Genshin Impact Manga Guide

Genshin Impact Manga Guide

Genshin Impact has a manga. I was surprised because I’ve been playing the game and got to know about the manga on a Reddit post. I remember I hopped on my computer ASAP and opened up the manga’s official site. I must say, the manga blew my mind because it didn’t deal with the current happenings in the World of Teyvat or any future occurrences but focused on the past. 

In the past, before the Traveler had arrived to find their lost sibling. Though, there are still not many things clear in the manga as it switches from some past events and present happenings. There is one interesting character in the manga around whom most of the story revolves around and some evil-doers who are a real pain to deal with.+

So far, I loved manga’s art, story depiction, and how they portrayed the Genshin Impact characters. I must put a disclaimer that there’s gonna be spoilers in our Genshin Impact Manga guide, so better be ready!

What’s in the manga?

Genshin Manga
Genshin Impact manga’s official site’s background image

Genshin Impact’s manga is one of the best I’ve read. It really packs a punch with incredible storytelling and character artwork. The story revolves around Collei and her illness, which the manga refers to as “touched by the deev.”

It seems a curse has taken over her body and she has suffered from it throughout her life. All chapters besides the prologue focus on the events before the Traveler. The prologue focuses more on Venti’s remembrance of the city’s past after the Traveler has arrived. 


Teyvat's seven elemental archons
Genshin Impact manga chapters on the official site

The Genshin Impact manga gives an intro about Teyvat’s seven elemental archons and a calamity that the world suffered years ago, though the lands healed. In the introduction, you’ll also learn that the Fatui have been oppressing regular folks under the guise of protection, and ancient malice is also getting ready for vengeance.

I’ve summarized the chapters broadly, so that when you read the manga, you can still be suprised. I’ve also included some manga panels that I found are exquisite on their own feel free to go through the manga and find your own favorite panels. Let’s dive into the manga and taste some juicy lore crumbs!

Prologue: Songs of the Wind

I must say the Songs of the Wind is magnificent where it sheds light on an event that occurred in the past were an enslaved person named Vanessa rose to the Celestia, the abode of the Gods. Vanessa is an enslaved person taking care of a small girl, Lind, and praying for her recovery. This occurs at night time.

Venti arises from the ground, recalling his slumber, and ventures out in the daytime to Mondstadt to find that Ludi harpastum is being celebrated. Vanessa gets caught up in a clash between Venti and Barca Lawrence.

The city is corrupted because of the Lawrence clan. Barca Lawrence is the heir of the Lawrence clan, and he’s a bad guy. A tide of events leads Venti to conclude that Vanessa’s clan are children of Murata, The Lady of Fire.

To show their dominance, Lawrences make Vanessa and her people fight an evil dragon, Ursa the Drake, which is way too much for Vanessa’s clan to handle.

Vanessa and Venti
Venti reveals himself as the Wind Archon to Vanessa

Though they suffer a few casualties, Venti soon comes to their rescue, freeing Mondstadt from the Lawrence clan and revealing himself to be the Wind God. The prologue ends with Vanessa ascending to Celestia and keeping a watch over the city till the present day when the Traveller has arrived with Venti. 

1. Bad Wine

After Vanessa takes the keys to the city and founded the Knight of Favoniis to watch over the City, A Fatui named IL Dotorre is on his way. IL Dotorre is a mad man who has no moral compass for his research and has slain the evil dragon, Ursa the Drake.

IL Dotorre arrives with Krupp at Diluc’s manor and has a meeting with Kaeya, seneschal of Favonius knights, and Diluc. The seneschal regrets Diluc’s father’s demise after Diluc helps to delay Fatui’s proposal to recruit people from Mondstadt.

recruit people from Mondstadt
Krupp introduces IL Dotorre to Diluc at a party

After Kaeya manages to lure Krupp into the old wine cellar, Diluc assassinates him to avenge a boy recruited by the Fatui. Seems like IL Dotorre has been involved in human experiments and doesn’t bat an eye to the morbid reality.

In the commotion, IL Dotorre arrives at the scene but doesn’t act and leaves without further arguments. In the ending scene, it can be seen that he notices Diluc’s vision and walks by Amber, noticing her vision.

It’s clear that IL Dotorre is obsessed with visions though he doesn’t value them as the vision holders do. Eventually, calls them a bunch of self-inflated tools and leaves the city.

