Bennett Genshin Impact Guide

Bennett Genshin Impact Guide

I remember walking on the shores of the Starsnatch cliff, witnessing Dvalin flying high in the sky, and figuring out my way to the nearest city. As soon as I reached the city of freedom, I met other characters from the city. Charismatic Knights, Outriders, and eventually Lord Barbatos himself.

However, as you progress through the story, you learn about other characters who play an equally important role in the Traveler’s story, and one among them is our Benny boy, who is an aspiring adventurer we meet in a hangout quest.

Bennett hails from the city of freedom, Mondstadt, and is always willing to join others on thrilling adventures. While he may be unlucky in life, he never gives up on his dream to build the best adventurer team, and he always keeps a positive attitude towards life.

Being an upbeat character, our Benny boy never turns his back on friends and is always ready to help.

Bennett’s outstanding personality and amazing abilities make him one of the best-supporting characters in the game. Let’s learn more about our Benny boy in this Bennett Genshin Impact guide and learn about his various skills, artifacts, and team compositions. Just like Bennett, hands up in the air, thumbs up, and let’s jump straight in!

Bennett, Bouken da Bouken!

Bennett is an orphan who was discovered by an elderly member of the Adventurer’s guild and raised by the guild members. This is why he takes care of all the old adventures of the guild and calls them “Dads.”

For this, he gets a lot of praise from other members and is practically part of their families. Lady luck might not be on his side, but we are lucky to have him.

bennett, bouken da bouken
I need to know who throws stones at him

Despite his bad luck, he continually bounds into battle, plugging away to become a respected adventurer. It’s this adolescent, almost naive approach to combat that makes the character so endearing.

There have been many times when Barbara has encountered some of his tussles and has been shocked at how much of a beating Bennet can endure. Bennett sees bandages as medals of his ventures and goes to any extent to fulfill his dream.

I love Bennett’s undying passion to become an adventurer and never-give-up attitude, even though he’s plagued with inevitable bad luck. He’s an optimistic, cheerful, and upbeat character who will always be ready to help his friends.

You will get to know more about his backstory and experiences from hangout quests where the Traveler accompanies him on commissions!

Bennett has been an amazing character who is almost invaluable for most of the team compositions in Genshin Impact. I encourage every player to add Bennet to their team and build him to benefit from his amazing skills, especially his elemental burst.

You meet him in Mondstadt and get to know about his life experiences from his hangout quests. As the Traveler, you help him in various commissions by exploring abandoned ruins and even joining up to fight enemies.

Ascension & Talent Materials

Bennett’s ascension stat is energy recharge that helps to recharge his elemental burst. This complements his low elemental skill cooldown to gain more value from the energy particles and fill up the burst gauge.

On top of that, his attack buff scales up with the flat attack, so you must level him to the maximum. That’s why many veterans like me will recommend you max out his level and give him a sword with the highest base attack from your inventory.

ascension & talent materials
Preview of Bennett’s ascension material

Here’s a list of ascension materials that you need to level up Bennett to the maximum level:

  • Mora x 420,000
  • Windwheel aster x 168
  • Everflame seed x 46
  • Treasure hoarder insignia x 18
  • Silver raven insignia x 30
  • Golden raven insignia x 36
  • Agnidus agate sliver x 1
  • Agnidus agate fragment x 9
  • Agnidus agate chunk x 9
  • Agnidus agate gemstone x 6
level up bennett
Bennett’s talent material preview

The materials you need to level up a single talent:

  • Mora x 1,652,500
  • Crown of insight x 1
  • Dvalin’s plume x 6
  • Treasure hoarder insignia x 6
  • Silver raven insignia x 22
  • Golden raven insignia x 31
  • Teachings of resistance x 3
  • Guide to resistance x 21
  • Philosophies of resistance x 38

I don’t think you need to invest in his normal attack talent; however, you should focus on his elemental burst and pour your resources into his elemental skill.

I have crowned his burst talent to get every ounce of attack buff and haven’t regretted that decision even once. So, if you have a crown laying in your inventory, this is the best time to put it to use.


