Genshin Impact Tier List

Hoyoverse has released many characters over the past two years, and Genshin Impact’s roster of characters has only grown more diverse. With just four slots in your party, choosing the best units that meet your requirements can be difficult. Tier lists for Genshin Impact never really paint a clear picture of what unit is strong for your account and what isn’t. 

A lot depends on what units you already have, your requirements, and the investment in your existing characters. For example, characters like Gorou, Shenhe, or Kujou Sara can add no value to your account if you do not have suitable units. 

But if you do have synergistic units, they can be compelling in the right teams. Because of situations like these, you need to factor in your existing characters when assessing units. All 5-star units in this list have been rated based on their power level at C0. Constellations have been considered for 4-star units. With that out of the way, let’s get started. 

Selection Criteria

The characters were placed in their respective slots based on their power level as well as their relative “pull value” (except Standard Banner characters). Pull value is mostly dependent on their versatility in teams and the amount of investment they need in form of weapons and supports.

Someone like Yae Miko is decent as a unit but Fischl offers just as much value and also has some notable advantages over Yae despite being a character who can get from the Shop for Starglitter. But someone like Ayaka or Ganyu is a massive DPS upgrade over characters like Rosaria or Kaeya. This makes their pull value a lot higher.

Usually, Supports are rated much higher because of much they can improve an account they play which is why we have the three Anemo groupers, Bennett and Xingqiu as the top five units.

Genshin Impact Tier List – Patch 2.7

S+ Tier

Genshin Impact 2.7 Tier list S+

Bennett: He is arguably the best character in Genshin Impact. He’s been around since 1.0 and has never even come close to being “powercrept” by another character. Bennett can be a solid Noblesse Oblige user, give your team a powerful attack buff, generate a large amount of energy due to his low-skill cooldowns, heal your team and help with Pyro resonance. He is invaluable to most teams and can significantly amplify your team’s damage. 

Xingqiu: Pyro DPS units wouldn’t be as strong as if Xingqiu didn’t exist in the game. The fact that Yelan, who is a 5-star unit, is considered slightly weaker than Xingqiu is a testament to his strength. His hydro application allows players to Vaporize consistently with characters like Hu Tao, Xiangling, Diluc, and other Pyro characters.

He provides knockback resistance and also heals you for a small amount in addition to the insane damage he deals with. Even at C0, he is powerful, and most of his constellations add a significant amount of damage to his kit.

S Tier 

Venti, Kazuha, and Sucrose

Venti, Kazuha, and Sucrose: All three Anemo groupers are equally strong, with each one of them having at least one trait that gives them an edge over the other two units. Kazuha was undervalued at launch, and now he’s at a point players swear by him. His elemental damage bonus can be extremely powerful in mono element teams and just as a source of damage increase.

People underestimate Venti’s strength because they compare him to Kazuha for Abyss, but Abyss is just a tiny fraction of what Genshin Impact offers. Venti is still very strong in some abyss rotations, and his energy refund passive is often neglected by many. By reducing Energy Recharge requirements for your team, he can make your rotations smoother and allow you to have more offensive substats on your artifacts.

On the other hand, Sucrose is the best taser (electrocharged) team ‘driver.’ She is a catalyst user, so you can run Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers on her to buff other teammates. At C6, she can edge out a C0 Kazuha, and her Elemental Mastery buffs are very strong in reaction teams.

Ayaka and Ganyu: Ayaka and Ganyu are the two premier Cryo DPS units. Both have very high damage output, but Ayaka manages to dish out her damage in a shorter amount of time. Ganyu, on the other hand, has consistent damage output, with most of her damage coming from her charged shots that hit like a truck. 

Ganyu can be used in Melt teams, which gives her a little more flexibility than Ayaka, who is mostly limited to freeze teams. You cannot go wrong with either of these units, which comes down to your playstyle preferences.

