Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Guide

Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Guide

Scouring Dragonspine for Crimson Agate is hard work. Besides high-level monsters and challenging puzzles, a bitter cold permeates every inch of the frozen mountain, freezing our character in mere seconds! If we want to collect Dragonspine’s floating red rubies, we’ll need strength, courage, and (most importantly) tasty Goulash!

Tasty Goulash
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In this Genshin Impact Crimson Agate guide, I’ll review finding and redeeming Dragonspine’s most valuable resource for rare rewards. As a bonus, I’ll detail the crimson wish system and items to ease our frosty adventure.

Bottom Line Up Front: Observe the minimap, solve puzzles, and melt reinforced ice to acquire crimson agate, then redeem the red crystals at the Frostbearing tree to the mountain’s North. After raising the Skyfrost Nail and reaching Frostbearing tree level 8, we’ll instead collect crimson agate through bi-weekly commissions called crimson wishes.

Crimson Agate:

A floating blood-red crystal, Crimson Agate is a unique collectible native to Dragonspine that we can collect and redeem like anemoculus and geoculus. However, unlike its floating counterparts, Crimson agate does not go to a presiding archeon or increase our stamina. Instead, we help grow a Frostbearing tree for rare loot and a pair of frost blue wings.

Crimson Agate
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While collecting this resource is easy to accomplish and highly rewarding, finishing growing the Frostbearing tree can take weeks of dedicated work. I recommend going for full crimson agate completion only if you’re willing to embark on a protracted snowy scavenger hunt.

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Frostbearing Tree Rewards Explained

  • Weapons
    • Frostbearer Catalyst Diagram – A 4-star weapon with a potent Icicle attack, the frostbearer catalyst is a phenomenal weapon for cryo caster characters. This weapon has a 60% chance of raining Icicles on foes every 10 seconds, and it also deals 200% more ATK DMG against opponents vulnerable to cryo like Pyro Regisvine or Pyro slimes. I highly recommend pursuing this weapon for caster characters and wielding it against swarms of foes. We obtain the frostbearer catalyst diagram after reaching offering level 10 and can craft it from 50 crystal chunks, 50 starsilver, 500 mora, and 1 Northlander Catalyst Billet.
    • Northlander Polearm Bilet – A resource we can transform into several different types of weapons, the Northlander Polearm Bilet can produce mighty 4-star spears at an armory. These spears, like the Dragonspine Spear and Prototype Starglitter, can be duplicated and reinforced to reinforce their damage and abilities. I recommend gathering several Northlander Polearm Billets and devoting them to producing weapon duplicates for reinforcement. We obtain a Northlander Polearm Bilet after reaching offering level 8.
  • Upgrade Material
    • Heroes Wit – A valuable material for increasing our character’s level, a single heroes wit gives our character 20000 XP to reach the next rank. If our character hits an XP ceiling, we’re refunded the remaining XP. We obtain five heroes wit on offering levels 3 and 7.
    • Mystic Enhancement Ore – Weapon upgrade materials that increases our weapon’s strength, mystic enhancement ore applies 10000 XP to our currently equipped weapon. We’re refunded the remaining XP if our weapon hits an XP ceiling. We obtain 10 Mystic enhancement ore at every offering level.
  • Mora
    • 50000 Mora – Used to purchase resources, upgrade characters, reinforce weapons, and empower accessories, Mora is the most widely used resource in all Teyvat. While we may find ourselves obscenely wealthy early on, upgrading higher-level characters can quickly render us broke. I recommend stocking up on Mora, so we don’t face a financial roadblock later down the road. We receive 50000 Mora for each offering level.
  • Wishes
    • Acquaint Fate – A rare and vital resource for obtaining powerful characters and weapons, acquaint fate allows us to make wishes from the wish menu. While this method of acquisition is highly unpredictable, it is the only way for us to obtain constellation upgrade materials or legendary weapons. I recommend making an acquaint fate wish ten at a time for the guaranteed 4-star weapon or character we’re guaranteed to receive. We obtain four acquaint fate at offering levels one, two, and five.
    • Intertwined Fate – Similar in function to acquaint fate wishes, intertwined fate gives us slightly better options to wish from, including legendary weapons from an epitomized path. We obtain two Intertwined Fate at offering level six.
  • Gadget
    • Warming Bottle – Deploys a stagnant fire seelie, warming us up and preventing a frosty death. While these consumables are less helpful in exploring the vast mountain, they’re great for taking on bosses away from heat sources like the cryo hypostasis or Frostarm Lawachurls. We can craft warming bottles from two flaming flower stamen, two starsilver, and 500 Mora after bringing the Frostbearing Tree to level four. 
  • Vanity
    • Wings of Concealing Snow – The final reward for obtaining every crimson agate, we can equip these frosty blue-grey wings to soar through the sky, reminded forever of our grand undertaking. While these stylized wings have the same practical utility as other wings, they also have a tragic piece of lore detailing Dragonspine’s fall, our restorative efforts, and a dark trial ahead.
    • Frostbearing Tree Namecard – A transparent blue tree with a background of the night’s sky, the Frostbearing Tree’s namecard rests in the Paimon menu when equipped. This namecard is excellent for proving to other players that you’ve honestly gone the distance to save the frostbearing tree and restore Dragonspine. We obtain the Frostbearing Tree Namecard at offering level 9