2. Flame Born

Out of nowhere, IL Dotorre has ordered to withdraw the Fatui from the city, and Knights of Favonius are busy escorting the delegates. I must say, those delegates are quite egoistic of the status and disregard any courtesy for the ordinary folks.

With Kaeya, Jean, and Amber on the scene, the guards notice a girl coming towards the city wrapped in bandages.Fearing that she might be sick and trouble the citizens with a disease, they try to stop her, resulting in the death of those two delegates.

Flame Born
You shouldn’t mess with Kaeya ~ probably the chapter’s intro

Out of nowhere, a black serpent arises behind their cart and attacks them leaving everyone present there in shock. With the Knights of Favonius on high alert, Kaeya visits Diluc to discuss the serpent and asks him whether it’s his work. Most probably, Diluc has similar powers that he can use with a tool.

Kaeya is interested in the investigation to give a satisfactory reply to the Fatui through diplomatic means. With all of this commotion, Amber finds the girl wrapped in bandages with green hair who seems to be suffering. As soon as Amber makes her turn to the backside, the ending scene shows Amber getting hurt!

3. Lost and Found

Luckily, it was imagination, and Amber converses with the girl. It seems the girl has something that she doesn’t want to reveal and is full of hate for society. But worry not; our outrider, Amber, is here to save her from her negative outlook.

Amber introduces her and asks about the girl to see whether she’s safe and sound. She takes her to the top of the Cathedral, where the whole view of the city can be seen.

Lost Found
Amber takes Collei on a gliding adventure

Amber cheers up the girl grabbing her to take a flight with her wind glider, and lands in front of Lisa and Jean. While the girl is full of low self-esteem and has her own share of bad past experiences because of her illness, she starts to open up a bit with Amber. She feels like a lost soul and consistently refers to herself as a worm who cannot dream of getting something better in life.

It seems her whole life has been full of pain, sorrow, and loneliness. But, Amber is friendly to her because she really cares for others without any malice in her heart.

4. Surprise Finding

IL Dotoree is back with a scene full of massacred hilichurls who have turned Krupp into a giant robot. No matter how psychopathic he seems, IL Dotoree knows his stuff and will do anything to achieve his goal. While he’s busy making another abomination, Lisa and Jean meet with Amber and exchange their introductions.

Through the conversation about the investigation, they conclude it’s best to discuss the matter in the library, and the girl also wants to go there. It becomes clear that she has some intentions to know about someone and is ready to do anything for it.

Surprise Finding
IL Dotorre’s insanity has no bounds

In the library, Jean briefs about the events and how a black serpent took the lives of two diplomats on her watch. It can be seen that Jean is concerned about the city, and in the middle of the conversation, Amber runs out to someplace.

Before going, she does tell Jean about Kaeya, that he’s doing his own investigation. Tt’s seen that Amber figures out that it must have to do something with the Fatui. The chapter ends with Amber venturing out somewhere with her bow.

5. Dangerous Grounds

Lisa and Jean are still discussing some matters in the library where they mention the girl being diseased and it’s better to have her rest in the city. On the other side, Amber has gone into the wild to investigate where she comes across a hilichurl camp but notices a fatui mark on a bird in the camp.

Amber sees that even after defeating the hilichurls, they still get back up, and a strange gigantic robot comes out of nowhere to attack her.

Dangerous Grounds
Jean comes to rescue Amber from the Robot

In the battle, a hilichurl comes across that robot, and it kills that hilichurl with a single blow. It feels like Amber has really stepped into something severe and prepares herself to fight with the robot, though its ferocity seems to have no bounds.

Amber engages with the robot and gets knocked to the ground; now, the robot is trying to attack her; Jean appears in front of Amber to save her and challenges that robot.

6. Wind and Fyre

Jean engages in a fight with that robot, asking a few questions. Still, the robot doesn’t seem to have any communication ability. The robot is none other than Krupp, who was IL Dotorre’s assistant and turned into an abomination by him. Amber is stunned to see Jean’s strength and agility in the combat and shows her the Fatui device she found.

Jean manages to defeat the robot, but its part starts to come together again. Meanwhile, Jean explains the black fire incident to Amber and reveals that Diluc’s father’s evil eye had similar powers. But, there’s not much of a reason for him to use them to commit something on the city grounds that will not be for the benefit of the city.