Xiangling: The ultimate Pyro DPS unit that you can get for free by clearing some of the early chambers of the Abyss. The combo of Xingqiu, Bennett, and Xiangling is lethal. The best part is that Xingqiu and Bennett can be obtained for free from the monthly shop rotations, allowing you to build one of the premier teams in the game for free. The trio paired with Raiden Shogun form the “Rational” or “Raiden National” team, one of the most popular teams in Genshin Impact.

Childe: Tartaglia, also known as Childe, is often overlooked. He can serve as an on-field Hydro DPS who can consistently enable Vaporize reactions for Xiangling. He also has access to a powerful area-of-effect (AOE) burst that can annihilate bosses with the right setup.

The “International” team that features Childe, Xiangling, Bennett, and Kazuha is considered among the top three most potent teams in the game by theorycrafters in the Genshin Impact community.

Hu Tao: The best single-target DPS in the game by a landslide. It is difficult to match Hu Tao’s ability to burn the health pool of tanky bosses thanks to her high charged attack multipliers and the ability to vaporize every charged attack with Xingqiu.

Raiden Shogun: At C0, Raiden Shogun has a kit that mixes support capabilities with decent damage. She can refund around 20 energy to all units during her burst, which can help you spam elemental bursts on cooldown. She can fit in the Raiden National team mentioned earlier or as a hyper carry with Bennett, Kujou Sara, and Kazuha.

A Tier

Zhongli: The Geo archon who can give you an almost unbreakable shield. He has 100% uptime on his shield and provides resistance shred, which boosts your damage as long as you are near enemies with his Jade Shield up.

His elemental burst deals high damage, but it takes too much field time. However, the it can petrify enemies even if they are shielded, which is an ability unique to Zhongli. He’s never “necessary” in teams, but the comfort he adds is unbeatable.

Xiao, Eula, and Itto: All three units are similar in strength and can offer similar levels of team damage. These three hyper carries are not “must-have” units, but if you are someone who does not have a dedicated DPS unit, all three of them are solid options. Eula is a physical carry with a massive burst. Itto offers solid Geo Damage, while Xiao is an Anemo DPS unit with decent AOE.

Xiao Genshin Impact

Fischl and Beidou: Fischl and Beidou are often paired together in electrocharged teams, and they both deal incredible amounts of damage. While Beidou excels in multi-target situations and is energy-hungry, Fischl is mostly single-target and can deal much damage off-field. 

Albedo: He is arguably the best Geo unit in the game following recent buffs by adding Cinnabar Spindle and the Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact set. In Geo teams, he can deal well over 30,000 damage every two seconds to multiple targets, and he requires almost zero field time.

With a 4-second skill cooldown and 30 seconds of uptime, Albedo is one of the best off-field units to have. He often pairs with Zhongli in non-Geo teams like Hu Tao Vaporize and Xiao hyper-carry lineups.

Jean: She is the Swiss army knife of Genshin impact. Jean can abuse fall damage and “cheese” enemies. She can burst heal an entire party and function as a sub DPS. She is an all-around fantastic unit to have, especially for newer players.

Shenhe: If you do not have Ayaka or Ganyu, she is not very useful. But if you do have either of the two Cryo DPS units, Shenhe can skyrocket their damage with her buffs. She can buff skill damage, burst damage, offer an attack buff, shred Cryo resistance, and buff cryo damage all on her own.

Kokomi: At launch, she was overlooked by many, but she has slowly crept into the meta, especially after introducing the Ocean-Hued Clam set and Shenhe’s arrival in patch 2.4. Shenhe and Kokomi offer more comfort and damage than the older pair of Mona and Diona in Freeze teams. She can also be used in electrocharged teams as an on-field unit.

Ayato: He is very similar to Childe and an all-around solid unit. When compared to Childe, the only downside is that he does not have a big burst of damage like Childe. Nevertheless, he is very potent as a unit and can be used in various meta teams.

Yelan: Patch 2.7’s newest character is already making waves as players try her out. The biggest problem with Xingqiu is that there is just one of him in the game. Yelan not only allows you to have another unit equivalent to Xingqiu, but she also sports a similar hairstyle! While her hydro application is not as potent as Xingqiu, she still fits the hydro sub-DPS role well in many meta teams.