Normal Attack: Strike of Fortune

normal attack - strike of fortune
Skill attributes: Strike of fortune

Normal attack: Bennett performs 5 sword strikes continuously

Charged attack: After consuming some stamina, Bennett rapidly strikes twice with his sword

Plunging attack: Bennett plunges to the ground from mid-air to deal area-of-effect damage to the enemies

Elemental Skill: Passion Overload

Tap: Bennett strikes with his sword to deal Pyro damage

elemental skill - passion overload
Skill attributes: Passion overload

Hold: Charging up Bennett’s skill has different effects depending on the duration its charged for

  • Level 1: Bennett launches the opponents by striking twice to deal Pyro damage
  • Level 2: Bennett launches himself and his enemies in the air after striking them thrice to deal Pyro damage. However, Bennett doesn’t take any damage on landing after the launch.

Bennett’s elemental skill is a really good ability that you can use to generate energy particles for your characters. You can easily use this skill to apply Pyro on the enemies or charge your attacks to buff your Pyro application to deplete an enemy’s shield.

I don’t think you should use a charged variant of his skill because it’s better to use the tap version due to its low cooldown.

I remember fighting against Cryo, Electro, and Hydro abyss mages and using Bennett to destroy their shields. Whenever I wanted to have more area-of-effect of his Pyro application, I used to swirl it with Sucrose and was easily able to deplete their shields.

Fun fact, in the Noblesse Oblige domain, you will face three abyss mages, and grouping them together will break their shields. You can use Bennett with Sucrose to remove their shields and proceed to collect rewards.

Elemental Burst: Fantastic Voyage

Bennett creates an inspiration field on his location to deal Pyro damage

elemental burst - fantastic voyage
Skill attributes: Fantastic voyage
bennett's burst circle
Bennett’s elemental burst circle

Inspiration field has the following effects:

  • The Characters in the field are imbued with Pyro.
  • If a character’s health is equal to or less than 70 %, then their health will regenerate in the field. The health regeneration scales off Bennett’s maximum health.
  • If a character’s health is above 70 %, they get an attack bonus that scales off Bennett’s base attack.

One of the strongest elemental bursts in the game. Not damage-wise, but support-wise. Bennett is sought after by so many players for his elemental burst, and it really is a game-changer.

His elemental burst heals characters faster and provides an attack boost that scales off his base attack. His burst allows you to stand directly in front of enemies and tank damage, while healing your depleted health simultaneously.

Passive: Rekindle

Bennett’s elemental skill, Passion overload’s cooldown, decreases by 20 %. With this passive, the skill cooldown becomes 4s, which allows you to use it more to generate energy particles.

Passive: Fearnaught

When Bennett is inside the Fantastic Voyage’s field, he cannot be launched in the air, and the elemental skill cooldown is decreased by 50%.

With this passive, your elemental skill cooldown comes down to 2s, which gives you the flexibility to use the skill more. This is really helpful if you are facing enemies with Hydro, Cryo, or Electro shields where you use the skill to deplete them.

A prime example of it could be facing an Electro abyss lector with a massive Electro shield. You can use Bennett’s skill’s tap version to destroy the shield to easily finish him off.

Passive: It Should Be Safe…

Time consumed by an expedition in Mondstadt reduces by 25 % when Bennett is dispatched.

I highly recommend sending your characters on expeditions to receive free materials in return. A character like Bennett, whose passive reduces expedition time in an area, is invaluable and helps to stock up the inventory for free.

Depending on your requirements, you can send the characters to either farm for in-game items like ores or mora.


bennett's constellations
Bennett’s constellation: Rota Calamitas

Grand Expectation

Fantastic voyage’s health restriction is removed, and an additional 20 % attack bonus is added that scales off his base attack.

A superb constellation. It’s highly recommended that you should get Bennett’s first constellation because it removes the health restriction for an attack buff. If you don’t have enough primogems, you can wait for him to get featured in the Paimon’s bargains shop and purchase his constellation with Masterless starglitter.

Impasse Conqueror

Bennett’s energy recharge increases by 30 % when Bennett’s health falls below 70 %

Another good constellation that helps to increase the energy recharge on Bennett. A word of advice, though. Don’t tank attacks intentionally to reduce your health because some enemies may one-shot your Bennett, and you’ll be forced to restart an abyss chamber.

