Valberry Genshin Impact Guide

Valberry Genshin Impact Guide – A Stormwatcher’s Sustenance 

Teyvat plays host to a litany of interesting delicacies that have the ability to tantalize the taste buds and combine with other outlandish ingredients to make dishes that seem almost otherworldly. They may not have access to such incredible culinary masterpieces as Bernard Matthew’s Turkey Dinosaurs, but the residents of Teyvat fill the void pretty well.

With this smorgasbord of ingredients that can be found on your travels, the player has the ability to whip up some tasty treats which can help them heal, run faster for longer, and buff their stats before intense battles. However, there are some ingredients found in the wild that serve a dual purpose. Some of these items are used to ascend your characters. 

That’s right, some of the items that you have been mindlessly boiling off in a pot might be necessary to raise your characters to higher levels and turn them into unstoppable forces of nature. Thankfully though, the item in question that we will be discussing is not used for cooking, but instead is used purely as a tool to raise your character to their max level. We are, of course, referring to Valberries.

The Valberry is a sweet and sumptuous fruit from the Mondstadt region, which served as a welcome treat to Stormwatchers at their post. However, where the Traveler is concerned, this is a treat reserved for just a handful of their close allies.

You may be wondering, what the hell is a Valberry? Where can I get one, and why would I even bother? All great questions, and thankfully, I have all the answers that you will ever need. So join me as we break down why the Valberry is something you’ll want to collect in bulk as you adventure around Mondstadt. Here is Genshin Chronicle’s Valberry Genshin Impact Guide! 

Valberry Background and Appearance 

Item Valberry from Genshin Impact
Image by Callum Marshall

Let’s kick things off by explaining what a Valberry is. As you might have deciphered by now, the Valberry is a fruit/berry found in the region of Mondstadt, or more specifically, in the Stormbearer Mountains. It’s a berry that may not be commonly used in any dishes by the people of Mondstadt, but it offers a sweet, invigorating taste that is common with the older generations of the Mondstadt population.

This sweet delicacy was commonly plucked from the vine and sampled by Stormwatchers at their post in the Stormbearer Mountains. They would watch the skies, and in these harsh conditions, they would find comfort in the fragrance and the sweet taste of this fruit’s nectar, and dream of a peaceful new era for Mondstadt. Which would eventually come, Lord Barbatos be praised! 

As for the fruit’s appearance, this berry grows upon a long-stemmed flower, and there are three Valberries per flower to be harvested. The stem itself is a vibrant green, and they hold aloft the red fruit in question. The berry itself is a small, plump, and round shape, with a serrated opening at the top where it has been plucked from the flower. In simple terms, think of it like a Blueberry, but red.

Where to Find Valberries

Valberries In The Wild from Genshin Impact
Image from Fandom

Okay, so we have imparted such wisdom as ‘a Valberry is a red berry’. I know, profound stuff, but here’s where things get interesting. We now need to understand where you can find these berries in the wild, allowing you to fill your inventory to the brim with these little round, fragrant delights. So here is a rundown of where to find Valberries in genshin Impact: 

Valberries in Mondstadt

As you might have guessed, the easiest way to collect these little berries in bulk is by exploring the Mondstadt region, and there are quite a few of these plants dotted around the place.

The annoying thing about collecting Valberries is that they aren’t all densely packed into one area like, say, Calla Lilies in Springvale or Cecillias on Starsnatch Cliff.

However, you can easily work out an efficient route to collect all of these berries as they are all within the Stormbearer Mountains or on Stormbearer Point in the northeast of Mondstadt.  

The best route to collect these in the fastest way possible is to start at the edge of Cider Lake and zig-zag through the Stormbearer Mountains, before hugging the inside edge of Stormbearer Point.

Here is a visual representation of all the Valberry locations in the game, along with a proposed path for easy collection. 

Various locations for Valberry from Genshin Impact
Image by Callum Marshall

Purchasing Valberries

I get it; you’re busy, right? You have Spiral Abyss stars to obtain, you have events to complete, and Primogems to spend. You don’t have time to farm these berries. Well, then, I have two other options for you. The first one is purchasing Valberries from a merchant Chloris in Mondstadt.

She sells other useful ascension items such as Wolfhook for Razor, and Philanemo Mushrooms for Barbara, and she will sell you five Valberries so you can passively gather a healthy supply. However, her shop will only replenish every three days, so don’t wholeheartedly rely on this merchant for your Valberry needs. 

Purchasing Valberries

The only problem is that she is a nightmare to find at times because she only works certain hours of the day, which are 06:00 to 19:00, and she roams freely around the Windrise section of Mondstadt.

You will eventually find her if you mindlessly roam around, but it can take longer than you might think. While she has no fixed position, you are most likely to find her right here:

Various locations for Purchasing Valberry from Genshin Impact
Image by Callum Marshall

Grow Your Own Valberries

Then lastly, you can literally farm your own Valberries by growing them. However, this is something that players won’t have access to until they are a good way through clearing the questlines within Liyue.

You see, this is a function that is only available through the Serenitea Teapot, a feature that I have largely avoided because I think it sucks, but hey, that’s just me.

Regardless, in the Teapot, you gain access to a Seed Dispensary, which can store seeds, and with acquired Realm Currency, you can buy Valberry Seeds from Tubby. 