Frostbearing Tree Offering Level Rewards

  • Offering Level 1: 1 Acquaint Fate, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 2: 1 Acquaint Fate, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 3: 5 Heroes Wit, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 4: Warming Bottle Diagram, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 5: 2 Acquaint Fate, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mysic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 6: 2 Intertwined Fate, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mysic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 7: 5 Heroes Wit, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 8: Northlander Polearm Bilet, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 9: Frostbearing Tree Namecard, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 10: Frostbearer Catalyst Diagram, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 11: Crown of Insight, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora
  • Offering Level 12: Wings of Concealing Snow, 200 Adventure XP, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 50000 Mora

Preparation: The Sheer Cold

As we enter the territory of Dragonspine, our character begins to accumulate the sheer cold status, which severely damages us at the status effect’s zenith. Luckily there are a few tricks we can practice to avoid this frosty fate.

Pyro Characters

The most needed component for exploring Dragonspine, Pyro characters are vital for surviving the cold. These characters can light campfires and braziers that reverse the sheer cold status effect, melt frozen enemies, and access snowy chests.

Better yet, many of the puzzles required to obtain Crimson Agate require using pyro elementals to solve. I recommend equipping a pyro character like Amber or Xiangling to keep ourselves warm at the chilly mountaintop

Pyro Character
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Delicious Goulash

Tasty, warm, and Paimon-approved, Goulash is a cooked consumable that slows the accumulation of sheer cold by 50% for 15 minutes. Goulash is phenomenal for long expeditions in the snowy mountain and fighting foes while away from sources of warmth. 

Delicious Goulash
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To obtain this delectable dish, we’ll need to journey to the Dragonspine’s adventurer’s camp between Mondstadt and Dragonspine. After talking with the camp’s chef, Harris tasks us to hunt down frozen boars for a tasty dish.

After finishing this short quest, Harris rewards us with the recipe for Goulash (chilled meat, carrots, and tomatoes) and a free dinner. Delicious! 

Scarlet Quartz

A red crystal common to Dragonspine, scarlet quartz halts the sheer cold status effect and melts reinforced ice barriers. Unfortunately, these crystals only last for 25 seconds and dissipate after attacking an enemy.

I recommend using these crystals as a last resort if we cannot find another source of warmth.

Scarlet Quartz
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Fire Seelies

Wispy, adorable red spirits scattered through Dragonspine, fire seelies reverse the sheer cold ailment and grant us a treasure if we lead them to their destination. These spirits are great for exploring new mountain parts and claiming chests for our efforts.

We can also stand by a seelie’s final resting place to regain warmth. I recommend pursuing these spirits whenever we get the chance for the invulnerability to cold and the earned treasure.

Fire Seelies
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Warming Bottle

Essentially a portable brazier, warming bottles create a temporary fire seelie upon use that warms us in a small area. We can craft warming bottles from two flaming flower stamen, two starsilver, and 500 mora after bringing the Frostbearing Tree to level four. 

Warming Bottle
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While these consumables are an excellent panic button for when we get too far from heat sources, their lack of reusability combined with their resource cost make warming bottles less practical for continued exploration. I recommend keeping 2-3 on your person to prevent death in high-stakes situations.

Level (Adventure Rank: 20)

Entering Dragonspine from the start of the game is a death sentence. All enemies present have inflated health bars and deal dramatically increased damage compared to any creature in Mondstadt. I recommend finishing the Mondstadt arc and progressing partway through Liyue’s main quest before venturing up the snowy mountain.

Adventurer’s Camp

The adventurer’s guild camp just South of Mondstadt is a fantastic area to begin our exploration of the snowy mountain. Not only does this area tutorialize us on melting apart reinforced ice and reward us with body-warming Goulash, but it also has quests that open access to Dragonspine’s peak. I recommend speaking with Iris, Harris, and Tommy at the camp for quests related to exploring Dragonspine.

Adventurer's Camp
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Locating Crimson Agate

Minimap Icons

Locating most Crimson Agate is reasonably straightforward. Whenever we get close to one, a small audio cue plays, followed by a crimson agate icon popping up on our minimap. Our minimap displays a pointy icon with a star inside representing a single Crimson Agate. I recommend looking beneath and above a given spot if we’re struggling to find the Crimson Agate.

Minimap Icons
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Precious Chests

Golden chests with red strands contain a single Crimson Agate and other valuables. While we can open these chests without issue, gaining access to them requires fighting difficult mounters or Fatui Soldiers. I advise abusing elemental combinations, like overload or cryoshock, or buffing our character’s level, weapon, and accessories before engaging.

Precious Chests
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Several puzzles scattered through Dragonspine require completion to access their crimson agate. These puzzles involve activating elemental totems, guiding fire seelie patterns, and lowering water levels.

While some challenges may seem daunting, carefully observing the environment reveals the solution. I recommend taking your time on each puzzle or inviting a friend into your world to assist.

