Best Games like Genshin Impact

Best Games like Genshin Impact

Genshin is a game that really sinks its hooks into the player and never relinquishes its vice grip on your free time, and in a lot of gamers’ cases, their wallet. One fleeting urge to jump into a new open-world adventure can cascade into a never-ending obsession with ascending characters, gathering Primogems, and cursing each Debate Club that pops up on screen.

I would know, because I was one of those naive players that went in expecting to breeze through the content and come out the other end satisfied. Yet, after two-hundred hours of Archon Quests, grinding for materials, beating bosses to a pulp, and collecting more unwanted 3-star weapons than I care to count, I’m still hooked, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

genshin impact
Genshin Impact

That being said, there have been moments when Genshin has gone stale. Periods where there was no event on the horizon, the quests I was working on were time-gated, or I just felt a little burnt out with the Gacha grind.

It happens to the best of us, and at that moment, we naturally seek out a new game to lift our spirits, because god forbid we ever go outside and get our daily dose of fresh air. However, I would wager that a lot of you at that moment have tried to think of a game like Genshin that could fill the void, and drawn a blank. Again, it happens to the best of us, but that’s where I come in.

I have curated a list of amazing titles that are similar to Genshin Impact, which will allow you to briefly walk away from Teyvat and cleanse your palette, before inevitably returning to the Gacha goliath with your tail between your legs. The promise of Primogems is just too sweet an offer to ignore.

However, in the meantime, here are some games that may just lure you away for a while, and Paimon won’t follow you around in any of these games, so that’s a welcome bonus. Here is Genshin Chronicle’s Best Games Like Genshin Impact Guide.

Selection Criteria

There is nothing quite like Genshin Impact, I hear you scream, with lit torches and pitchforks raised, and before you lob one at my head, I agree. As years have gone by, Genshin has built something truly unique and special. However, I believe that there are quite a few games that have one or more uncanny similarities with the Best ongoing game of 2022. So what makes a game like Genshin Impact, and worthy of a place on this list? Well, these are the criteria I ran with:

  • All Games listed must have an aggregate Metacritic score of 65% or more
  • All games listed must be either an open-world title, an RPG, a Gacha title, or an MMO
  • We will not be including shameless copies/clones of Genshin Impact.
  • Only one entry per developer or franchise

Okay, time to leave Teyvat for a little vacation. Let’s go!

#1 – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

best games like genshin impact legend of zelda breath of the wild

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Metacritic Score: 97%
  • Key Similarity: Damn near everything

All you day-one Genshin players are going to hate me. I know the struggles you went through, arguing that this game was more than just a BOTW clone, and while that is undoubtedly the case now, it was a little harder to separate the two back at the time of release. If you take a step back and look at Genshin’s core mechanics, the similarities are clear to see, and in abundance.

From the gliding, climbing, and traversal mechanics, to the general overworld design and cooking mechanics, the game oozes Breath of the Wild energy. This, in turn, makes this game a great alternative for Genshin fans looking for a new open-world fix.

Jumping into BOTW will feel pretty seamless for Genshin players, with the only huge differences coming in the form of the game’s combat, which sees you control just Link, rather than a party of elementally-charged heroes.

BOTW offers a rich open world to explore, has lots of intriguing quests to engage with, and, much like Genshin, the amount of content in this game will surely make your head spin. So why not take everything you’ve learned in Teyvat and use it to make Ganon pay?

#2 – Tower of Fantasy

best games like genshin impact tower of fantasy

  • Developer: Hotta Studio
  • Metacritic Score: 65%
  • Key Similarity: Open-world exploration and combat

I was a little reluctant to give this game a spot, seeing as it flirts with the idea of being a complete Genshin Impact rip-off. However, due to a more prominent focus on exploration, and a futuristic, cyberpunk theme, I think it does about enough to stand out on its own.

This game was initially touted as the ‘Genshin Killer.’ However, although the game certainly has its merits and its fans, it’s not quite up to the standard of the Hoyoverse behemoth. Tower of Fantasy offers a wide range of characters, diverse, dynamic combat, a vibrant and expansive open world, and tonnes of loot that players can acquire and upgrade.

This makes it a very easy transition for Genshin players; however, what has to be said is that ToF is still in its infancy. The story feels a little rushed and underdeveloped, the vocal performances pale in comparison to Genshin, the combat isn’t as deep and nuanced, and there are still a lot of bugs that can mar the overall experience.

That being said, though, it is much easier to progress quickly in this game, with more resources on offer, less time-gating, and a slightly more lenient Gacha system. So if that’s your hang-up with Genshin, maybe ToF will be more your speed.