From there, you can put your green thumb to good use and plant these seeds in your Serenitea Teapot Garden, and will be able to gain another regular source of Valberries within your in-game world. This will yield four Valberries per harvest. 

How to Use Your Valberry Stash

Okay, so I’m going to pretend that you went away and gathered hundreds of Valberries. Ready? 

Oh, wow! Look at all those Valberries; that’s more than anyone could ever need; you are a star! Convincing, right?

Well, with all those Valberries you definitely acquired, you’ll need to know the best use for them within the world of Genshin. After all, they are no good to you sitting in your inventory. So let’s run down all the ways you can make Valberries work for you: 

Ascending Characters 

Character Noelle Valberries Picking from Genshin Impact

As mentioned above, Valberries are an important ascension material that plays a role in leveling three major characters within the game. These characters are Lisa, Noelle, and Rosaria.

Now, beginner players may not have Rosaria on their team, but chances are Noelle and Lisa are currently playing a key role in your main line-up.

This means that you’ll need to know exactly how many Valberries you’ll need to get your hands on if you want to max these characters out. Without further delay, let’s talk numbers: 


  • Level One – 3x Valberry
  • Level Two – 10x Valberry
  • Level Three – 20x Valberry
  • Level Four – 30x Valberry
  • Level Five – 45x Valberry
  • Level Six – 60x Valberry 

Total: 168x Valberry Required


  • Level One – 3x Valberry
  • Level Two – 10x Valberry
  • Level Three – 20x Valberry
  • Level Four – 30x Valberry
  • Level Five – 45x Valberry
  • Level Six – 60x Valberry 

Total: 168x Valberry Required


  • Level One – 3x Valberry
  • Level Two – 10x Valberry
  • Level Three – 20x Valberry
  • Level Four – 30x Valberry
  • Level Five – 45x Valberry
  • Level Six – 60x Valberry 

Total: 168x Valberry Required


Ascension is the main role of the Valberry in Genshin Impact; however, it does have another use within the game. If the player uses a Valberry at an Alchemy station, they can create Red Dye.

Red Dye is a material that is used to create various items of furniture that can decorate your home in the Serenitea Teapot. It is a key component in eighty-five furniture recipes, so if you are one of those players that like to have one of everything, you will need to craft quite a lot of the stuff. 

One important caveat though, folks. You can also make red Dye by using much more common items like Sunsettias and Carrots. So parting with your Valberries to make Red Dye would be a silly move.

If you are caught short, it’s better to head off into Mondstadt and whack a few trees to drop some Sunsettias rather than give up your precious Ascension material. 

Which Character Should i Focus On?

Then just as a little bonus before we go our separate ways and forage for berries, I want to discuss which of the three listed characters you should be chucking your Valberries at first. This is going to be a little subjective, as it really depends on player preference, and what other characters you have managed to snag from wishes, but here’s my take on the matter. 

I would say for most players, Noelle has to be the pick of the bunch to invest in first. The reason for this is because she is a great healer, can deal lots of physical damage, and she’s probably one of the only Geo options that beginner players will have in their roster for some time.

Unless you are super lucky like me and get Zhongli in four Event Banner wishes. Bragging aside, though, she is a super character to invest in, and even in the late game, she will have a role in quite a few of your team compositions. 

Valberry Obtained from Genshin Impact

Now, it’s possible that you may prefer Barbara as your healer, or you simply may not like Noelle’s playstyle. In this case, my second choice would be to invest in Rosaria. While Kaeya is a solid Cyro option, Rosaria is a physical damage-dealing machine, and holds her own as one of the best four-star options around.

Even if you have other four-star Cyro options like Chongyun or Layla, I would opt for Rosaria every time due to her ability to hit hard. Plus, she’s a Polearm user, and there aren’t loads of those for beginner players to choose from, aside from Xiangling. 

Then I would say, once you have exhausted the other two options, this is when you can start using Valberries to ascend Lisa. However, I would caveat that by stating that there are much better Electro options available, so it might be better to hold out for Kujou Sara, Razor, or Fischl, who all serve as better Electro party members. 

FAQ Section 

Question: Are Valberries Common?

Answer: Yes, Valberries are pretty easy to acquire within Genshin Impact. They are available within the game’s first region, meaning you can get them right off the bat, and they can be acquired in pretty strong numbers, too, with the ability to harvest 57 Valberries every three days. 

Question: Who Can Use Valberries In Genshin Impact?

Answer: Valberries serve as the required ascension material for three playable characters. These are Lisa, Noelle, and Rosaria. These berries can also be used to create Red Dye, which is used to craft various items of furniture. 

Question: Can You Buy Valberries?

Answer: Yes, you can buy Valberries in Mondstadt from Chloris, the flower merchant. She sells the player up to five Valberries at a time, and her shop inventory replenishes every three days. 

A Sweet Treat to Eat

As you can see, this unassuming little berry plays a pretty vital role in the world of Genshin Impact, depending on your character choices, of course. I haven’t made a habit of foraging Valberries regularly, purely because I’m not a huge can of Noelle and Lisa.

However, having just picked up Rosaria in a recent Event Banner, I may be on the lookout for these in the coming weeks. However, considering that Noelle is a great beginner healer for most new players, it might be a good idea to collect these in the early hours of your adventure.

That’s all we have time for, but be sure to check out more of our wonderful and informative guides, and as always, thank you for reading Genshin Chronicle! 

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