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Reinforced Ice

Special ice held together by ancient magic, we can melt reinforced ice with scarlet quartz to access crimson agate and precious chests containing crimson agate.

Obtaining scarlet quartz requires breaking apart scarlet quartz chunks and attacking a piece of reinforced ice. Beware that waiting too long before hitting reinforced ice or attacking an enemy disperses that scarlet quartz chunk. 

Reinforced Ice
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Among the many time trials, epic battles, and boss encounters of Dragonspine, a select few challenges reward a precious chest with a crimson agate.

While these challenges are almost identical to the ones that only reward exquisite chests, they’re usually the most enjoyable ways to collect crimson agate and offer additional rewards.

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Crimson Wish

After scouring the mountain for Crimson Agate and bringing the frost-bearing tree to level 8, we can now collect the remaining crimson agate through the Crimson Wish system. This system functions like the daily commission system forcing us to fight monsters and complete challenges to collect crimson agate.

However, instead of refreshing daily, the crimson wish system refreshes biweekly (Monday and Friday), enabling us to gather a total of 5 crimson agate for each period for a total of 10 crimson agate a week.

Crimson Wish
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In short, the crimson wish system enables us to fulfill the frostbearing tree’s reward system over at least six weeks. While this system may take the fun out of organically discovering Crimson Agate, it’s a much more reliable system for uncovering the rare collectible rather than manically running across the mountain like a crazed completion. I recommend incorporating collecting Crimson Agate into your Genshin Impact weekly routine so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor in due time.

In the Mountains – Iris at the adventurer’s camp tasks us with investigating strange ice found throughout Dragonspine. Eventually, this task evolves into freeing the frostbearing tree, accessing the summit, and ascending the Skyfrost Nail. We must complete this quest to access the remaining crimson agate at the mountain’s peak.

Ah Fresh, Meat – Necessary for obtaining the Goulash recipe, we can talk with chef Harris at the adventurer’s camp South of Dragonspine, who asks us to collect chilled meat from boars. While this quest has little to do with collecting crimson agate, the goulash reward is fantastic for exploring more of Dragonspine without worrying about freezing to death.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver Claymore – While this isn’t a traditional quest, one of the stone tablets needed to complete this puzzle lies beneath the Skyfrost Nail at Dragonspine’s peak. Ascending the nail grants reveals the tablet, rewarding us with the Snow-Tombed Starsilver Claymore if we can collect the remaining few.

Notable Characters

Iris (Lead Adventurer) – The leader of the adventurer’s camp just outside Dragonspine, Iris is in charge of managing her team’s safety and surveying Dragonspine. Despite her relation to her jovial brother Cyrus, Iris is somewhat mean-spirited and annoyed with our attempts to befriend her. Still, we can rely on Iris to direct and reward our efforts to uncover Dragonspine and keep Mondstadt safe.

Notable Characters
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Harris (Chef Supreme) – A merry chef with a survivalist appetite, Harris cooks for the small camp outside Dragonspine and tasks us with refilling the team’s supplies.

More importantly, Harris rewards us with the recipe for Goulash, which delays the onset of the sheer cold status. If we want to avoid struggling against the cold in the search for Crimson Agate, Harris is our best bet.

Notable Characters 1
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Joel (Fatherless Child) – A sad child bemoaning his father’s unknown fate on dragonspine, Joel is a troubled kid that relies on us to solve his problems.

While Joel’s quest does not open access to any Crimson Agate caches, it does reveal several hidden spots with Crimson Agate we might have otherwise neglected. If we save Joel’s father his mood improves tremendously.

Notable Characters 2
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Question: How do I unfreeze the Frostbearing Tree

Answer: Mining nearby clusters of red mineral deposits provide us with scarlet quartz that melts the strange ice encasing the Frostbearing Tree on impact. I recommend taking out the nearby Frostarm Lawachurl to make this process easier.

Question: How do I reach Dragonspine’s peak?

Answer: Melting the three strange shards throughout Dragonspine removes the deathly wind current blocking off access to Dragonspine’s summit. Reassembling the Skyfrost Nail after reaching the summit enables us to get to the very top of Dragonspine.

Question: Is there a compass for finding Crimson Agate?

Answer: No, we must methodically comb every inch of Dragonspine for crimson agate, puzzles protecting crimson agate, or chests containing crimson agate. However, reaching offering level eight with the frostbearing tree triggers the crimson wish system, which creates biweekly commissions that reward crimson agate upon completion.

Question: What happens after turning in every Crimson Agate?

Answer: The frostbearing tree grows to maturity, and the forgotten dreams of a dead civilization come to pass. Beyond saving Dragonspine, we obtain a beautiful pair of wings with lore revealing Dragonspine’s shrouded past.

Crimson Agate Guide: Final Thoughts

Well done, traveler! You’ve successfully revived an ancient tree and sent the magical Skyfrost Nail rocketing into the sky! While we’ll never grasp the long-term ramifications of our actions, we can rest happy atop our generous pile of loot, knowing that we gave life a chance to thrive again in Dragonspine. Now show off that luxurious pair of wings and get to traveling. We’ve got a sibling to find and a world to save!

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