B Tier

Yae Miko: Guuji Yae is one of the most loved characters from Inazuma, but if we put aesthetics and personality aside, it is difficult to recommend her over someone like Fischl, who is available for free from the shop. Yae is not a bad unit, but she is difficult to recommend because other units fit her role without being a primogem sink.

Gorou: He can provide a very significant buff to Geo teams. If you have Albedo and Itto, there is no reason not to run Gorou. He boosts your Defense and Geo Damage, and at C4, he can also fit the healer role. He is a situational unit, but he shines when you can use him.

Diona: She can shield, heal and be a solid Cryo battery. But aside from her battery capabilities, her healing and shield are not particularly impressive.

Kaeya and Rosaria: Both units are very similar and can serve as solid Cryo sub-DPS units. You cannot go wrong with building either unit, and if you want to use them both, you can slot them with Xiangling and Bennett and create an excellent Melt team.

kaeya and rosaria

Ningguang: She is a single target Geo DPS who can output a lot of damage. While she does not quite keep up with some of the more popular DPS units, she is still a respectable unit. If you get to C6, she can be used as a burst DPS in Geo teams.

Noelle: Before C6, it is not worth building Noelle as an on-field DPS. If you unlock her sixth constellation, she can be an excellent free-to-play alternative to Arataki Itto, especially if you have access to Gorou and Albedo.

Kujou Sara: She is clunky to use before C2, and at C6, she can offer a massive electro crit damage buff. Sara is currently only popular with Raiden Shogun in “Raiden Hyper” teams, but future electro characters might make her more viable.

Yunjin: She is a good unit if you have an on-field unit that focuses on normal attacks. Itto, Noelle, Ayato, and Yoimiya are among the few units that synergize well with her. While her buffs are strong, they are niche, unlike other more universal supports.

Mona: She has one of the most potent damage buffs in the game, but it lasts a very short time. Her hydro application is barely enough to make her functional in freeze teams and outside damage showcases. She can be difficult to use.

Diluc: He is a good DPS unit that you can get from the standard banner. He has some AOE capabilities and puts out a reasonable amount of damage but is often outclassed by other units.



Klee: While theoretically, she can deal more damage than Diluc, her wonky hitbox and clunky animations can make her feel unfun to play. She’s still one of the cutest and most loved characters, but the Spark Knight does not cut if you consider spending your Primogems on getting her.

Keqing: Yet another decent unit that is held back by quality-of-life issues. Her charged attacks cost a lot of stamina and knock enemies away, and you get pushed back in the process too, which makes her very annoying to play.

Sayu: She is the perfect character for overworld exploration. She’s a claymore user, which makes her ideal for rock farming. In addition, she has a movement ability that allows you to move around faster and heal. So why is she so low on the list? While she’s fine as an exploration unit, she does not excel in any of her roles in more difficult content. 

Qiqi: The introduction of the Ocean-Hued Clam set made Qiqi a lot better than she used to be, but there is no real content where you need healing. She has limited support capabilities, and her high cooldowns do not help her case.

Yanfei: She has a fun and lazy playstyle, but her damage numbers are underwhelming if you are looking for a strong DPS Unit. Support options are available if you unlock her fourth constellation, which can be useful in niche situations.

Thoma: He is a niche support for Hu Tao, who does not have a place in other teams. In most cases, his shield is too weak, and you are better off running other defensive characters.

Geo Traveler: A solid sub-DPS option if you do not have Albedo. Geo Traveler is often underrated. Geo teams are not really popular, but if you do like playing them, Geo Traveler can be a decent option.

Yoimiya: Yoimiya is a single-target unit that falls short against the likes of Hu Tao due to internal cooldowns, which prevent her from Vaporizing consistently. Her overall damage is not bad but a lot of other characters outshine her if you’re looking for a DPS to pull for.

Chongyun: He was one of the original ‘National’ team members, but players chose to replace him with other units like Raiden Shogun and Sucrose as they ended up being a lot more valuable to the team.

