Amber Genshin Impact Guide

Amber Genshin Impact Guide – Mastering The Outrider

As someone that can remember their beginning in the world of Genshin Impact quite vividly, I have quite a soft spot for what we call the default characters, the characters that players are given right off the bat, with no need to spend any primogems. While it’s safe to say that pretty much all of these characters lose viability as time goes on, aside from perhaps the Traveller due to their elemental flexibility, you can’t dispute that these characters were super important in those early stages.

We are spoiled with the wide variety of incredible characters on the roster now, but in those early hours, you have to squeeze the best out of your default squad, and one character, you might have to work harder than most to achieve that with, is Amber.

Amber is the first character you encounter in Montdstat, provided you don’t count your emergency food, Paimon, and she immediately joins your squad as a ranged Pyro option. I would love to say that she is a character you want to upgrade and hold onto long term, but for me, at least, she was the first character that I binned in favor of the much more viable Pyro option, Xiangling. However, it also comes down to personal preference and luck when wishing on banners

She can be made into a formidable fighter if you don’t have a better pyro option, and she can be handy to keep around when completing puzzles around Mondstadt and Liyue. I hear all of you Amber mains screaming at me, so I’ll be respectful to your beloved Outrider.

In this guide, we will take a look at Amber’s Skills, Ascension materials, Constellations, and we will also look at the best builds, battle strategies, and team compositions to get the most out of this generous Mondstadt resident. Okay, it’s time to glide into action with immaculate precision. Baron Bunny’s ready, and so am I. Here is our Amber Genshin Impact Guide. Enjoy!

The Last Outrider


Firstly, a little background on Amber. Ask anyone who knows her within the world of Teyvat, and they will tell you that Amber never stops moving. She is constantly on the go and is usually on her way to help someone in need, take care of some Hillichurls, or take on a dangerous mission protecting her beloved Monststat.

She may be the last Outrider, but don’t get it twisted; she’s one of the best there ever was. She’s someone that thinks for herself, dances to the beat of her own drum, but always looks out for those she cares about.

She’s also a formidable knight who knows her way around a bow, and if you need someone to show you how to get around on a glider, then who better than the three-time winner of the Mondstadt Gliding Championships? She symbolizes fairness and justice around Mondstadt and is respected by many within its walls. Her compassion for others and her selfless nature make her so easy to get along with, but if players get to know her a little deeper, they will soon find that Amber hasn’t had it all easy.

Players will uncover a story relating to her grandfather, the founder of the Outriders, his sudden disappearance, and how this would form the fearless, unshakably confident Crimson Knight we know today. All in all, Amber is a well-written character and one you should get to know.

Amber Ascension Guide

Okay, time to dig into Amber’s Ascension path, and what sort of items you’ll need to mass hoard to get this bow-wielding knight to Lv.90. Here’s all the info you need: 

Experience Books Needed: 414x Heroes Wit, 15x Adventurer’s Experience, 12x Wanderer’s Advice

Mora Needed: 1,673,400 Mora

Ascension Material Needed

  • Agnidus Agate Sliver x 1
  • Small Lamp Grass x 168
  • Firm Arrowhead x 18
  • Everflame Seeds x 46
  • Agnidus Agate Fragments x 9
  • Sharp Arrowheads x 30
  • Agnidus Agate Chunk x 6
  • Agnidus Agate Gemstone x6
  • Weathered Arrowhead x24

In terms of ascension, this is a pretty straightforward Genshin foraging to-do list. With consistent progress, regular trips to the Pyro Regisive, and a little bit of alchemy, you will gather most of these items without issue or restraint. Small Lamp Glass is the main item you will need to locate and make a habit of farming each day in regenerates.

This is an item that is found in little pockets all over Mondstadt. So be sure to visit these areas daily to find the required ascension material, and visit your friend’s worlds, too, if they are good sports! 

  • North-East of Camp before Dragonspine 
  • Directly Opposite the Fishing Spot near Mondstadt, across the water
  • Scattered Across Wolvendom 
  • In the Whispering Woods

Amber’s Talent Pool

amber genshin talents

Next, we need to understand what sort of skills Amber has and what that means for the player. Here they are listed below: 

Normal Attacks

Amber Genshin Impact attacks

  • Standard Attack: Your typical bow attack which shoots up to five continuous shots. 
  • Charged Attack: This is a charged bow attack that deals added damage and also deals pyro damage when fully charged. 
  • Plunging Attack: This attack sees Amber cast a series of arrows mid-flight before plummeting downwards to deal AoE damage. 