Unstoppable Fervor

Passion overload’s level increases by 3 with a maximum limit of 15. A good constellation to increase Bennett’s elemental skill damage.

Unexpected Odyssey

You can perform an additional attack while using a normal attack during the second attack of Passion overload’s level 1 charge. The additional attack deals 135% of the second attack’s damage.

This constellation is quite situational and dependent on the team composition. You usually won’t use Bennett’s elemental skill that often unless you want to generate energy particles. If you want to use his elemental skill to deplete shields, then it’s better to use the tap version than go for a charged one.

True Explorer

Fantastic voyage’s level increases by 3 levels with a maximum limit of 15

A really amazing constellation that massively boosts the attack buff your teammates obtain after using Bennett’s elemental burst. I would highly suggest you target this constellation in the long run or obtain this constellation from Paimon’s bargains shop.

Fire Ventures with Me

Sword, Claymore, and Polearm-wielding characters get a Pyro infusion in Fantastic Voyage’s radius and an additional 15 % Pyro damage bonus.

The most controversial constellation in Genshin Impact. A lot of people mistakenly activated this constellation and ruined their team compositions. What’s the problem with this constellation? The Pyro infusion. Once you activate this constellation, your characters will get a Pyro infusion on their weapon and deal Pyro damage instead.

Here are a few examples to help you understand how the infusion works with characters like Ayaka, Chongyon, and Xiao. In the case of Ayaka and Chongyun, you will deal Pyro damage, but Xiao’s burst will switch his attacks to Anemo damage.

Discussing the concepts of infusion is out of the scope of this guide, and I suggest you go over our other character guides first. That will help you to understand their abilities and elemental infusion in a better way.

Ayaka Showcase

Chongyun Showcase

Xiao Showcase


bennett's weapons
Bennett with the Aquila Favonia

High Base Attack Weapons (5-star)

Most 5-star weapons are good for a support Bennett because of their high base attack that adds up to his elemental burst buff. These weapons may have different substats that can enhance Bennett’s damage output or give quality-of-life features to his play style. However, the only goal of using these weapons is to take advantage of the base attack.

Suppose you want to play Bennett in a damage-dealing role. In that case, you can focus on weapons that provide CRIT rate, Elemental mastery, or other offensive attributes. I won’t recommend you to build him as a Physical DPS because he aptly fulfills the support role.

Depending on your team composition, you can either go with a support or damage role. To help you out, I’ve listed the suitable 5-star options along with their substats and base attacks.

  • Aquila Favonia – Physical damage bonus – 674
  • Mistsplitter Reforged – CRIT damage – 674
  • Freedom Sworn – Elemental Mastery – 608
  • Haran Geppaku Futsu – CRIT rate – 608
  • Summit Shaper – Attack percentage – 608
  • Skyward Blade – Energy recharge – 608
  • Key of Khaj-Nisut – HP percentage – 542
  • Primordial Jade cutter – CRIT rate – 542

Currently, I’m using Aquila Favonia on my Bennett to take advantage of a massive base attack. Still, there have been cases when I didn’t have enough energy recharge and swapped to the Skyward blade.

So, ultimately, it depends on your team composition, which can help you to decide whether you want an energy recharge sword or a high base attack one. For example, in a team with the Raiden Shogun, you don’t have to worry about energy recharge because she will help to regenerate energy for other teammates.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t equip an energy recharge artifact sands of eon on Bennett. Always maintain a decent energy recharge on your support characters and have the extra incoming energy as a plus.

The Alley Flash (4-star)

One of the highest base attacks among 4-star swords that rivals most of the 5-star counterparts. This weapon features a massive base attack of 620 that can help to raise Bennett’s attack buff.

The sword features an elemental mastery substat that can be helpful in reactions. However, the elemental mastery won’t be of much help because you get 55 units on level 90. Remember that this sword will be on the weapons banner, and it’s all RNG there.

Prototype Rancour (4-star)

Prototype Rancour is a weapon that you will obtain for free from adventure rank rewards. The weapon features a decent base attack of 565, and the passive helps to increase attack and defense on normal and charged attacks.