Razor: The original physical carry. With limited buffs existing for physical damage outside of superconduct, Razor has fallen off the meta, especially after Eula’s release. 

Barbara: Just like Qiqi, Barbara offers only healing, but since she is a catalyst user, you can use Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers on her, which will always be viable. Other units easily overshadow a solid free unit for the early game but.

D Tier


Lisa: She offers defense reduction, which is one of the rarest debuffs in the game, and she can be a decent sub-DPS unit. However, she is designed as an on-field unit with very clunky charged attack mechanics, making her unfun to play.

Amber: If you have Elegy for the End, she can be a useful support for Hu Tao, but as a sub-DPS, even if you pair her with the Instructor’s set, she is quite weak overall.

Anemo Traveler: Unlike other anemo supports like Kazuha, Venti, and Sucrose that can group enemies, Anemo Traveler pushes enemies away, which can be frustrating and unfun to play.

Electro Traveler: Electro Traveler can serve as a universal battery like Raiden Shogun, but they are nowhere near as effective. The damage output on the burst also leaves a lot to be desired.

Aloy: A free 5-star unit with very poor scalings compared to other 5-star units. Her Chillwater Bombs cannot be consistently activated, making it very frustrating for players to gain all stacks.

Xinyan: She has split scaling where she needs both Attack and Defense to be viable, and it is nearly impossible to balance her stats. She is designed to be a physical unit. Still, she has a Pyro element herself which means you need to dedicate slots for a Cryo and an Electro unit to take advantage of Superconduct, thereby restricting your team building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I use characters from lower tiers?

Answer: Genshin Impact is an easy game, and you can use almost all units to clear any content. While some units might struggle with some content, you will be able to clear most content with the right investment and support. However, forcing units into situations that do not work can be very frustrating.

Question: How do I build a team with suitable units?

Answer: Ideally, you want a team with one primary damage dealer (like Hu Xiao and Eula) or a team with multiple sub-DPS units where almost all units contribute to the team damage (Taser and Quickswap teams). Then, you can choose from units that buff and offer defensive capabilities, team energy, and reactions to build the perfect team.

Let’s take a look at Freeze teams, for example:

• You typically have Ganyu or Ayaka as the main damage dealer.
• Rosaria, Kaeya, or Shenhe are used to generate energy and offer buffs and Cryo resonance, which helps boost your Crit Rate. Then you have an Anemo character like Sucrose, Venti, Jean, or Kazuha for Viridescent Venerer usage.
• Characters like Mona, Xingqiu, Yelan, Barbara, or Kokomi for Hydro application.

Question: Should I use the tier list to choose which characters to pull for?

Answer: Yes, you can. But, the tier list assumes that you have all units available. A character like Shenhe or Albedo can be good or bad for your account, depending on your existing units. With how difficult it is to get every unit without spending money, most players choose characters they like or want and pull for them. You should base your decisions only on what would offer your account the most value, and of course, you should never stop yourself from pulling units that you like based on their personality, gameplay, or aesthetics.

Question: What is the ideal investment for a character?

Answer: You should get your characters to at least Talent Level 8 for the abilities you will be using. You can leave them at Level 80 (Ascended) if they do not have EM, HP or Defense scaling. If the scale with EM, HP, or Defense, you should level them up to 90 in most cases. A set of 5-star artifacts with two-piece combinations or four-piece set bonuses are also necessary.


As long as you have a few strong characters, you can pull for the characters you love. I know a lot of players who do not enjoy Xiao and Ganyu’s gameplay despite their power levels being very high.

If you do not end up enjoying a certain character’s playstyle, you can consider skipping them in favor of someone you really enjoy. Tier lists keep changing over time and new supports can make weaker characters feel a lot stronger.

We saw Albedo get a huge power spike with the introduction of the Cinnabar Spindle sword and Gorou being a massive boost for him in Geo teams. The meta is what you make it out to be and your enjoyment of the game should be what matters more than a character’s spot on the tier list.

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