Dandelion Seeds Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact has a lot of materials that you need to collect for ascending your Genshin Impact characters or crafting materials like potions which provide extra buffs or resistances to certain elements. This game focuses heavily on farming materials, so you need to collect different in-game items to progress through.

I’ve been playing Genshin Impact for more than a year now and have been quite active in Genshin Impact social and theorycrafting circles to keep my knowledge up to date with the current meta. Here, I’ll share my game experience and help you progress faster by avoiding the mistakes I made as an early-game player.

A summary of what I’ll be going through in this Dandelion Seeds Genshin Impact guide:

  1. Dandelion seeds, what they are, and which characters use them
  2. Different locations where you can get them
  3. Team comp tips for efficiently farming in-game materials
  4. Tips to follow, mistakes to avoid and a quick FAQ section

What are Dandelion Seeds?

 “A tiny seed that rides on the wind. Even without its feathered wings, it still holds the hope from afar within.” ~ in-game description

Dandelion seeds are an ingredient and local speciality to Mondstadt, farmed from Dandelion plants in the region. You can use them to ascend characters and craft elemental potions and recipes. So having them in your backpack is indeed a priority.

Which Characters Use Dandelion Seeds?

Dandelion Seeds Genshin Impact

Let’s go over characters for which Dandelion Seeds would be necessary. It’s better to prioritise which materials you need so you can progress faster and invest more in your characters in the long run.

Characters like Jean and Eula, who are 5-star characters, use Dandelion Seeds as ascension material. To fully ascend any of these characters above level 80, you need a total of 168 Dandelion Seeds each.

How to Get Dandelion Seeds?

Before going over where you can find them, let’s see how you can get them. If you main a particular anemo character and don’t know whether you can use that or not, I’d advise you to give a quick read below.

After finding a Dandelion plant, you can’t collect the seeds unless you hit them with anemo element. You need an anemo character to hit the Dandelion plant with an Anemo element. As of writing this guide, Genshin Impact 2.4 has 6 Anemo characters.

  • Anemo Traveller – After resonating with Anemo at the statue of seven, you’ll obtain Anemo abilities. You can go near a Dandelion plant and use skill (Press E) or normal attack of Traveller. But note that only the last hit Traveller’s regular attack pattern generates a gust of wind(One of Anemo traveller’s passive talents). You can also use Traveller’s burst ability to apply Anemo to the plant, but it’s better to use the skill.
  • Venti – Lord Barbatos or Anemo archon of the city of freedom, Mondstadt. You can use charged attack from his bow or skill on Dandelion plants to get the seeds. I prefer to use charged attacks as they take less time and aim properly.
  • Sucrose – She’s an Anemo catalyst user, which means her normal attack will apply the Anemo element. You can use her normal attack, skill or burst on the plant and collect the seeds. I prefer to use her normal attack and save myself some time.
  • Xiao – You can use his dash two times and apply anemo to the plants. Though, it’ll be better to use the above characters to farm as Xiao (Constellation 0) has a high cooldown on his skill. His burst can also collect the seeds but is quite an energy costly, so it’s better to save it for fighting situations.
  • Kazuha – I find his skill quite remarkable and can be used to collect the seeds. It means you can be farming and making cool moves simultaneously! His burst has fantastic animation, and it applies anemo as well.
  • Sayu – One of the cutest characters in-game, and her skill is quite extraordinary to move around fast. This means you can quickly apply anemo to nearby plants and cover shorter distances.

For each dandelion plant you apply Anemo on, you can collect 1 Dandelion seed. Now, there’s a catch that the respawn time for these plants is 48hrs. If you want to ascend your character fast and can’t wait for respawn timers to get reset, you can hop into some friend’s world and collect the plants there!

But, You better let them know that you need material to collect; it’s better to have their permission first for healthy gameplay.

Where to Get Dandelion Seeds?

Dandelion Seeds Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a vast map, and finding items by yourself might take a lot of time if you’re new to the game. It’s best to mark locations where you can find collectables. Here are some spots I prefer to farm

You can get plenty of them near Mondstadt entry gates, as you’ll frequently be visiting Adventurer’s guild there, so you have plenty of chances to collect dandelion seeds from there.