You can easily use this sword on Bennett to take advantage of a good base attack or even refine this sword down the line. Other characters like Jean or Qiqi can also use this sword in the future to increase their healings which scales off their attack.

Favonius Sword / Sacrificial Sword (4-star)

If you don’t have a good energy recharge value on your Bennett, I highly recommend you go with these swords. Both swords feature an energy recharge substat that can help regenerate your burst. In the case of the Favonius sword, the passive helps to generate energy particles that you can funnel to your character.

This makes it one of the best 4-star swords for a support character. However, if you don’t have the Favonius sword, then you can go with the Sacrificial sword to take advantage of its passive to reset the elemental skill cooldown.

Often used on characters like Xingqiu, Jean, or Qiqi, this sword can help you to generate more energy particles on Bennett and provide extra energy recharge from its substat.


bennett's artifacts
Bennett equipped with the Noblesse Oblige artifact set

Crimson Witch of Flames

If you want to use Bennett in a damage-dealing role, then this artifact set should be your choice. You will obtain a Pyro damage bonus from the 2-piece set and increase the same from a 4-piece set.

Additionally, once you use elemental skill, the Pyro damage will increase up to 4 stacks, which helps Bennett to churn out more elemental applications.

Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige is one of the best sets for support characters in the game. This artifact set is highly recommended on a support Bennett and should be your go-to option for him.

With a 2-piece set, you get a bonus on your elemental burst, and a 4-piece set helps to increase the attack of the whole party. Most of the time, you will use Bennett to buff your team’s attack, and once you have equipped this artifact set, you can benefit from an extra 20 % attack bonus.

Thundering Fury

It’s rather a unique set to equip on Bennett, but it does wonders when you are against Electro enemies. A few abyss runs featured Electro abyss lectors, and it was difficult to destroy their shields with just one Pyro character.

However, if you had Bennett with the Thundering Fury artifact set, you could lessen the elemental skill cooldown to rapidly apply the Pyro element.

The 2-piece effect of this artifact is useless on Bennett, but the 4-piece effect helps to reduce the skill cooldown by 1s. Players can take advantage of this artifact set to deplete an Electro shield faster and complete chambers under the time limit.


The set is suitable for mono Pyro teams where you focus on churning out as much Pyro damage as possible. The 2-piece effect helps to increase the Pyro resistance, and the complete set helps to increase the damage against enemies affected by the Pyro element.

This artifact set is suitable for teams where you want to play Bennett as the main damage dealer.

Artifact Summary

For a support Bennett, you can have an energy recharge sands, HP or Pyro damage Goblet, and HP or CRIT rate circlet on him. If you feel that you lack the healing, you can go with HP on the circlet and goblet.

Though, I don’t feel that you need to invest in HP% as Bennett’s heals are faster, and you can easily go with a Pyro damage bonus on the Goblet and CRIT rate on the circlet.

However, if you want to build him as the main damage dealer, then you should go with ATK% or EM on the sands, Pyro damage bonus on the goblet, and CRIT rate or damage on the circlet. In this playstyle, your main focus is to deal as much Pyro damage as possible and avoid Physical damage.

Team Composition

Mono Pyro: Bennett Anemo Pyro Pyro

mono pyro - bennett anemo pyro pyro
A mono Pyro team: Bennett, Xiangling, Sucrose, and Hu Tao

Mono Pyro team focuses on dealing as much Pyro damage as possible. Though these teams may not seem feasible, this team setup will yield outstanding results when facing a group of Hydro or Cryo enemies.

You can easily trigger amplifying reactions like vaporize or melt, and even one-shot some enemies. Remember that it’s different from a dedicated vaporize team and accounts for the fact that you are facing Hydro or Cryo enemies.

Team examples:

  • Bennett, Kazuha, Xiangling, Diluc
  • Bennett, Sucrose, Klee, Xiangling
  • Bennett, Sucrose, Hu Tao, Xiangling

Support or Pyro Resonance: Bennett Pyro Anemo Flex

support or pyro resonance - bennett pyro anemo flex
A multi-reaction team example: Bennett, Xiangling, Xingqiu, and the Raiden Shogun
description of the pyro resonance
A description of the Pyro resonance

Pyro resonance focuses on having two Pyro characters to take benefit from additional buffs. There are a few team compositions that can make use of this, and they are highly recommended in some scenarios.