Wind and Fyre
Amber and Jean successfully manage to defeat the robot

Jean and Amber combine their powers and successfully manage to defeat Robotic Krupp. Being back in the city, that green-haired girl gets her hand into some documents related to the black serpent information.

But not soon enough, Kaeya finds her in the city and starts to ask some questions about her. Indeed the girl is shocked to see him because who knows what Kaeya’s planning in his head

7. Dusty Chest

Now the green-haired girl is in front of Kaeya, where he’s trying to question her; Amber comes to rescue and saves her from an interrogation. Jean briefs Kaeya about the incident relating it to the power of Diluc’s father.

To keep the girl from Kaeya, Amber asks her to tell her name, and she says her name is Collei. While on the other side, Lisa meets up with Diluc to learn about the event that happened in the past. The time has come for Diluc to dig out the past he buried a long time ago.

Dusty Chest
Diluc grieves over his father’s untimely demise

Diluc mentions going back with his father, where they got ambushed by Ursa. Though his father managed to fend off the dragon, he lost his life to save his son, Diluc. Jean and Amber are shocked to know about this, and Kaeya confirms that he saw everything with his own eyes there.

While they are in the middle of the conversation. Collei explains that Diluc’s father’s power backfired on him. It seems like she knows much more about this case than the investigators, and we may learn more about it in the future.

8. Final Clue

The chapter portrays an event from the past where Diluc throws away his statue of Knights of Favonius after his father is disrespected among them. Amber overheard the conversation, only to have it as a bitter core memory.

Collei mumbles a few words about the mysterious document everyone is trying to investigate, which triggers Kaeya’s instincts. He starts to question her about it. Amber interrupts their conversations, and Lisa confirms that even she cannot figure out the ancient text in the document.

Final Clue
Diluc leaves the Knights of Favonius after his father is disrespected there

Lisa claims to know someone in the Sumeru academia who may be a perfect fit for the job and will send for them in a few days. Wrapping up everything, Jean commands everyone to be on an alert and look deeply into the matter, as Fatui will pay an official visit in 3 days.

The fatui will need answers for their diplomats’ untimely demise, which will be an issue of grave concern. Amber stresses the devices found that looked like surveillance equipment, and Jean concludes the discussion by focusing on the festival Ludi Harpastum.

9. Ludi Harpastum

IL Dotorre doesn’t bother about the death of the Fatui diplomats and sends someone else to attend the official visit. We don’t yet know who this is. In the city, the celebrations are in full hype.

Amber is still scouting the surveillance devices and finds out someone else has already dismantled a few.

Ludi Harpastum
Collei and Amber enjoy the Ludi Harpastum festival

Meanwhile, Collei is arguing with her over the Archon’s and how they don’t care for plebs like her. To divert her mind, Amber convinces her to join her in the festival and tells her to put everything aside and believe in the city.

Leaving her worries about the investigation aside, she decides to take the Collei to the festival, where they enjoy all sorts of dishes, play, and have fun with others. Evening falls, and they are in front of a circus where many people are gathering. 

10. Fools Trick

The clown wants a volunteer for the show and asks if they could get one from the audience. Collei, though reluctant at first, agrees to play as she doesn’t want to disappoint Amber.

As she’s put in a secret magic box, she remembers her terrible past where people threw stones at her and treated her as an outcast.

Luckily Amber manages to find her in the box, and Collei tries to stab her by mistake as she doesn’t know who would open the box.

Fools Trick
Circus member chooses Collei for the show

Turns out that the knife was just a prop, and there was nothing of a significant issue in the circus. They enjoy it for a while, but soon enough, Kaeya, still having his doubts about Collei, confronts her.

Kaeya takes her to a silent place and senses a sinister presence behind his back. What might be the mystery with Collei?

11. Serpent’s Dance

Kaeya attacks Collei, and both of them clash with each other. Collei’s powers overtake her, and a dark serpent emerges, blinding her with rage and attacking him with her ferocious powers. As the combat continues, Kaeya seems to have the upper hand.

When he’s about to deal with the final blow, Amber comes in between and rescues Collei from the scene. It can be seen that Collei didn’t have any control over her, and her malic powers took over her consciousness; as soon she comes to her senses, she stays there and just let the events unfold.

Serpent's Dance
Collei and Kaeya engage in a fierce clash

But now, as Amber has rescued her, Kaeya is left thinking about the fight. If not for Amber, things may have ended up bad for Collei, as Kaeya seems like an opponent who doesn’t show his cards till the end.

