access to the Beginner Wish Banner, a banner that will last for a total of 20 wishes and guarantees you Noelle, as well as another 4/5 star character. This Banner disappears after you exceed twenty wishes.

The beginner experience will change purely based on when you join the Genshin community. There are a number of promotions that take place for new players that guarantee players get handed 10x Acquaint Fate just for becoming a Genshin Player, and there tend to be events that run from time to time that offer rewards just for logging in over the course of a week. However, you could also be unlucky enough not to have access to a promotional code when joining, and join in a quiet period with no events. In which case, you’ll just have to grind like the rest of us.

The good news is that Genshin throws tons of resources at you until you hit about AR25, so even if you don’t arrive in Teyvat at the most opportune time, you’ll be able to make 10-pull wishes in no time at all.

What’s On Offer From Wishes In Genshin Impact?

Okay, so you now know where the wishing menu is, and hopefully, you have powered through the opening stages of the opening Archon Quest. That means you should be in a position where you are about to make your first wish.

However, you may still be a little confused about what’s actually on offer from wishes within Genshin Impact. Well, allow me to enlighten you. Here is what you could potentially get from Wishes in Genshin:

  • 3* Weapons (Super Common)
  • 4* Weapons (Common)
  • 5* Weapons (Rare)
  • 4* Characters (Common)
  • 5* Characters (Very Rare)

Then, in addition to this, players will also be in with a chance of receiving additional currencies that we will get into a little later; these are:

  • Masterless Stardust (Super Common)
  • Masterless Starglitter (Rare)

Different Types of Wishes

Next up, we need to understand the various different wishes on offer within Genshin Impact. The good news is that there aren’t that many options that you need to familiarise yourself with. There are four types of wishes in total, and these are as follows:

Beginner Wish Banner

Genshin Impact Beginner Wish Banner

This is most likely the first Banner that players will wish on when they start their Genshin adventure, and it’s a temporary banner that makes initial wishes a lot more fruitful for beginner players.

This Banner allows players to make twenty wishes, and guarantees certain things which help newcomers hit the ground running. Within the allocated twenty beginner wishes, the player is guaranteed:

  • A more favorable rate per wish (10 wishes only cost 8 Acquaint Fate)
  • Players will always pull Noelle
  • Players will always pull a second 4* or 5* character

After these wishes have been used, this Banner will forever disappear.

Standard Wish Banner (Wanderlust Invocation)

Genshin Impact wanderlust invocation banner
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

Next up, we have the wish banner that will be ever-present as you travel Teyvat. Wanderlust Invocation is the standard wish banner, and allows players to use Acquaint Fate or Primogems to wish for a range of characters and weapons.

This Banner will never disappear, allowing players to infinitely wish on this Banner. Here is a rundown of what you can get your hands on when wishing on this Standard Banner:

Five Star Characters

Four Star Characters

5-Star Weapons

  • Amos Bow
  • Skyward Series
  • Wolf’s Gravestone
  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
  • Primordial Jade Winged Spear
  • Aquila Favonia

Four Star Weapons

  • Favonius Series
  • Rust
  • Sacrificial Series
  • The Stringless
  • Eye of Perception
  • The Bell
  • Dragonsbane
  • Lion’s Roar
  • The Flute
  • Rainslasher
  • The Widsith

Event Banner Wish

Genshin impact reign of serenity
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

Standard Wishes are great when there’s no other option, but when push comes to shove, it’s always better to spend your Primogems on the Character Event Banners. These are event-specific banners that come and go, and usually coincide with an in-game event in Genshin Impact. These banners are timed, and after a certain period, they will leave the marketplace, and often will be replaced by a new event banner.

The character on offer tends to change from one event banner to the next, but the general format is a banner with one marquee 5* on offer, and then three accompanying 4* characters in the item pool. This is a great way to chase exclusive, S-Tier characters, and also is a great way to complete constellations for the 4* characters included on the Banner.

Weapon Wish Banner (Epitome Invocation)

Weapon Wish Banner Genshin impact
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

Then lastly, we have another banner that will always be available throughout your time in Genshin Impact. Although, unless you are dying for a killer weapon, this is one that most players will tend to avoid in favor of character banners. The Weapon Banner allows players to choose an Epitomised Path and wish for exclusive 5* weapons.

While this Banner will always be available to players, the weapons on offer and Epitomized Path will change regularly, so if you are chasing a particular weapon, just be aware of the Epitomized Path expiry times.

