genshin impact the chasm guide

Genshin Impact The Chasm Guide

I adore the Chasm. The massive mining region spanning the West edge of Liyue was an epic adventure that took me through a demolished topside, a corrupted underground, and even a cute fungal biome with a giant mushroom we befriended!

Though we’ll eventually have to travel to the Chasm as part of the Chasm Delvers Archeon quest exploring the shady underground and slowly uncovering the root of the Dark Mud was a thrilling journey. So whether we’ve come here for the main quest or to see just how far down that crater in Liyue goes, our epic spelunking adventure is about to begin!

In this Genshin Impact The Chasm guide, I’ll review the history of the corrupted underground and the enemies, domains, and materials commonly found throughout the Cavern. As a bonus, I’ll detail how to break apart the Dark Mud and unique quests that offer potent rewards.

Bottom Line Up Front: 

Destroy the four bedrock keys preventing passage into the Chasm and complete the Chasm Delvers set of quests to save the vast underground region. Once underground, keep following the main quest and use our newfound Lumenstone Adjuvant to break apart Dark Mud and free the Skyfrost nail from the Abyss’s corruption.

The Chasm

genshin chasm background pic
I hope you’ve had enough sunshine! Our magical spelunking adventure is about to begin! Image by JT Hussey

A subregion of Liyue mined for its valuable ore and rock for thousands of years, the Chasm spans a craterous topside and a vast underground. Though Liyue has mined the bountiful Chasm for thousands of years, the recent inflow of monsters and Dark Mud has led Liyue authorities to close down the Chasm to outsiders.

While an Archeon quest eventually forces us to confront the Chasm, we can explore the underground region anytime after destroying the obelisks blocking the passage and heading underground. Once underground, we can complete a lengthy quest to confront the heart of the Chasm’s darkness and end the Abyss’s dark plans.

Frankly, the Chasm functions like an underground version of Dragonspine with unique collectibles to beat back the Dark Mud and even a Skyfrost Nail for resting at the quest’s end. So whether we’re interested in saving the Chasm or seeing how far down we can descend, the Chasm offers deep adventure like few others.

How to Enter the Chasm

While we can access the craterous aboveground outright, we’ll have to complete a few steps before exploring the vast underground.

While these steps primarily involve leveling our character and progressing the main story, we’ll also have to figure out how to break the Bedrock Keys to open a passage to the underground. If we’re struggling to figure out how to enter the Chasm on our own or want to enter it right away, I recommend checking out the steps below:

Complete Archeon Quest Chapter 1, Act 3

If we’re struggling to figure out if we’ve unlocked the Chasm quest, try checking our questlog by clicking on the exclamation mark. Image by JT Hussey

After finishing the Prologue in Teyvat, we’ll have to progress the Liyue main quest far enough to unlock the quest giving us access to the Chasm.

Specifically, we must complete Chapter 1, Act 3, and save Liyue from the impending Fatui threat. While this quest’s beginning is somewhat tedious in gathering the funerary items, it ends with an explosive spectacle that left me in awe of our journey.

I recommend checking the exclamation mark in the bottom left of the HUD to see our progress in the main story and how close we are to unlock the Chasm. Once we’ve finished, we can head towards the Chasm’s crater and look for Munig on the Western Edge of the cavity.

Adventure Rank 28

adventure rank commision
I recommend Daily Commissions for a bountiful, easy source of Adventure EXP. Image by JT Hussey

Relatively self-explanatory, we’ll have to gather enough Adventure EXP to progress to Adventure Rank 28 before we can start the quest. While obtaining Adventure EXP is relatively easy, reaching this point can take some time if we’re at a low level.

I recommend sticking to Daily Commissions for a significant, easily renewable source of Adventure EXP. Otherwise, we can complete sidequests, Redeem Anemoculus and Geoculus for a bountiful, if more time-consuming, source of XP.

Destroy the Bedrock Keys

exploring for grace
Keep our eyes out for a golden path in the air; it shall lead us straight to a bedrock key. Image by JT Hussey

Once we start the Chasm’s Delvers questline with Munig, we can head underground after destroying the four bedrock keys blocking the lift. To find each key, we can follow the luminescent golden graces from the Chasm’s Center until it terminates in one of the four bedrock keys.

