Genshin Impact Reputation Guide

Genshin Impact Reputation Guide – Becoming A Living Legend

Whether you are a global superstar, or just your average working-class citizen, reputation plays a vital role in our lives. Your reputation is the lens through which our friends, colleagues, and loved ones see us, and every action can have a positive or negative effect on how you are seen. Naturally, we want to be seen in a good light by everyone, and as a society, we tend to accomplish this through doing a series of good deeds, and avoiding being horrible little buggers in equal measure.

You might give gifts, make a hearty meal, or you might help an old lady cross the street. Chivalry is not dead, don’t be fooled. However, in the world of Genshin Impact, if you want to be heralded as a nation’s hero, you’ll need to do things that are a touch grander.

When you work your way through the game’s main story and start unlocking new features Genshin has to offer, you will eventually gain access to the Reputation System, which is a way to raise your stock in various nations across Teyvat and get some nice goodies into the bargain.

While you cynics out there might feel that this is just another set of commissions to add to the humongous pile this game boasts, I’ve here to tell you that reputation is the key to unlocking a handful of really important gameplay features. Features that will, in turn, lead to more resources, recipes, cosmetic items, and tools that make aspects of Genshin so much more convenient.

However, you may be staring blankly at the noticeboard, wondering how the heck it all works. Don’t worry; It’s actually pretty straightforward, and there are some great tips that I can offer to make boosting your reputation to the maximum in each major nation child’s play. So without further delay, here is our Genshin Impact Reputation Guide!

Genshin Impact Reputation In a Nutshell

Genshin Impact Reputation
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So, explaining what reputation is in Genshin would be a good starting point, right? You would think that rescuing Dvalin, Defeating Osial, or taking down the corrupt members of the Akademia would be enough to send your rep into the stratosphere, but sadly, there are a lot more odd jobs needed to cement that title of ‘Hero.’

Reputation presents itself as another commission, much like your Daily Commissions for the Adventure Guild, or things like collecting Occuli for the Statues of the Seven. These are quick little tasks that players can take on every week, and allow them to gain experience, which will count toward their reputation meter. Which, in turn, will unlock new items, recipes, and more.

Reputation is split across all the available nations within the game, so if you have done lots of reputation commissions in Liyue, it means diddly squat in Sumeru, for example. So you’ll have to split your time equally between all the key areas of the map.

You can access these commissions by interacting with the Reputation noticeboards, which appear in all the major cities within the game.

How to Unlock Reputation Boards

Unlock Reputation Boards

So you know the basics, and where to find the job boards, but how do you actually unlock the feature? Well, this is different for every major region, as you will need to progress the archon quests in each nation to unlock reputation.

However, the player will not be able to unlock this feature at all until they are at least AR25, so bear that in mind. Here is a rundown of how to unlock the feature in each key area:

  • Mondstadt: Must be AR25 and have finished The Outlander Who Caught The Wind. Unlocks after the player completes Knight of the Realm
  • Liyue: Must have completed Farewell, Archaic Lord. Unlocks after completion of Ministry Missions
  • Inazuma: Must have completed The Immovable God and The Eternal Euthymia. Unlocks after completion of The Commission’s Commission
  • Sumeru: Must have competed The Morn A thousand Roses Bring. Unlocks after completion of Corps of Thirty Recruitment

Reputation Task Types

Okay, so you now have access to at least one of the boards in Teyvat. Now we need to help you understand what is expected of you when you embark on these commissions. Well, there are two mission types that the player will have access to, which are refreshed on a weekly basis, and then there are two long-term categories that players can work towards without any time constraints. These are as follows:


Genshin Impact Bounties

Firstly, we have bounties that have the player head off into the wilderness and seek out enemies to take down who have been causing trouble to the locals. However, it’s not as simple as fast-traveling to the location and laying a smackdown on the enemy right that second. There is a tracking process that the player will have to go through.

When you take on a bounty, a rough radius will be marked on the map, containing the monster, and when you arrive in that area, a timer will begin to count down. From there, you will have to use your Elemental Sight to guide you to clues on the monster’s whereabouts. This might be highlighted items like Mint, Mushrooms, and Sweet Flowers. This might be tough to reach ledges with a marker on them, or it might be enemies that need to be killed to move to the next clue.

After you go through this process three times, your Elemental Sight will then guide you to where the monster is roaming around, and then you can let the smackdown commence.

Players will have access to three tiers of options with increasingly powerful monsters to slay, offering 60XP, 80XP, and 100XP, respectively. You will be allowed to take on three bounties a week, and this will stretch across all regions.