While many might think that this Banner is a little bit pointless when Standard Wishes offer 5* weapons, too, it might surprise you to know that Pity is much more lenient when wishing for weapons.

Soft Pity starts at 65x wishes, and players will be guaranteed a 5* wish in 80x wishes or less. Ten less than when wishing on a character banner. So if you are in the market for a weapon above all else, this can be a very useful banner.

How to Use Masterless Stardust/Starglitter

You now know what wishes are available within the game, and the pool of items that are always up for grabs through the Standard Wish pool. However, we haven’t even touched on Masterless Stardust and Masterless Starglitter.

So, assuming you have plowed on ahead and made a few wishes by this point, you may have noticed that you have a healthy supply of Masterless Stardust, and if you were lucky enough to get a 4* or 5* item, you should have some Masterless Starglitter too.

These can be a little confusing for new players, so here is a rundown of how each works:

Masterless Stardust

Genshin Impact acquaint fate
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

This is the more common of the two currencies mentioned, and will allow players to get their hands on Ascension Material, XP books, or even Fate from an in-game store. Here are some quick facts on Masterless Stardust:

  • Players will receive 15x Masterless Stardust with every 3* item
  • This item can be used in the Paimon’s Bargains Storefront
  • Players will not receive Masterless Stardust when they pull 4* or 5* items

Masterless Stardust is a great resource, even late in your Genshin journey. If you make wishes frequently, you will gather up quite a healthy supply of the stuff, and with that comes the opportunity to purchase items that will aid your overall progression. Here is a quick list of some of the items on offer:

  • Intertwined Fate: 75x Masterless Stardust
  • Acquaint Fate: 75x Masterless Stardust
  • Adventurer’s Experience x3: 8x Masterless Stardust
  • Mora x10000: 10x Masterless Stardust
  • Mystic Enchantment Ore: 5x Masterless Stardust
  • A Range of Blue rarity Ascension Material: 15x Masterless Stardust
  • A Range of Blue rarity Ascension Material: 5x Masterless Stardust

Masterless Starglitter

Genshin Impact starlitter exchange
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

Then secondly, we have Masterless Starglitter, the cool older brother to Masterless Stardust. This currency is much harder to come by, as you will only receive this currency if you manage to pull a 4* or higher item when making a wish.

The amount you receive will vary based on how lucky you are. Here is a rundown of what items warrant Starglitter, and how much they offer:

  • Duplicate 5* Character: 10x Masterless Starglitter
  • Duplicate 4* Character: 2x Masterless Starglitter
  • 5* Character with Max Constellations: 25x Masterless Starglitter
  • 4* Character with Max Constellations: 5x Masterless Starglitter
  • 4* Weapon: 2x Masterless Starglitter
  • 5* Weapon: 10x Masterless Starglitter

Masterless Starglitter is a much rarer commodity, and as you might expect, this means that the items you can trade it for in Paimon’s Bargains storefront are much more lucrative. If you manage to get some incredible pulls and save up a sizable supply of Masterless Starglitter, then this is what you might want to spend it on listed below:

  • Featured 4x Characters: 34x Masterless Starglitter
  • Featured Weapon Series: 24x Masterless Starglitter
  • Acquaint/Intertwined Fate: 5x Masterless Starglitter
  • Purple-rarity Ascension Material: 2x Masterless Starglitter

While it may be tempting to spend your Starglitter on rare ascension materials to make necessary upgrades, it’s always better to save up for something that will serve you in the long term. This means saving up for Characters and Weapons is the best way to use this currency. However, if you really need one ascension item and you can’t farm it, this currency can be used in a pinch.

Making Sense of the Pity System

If you have made it this far, then congrats, you now understand the basics of Genshin’s wish system. Now comes the time when we introduce percentages, stats, and figures, all in the hope of helping you understand the cogs that are turning behind the scenes.

That’s right; we are going to break down the Pity System within Genshin. For those familiar with Gacha games, this should be old hat to you. However, if Genshin is your first time dipping your toe in the RNG-filled waters of Gacha, this is the part you’ll really want to pay attention to. Concentration hats on, folks!

What is Pity?

First off, let’s try to understand what Pity is within the context of Genshin. In basic terms, Pity is a system that ensures that after a certain number of failed wishes, the player is given an item of note, which ensures that the whole system is a nefarious loot box system that is purely governed by luck.

This system allows players to tot up their wishes over time and make informed decisions on whether it’s worth investing further in a banner, or whether it’s better to spend elsewhere.