Once we reach each key, we can destroy the grounded clumps of highlighted orange-black stone, then attack the nearby cage shaped geo formations to send a beam that gradually wears down each bedrock key. After repeating this process for each key, all four seals fall to Teyvat, breaking the barrier and opening access to the Chasm.

The Chasm’s History: Meteor of the Gods

genshin chasm history
It’s hard not to feel sad seeing the ancient marine ruins reduced to rubble. I wish we could catch a glimpse of that aquatic paradise. Image by JT Hussey

Aproximentally 6000 years ago, before the formation of Liyue, a falling star fell to Teyvat in the present-day area of the Chasm.

Though we can still speculate on reasons for the Meteor falling, it’s clear that the region was once home to an aquatic civilization that predated Khaenri’ah with ancient marine relics and fossils frozen in time. However, much like the Dragonspine civilization of Sal Vindagnyr, Celestia destroyed this ancient society with a Skyfrost Nail and a meteor for seemingly unknown reasons.

Despite the mystery surrounding the destruction of these ancient people, we know the Meteor ascended back into the heavens during the Archeon war, leaving behind a massive creator that we know as the Chasm.

During or following the Archon War, the people of Liyue came to mine the Chasm, disturbing the Ley Lines there and driving Azhdaha, the Overlord of the Geovishaps, mad and leading several Adeptus led by the geo archeon to seal away the demented creature.

Eventually, after thousands of years of mining in an event termed the Cataclysm, an Iron Meteorite fell to the earth, coinciding with an invasion by the Abyss into the Chasm.

Since then, the Millelith, assisted by the Fatui, have battled against the Abyss to keep the region safe for mining. Lately, however, the Abyss has begun to corrupt a Skyfrost Nail, leading to several Earthquakes in the area, an onslaught of Dark Mud, and the Chasm being declared unsafe for mining.

Ancient Chasm Factions

Long before we showed up, factions battled over the Chasm’s territory leading to its formation and current troubles. Any lore surrounding the Chasm and Dainsleif in chapter 2, Act IV of the archeon quest Requiem of the Echoing Depths, is likely to mention the following factions:

Khaenri’ah and the Abyss

I can barely believe these hilichurls were once people. Image by JT Hussey

Approximately 500 years ago, in an event termed the Cataclysm, Celestia destroyed Khaenri’ah, shattering the land and cursing the survivors with monstrous forms and immortality as their punishment for rebelling against the gods.

Immediately following their nation’s destruction, the surviving Khaenri’ahians sought violent retribution, invading Teyvat, seeking to avenge their destroyed civilization.

These Khaenri’ahians forces made up of newly transformed hilichurls, abyss mages, and abyss lectors poured into the Chasm, leading to a brutal conflict with the Millelith and Liyue Qixing as bloody retribution. While the battle was prolonged and ultimately unsuccessful for Khaenri’ah, the Abyssal forces would return to the Chasm 500 years later to corrupt the Skyfrost Nail and attain its power.

Archeon and Forces

Don’t be fooled; this funeral parlor consultant is the geo archeon himself! Image by JT Hussey

Comprised of the Millelith and Liyue Qixing led by the Geo Archeon himself, Morax would lead his people to colonize the area around Liyue around the time of the Archeon war, eventually to mine the Chasm.

Excluding a battle with a crazed Azhdaha who was driven mad and promptly sealed within the Chasm, the Liyue miners peacefully mined the Chasm for hundreds of years under the Geo Archeon’s protection.

Unfortunately, after the invasion of the Khaenri’ahian Abyss, this peace was shattered as the Archeon’s forces engaged in brutal combat with the newly transformed abyssal creatures. Following the bloody war, the Archeon’s forces were victorious, leading to the Chasm’s relative return to safety at the expense of many Liyue Qixing adepti and Millelith soldiers.

Ancient Marine Civilization

ancient marine ruins
I would take more time to admire the ruins if it wasn’t for the Ruin Grader shooting rockets at us. Image by JT Hussey

Long before Kanriaeh’s destruction, fossils and elaborate ruins suggest that a flourishing aquatic civilization existed in the present-day area of the Chasm. Unfortunately for its residents, however, approximately 6000 years ago, a falling star crashed into this civilization, instantly destroying the nation and its inhabitants.