Elemental Skill

Amber's Elemental Skill

Amber’s Elemental Skill is ‘Explosive Puppet’ or ‘Baron Bunny.’ A skill that allows her to throw a decoy enemy into the fray. Baron Bunny will draw fire from enemies and will eventually explode, dealing AoE Pyro damage. This cannot be triggered by the player and will happen when Baron Bunny is destroyed, or when a rather lengthy timer ends. All in all, this is a situational skill at best, and, at worst, a very unreliable and tame skill. 

The hold skill doesn’t mix things up too much. It simply allows you to throw Baron Bunny, allowing for more precise positioning, but due to the ridiculously long timer, the battle will have moved miles away from them by the time they even consider exploding. 

Elemental Burst

amber's Elemental Burst

The Crimson Knight’s Elemental Burst is a little thing called Fiery Rain. When triggered, this brings down a shower of flaming arrows on enemies within the vicinity, dealing AoE pyro damage. The good thing about this skill is that it tends to be pretty accurate and self-aiming.

So when you have a burst ready, just get close to an enemy, and Fiery Rain will do the rest. However, the downsides are that if an enemy moves, this attack will be locked in place and tend to miss the mark. Plus, even with a fully specced Amber, this elemental burst is a little underwhelming in terms of damage. It’s good for crowd control in a pinch, but far from the best in class. 

1st Ascension Passive 

When you ascend Amber for the first time, you get a pretty nifty upgrade to Fiery Rain. You will now be 10% more likely to land a Critical hit, and the AoE widens by 30%, making this a more effective crowd-control attack. 

4th Ascension Passive

If you get Amber up to the fourth ascension tier, you will unlock Precise Shot. This somewhat useful upgrade will give the player a 15% attack stat buff if they manage to land an aimed shot on an enemy’s weak point.

This buff lasts for 10 seconds. It’s a very situational skill because, in truth, next to no one integrates aimed/charged shots into their combat strategies. However, if you are one of the few GI players that do, this could be a useful talent. 

Utility Passive 

Then lastly, we have Amber’s utility passive that relates to her incredible gliding talent. With the ‘Gliding Champion’ ability unlocked, players will see a 20% decrease in gliding stamina consumption when Amber is in your party.

This is a pretty redundant utility, though, because if you have food that increases your max stamina, then you’ll be able to glide practically anywhere you need to go. Don’t worry, folks; you can get to The Nameless Island without Amber’s help. 

Amber’s Constellations

I’ve never been one to take a keen interest in astrology, but when Genshin is concerned, I’m a star-crazed fanatic. However, you’re probably wondering if it’s worthwhile saving those primogems and Masterless Starglitter to improve on Amber’s star-given buffs. Well, let’s take a look, shall we? 

amber constellation

C1: One Arrow to Rule Them All

First up, we have ‘One Arrow To Rule Them All’. Little LOTR reference, lovely. This constellation means that when the player fires an aimed/charged shot, they will fire two arrows as a result. Sounds great, double damage, but sadly the second arrow will only deal 20% of the damage caused by the first arrow.

Like I said before, aimed shots aren’t exactly all that regularly used when fighting as bow characters; it’s all about them elementals. So this is a little underwhelming. 

C2: Bunny Triggered

As far as Amber’s constellations go, this is probably the one that does the most to make her a viable character. It doesn’t do quite enough, but it makes her a hell of a lot better. This grants the player the option to detonate Baron Bunny, but the catch is that you have to shoot an aimed shot at their foot.

This rather precise extra step stops this skill from making Amber a mid-tier character. However, the good news is that if you detonate Baron Bunny, you get a 200% damage buff on that explosion. So if you are a sureshot with a bow, you could make this a consistent strategy. 

C3: It Burns

This constellation improves the level of Fiery Rain by three, with a max increase of up to fifteen. Pretty straightforward, but a welcome buff nonetheless. 

C4: It’s Not Just Any Doll

This constellation decreases the cooldown of Baron Bunny by 20% and offers one extra charge. This will be beneficial to those that become great at detonating Baron Bunny, but for casual use, this won’t help you get Baron Bunny on the field more regularly because of the huge timer on the explosion. 