Genshin Impact request
Genshin Impact request

Secondly, you have requests, which are much more straightforward tasks that will have you go and talk to people around the region that need a certain quantity of various items. For example, you may have to give Brook Fowl in Mondstadt, give Iron Chunks to Master Zhang in Liyue, or Give Kano Nana Carrots in Inazuma.

The good news is that requested items tend to be items that can be found in huge quantities around Teyvat, and chances are that you will have a ton of them in your inventory anyway. However, even if you don’t, they won’t be in limited supply like, say, Ascension Materials, so a quick foraging run will solve any potential issues. Or you might need to cook up a meal, which is pretty easy too, as all the recipes are accessible by comparison to the more tricky dishes on the roster.

I won’t list all of the different requests that you can get in each region, because, quite frankly, it’s all very run-of-the-mill stuff, but I will list the items you might need to stock up on. Check it out below:


Genshin Impact Mondstadt
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  • Cecelias
  • Dandelion Seeds
  • Fowl
  • Flaming Flower Stamens
  • Mist Flower Corollas
  • Wheat
  • Sweet Flowers
  • Chicken Mushroom Skewers
  • Mondstadt Grilled Fish
  • Steak


Genshin Impact Liyue
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  • Sweet madame
  • Flaming Red Bolognese
  • Radish Veggie Soup
  • Tea Break Pancakes
  • Iron Chunks
  • Violet Grass
  • Qingxin
  • Mint
  • Silk Flower
  • Ham
  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Almond Tofu


Genshin Impact Inazuma 
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  • Carrots
  • Iron Chunks
  • Sakura Blooms
  • Teyvat Fried Eggs
  • Mint
  • Bird Eggs
  • Electro Crystals
  • White Iron Chunks


Genshin Impact Sumeru
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  • Raw Meat
  • Jam
  • Nilotpala Lotuses
  • White Iron Chunks
  • Harra Fruit
  • Sugar
  • Berries
  • Sumeru Roses
  • Zaytun Peaches
  • Maelstrom
  • Apples

Also, a final note. If you want to get a mix of combat when you take on requests, then you might want to focus on Inazuma and Sumeru, as these requests are a mix of item requests, and tasks that will have to clear out a batch of enemies.

World Exploration

Up next, we have the first of the two more passive completion goals for reputation. World Exploration relates to how much of the nation in question you have uncovered.

This relates to Waypoints unlocked, Chests opened, Domains unlocked, and occuli found and donated to the Statue of the Seven. Players will get 100XP for completing 20%, 40%, and 60% of each region, and will also get 20,000 Mora into the bargain.

World Quests

Then lastly, we have World Quests, which is a list of, you guessed it, World Quests that take place or relate most closely to the nation in question. Obviously, these quests will vary in terms of time to compete and difficulty, but the offering of XP remains the same in terms of reputation regardless of the quest. Players will be awarded 20XP for every world quest that they complete, and there is no limit to the amount of these rewards that you can claim in a week.

Now, I’m not going to list every World Quest in the game; I value your time, and my own, too much. So here is a rundown of how many quests are on offer within each region and the corresponding XP totals:

  • Mondstadt: 19 Quests (380XP)
  • Liyue: 49 Quests (980XP)
  • Inazuma: 45 Quests (900XP)
  • Sumeru: 27 Quests (520XP)

Also, it’s worth noting that completing each act of the Archon Questlines will offer 100XP each, totaling 300XP for each nation.

Reputation in Mondstadt

Now you have a good understanding of how this whole reputation malarky works, but the question still remains. What’s in it for you? Well, as you might imagine, Genshin’s devs have hidden away some fantastic goodies at each tier of reputation, making it very worthwhile to make yourself known across this picturesque landscape.

We begin proceedings with what’s on offer in Mondstadt, and considering that you have to be AR25 before you can even get started on this feature, you will likely have enough stuff to claim to raise yourself by a few levels immediately. Here is a rundown of the Mondstadt Reputation Rewards:

Reputation Level  Reward
1 A recipe for Northern Apple Stew
2 Instructions for Amenoculous Resonance Stone
3 Diagram for Wind Catcher
  • Mondstadt Hero’s Fame Banner
  • Recipe for Adventurer’s Breakfast Sandwich
  • Mondstadt merchant discounts
5 Diagram for NRE
  • Diagram for Ameno Treasure Compass
  • Instructions for Portable Waypoint
  • Mondstadt Blessing banner
  • Recipe for Moon Pie
  • Wings of Azure Wind

Reputation in Liyue

Next up, we travel to the nation of contracts, Liyue. Here are all the rewards on offer for improving your reputation in Liyue:

Reputation Level  Reward
1 Recipe for Golden Shrimp Balls
2 Instructions for Geoculous Resonance Stone
3 Instructions for Condensed Resin
  • Liyue A Thousand Ships Banner
  • Recipe for Lotus Flower Crisp
  • Liyue Merchant Discounts
5 Diagram for Adepti Seeker’s stove
6 Instructions for Geo Treasure Compass
  • Liyue In The Clouds Banner
  • Recipe for Tianshu Meat
8 Wings of Golden Flight

Reputation in Inazuma

It’ll take you a while to work your way through the first two nations, but before you know it, you’ll be linking up with Beidou and sailing across to Inazuma for some island living. If you take the time to build your reputation, you’ll have access to all these rewards:

Reputation Level Reward
1 Recipe for Konda Cuisine
  • Blueprint for ‘Pines Awaiting the Twilight
  • Blueprint for Stone Lantern: Fudoumyou’s Light
3  Naku Weed Seed
  • Inazuma Kamisato Crest Banner
  • Recipe for Rice Cake Soup
  • Inazuma Merchant Discounts
5 Red Feather Fan
  • Blueprint for Long Yumemiru Table
  • Blueprint for Tea Wisp Clouded White Couch
  • Inazuma Raiden Emblem Banner
  • Recipe for Butter Crab
8 Instructions for Electroculous Resonance Stone
9 Diagram for Electro Treasure Compass
10 Wings of the Stormstrider

Reputation In Sumeru

Then lastly, we have the newest region at the time of writing, Sumeru. Whether you are an academic, or more of a nomad who resonates with those in the desert, you can easily make a name for yourself here, and if you do, this is what you can add to your collection:

Reputation Level Reward
1 Recipe for Butter Chicken
  • Blueprint for Brightwood Pottery Worktable
  • Blueprint for Plain Brightwood Shelf
3 The Boon of the Elder Tree
  • Sumeru Observance Banner
  • Recipe for Tahchin
  • Sumeru Merchant Discounts
5 Ultra Hot Burner Lamp Test Model
  • Blueprint for Brightwood Grocery Stall
  • Blueprint for Brightwood Kebab Cart
  • Sumeru Unsullied Banner
  • Recipe for Biryani
8 Instructions for Dendoculous Resonance Stone
9 Diagram for Dendro Treasure Compass
10 Wings of the Forest

Tips For Blitzing Reputation Quests

As you can see, there are loads of great blueprints, recipes, and items on offer if you take the time to work through these reputation commissions. However, as you might have gathered, it can take quite a while to stack up all the XP needed to max out your reputation.

The simple fact of the matter is that you won’t be able to become a certified hero overnight. However, there are some tips I can offer you which will speed up the process and make it as smooth a process as possible. Check it out below:

Ignore The Clues

When completing Bounties, it can be tiresome to have to go through the tedious process of constantly using your Elemental Sight to find items and fodder enemies. I can’t count how many times I’ve accidentally opened a menu when trying to trigger Elemental Sight; it’s infuriating.

Well, what if I told you that you could just walk right up to your target and get to work on pounding them out of existence? Well, you can, provided you know exactly where to go. There are only so many areas in each region where Bounties will spawn, and within each area, they will all have a designated spot where they always spawn.

This means that as long as your memory serves you right, and believe me, it will if you do enough Reputation Quests, you’ll be able to cut your Bounty completion times by more than half in most cases. So when you beat a Bounty, be sure to lay down a marker on your map, just in case you get sent to the same area next time!

Passively Collect Items

Passively Collect Items

It almost feels redundant telling a Genshin player this, but if you want to ensure you complete requests without actually having to engage too much with the task at hand, then it’s best to collect anything and everything that crosses your path as you explore Teyvat. See a Sweet Flower? Grab it! See some shiny barrels with veggies inside? Get them too! It will save you a heap of time in the long run!

Use Your Time Wisely

Genshin Commissions are all about time management. It’s all about getting the most done (and getting the most rewards possible) within the smallest time frame possible. So to make sure you do this regarding Reputation commissions, be sure to complete three Bounties and three Requests each and every week. Then in the interim, be sure to work on any outstanding quests that you have within the region.

What I would also suggest is that if you have a nation that you have completed all quests for, but have not completed the reputation ladder, then use all the Bounties and Requests in that area until you fully complete that ladder, and then complete quests in other nations to cover all bases.

Even Heroes Need Cash

Genshin Impact Cash
Image from genshin impact fandom

Then lastly, a little-known tip for all of you guys who have finished all of the reputation commissions. If you find yourself short on cash and need some extra Mora to ascend a weapon, or something like that, then you can still complete Bounties and requests.