While we can hypothesize that Celestia sent the Meteor to destroy this civilization, the reasons behind’s Celestia decision remain a mystery. Due to the severity of the Meteor’s destruction, this society’s culture and people remain elusive.


From Sal Vindagnyr to the Chasm and even Khaenri’ah, Celestia has a violent reputation for annihilating civilizations. Image by JT Hussey

A mysterious floating landmass considered the home of the gods, we can hold Celestia responsible for the Chasm’s formation and Khaenri’ah’s destruction. From sending down a meteor to destroy the Ancient Civilization to tearing apart Khaenri’ah and triggering the Abyss’s invasion of the Chasm, we deal with Celestia’s problems with every inch of our journey.

Strangely enough, Celestia sent a Skyfrost Nail into the Chasm for unknown reasons, likely to purge the ley lines of impurities or as part of their efforts to eradicate the ancient civilization. Whatever the case, Celestia’s efforts have seemed to backfire, leading the Abyss to attempt to corrupt the nail and flood the Chasm with Dark Mud.

Modern Chasm Factions

Even if the Chasm is off-limits, it hosts many enemies, each fighting for wealth, survival, and dark powers. While we’re underground, we’ll likely run into these particular factions.

The Abyss

genshin chasm the abyss
We should pay attention to where we fight the Abyss in the Chasm; the Dark Mud strengthens these creatures making them more formidable opponents in battle. Image by JT Hussey

Consisting of hilichurls, abyss mages, and an abyss lector or two, the Chasm is teeming with almost every abyssal enemy and a few new mud monsters. While they’re somewhat absent from the topside and initial descent into the mines, the further we head downwards, the more prominent these enemies become.

As for their purpose here, The Abyss attempts to corrupt one of Celestia’s Skyfrost Nail and are likely responsible for the recent outbreak of Dark Mud and Earthquakes in Liyue. If we reach the end of the Chasm, we’ll find the Abyss using its dark power to pollute and take control of the Skyfrost Nail.

The Fatui

genshin chasm
Thanks to their disorderly, confused state, the Fatui in the Chasm are more likely to help us than fight us! Image by JT Hussey

Consisting of disbanded, broken-up groups of soldiers struggling with starvation and mismanagement, any Fatui we’ll encounter is in a sorry shape in the Chasm. Since these soldiers were sent before the outbreak of hostilities with Liyue and trapped without any word from their superiors, most Fatui we’ll encounter still believe they’re helping save the people of Liyue.

For the most part, any Fatui we’ll encounter underground are nonaggressive and welcome us with a friendly disposition. While their presence is limited, we can complete quests to assist the trapped idealistic soldiers escape the Chasm.

Treasure Hoarders

genshin chasm treasure hoarders
Even if they’re mostly armed with shovels and fisticuffs, the treasure hoarders can pack a real punch! Image by JT Hussey

One of the primary foes we’ll encounter in the Chasm besides the Abyss, the Treasure Hoarders occupy nearly the entire above ground and are scattered throughout the Chasm. While the area was once safe from the greedy group, the initial reopening of the Chasm by the Liyue Qixing incentivized the Treasure Hoarders’ rapid return.

While their intentions are less malignant than the Abyss and more centered around greed than destroying Teyvat, Treasure Hoarders remain some of the more contentious foes we’ll encounter above and throughout the Chasm. Let’s teach these bandits the folly of greed!

Adventurer’s Guild

genshin chasm adventurers camp
Despite their smaller size, the adventurer’s guild sticks with us through every inch of our expedition into the Chasm. Image by JT Hussey

The smallest and most reserved of the factions, the Adventurer’s Guild rests at the camp at the Chasm’s west and later moves underground to follow our actions throughout the Chasm.

Made up of a few noble adventures and even a turncoat treasure hoarder, the Adventurer’s Guild is determined to discover the source of the Chasm’s Dark Mud and end the region’s Earthquakes.

Much like the Adventurer’s Camp in Dragonspine, we’ll rely on the Adventurer’s Guild to guide our progress in the Chasm and to strengthen our Lumenstone Adjuvant to fight the Dark Mud. I recommend making constant trips back once we have enough Lumenspar and Lumenstone Ore to upgrade our gadget or need direction on where to head next.