You can have an Anemo character to shred the elemental resistance from enemies and deal massive damage. A prime example is the Raiden national team, which uses 3 core 4-star characters, Bennett, Xingqiu, and Xiangling. This is my most used team because of how potent and awesome it is.

With enough energy to recharge on characters, you can trigger plenty of reactions in this team and finish off enemies with Raiden’s burst.

Depending on your requirements, you can swap in some Cryo characters to take advantage of melt reactions and enjoy massive damage multipliers.

Team examples:

  • Bennett, Xiangling, Sucrose, Childe
  • Bennett, Xiangling, Sucrose, Rosaria
  • Bennett, Xiangling, Kazuha, Ganyu

Pyro Infusion: Bennett Flex Flex Flex

pyro infusion - bennett flex flex flex
A good Pyro infusion team: Bennett C6, Xiangling, Diluc, and Kazuha

This team solely focuses on Bennett’s C6 constellation, which limits some team compositions. Your characters’ weapons will be imbued with the Pyro element and deal Pyro damage.

Teams built around Bennett’s last constellation are rare, but you can use them to adapt your playstyle. An example could be Diluc, Sucrose, Bennett, and Xingqiu in a vaporize team where Bennett can provide additional Pyro damage to Diluc.

On top of that, Diluc will have almost 100 % uptime for the Pyro infusion on his claymore and continuously apply the Pyro element. At last, remember to be in the burst circle to avoid losing the infusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How often do You Use Bennett in Your Team Compositions? Should I also Get Bennett from the Shop for My Team?

Answer: Almost every team I run in the spiral abyss has a Bennett or Jean. Bennett’s elemental burst is too good to ignore and provides massive attack buff and healing to the team. Whenever I’m in the healing circle, I can confidently tackle the hardest enemies without any fear of perishing.

The heals are amazing, and no doubt, Bennett is one of the best supports in the game. I would highly recommend getting him from the shop if you don’t have him and getting the first constellation. The first constellation removes the health restriction on his healing and grants an additional attack buff in his burst.

Question: Should I Unlock Bennett’s Last Constellation?

Answer: It completely depends on the characters you have. There are a lot of team compositions that are dependent on Bennett, but when you unlock his last constellation, the characters get a Pyro infusion that cannot be overridden.

Indeed, there are characters like Xiao who can still deal Anemo damage in their burst and override Bennett’s Pyro infusion, but once the burst wears off, Xiao will deal Pyro damage in the circle. Unless you have a lot of experience with team building, I won’t recommend you to unlock this constellation.

Nothing will happen if you don’t get that 15% Pyro damage bonus, and It’s better to have flexibility in team building than restrict your options. So, the answer is yes and no, depending on your experience with the game.

Question: Should I Use Bennett as a Damage Dealer or Support?

Answer: I would suggest you build him as a support because he really outperforms a lot of characters in that role. There are better damage dealers in the game that can synergize with Bennett, and most of the team compositions have Bennett as support.

This is all because of his amazing elemental burst, which helps to buff the team’s attack and provide faster healing to facetank enemies.

Benny Boy, Final Thoughts

Bennett is an amazing character who can support your team in the best possible way. He can heal, cleanse and buff your characters simultaneously with his elemental burst and allow you to tackle enemies fearlessly.

You can easily facetank enemies without worrying about health loss and deal massive damage. He is a flexible character in almost all teams and brings a lot of utility to the table.

However, with a C6 Bennett, you may limit your team-building options and not be able to go back. There isn’t any option in the game from where you can toggle your character’s constellation.

Because of that, you may run into issues. I know some friends who unlocked their last constellation and couldn’t play certain team comps. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want to unlock his last constellation. Nonetheless, Bennett is an incredible character, and everyone should have him.

That was all from my end, and I will meet you in another guide. Until then, venture on exciting adventures with your friends and discover secret treasures with them.

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