This will usually give you a nice reward of 10,000-30,000 Mora, and you can use this to put towards your next upgrade. Obviously, you won’t get any further reputation XP, but this can be a lifesaver for all you thrifty Travellers out there.

Best Reputation Rewards

Then before we wrap up and I let you rush off to the nearest notice board, we need to go over some of the best rewards on offer throughout all the nations so you know what’s worth prioritizing, and what items will serve a purpose long term.

So, here are the best items that you need to make a beeline for when completing reputation commissions:

Wind Catcher

Wind Catcher
Image from genshin impact Fandom

I’m a sucker for any sort of Genshin Gadget or gizmo that leads to more convenient traversal, and the Wind Catcher is a great tool to have. While its cooldown and limited usage make it something that you can’t necessarily rely on all the time, it can make reaching those hard-to-reach spots and Occuli a little easier. This gadget allows you to create an updraft which will give you a little boost upwards when you trigger a glide.

Now, I will say that if you happen to have Venti/Barbatos in your team, then it renders this item pretty useless. However, since it’s relatively unlikely that you wished and got the Ameno God himself, this can be a suitable alternative.

Portable Waypoint

Portable Waypoint
Image from genshin impact fandom

Remember what I said about traversal convenience? Well, what if you didn’t have to travel at all? With the use of a portable waypoint, you can lay down a marker anywhere on the map, and you can fast-travel to its exact location, just as you would with the existing, fixed waypoints within the game. This is an absolute gem of an item when you want to grind bosses that aren’t as easy to travel to as some others.

Take the Aeonblight Drake in Sumeru, for example, it takes ages to walk/glide your way over to them, and if you are like me and recently got Scaramouche/Wanderer and want to get his ascension material, you’ll really appreciate this portable waypoint.

Red Feather Fan

Red Feather Fan
Image from Genshin Impact Fandom

More traversal items, and admittedly this one isn’t as useful as the two above, but if you want to sail through the skies at rapid speeds, reach faraway islands and ships without unintentionally drowning, or just want to be faster than your friends in Co-op, then the Red Feather Fan is a great little Gadget.

This allows the player to up their glide speed by 30% for 30 seconds, which can be the difference between reaching dry land, and ending up in the drink. It does have a 100-second cooldown, but because it’s quite situational, this shouldn’t stop you from getting a lot of use out of this item. Overall, something I would rather have than not.

Naku Weed Seed

Genshin Impact Naku Weed Seed
Image from genshin impact fandom

The Naku Weed Seed is the only reputation reward that will trigger a World Quest, meaning that, if you are a completionist that wants to play through every questline, you won’t be able to do so without getting your hands on this.

This will, in turn, allow you to plant seeds in the Serenitea Pot, and this can be a great way to easily farm items, which will also make requests easier as well. It’s a no brainer, get these seeds!

The Cosmetic Wings

Then lastly, while I’m not a Fortnite kid that gets suckered into playing games for hours on end to acquire a cosmetic upgrade, I have to say that some of the wings on offer are really cool here, and a nice way to round off the rewards for each nation.

Off all the wings on offer, I think Sumeru’s Wings of the Forest are the most snazzy, but it’s always nice to have a bit of variety, so be sure to claim them all!

FAQ Section

Question: How Long Do Genshin Bounties Take?

Answer: This will depend on your World Level, your team composition, and whether you are speedy when it comes to finding the bounty in question. If we assume that you have a decent team setup, have the default world level in line with your progress, and you look for clues rather than going straight to the enemy, then I would say it would take you somewhere between 5-8 minutes each time.

Question: How Many Requests/Bounties Can You Complete Per Week?

Answer: Sadly, you can’t just chain bounty after bounty, because, believe me, I would have grinded the life out of this feature to get it out of the way. The player can only complete three bounties and three requests per week, and this counts for all nations. So you won’t get three for each area of the map; it’s three across the board.

Question: Which Nation Should I Complete First?

Answer: I would say that even though Mondstadt is the first one you gain access to, it’s also the most fruitful in terms of its rewards. There are some cool items, some cool recipes, and aside from Stormterror’s Lair, which is a little annoying because of the wind wall, Mondstadt is probably the easiest nation to search for Occuli and treasure, and that’s made easier with the items you receive from completing reputation quests.

Making a Name For Yourself

As you can see, the reputation system is a pretty easy one to wrap your head around, but there is a lot of work to get through if you want to become a household name in every corner of Teyvat.

Plus, you need to be pretty consistent, because you can only do so much every week, so start early in your Genshin career if you want to get all of these finished up before you are old and grey. It can be a slog, but the rewards on offer make this a worthy use of your time.

I hope this guide has helped you get a head start on becoming the name in every bard’s songs, and as always, thank you for reading Genshin Impact!

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