C5: It’s Baron Bunny!

This increases the level of Baron Bunny by three, with a max of fifteen. Again, straightforward, but always nice to get a buff. 

C6: Wildfire

You might have been looking at these buffs and been thinking, is it worth pushing past C2? Well, this constellation certainly makes a compelling argument for getting more Stella Fortuna. This buff increases the entire party’s movement speed and attack stats by 15% for ten seconds when Fiery Rain is triggered.

This cool buff allows players to dodge attacks proficiently and land stronger attacks, making it one of the best tools in a Support Amber’s arsenal. Overall though, it’s probably not worth grinding to C6 for. 

How to Set Up Amber


Polar Star

This is a great option if you like to mix up attack patterns with Amber. Firstly, you get a buff of 12% to your elemental burst and elemental skill, which is great for an Amber build, but also, as you land charged, normal, elemental burst, and elemental skill attacks, you will create stacks of Byakuya Kyousei which will boost those respective attacks by 10/20/30/48% as you stack them. So if you are a good shot with a bow, this can be a good option for a DPS Amber Build. 

The Stringless

amber weapon Stringless

This is a good option if you can’t get the hold of Polar Star, as it has a much improved main buff, minus the stackable Byakuya Kyousei. This bow offers a 24% buff to elemental skills and elemental bursts, meaning it’s pretty flexible and can be used in most Amber builds. 

Amo’s Bow

This is a pretty particular choice, but if you are one of those aforementioned players that are consistent at triggering Baron Bunny’s 200% DMG buff detonation, this bow might be for you. This bow offers an 18% increase in damage for all normal and aimed shots.

It can also be good for picking off enemies at a distance if the situation allows, as you gain an additional 12% for every 0.1 seconds your arrow spends in the air, and it stacks five times! As I said, it won’t be for everyone, but it’s fun to experiment with. 

Favonius Warbow

Favonius Warbow 

If you want an FTP option that is much more attainable than those listed above, then the Favonius Warbow is the way to go. This offers a decent amount of Elemental Recharge, which is what you want to go with for Amber as a support, as her main role will be to cut through elemental shields and trigger reactions.

These are things that Fiery Rain is actually pretty great at. Plus, if you are lucky enough to land Crits, you’ll get a 60% buff and generate elemental particles, making shredding those shields even easier! 


Emblem of Severed Fate

Of all the artifact sets, it’s very hard to look past the Emblem of Severed Fate set, with a 2PC effect that lowers Elemental Recharge time by 20% and a 4PC effect that boosts elemental burst damage by whatever 25% of your elemental recharge happens to be.

So if you use the additional artifact slot to bolster Elemental Recharge and maybe use a weapon like the Favonious Warbow with additional Recharge buffs, and you can really cook some Hillichurls with your Fiery Rain! I’ve heard seared Hillichurl is a delicacy, you know. 

Noblesse Oblige

This is a great option for those looking to make the most of Amber’s Elemental Burst, because, let’s face it, it’s the only thing she’s got going for her. With this 2pc, you get a 20+ boost to your Elemental Burst damage.

Then if you opt to go for the 4PC, then you will also get a +20 boost to attack all party members for 12 seconds directly after you perform an elemental burst. In my opinion, I would rather go with this 2PC and then double it with a 2PC Crimson Witch of Flames, but I can see the appeal of both for sure. 

Wanderer’s Troupe

If you are going for a DPS Amber, then this can be a good artifact set to run with. Firstly, you have the 2pc 80+ boost to Elemental Mastery, which will make that Fiery Rain even more scorching, but you also have the 4pc boost, which gives the player a 35% boost to their charged attacks (provided they are a bow user). This means that you can double this up with Polar Star and stack some big numbers. 

Crimson Witch of Flames (2PC)

This one is the most obvious of the bunch, but it’s simple, and it works. This 2PC will offer a pyro damage bonus of 15%. 

Best Amber Team Compositions

Okay, so you know how to get the most out of Amber as an Individual, but what other characters does she gel with to create an unstoppable force? Well, here are what we consider the best team comps for Amber: 

The FTP Squad

  • Amber
  • Traveler (Ameno)
  • Barbara
  • xiangling

It’s only right that, with a default character, we offer an FTP-friendly team right off the bat. Amber and Xiangling link well through the use of Guoba and his Chillis, which up pyro damage, allowing Amber’s charged attacks, elemental skill, and elemental burst to pack more of a punch.