#3 – Honkai Impact 3rd

best games like genshin impact honkai impact 3rd

  • Developer: Hoyoverse
  • Metacritic Score: 68% (Based on user score)
  • Key Similarity: Same Developer

The similarity is in the name. Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact are like siblings in a way, coming from the same developer. However, much like true-to-life siblings, the two try their very best to be as far removed and unique from each other as possible.

At their core, though, they are Gacha games where you will roll for weapons and characters, grind to ascend their skills and abilities, and you’ll also make your way through a lush overworld, hacking and slashing your way through hoards of enemies. So, even though they are poles apart in terms of narrative, aesthetics, and theme, Genshin players will feel right at home here.

The key difference when it comes to Honkai is that a lot of the early story is pretty weak, meaning it’s one of those ‘stick with it, it gets better’ kind of titles. Plus, the game plays a lot more like a traditional hack-and-slash title such as Bayonetta or Nier Automata, where you will clear areas with waves of enemies, rather than explore an open world at your own leisure. Plus, Honkai is aesthetically more in line with traditional animes. So if you want more quality gaming experiences from the desk of MiHoYo, then check this one out.

#4 – Another Eden

best games like genshin impact another eden

  • Developer: WFS
  • Metacritic Score: 69.3% (Based on the average of available Metacritic-approved reviews)
  • Key Similarity: Party-based combat and exceptional narrative

One thing that has allowed Genshin Impact to shed its initial reputation as a BOTW clone has been its incredible world-building and intricately woven storyline. It’s the reason why people like myself flock back after every update to burn through all the new Archon Quest content, and it’s equally why I think that Genshin fans would get a real kick out of Another Eden.

In terms of Another Eden’s gameplay, it’s very much in line with the traditional JRPG system. Think Fire Emblem, Nino Kuni, or old-school Final Fantasy. In that regard, it’s a little different, but in terms of the Gacha system, the whimsical, vibrant world, and the character-focused narrative, they are two peas in a pod.

While I love a lot about what Genshin’s story has to offer players, I will admit that it does fall flat at times. In comparison, Another Eden is a very consistent tale that avoids filler content and continually develops relationships between core characters, allowing players to connect to each and every person they meet.

Something Genshin can’t boast due to all the past events that are no longer available, which introduced core characters. So for a party-based Gacha RPG which arguably puts Genshin’s story to shame, try Another Eden.

#5 – Final Fantasy XIV

best games like genshin impact final fantasy xiv

  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Metacritic Score: 92% (Based on Endwalker expansion)
  • Key Similarity: The MMO vibe and abundance of daily content

MMOs were a huge part of my adolescence, with Runescape being a major player in raising me, only second to my parents. So I know a thing or two about what makes a good MMO, and while it isn’t technically an MMO, Genshin has a lot of the same qualities of a good MMORPG.

The abundance of things to do on a daily basis, regular events, constant updates and expansions, Domains, Bosses, and the need to always be grinding. Well, with that in mind, it would be criminal not to compare this game to what is, at least in my opinion, the strongest MMO out there at the time of writing.

Final Fantasy XIV adds to the rich tapestry of the long-running series, giving players an expansive and meticulously crafted world to explore, complete fun quests, choose their role in the form of the Job System; and with each new expansion, the game continues to find new ways to enthrall players and offers tonnes of fan service.

Take the recent Animal Sanctuary update; what could be more satisfying than raising your own Chocobos? It’s a title that has a strong community, is always expanding and evolving, and shows no sign of stopping, much like Genshin. So if you want to switch lanes, now is a great time to hop into FFXIV.

#6 – Immortals: Fenyx Rising

best games like genshin impact immortals fenyx rising

  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Metacritic Score: 79%
  • Key Similarity: Open-world Design, puzzles, and Traversal

If we are going to put Breath of the Wild on this list, then this game simply must be added by proxy. Immortals: Fenyx Rising is Ubisoft’s attempt at the BOTW format and offers a very similar experience to the remarkable Nintendo masterpiece, and in turn, it also has a lot of similar features tying it to Genshin Impact. In terms of the core similarities, how the player explores this vast open world is largely the same.

You’ll use unique abilities, climb cliff faces, and glide through the air. Then as for the aesthetic and overall tone, it’s very much in line with the Hoyoverse entity, offering vibrant, soft-outlined animation and a whimsical theme with lots of corny dialogue and humor. Albeit with a Greek mythology spin to it.