There will be some commissions requiring you to visit Dawn winery, and the good news is that you can find Dandelion seeds there. Areas around Dawn winery have plenty of Dandelion seeds which you can farm.

Ridge watch has a few patches of Dandelion seeds which you can hit fast for a couple of days if you’re willing to put extra effort.

Areas near Starfall valley, Dadaupa gorge and Cape Oath have many Dandelion plants that you can collect. Moreover, there are plenty of enemies you fight and collect their dropped materials.

You can also get 5 Dandelion seeds for 60,000 mora from Sailing Breeze Shop in Ritou, Inazuma. Interact with NPC Karpillia, the shop owner, and you can buy them once every five days. However, you’ll need to progress through the story to unlock Inazuma, which might take quite some time for new players to join the game.

Crafting Uses

Dandelion seeds can be used to craft the following items.

  • Gushing Essential Oil (1 Seed): Increases all party members’ Anemo DMG by 25% for 300s. If you have anemo damage dealer, you can consume this item to increase your anemo damage and pack some extra punch to enemies. Quite useful for Xiao mains out there!
  • Wind barrier Potion (1 Seed): Increases all party members’ Anemo RES by 25% for 300s. Enemies like anemo samachurl,anemo spectre, and anemo vanguard boxer deal with anemo damage to the player. You can consume this item to increase your resistance to anemo element, and you’ll take minor anemo damage.
  • Anemoculus Resonance Stone( 5 Seeds): Craftable stone that can be used to find nearby Anemoculi; if you’re missing any of them, you can use this stone, and it’ll show the location of the anemoculus you’re missing. Quite handy if you’re missing that particular anemoculus to take your statue of seven to maximum level finally.

Tips for Selecting Characters

Selecting Characters Genshin Impact

I’d be discussing a few tips that might help you as an early game player, though there are different team comp people make for the overworld. I’d focus more on what you have at your disposal when you’re early in-game. 

  1. Double Anemo: Elemental resonance provides different buffs to your active characters if you have two characters of the same element. If you have two anemo characters, your party will have the following effect active. 
  2. Impetuous Winds: Decreases Stamina Consumption by 15%. Increases Movement SPD by 10%. Shortens Skill CD by 5%Here, SPD means Speed, and CD represents Cool down. Cooldown is the time your abilities take to get used again. 
  3. Suppose you have got an anemo character from wishes, someone like Jean or Sayu. You can pair them with anemo Traveller, and less stamina would consume while you’re travelling, climbing or even gliding.
  4. Kaeya: Most of the time, we ignore passives that characters have and focus more on their skills and bursts. Now, Kaeya has this passive Hidden strength, Which Decreases Sprinting stamina consumption of your characters in the party by 20% and is Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the same effects. You can use his skill on totems, and with a short cooldown on his skill, it’s pretty helpful. 
  5. Amber: Outrider, Amber! The first character everyone gets when they start playing Genshin Impact! Just like Kaeya, she also has a passive Gliding Champion: Which decreases gliding consumption for your party members by 20% and is not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the same effects.
  6. Noelle: If you wish in Beginner’s banner, you’re guaranteed to get Noelle. If you want someone who can heal and shield your team simultaneously, Noelle is your best bet! As a beginner, you’re not looking for big damage numbers but rather characters that can help your team survive different situations.

Now there are many different characters with various passives, let’s say Ningguang, who shows locations of active ores in the nearby area when in the party. But I’m focusing more on the early game player mindset. Let’s go over a F2P friendly team that you can have in your party setup.

Free to Play friendly Team: Anemo Traveller, Kaeya, Amber and Anemo Healer ( Jean /Sayu / Barbara / Noelle)

I’m assuming you’re an early game player whose adventure rank is below 35. So, I’ll not recommend any promoted characters with limited time banners. I will recommend you to have a healer in your team, to avoid consuming food items quickly or frequent visits to the statue of seven.