Core Mechanics Guide

Unique to other regions, the Chasm is home to a few mechanics that impede exploration and progression in the main story; I recommend paying head to these mechanics if we’re lost or struggling to traverse the Chasm.

Dark Mud

genshin chasm dark mud
Unique to the Chasm and the root of all our troubles underground, the Dark Mud can be a challenging obstacle, so make sure we’re carrying our Lumenstone Adjuvant! Image by JT Hussey

A dark oozing corruption scattered throughout the Chasm, Dark Mud remains one of our most constant dangers. While this Mud continually damages us the longer we stand in it, it also drains our Lumenstone Adjuvant and strengthens monsters within.

Luckily we can break Mud Apart with our Lumenstone Adjuvant to unlock devices and make areas safe for traversal and battle. If we’re still struggling with the Dark Mud, I recommend upgrading our Lumenstone Adjuvant and avoiding it when we disperse it.

Lumenstone Adjuvant

lumenstone gagdet
We can fine the Lumenstone Adjuvant in our gadgets section of the inventory after entering the Chasm’s underground. Image by JT Hussey

A rechargeable device specific to the Chasm, the Lumenstone Adjuvant creates a light that drives back the Dark Mud required to complete the Main quest. While we can strictly use it to break apart Dark Mud, we can also activate Ruin Braziers, Lumenlamps, and Chests.

lumeostone upgrade
If we can collect enough Lumenstone, we can upgrade our gadget to provide more powerful light with more helpful buffs! Image by JT Hussey

If we run low on energy, I recommend standing next to active Teleport Waypoints, Ruin Braziers, or collecting Starshrooms. We can also increase its power by collecting the blue floating Lumenspar and Lumenstone Ore scattered throughout the Chasm and talking to Jinwu.

Trounce Domain Bosses, and Domains

World Bosses

The Ruin Serpent

genshin boss location
Ruin Serpent location on map. Image by JT Hussey


genshin chasm boss fight-min
Ruin Serpent in game. Image by JT Hussey

A massive automaton Serpent that digs its way through the battle, we can continually fight the digging beast for Prithiva Topaz and Runic Fang. To unlock the Ruin Serpent as a repeatable fight, we’ll have to complete the Chasm main quest, “Chasm Spelunkers,” and head to the top left of the Chasm with the snake icon marked on it.

I recommend going into the battle with a higher-level Lumenstone Adjuvant as the boss deploys batches of Dark Mud that inhibit us and rely on elemental reactions to combat its resistance to normal damage. Also, look out for some of its brutal AoE slams and keep the arena clear of Dark Mud to stay safe.

Black Serpent Knight

genshin knights
Location on map. Image by JT Hussey


genshin knight battle
Black Serpent Knight in Game. Image by JT Hussey

Abyssal Warriors robed in Knight apparel and bearing fancy titles, we can farm the Black Serpent Knights for Gloomy Statutes. To find this boss, we can travel to three locations throughout the Chasm and look for tall, intimidating knights yearning for battle.

I recommend relying on elemental reactions that don’t use anemo (the Black Serpent Knight is highly resistant) and exiting its range each time it charges its sword to avoid some brutal punishment. So long as we know when to backstep, the Black Serpent Knight should be a breeze!


The Lost Valley – Artifact Domain

lost valley location
Location on Map. Image by JT Hussey


genshin lost valley
The Lost Valley in game. Image by JT Hussey

A Domain of Blessing tucked away in the topside area of the Chasm, we can farm the Lost Valley for artifact sets that enhance our normal attacks and elemental bursts. To unlock this domain, we’ll have to complete a short puzzle in the Northern edge of the Chasm by placing two geo stones equally distant from each other from the unique rock and rock pillar.

When battling in the Lost Valley, the domain increases our damage fourfold and more each time we use an elemental burst leading to us dealing absurd amounts of damage. In terms of enemies, we’ll face ancient automatons like Ruin Graders, Ruin Scouts, and Ruin Destroyers. I advise equipping artifact sets that reduce our burst cool down and enhance our normal attack damage to make quick work of these battles.