The key differences, on the other hand, are solo combat, more intricately designed dungeons, and puzzles, and, as is the custom in Ubisoft games, map marker objectives that feel like they are there just to bloat the game and extend the runtime rather than offering a genuine benefit and incentive to the player. However, if you want to play something Genshin-esque without praying to the Gacha gods, this is a great option, and it regularly gets listed in sales for a bargain price, so keep an eye out.

#7 – Tales of Arise

best games like genshin impact tales of arise

  • Developer: Bandai Namco
  • Metacritic Score: 87%
  • Key Similarity: Party-based Combat

Here is another entry for folks looking for a Genshin-like game with a more traditional JRPG format. Tales of Arise is a game that focuses on offering a unique narrative with plenty of twists in the tail, conflicts between realms, and plenty of quiet moments for intimate character development opportunities in between.

In truth, this is an area where it shines a lot brighter than Genshin as the superior writing and time spent on each character lead to a better end product, but equally, Genshin is an endless game, so there will naturally be an ebb and flow.

Where the two games intersect is in the open-world exploration and the party-based combat. Tales of Arise offers the typical JRPG staples like skill trees, weapon advancement, and the like, but where the two are clearly one and the same is how you can use your entire party in battle. The ability to have party members bounce in and out of battle performing special moves, allowing the active member to deliver devasting combos, is very much in line with Genshin’s Elemental system.

So if you are a fan of experimenting with team compositions and seeking damage counters tick up into the tens of thousands, then you might like Tales of Arise.

#8 – Dragon Raja

best games like genshin impact dragon raja

  • Developer: Famous Heart
  • Metacritic Score: 73% (based on user score)
  • Key Similarity: Aesthetics and overall format

Many credit BOTW as Genshin’s main inspiration, but that’s only because that’s the most obvious mainstream example. If you really want to see what games walked so that Genshin could run, then you need to check out Dragon Raja. When you compare the two today, there’s no comparison; Genshin is a better gaming experience.

However, it’s important to honor your roots, and even though Dragon Raja hasn’t elevated in quality too much since its release in 2019, it still has a lot to offer. For Genshin fans jumping in, you’ll find that the interface is very familiar, the traversal and exploration mechanics aren’t poles apart, and the combat, while not as refined, has that typical hack-and-slash feel.

However, what makes Dragon Raja still worth a look today is the fact that it offers a lot more character customization than Genshin; it has a PvP system, allowing you to get competitive with fellow players, and overall, the game is better set up for a co-operative experience. Not to mention that its story is not only very engaging, but it’s complete, allowing you to binge the core content without having to wait around creating fan theories in your head.

It’s a bit of a hard sell in 2023, but for veteran Genshin fans, this could be a novel excursion while we wait on more Archon Quests.

#9 – Sword Art Online – Hollow Realisation

best games like genshin impact sword art online hollow realisation

  • Developer: Aquria
  • Metacritic Score: 69%
  • Key Similarity: Central plot and Open World exploration

If there is one series that I can link quite easily to Genshin Impact, it’s SAO. In Genshin Impact, the core plot revolves around you, the Traveller, who has been cast out of Celestia by The Sustainer of Heavenly Principles, and with no answers or relocation of your past life, you must travel the land of Teyvat, visiting the gods of the realm and find a way to ascend to Celestia, which constantly floats above head throughout your entire playthrough.

Whereas in SAO, you play in a virtual reality game where you must work through the various floors to ascend to Aincrad and beat the game, and return to reality. Throw in the fact that MiHoYo outwardly said that Genshin was initially thought of as a prototype for a game that would mirror a world seen in Ready Player One or SAO, and the comparison is as clear as day.

Putting the story to one side, the game also features party-based hack-and-slash combat, large open areas to explore, hulking bosses to take down, and the option to create team compositions with over 300 options dotted around Ainground. Genshin Impact always gave me SAO vibes. It’s like a second life, a world just as rich and engaging as your own. So if you want to see where Genshin took inspiration from, SAO: Hollow Realisation is the best representation of that.

#10 – Wuthering Waves

best games like genshin impact wuthering waves

  • Developer: Guangzhou Kuro
  • Metacritic Score: TBA
  • Key Similarity: Aesthetic and combat

Oh, would you look at that? We seem to have a bit of a wildcard entry on our hands, because this game is still in development, with a release date assumed to be sometime this year (2023). However, it would be criminal not to mention this game because it has Genshin’s fingerprints all over it. In terms of the overall aesthetic of the game, it couldn’t be more in line with Genshin, from the character models, to the animation style.

You would think that MiHoYo actually collaborated on this project with Kuro. Then when you see the characters in action exploring the world or engaging in combat, you can practically tell without a controller in hand that the game plays the exact same way.