Then for crowd control, you have The Traveller, who can use their elemental skill to blow smaller enemies away, and use their elemental skill to send smaller enemies away in a hurricane, allowing you to focus on the big guys. Then Barabra sits back and offers constant healing off-field but can also pitch in to trigger vaporize reactions. 

Fire and Ice

  • Amber 
  • Kaeya
  • Mona 
  • Bennett

Snowy days are great and all, but being the grumpy old man I am, I like when it all melts away, and coincidentally, I’m fond of the melt reaction too. This team relies on Kaeya taking center stage to deliver Cyro damage to enemies, allowing Amber to slip in, do their elemental burst, and then allow Kaeya back in to keep swinging his claymore.

This only works if you make use of a hydro character to get enemies wet first, and Mona is the best option on offer. Her elemental burst allows you to soak lots of enemies due to its sizable AoE; then, if you combine this with Kaeya’s elemental burst, and then Amber’s, and you trigger a lot of reactions, my friend. Then Bennett is the obvious healer of choice due to the Pyro buffs, and cyro debuffs that he offers. 

Operation Overload 

  • Raiden Shogun
  • Amber
  • Venti 
  • Bennett

Then lastly, we have the overload strategy, and there is no better person to lead the line here than the Raiden Shogun herself. What you want here is to use Amber as a Sub-DPS, and allow Raiden Shogun to trigger Overload through the use of her AoE Elemental Burst.

Meanwhile, you can use Venti as a means of crowd control, as he can stun enemies by lifting them in midair, and group them with his elemental burst if need be. Once again, Bennett is the obvious healer, as he can also jump in to help trigger Overload in a pinch. 

Why Play As Amber?

genshin impact character selection amber kaeye lisa barbara.

So overall, is Amber a character that you should choose for your lineup? In a nutshell, probably not, especially if you have a wealth of characters to choose from. At the beginning of the game, she is a very useful character indeed, and until you get your hands on Xiangling, it’s very unlikely you will have another Pyro character worth replacing her with.

That being said, it doesn’t take long for better support and DPS options to come around, and unless you put together very particular teams and utilize awkward strategies that only become available when Amber is at C2, you will struggle to find a permanent place for her.

Honestly, the only reason why you would include Amber in your team if you have a better Pyro option is that she is the best option for clearing all of Mondstadt’s fire-based puzzles. There is some viability of using her if you want to use Baron Bunny to draw fire and then scamper away and avoid battles without getting clipped as you run away. However, as a straight-up fighter, I’m afraid there are just far too many better options out there. 

If I had to give her a Tier rating for S-Tier to F-Tier, she would probably be a D character. Make of that what you will. 

FAQ Section

Question: How Hard is It to Get C2 Amber?

Answer: Honestly, not incredibly hard if you prioritize standard wishes, and make use of Paimon’s Bargains, as Amber has been included six times and the time of writing. 

Question: Does Amber Have a Special Dish? 

Answer: Yes, it’s called the Outrider’s Champion Steak. This is just the recipe for a Steak that requires 2x Raw Meat, but you cook it with Amber. This offers 10% of a character’s HP boost when reviving a character, as well as an additional 150HP. 

Question: How Do You Unlock Amber?

Answer: As you might have guessed, you simply have to progress the early story quests. Simply complete the quest, Wind Riding Knight, and she will be available to join your party! 

Never Fear; Outrider Amber is Here!

As you can see, Amber is an interesting character, and one that new players will need to get to know quite intimately, whether they particularly want to or not. She may not be one of the strongest characters within the game. Heck, she isn’t even in the conversation for the best pyro character. However, in the early game, where resources are scarce, she can be invaluable when solving puzzles, and taking care of early bosses, domains, and quests.

While I would never consider adding Amber back into my squad now, I do have a bit of a soft spot for her. She showed me around Mondstadt, she welcomed me with open arms, and thanks to her endless optimism and charm, I think I’ll always hold her in high regard, even if, as a playable character, she kind of sucks. I hope that this guide gave you all that you needed to fit Amber into your squad effectively, and as always, thanks for reading Genshin Chronicle.

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