This can take two different forms, which are as follows:

  • Soft Pity: This is an improved percentage chance granted to the player after a certain number of wishes. It doesn’t guarantee a higher-tier item, but it makes it much more likely
  • Hard Pity: This is the cap on the number of wishes a player can make before they receive a higher-tier item. After they exceed hit the max, they will have a 100% chance of a higher-tier item

Breaking Down the Numbers

Genshin Impact wanderlust invocation
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

Okay, so now comes the mind-numbing part that will have you checking your wish history constantly, and maybe even breaking out Microsoft Excel to keep track of things. Pity depends on the Banner that you are wishing under, and also depends on the level of the item that you are aiming to pull. Here is a quick hard pity breakdown below:

Banner Type 4* Pity 5* Pity
Event Banner 10 Wishes 90 Wishes
Standard Banner 10 Wishes 90 Wishes
Weapon Banner 10 Wishes 80 Wishes

As you can see, it’s all pretty uniform, aside from the weapons banner that will offer you 5* items in ten fewer wishes guaranteed. However, there is much less variety when it comes to the item pool associated with that Banner, so that’s to be expected.

However, there is a chance that you might get your hands on these items a little faster with the help of Soft Pity. Here is a breakdown of how that works:

Banner Type  Soft Pity
Event Banner 75 Wishes
Standard Banner 75 Wishes
Weapons Banner 60 Wishes

The rise in percentage chance for a 5* pull varies from Banner to Banner, but in general terms, as you get closer to your 80/90th wish, you will be progressively more likely to land the 5* item early. It’s also important to know that soft Pity only applies to 5* items.

Acquiring a four-star item will not reset your Pity, but getting a 5* item will. However, there is always the chance that you could defy the odds and pull a killer item without the need for Pity. Here is the likelihood of pulling particular items when you take Pity out of the equation:

Item Rarity Chance of Pulling
3* 94.3%
4* 5.1%
5* 0.6%


What is 50/50?

Then lastly, when it comes to looking under the hood of Genshin’s wish system, we have the 50/50 mechanic. This is a system that works against the player when wishing on an exclusive event banner. In simple terms, when the player wishes on an event banner and pulls a 5* character, there is a flip of a coin, and depending on the result, the player will either receive their desired 5* exclusive character.

Or alternatively, the player will be given a 5* character from the standard Banner. I’m personally blessed enough to say that I have never lost my 50/50’s when wishing on event banners, but I know it’s coming, and I know it’s going to sting. I hope that you avoid this feeling like I have to this point. 

How to Acquire Fate Fast

We are out on the other side, and if you managed to follow everything above, then congratulations, you are a certified expert in Genshin’s Wish System. That solves part of the problem, but there is another hurdle to clear, and that is, how do players get Fate to make these wishes in the first place? It’s a valid question and one that has multiple answers.

No matter what your playstyle is, or how regularly you log into Genshin, there will always be a way to get your hands on this rare currency. So here are some of the best ways to get your hands on Acquaint and Intertwined Fate. Oh, and we are keeping things strictly FTP-friendly here, but if you want to pay your way, feel free:  

Raise Your AR

Genshin Impact catherine shop
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

One of the most natural ways to get Fate within Genshin is by raising your Adventure Rank within the game. As mentioned, the game will shower you with gifts and rewards on the AR ladder until you hit AR25, and within that time, the Fate count will be very generous.

However, even as you continue to grind to AR60, there will be a healthy supply of Fate given to the player along the way. As you might imagine, this isn’t a reliable source of Fate, as AR building is a slow process, and XP scales on a steep curve after AR40. However, as a passive way to get some Fate as you play, AR rewards are a good option. 

Ascend Your Characters

Genshin Impact ascension materials
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

This is probably the most consistent way to farm Acquaint Fate in Genshin, due to the consistency with which the developers add new characters to the game. For those unaware, when the player raises their character to Level 20, 50, and 70, they will receive one Acquaint Fate for their efforts.

This sounds like a lot of effort, and at the higher levels, it is. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of resources to get characters to Level 20. So when you get a new character, boost them through those initial levels, and you’ll watch your Acquaint Fate counter soar. 

Partake in Events

Genshin Impact across the wilderness
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

Events are a goldmine when it comes to Fate and Primogems. These events tend to be fun little departures from the base game, where you can play minigames for rewards, battle unique bosses for unique rewards.