We don’t have a tonne of footage to go on at the moment, but one key difference we could discern is that this game will have much more solo, reactionary combat, more in line with traditional hack-and-slash titles, or dare I say, even souls likes. A Genshin-like adventure with bosses that hit like Souls enemies. Sign me up!

#11 – Persona 5 Royal

best games like genshin impact persona 5 royal


  • Developer: Atlus
  • Metacritic Score: 95%
  • Key Similarity: Party-based Combat and varied events

This may feel like the biggest stretch on this list, but hear me out on this one. I hardly need to give you another reason to play Persona 5, as the series has finally been inducted into the mainstream AAA scene and received innumerable plaudits.

However, if you are a Genshin fan that needs convincing, this game has an incredible party-based battle system that allows you to build up character abilities through building relationships with them, collecting Personas to battle for you, akin to Pokemon, and collecting better gear to boost damage. Not to mention this game also has a wacky and whimsical storyline, albeit much darker than that of Genshin Impact.

However, the real reason I have included this game here is because of all the time not spent in Palaces and Mementos. It’s the time doing silly minigames and boosting your social stats. This, to me, feels very similar to Genshin’s timed events that see you complete minigames.

Things like the Windblume Festival or Lantern Rite spring to mind. There is always something to do in each game, and even the simplest thing, whether it be chomping on a gut-busting burger in Persona, or popping a series of balloons in Genshin, is a joy to behold. Give it a try; I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

#12 – Forspoken

best games like genshin impact Forspoken

  • Developer: Luminous Productions
  • Metacritic Score: 65%
  • Key Similarity: Satisfying traversal and dynamic combat

Talk about a hard sell. I see all of you guys rolling your eyes, much like Frey would do, while probably swearing needlessly to look cool, but again, hear me out. While I wasn’t crazy about Forspoken across the board, as you can read in my review, I thought it had some strengths, and one of those was the very satisfying traversal/parkour mechanics.

Above all else, what attracted me to Genshin was the ability to aimlessly wander and explore an open landscape at my leisure, and through the use of gliding, climbing, and character abilities, you can really get around in Teyvat. Well, in Forspoken, I believe it’s one of the most fun traversal mechanics implemented in a AAA game since Marvel’s Spiderman.

This made exploring Athia a lot of fun, and then when you couple this with the dynamic, ever-evolving, but super accessible combat, and the abundance of typical open-world map markers to clear, and I believe you have a game that is very much within the average Genshin player’s wheelhouse. Full disclosure, the writing, and overall story are just awful, and the game isn’t always technically sound, but if you catch this one in a sale for a cut price, it could be a good one to pick up.

Honorable Mentions

The library of potential games we could have chosen to include here is actually pretty stacked and diverse, meaning that no matter how careful we are with our choice, we are bound to upset someone. That’s the nature of opinion-based lists, I’m afraid. However, to offer a form of consolation, here are some games that we think deserve at least a quick mention:

best games like genshin impact phantasy star 2
Phantasy Star 2
  • Phantasy Star 2
  • Azur Lane
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • Monster Hunter World
  • Nier Automata
  • Bayonetta
  • Honkai Star Rail
  • Scarlet Nexus
  • Blue Protocol
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses

FAQ Section

Question: How Many Games Have Hoyoverse Made?

Answer: They currently have eight games under their belt. They are as follows:

• Genshin Impact
• Honkai Impact 3rd
• FlyMe2TheMoon
• Zombiegal Kawaii
• Tears of Themis
• Honkai Star Rail
• Zenless Zone Zero

Question: How Many People Play Genshin?

Answer: Based on numbers from January 2023, Genshin Impact reported a player base with 65,521,480 active players, and a peak concurrent player count of 4,368,099 players.

Question: How Many Playable Characters Are in Genshin Impact?

Answer: At the time of writing (Update Version 3.4), Genshin boasts a very impressive sixty-three playable characters within their roster, and there are many more to come, with Dehya set to be the next character to be added to the game.

Alternatives That Are Sure to Make an Impact

As you can see, there are actually other games out there aside from Genshin Impact, and good ones too. If you looked at my playtime for Genshin compared to any other game in my library, you could easily be fooled.

However, there are tonnes of great games that share a lot of features with Genshin that serve as a great alternative when the Primogems aren’t flowing as freely as you would like. If you are as big of a Genshin fan as I am, you know that there is no walking away now; but it’s always nice to have options on the table.

I’m not addicted; I can walk away anytime I want. He says while obediently doing his Daily Commissions. Maybe you will have more luck prying yourself away from Teyvat, and I hope this list helps you find a fitting new locale to explore. As always, thanks for reading Genshin Chronicle.

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