  • Anemo traveller: His skill and burst, both of which focus on Crowd control abilities, help group up lightweight enemies and help in swirl reactions for breaking up Abyss mage’s shields. Prototype Rancour would be one of the best 4-star swords on Traveller, which you’ll get as a reward on hitting Adventure Rank 10. You can also use the harbinger of dawn as an alternative to it.
  • Kaeya: Quite helpful if you want to cross a small pond or river to collect certain Anemoculus hovering over the water. Kaeya can use his skill to create a temporary frozen platform and walk across. Trust me; some people have tried crossing to Inazuma. He can also apply the cryo element on cryo totems and get some chest rewards! Cool steel would be a good option with Harbinger of Dawn or Fillet blade.
  • Amber: Now there are pyro torches in the overworld, which you can light up to solve some puzzles or get chests. She’s super helpful in shooting anemo slimes or bloaty floaties, balloon-like plants you can attack to get an “exquisite chest”.If you’re someone like me who went against a ruin guard with amber, you better be prepared to have good aim to shoot its eye and turn it off temporarily from fighting. Prototype Crescent can be a good option if you want to craft a bow. Alternatively, you can use Favonius warbow or slingshot.
  • Healer Role
  • Barbara: She’s a hydro catalyst user, which means even her regular attacks will apply hydro elements to enemies. If you’ve used her skill, remember it applies “hydro” status to your active character, and you have the risk of getting “frozen” status if you come in contact with the cryo element. Thrilling tales of dragons slayer is hands down one of the best weapons for barbara. Even if you’re a higher AR player, you’d still want to keep max refinement of this weapon. Thrilling tales of Dragonslayers gives a massive ATK boost to your switched character. 
  • Jean or Sayu: Jean is a 5-star Anemo sword user and Sayu is a 4-star Anemo Claymore user. I prefer to use them in a healers role. You can also build them as the main DPS if you want to. However, as an early game player, you should dedicate them to support roles. Using anemo healer in this comp would be best because of elemental resonance, which will help you consume less stamina. 
  • Noelle: She’s a 4-star Geo claymore user who is quite helpful to break Geo constructs or Geo shield in general. Even if you’re farming for iron-ores or crystal chunks, you can use her to break them faster. If you don’t have her constellations unlocked, you’ll have to depend on RNG based heals. But in no case she’s a bad character at all! She’s super helpful to clear early floors of Spiral Abyss and can fill up healer roles in team comps. Whiteblind is one of the best slot weapons for Noelle. Alternatively, you can use Debate club or skyrider greatsword, which are good early game weapons.

Note: As an early game player, you should focus on saving your fragile resins. Once you hit Adventure Rank 45, you can farm artifacts for your characters with a chance of getting rare 5 star drops more frequent. I’d recommend you equip your characters with whatever good weapons you have and focus on completing different quests to progress.

However, don’t rush blindly to increase Adventure rank fast and forget about the beauty of this game. Remember, It won’t be fun if you’re not enjoying the game!


Question: How Many Dandelion Seeds Will You Get from a Single Plant?

Answer: You can collect only 1 Dandelion seed for every plant you apply anemo element. Managing them in co-op mode is better if you’re looking to ascend your characters fast.

Question:  Are Dandelion Seeds Needed to Craft any Weapon Materials?

Answer: So far, there are no weapons in-game that use Dandelion seeds as ascension material. However, as the storyline progresses, you can expect different characters belonging to Mondstadt to come out in the coming years. I’d advise you to have an adequate amount of additional items in inventory, including Dandelion Seeds.

Question: Do I Need 4-star or 5-star Weapons to Fight Enemies in the Overworld?

Answer: Your world level is adjusted according to your Adventurer Rank. You can level up your world level for farming higher rarity enemy drops; however, if you’re having difficulty doing so or have underbuilt characters. Then you can lower your world level down and take your time building your characters first.


After more than a year of playing this beautiful game, I’ve understood that if you see any material you can collect, go for it. When I was in early-game, I often ran out of ascension materials and had to wait for days for their respawn. Then finally, one day, I asked a random stranger to let me farm in his world, and we still play today.

Whether you’re farming in-game materials, try to add people to your friend’s list and share the experience. Whether you’re fighting random mobs or collecting specific ascension material, you won’t be bored if you have funny party members.

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