The Characters of the Chasm

Given the Chasm’s isolation leading to a lack of food, sunlight, and the Dark Mud producing air that disables anyone without a vision, few characters would choose to make a home here. And yet, while none of our companions are from the Chasm, Yelan regularly makes her rounds patrolling the dangerous underground.

Our first interaction with Yelan is at the end of the Chasm’s main quest when she fires an arrow at the Skyfrost nail, causing it to plummet to the ground, destroying the Ruin Serpent and saving our lives. We can encounter her later in Liyue and discover her background as a spy for Ningguang.


Don’t let her Fatui coat fool you, Yelan is actually a Liyue agent in disguise. Image by JT Hussey

Chasm Regional Specialty Items

Despite its physical isolation from the sun, the Chasm is home to a few notable resources we can regularly find throughout the underground. However, I recommend checking out the Genshin Impact interactive map to pinpoint these resources’ precise locations and facilitate grinding them for characters.

Also, if we want to cut down on looking up online maps, we can mark the locations of each resource on the world map to keep ourselves from getting lost in the Labyrinthe depths.


Image by JT Hussey


Image by JT Hussey

Cor Lapis

cor lapis
Image by JT Hussey

Noctilucous Jade

noctilucous jade
Image by JT Hussey


Image by JT Hussey

The Chasm Main Quests

Given that the Chasm functions like a side area to Liyue, it has fewer quests than other regions. Though these quests have tended to have grimmer conclusions (i.e. searching for a long-dead family or offering starving Fatui soldier bleak hope), I adored the fantastic storytelling and gradual worldbuilding.

So whether we’re looking to understand better the mish-mash of Fatui and treasure hoarders roaming the depths or want some easy Adventure XP, we can complete the sidequests below:

Lost in a Foreign Land

genshin chasm fatui
Talking with the Fatui and being offered tea threw me for a loop, and all the fighting. Image by JT Hussey

One of a few eccentric quests that see us assist the disconnected Fatui, Lost in a Foreign Land, makes me feel guilty each time I fight a Fatui Cicin Mage. In the quest, we aid an isolated mage named Katerina in helping her find her lost brother, Corporal Anton.

While our efforts are ultimately fruitless, I enjoyed the game humanizing the enemies we have likely already spent dozens of hours fighting. To start the quest, we’ll head to the waypoint to the right of Glowing Narrows and fight a confused Katerina.

Lost in a Foreign Land Steps

  1. Fight Katerina at the waypoint to the right of Glowing Narrows.
  2. Meet Katerina at the camp and have a fun discussing the Fatui.
  3. Return the next day and promise to help Katerina look for clues her brother Nikolay left behind.
  4. Find Nikolay’s diary by a patch of Dark Mud on the path to the Chasm’s bottom right.
  5. After heading toward the Nameless Ruins, fight the two Ruins Guards and the Ruins Grader to grab Nikolay’s Insignia.
  6. Return to Katerina and report our findings.

A Company Vanishing into the Deep

genshin fatui squad
Fighting Fatui after this hearty quest leaves me so guilty, I just want to be friends with you, stop resisting! Image by JT Hussey

Another Fatui quest that sees us help a squad of starving soldiers, A Company Vanishing Into the Deep was a fun quest that humanizes the other Fatui NPC aside from the Cicin mage. After finding a nonviolent Fatui Electro Skirmisher Commanding officer by the Southern Checkpoint of the Chasm Main Mining Area, we can choose to help the officer find food and intel on the whereabouts of their regiment and how to escape the Chasm.

While this quest is short-lived, I enjoyed watching the Fatui soldiers bicker back and forth with one another and was astounded to hear about their commitment to saving Liyue.

I recommend checking this quest out if we’re remotely curious about the Fatui soldiers or want a side quest that makes us feel like we’re in the army. Also, if we completed Lost in a Foreign Land before this one, we can ask the squad about Katerina for more backstory on the Fatui team and wayward Cicin mage.

A Company Vanishing into the Deep Steps

  1. Talk to Anton, the Fatui CO, and give the starving soldiers some food.
  2. Battle the Invading Fatui.
  3. Talk to Anton and head to the supply station, and look for clues about the missing regiment’s location.
  4. Battle the treasure hoarders guarding the location.
  5. Report your findings to Anton.