Plus, if you happen to be a newer player who is intimidated by such unique events, these events usually have a login reward across the event period, and this is where players tend to be handed a selection of Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate, just for showing up.

So if there is a new patch, or a new event in Genshin, make sure you log in and see what’s up. 

Grind The Battle Pass

Genshin Impact level 19
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

If you are an FTP player, the Battle Pass within Genshin is probably something that you don’t put a lot of stock into, and rightfully so, because the FTP path doesn’t have a ton to offer players, and aside from passively claiming Battle Pass XP for playing the game naturally, it isn’t worth investing a lot of your time into. However, even with regular natural play, Genshin players should be able to gather a couple of Acquaint Fate from the Soujorners’ Battle Pass.

Players will be able to claim one Acquaint Fate for reaching levels 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 in the FTP battle pass. Again, it’s not the most efficient way to farm Fate, but it’s worth checking your Battle Pass notifications every now and again, just in case. 

In-Game Collectible Commissions 

genshin impact frostbearing tree
Screenshot by Callum Marshall

Then lastly, there are a few in-game commissions that will ask you to collect and exchange in-game items, and in return, you will get rewards. These rewards will include things like Hero’s Wit, Adventure XP, Mora, Primogems, and, of course, Fate.

There are quite a few of these in the game, so I took the liberty of naming all the commissions out there that we are aware of: 

  • Nation Reputation Rewards
  • Dragonspine Frostbearing Tree Rewards
  • The Chasm Lumenspear Rewards
  • Inazuma Sacred Sakura Tree

How to Get Primogems Fast

As you might have gathered, getting Fate within Genshin is a rare occurrence, and it’s pretty hard to farm consistently. However, with the use of 160 Primogems, you can purchase one Acquaint or Intertwined Fate, meaning that Primogems are the currency that you can farm consistently.

Now, unlike Fate, there are practically infinite ways that you can earn primogems, so much so that we couldn’t get into the finer details, or we would be here until MiHoYo add Snezhnaya to the map. However, I can list them down below so that you can get a feel for what is possible when grinding Primogems. Here is a quick list of options down below: 

  • Opening Chests
  • Completing Quests
  • Daily Commissions 
  • Redeeming Codes
  • Clearing Spiral Abyss Floors
  • Hangout Quests
  • Adventurer’s Handbook Challenges
  • In-game Achievements
  • In-game Events
  • Discovering Waypoints/Domains
  • Reading Tutorial Messages
  • Reading Messages (usually as an apology from the devs for bugs)
  • Collecting Occuli  

FAQ Section

Question: Can You Buy Wishes in Genshin?

Answer: You can’t buy Fate in Genshin, but you can purchase a currency called Genesis Crystals, and these are just as valuable as Primogems. Meaning that 160 of these will be able to be traded for one wish within the game. This can get pretty pricy as 60 of these crystals are sold for $0.99, so try your best to spend wisely!

Question: Should I do 1x Pulls or 10x Pulls?

Answer: It’s really a matter of preference. You see, because of the Pity System within genshin, you are just as likely to pull a 5* item with a single pull as you are with a 10x Pull. The benefit of single pulls is that you have full control of your wish usage, and can ensure you never invest more than you need to. Whereas a 10x pull is arguably more satisfying due to the pageantry that comes with the ten-item, spread that flashes up on the screen. However, the takeaway here is, it doesn’t really matter. 

Question: Can You Get Duplicate Characters in Genshin?

Answer: Yes, it’s pretty common, and while it might sound like a bad thing, if you use this character in your party, it can be a real game-changer. You see, when you get a duplicate, not only do you get a bunch of Masterless Starglitter, but you also get that character’s Stella Fortuna, which in turn, allows you to unlock a star on their constellation. Believe me when I say the difference between a C0 and a C6 character can be staggering. 

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I started with Disney, so I’ll cap it off with Cinderella, I suppose. As you can see, wishing in Genshin Impact is a key factor to success and progression within the game. While it would be technically possible to get through large portions of the game with just the default FTP characters, it would be a much more hollow experience without that feeling of elation after pulling an Archon or 5* hyper carry.

As long as you continue to make consistent progress within the game, and work hard to clear the Spiral Abyss, solve puzzles, open lots of chests, and level up your characters, you will very rarely sit down for a session of Genshin and fail to save up enough Primogems for at least one single pull.

I hope that this guide helps you become an efficient wish user, and as always, thank you for reading Genshin Impact.

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