The chapters end with Kaeya and someone watching over him. 

12. Unshrouded Resolution

Collei and Amber get into an argument where Collei consistently reminds Amber that she is a murderer. Amber comforts her and tells her not to blame her for the incident.

It was not her intention but the evil powers who took over her and made her do terrible things. Collei is emotional, and her bond with Amber strengthens.

Unshrouded Resolution
Someone from the Sumeru academia has come to help Collei

Amber lets her know that Lisa has summoned them to the library. Someone from the Sumeru academia is there to find a cure for Collei.

A person in a hood confirms that Collei is affected by Archon’s residue and instructs them to see him on the Starsnatch cliff at night because that’s when the powers are the most active.

Meanwhile, Kaeya and Diluc discuss the Fatui and how they intend to keep the city indebted to them using underhanded methods.

13. Dual Recurrence

Daytime has arrived, and so has someone from the Fatui. Greeted by Kaeya in the headquarters, Kaeya assures them the Knights of Favonius are trying their best to catch the perpetrators.

To his surprise, the person confirms that he witnessed someone in red helping the culprit escape and doesn’t want to have a hunch that Knights are sheltering a criminal.

Dual Recurrence
After Collei’s powers are put on dormant state, someone familiar appears

While this commotion is happening, on the other side of the city, Collei got treated by the mysterious hooded person from Sumeru, and Diluc distracts the Knights to follow him. Kaeya takes a stance against him while playing the role of a culprit, and Diluc eventually makes his escape.

An excellent plot by both of them to distract the Knights, but a problem is also on its way. With Amber and Collei celebrating Collie’s recovery, the person from the fatui appears behind them and seemingly happens to know Collei. It feels like both of them have some history.

Short Summary

The manga has some interesting turns of events and really defines characters in their own way. As a reader, I felt there were some exciting cliffhangers and was craving more. Especially after chapter 13, I’m excited to see how this Fatui member is associated with Collei.

From the manga, I think he’s the same person Collei was running from and the one who has taken her away. It might be possible that he’s also as sinister as IL Dotorre and has his own evil ways of tormenting people. For now, all I can say is that I’m all pumped up for new chapters in the future and would love to see how things will turn out.


Question: Where can I read Genshin Impact manga?

Answer: You can read the Genshin Impact manga on the official site, 13 chapters have been launched till now, and while other language versions have 16 chapters, the rest of them aren’t updated on the site. You will find fan translations on third-party sites about the manga if you don’t want to wait for their launch.

Genshin Impact isn’t consistent with their manga’s chapter updates, so I’m unsure when the other chapters will come on the site. You can find Genshin Impact on the official site or on webtoons; feel free to use any of them and enjoy reading the manga.

Question: What are your opinion on manga’s story and artwork?

Answer: I loved the manga because it depicted Jean, Kaeya, Collei, Diluc, and Amber’s characters so well! While they are on the good side of the wall, there are characters like IL Dotorre. The manga will keep you on edge. With each panel, you get to know more about the characters, their backstories, and how they deal with the current events unfolding.

The way the characters are portrayed really brings out the essence of the story. We all got to know about new characters for the people who have only played the game. Now, the manga has left us waiting for these characters to be launched in the game and to see how the story will be affected. I’m excited about Dotorre, Collei, and that hooded person from Sumeru.

Question: What’s your opinion on the story that will take place in the future, especially in Sumeru?

Answer: I would love to see Collei featured with the hooded person because he put the archon residue inside Collei in a dormant state. I really like people who are willing to help others and are knowledgeable in their craft to turn the tide of events in their favor. I’m hoping we get to see this manga’s story in a quest in the future in Sumeru, and who knows, there may be tons of mysteries waiting there to unfold.

A Few Thoughts

I’d encourage you to read the manga and go through the chapters to understand what happened before the Traveler arrived in the city. I love the way manga portrays characters with their backstories and delves deeper into their personalities. When it comes to the story, Genshin Impact has its own aura that hooks the reader or player to its plot and leaves them to craving more about the story.

That was all for now, and I really hope we get new chapters soon because I want to know about other Fatui members, the events that happened in the past, and the archons, whether they are really what they show or have some skeletons in their closets. Nonetheless, I highly recommend you read the manga!

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