The Chasm Delvers

chasm skyfrost nail
At the heart of the Chasm’s long string of quests lies a Skyfrost Nail we’ll have to save from the Abyss’s corrupting influence. Image by JT Hussey

The main world quest following our opening of and descent into the Chasm, the Chasm Delvers sees us save Liyue from the earthquakes emanating from the underground. While the task starts simply enough with talking to a foreign minister who sarcastically prods us into opening the Chasm, it quickly spirals into saving Liyue from a corrupted Skyfrost Nail.

While I was lost several times, I enjoyed meeting the quirky cast of characters, from a gung-ho adventurer to a reformed treasure hoarder, and the several minigames, like firing a cannon, attached to this quest. If we’re heading to the Chasm, we should prioritize this quest for the bountiful reward and an epic journey.

The Chasm Delvers Steps

  1. Talk to Muning at the Western edge of the Chasm.
  2. Investigate the abandoned outposts infested with treasure hoarders.
  3. Destroy the four bedrock keys preventing passage into the Chasm.
  4. Lead a team of adventurers into the Chasm, earning ourselves the Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget.
  5. Assist the Chasm Adventurer’s team and complete Zhiqiong’s tasks while gradually strengthening our Lumenstone Adjuvant.
  6. Recruit a reformed treasure hoarder and break into a gunpowder storage area.
  7. Craft two 3 Special Unmoving Essential Oils with two Cor Lapis and two frogs.
  8. Complete a series of signals and leverage our cannon to break into the further depths of the Chasm.
  9. Use our Lumenstone Adjuvant to break apart the nearby Dark Mud and fight the monsters to proceed to an area shrouded in purple fog.
  10. Ring the two bells in the Nameless Ruins and Stony Halls, then return to fight the Abyss lectors in the dark fog.
  11. Return an ill Zhiqiong and tell her to leave the Chasm and rest well.
  12. Head further into the Chasm to find a skyfrost nail corrupted by five Dark Mud patches.
  13. Destroy the Dark Mud with our Lumenstone Adjuvant, then fight Ruin Serpent Haftvad the Worm before getting saved by Yelan.
  14. Return to Zhiqiong and Muning to enjoy the fruits of our spelunking labor.

A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past

genshin cliffside hero
This delirious treasure hoarder offered a fun reprieve from the chasm’s overall grim narrative. Image by JT Hussey

A surface Chasm quest involving a delirious man and some digging A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past is a short quest that opens up a brief digging minigame. Though I appreciated the reference to Smargus Jaddit in the earlier quest with Yanfei, it’s less story intensive and rewarding than the sidequests above.

Still, if we enjoy having access to quirky minigames involving digging holes and want to save a delirious man from his fatal obsession, we can head to the Cinnabar Cliffs and pick flowers to start the quest. This quest also provides the Jack of No Trades achievement, so keep that in mind if we’re going for completion or want some easy primogems for a wish.

A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past Steps

  1. Head to the Cinnabar Cliffs on the Chasm’s above aground and start picking Flowers of Farsight by a Tang Wuchou until he fights us.
  2. After our victory, talk to Tang Wuchou, give the delirious man a bird egg as a fake gift, and head to Old Chou on the map.
  3. After talking with Old Chou, start digging nearby until we obtain the Bag of Ornaments.
  4. Talk to Old Chou and return to Tang Wuchou to end the quest.

Undetected Infiltration

genshin infiltrators
Getting intimidated into assisting the Milileth surprised me after everything we had done to save the geo nation. Image by JT Hussey

A wackier quest that sees us assist undercover Millelith to avoid a lengthy prison sentence, Undetected Infiltration has one of my favorite starts. After attacking a set of soldiers disguised as treasure hoards, we’ll have to help the Millelith soldiers or face a lifetime of prison!

Though the quest mainly consists of beating up treasure hoards, having the dialogue option “Can I have a lawyer” sold me with its hilarious opening. We can head to Tiangong Gorge’s top and fight the fake Treasure Hoaders stationed there to start this good-natured quest.

Undetected Infiltration Steps

  1. Head to the peak of Tiangong Gorge and battle the Millelith soldiers disguised as Treasure Hoarders until their leader Yanbo talks to us.
  2. Infiltrate a Treasure Hoarder Camp and pick a target to take on, Yanbo’s group will take care of the rest.
  3. After our cover’s blown, defeat six waves of treasure hoarders.
  4. (optional) Following our victory, open the nearby chest to access the Cup of Commons for the Millennial Mountain’s quest.
  5. Talk to Yanbo to receive a hearty helping of mora and adventure xp, an item for the Millennial Mountains quest, and an official pardon.

The Millennial Mountains

genshin milileth mountain
While it felt somewhat insensitive to defy the sacrifices of veterans from 500 years ago, at least we earn a helping of primogems and an excellent artifact set! Image by JT Hussey

A longer quest involving scouring the Chasm above ground, The Millennial Mountains sees us gather six relics to appease the spirit of the Millelith’s who have fought for Liyue’s sake. While the quest involves relentless searching of the aboveground’s hidden nooks and crannies, it offers a bountiful treasure and a complete set of 4-star Millelith artifacts.

Though we’ll have to travel to every corner of the Chasm’s top and even complete a few quests like Undetected Infiltration and A Cliff Side Heroes past, it’s a worthwhile reward and satisfied me with my efforts. We can start this quest by talking to Wang at Millelith’s memorial shrine.

The Millennial Mountains

  1. Head to the memorial shrine to the East of the Waypoint by the Chasm’s Maw and talk to Wang.
  2. Gather the Flower of Farsight by the Delirious Man by the Cinnabar Cliffs.
  3. Obtain the Skyfeather at the top of Glaze Peak.
  4. Complete the quest Undetected Infiltration to obtain the Cup of Commons.
  5. Interact with a bowl northwest of the Chasm’s surface waypoint to get the Sundial of Ages.
  6. Enter the Chasm’s Maw and follow a Seelie to reach a wooden house and head down a hole.
  7. After reaching the hole’s end, burn the hay with a Pyro character and interact with the two points to obtain the Helm of Warding.
  8. Starting from the waypoint by the Chasm’s Maw, head to the Southeast Mountain and find the Warriors spear by the cliff’s peak.
  9. Return to Yang and place the artifacts by the memorial, and the Millelith’s treasure shall materialize.
  10. Chat with Yang once more to end the quest.


Question: Why is the Chasm so vast?

Answer: 6000 years ago, a falling star struck the present-day Chasm destroying an ancient marine civilization and burying itself in Teyvat. However, later during the Archeon war, the Meteor rose back into the sky, leaving a large indent creating what we now call the Chasm.

Question: How do I break apart Dark Mud?

Answer: We can break apart Dark Mud with the light from our Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget, which we obtain in the Chasm Delvers questline. If we cannot break apart the Mud with our Adjuvant, we’ll have to increase the strength of our gadget with Lumenstone we find throughout the mine.

Question: What is Causing the Dark Mud in the Chasm?

Answer: While this is still speculation, we can assume the Abyss corrupting the Skyfrost Nail in the depths of the Chasm plays a role in the spread of Dark Mud and the troubles aboveground. Otherwise, the Dark Mud could be a product of the broken Ley Lines disturbed by Liyue’s mining activities.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Guide: The Chasm Final Thoughts

genshin chasm biopic
Though I enjoyed our deep descent, seeing the surface after all that time spent underground was a relief. Image by JT Hussey

Though I’m still eternally frustrated at getting lost in the Chasm, I once spent an hour looking for a path to the Nameless Ruins; I adored exploring the majestic depth of Liyue’s Underground. Beyond its alluring visuals lies some grippingly haunted stories with ill-fated Fatui, haunted dolls, and a ruined civilization lost to time.

Even if I feel a little guilter each time I fight the Fatui, I enjoyed how their quests humanized these cartoon villains into real people, confused and trying their best to help others. Though I’ll likely be unable to reason with their violent fellows, I’ll at least treasure the few Fatui friends I got to know for a brief time.

All-in-all, I loved exploring the Chasm’s vastness and relishing exploring every nook and cranny. While I’ll still have to return to the Chasm to get materials for a few of my Sumaru characters, chiefly Gloomy Statuettes for Nilou, The Chasm was an incredible spelunking adventure beyond compare.

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