Azhdaha Genshin Impact Guide

Azhdaha Genshin Impact Guide

Azhdaha is a living entity sealed underneath the Dragon Queller tree in Genshin Impact. He played a crucial role in building Liyue into the nation that it is today. Together with Morax, the Adepti, and other Gods that resided in Liyue, Azhdaha fought side by side to protect the people of Liyue. However, as with all creatures, time caught up and harmed him through the effects of erosion. This guide will tap into the importance of Azhdaha (lore-wise) and what to expect when players tackle Azhdaha.

A quick summary of what to expect in this Azhdaha Genshin Impact Guide:

  1. Who Azhdaha is, and where to find him.
  2. The movesets recommended team comps and rewards.
  3. Lore and History, a few final words, and a brief FAQ session.

Who is Azhdaha, his Lore, and its History?

Azhdaha is an ancient dragon who helped Morax protect and build Liyue into the prosperous and luscious land it is today. Initially, Azhdaha resided deep within the ground beneath Nantianmen, Liyue. As the oldest of the Geovishap family in Teyvat, Azhdaha held command over the Ley Lines. Since he was a creature that lived underground, he was blind. However, he longed to see the surface and witness life beyond the environment where he was born.

Being the massive figure that he is, every movement made by Azhdaha resulted in earthquakes and rumbles, which led to disruptions and problems for the people of Liyue and others in the general vicinity, the mining community of Liyue in particular. Morax then sought out Azhdaha to stop the cause of the earthquakes at its source.

As they began to converse, Azhdaha spoke of his desire to see the surface world, which led to an opportunity for a partnership between the two. Morax unearthed and gave Azhdaha the ability to see, which became the basis of their contract to protect the people of Liyue. Morax did not spare to warn Azhdaha if he decided to disrespect the contract and attack the people of Liyue; Morax stated that he would not hesitate to seal Azhdaha back underground.

However, as time passed by, due to erosion and adverse effects from over mining on the Chasm, which damaged the Ley Lines and inflicted damage on Azhdaha, Azhdaha lost his sense of being. Those affected by erosion suffer from memory loss and eventually loss of consciousness; they are also more susceptible to flying into fits of rage or causing havoc. The effects are similar to Alzheimer’s disease, where the affected individual forgets and loses sense and control of themselves.

Azhdaha is the only known individual that has undergone complete erosion, where he no longer recognizes his allies or contract. To seal Azhdaha, Morax and three other Adepti fought together to subdue the large and mighty Dragon. After a gruelling battle, Morax was able to seal Azhdaha under the Dragon Queller Tree. Morax tried to suppress or postpone the effects of the erosion by sharing his powers with Azhdaha, but even that was of no use, as Azhdaha says (while in possession of Kun Jun);

Morax shared with us some of his power to prevent further erosion. But… it was futile. Everything returns to dust. It is the natural order, an unstoppable force. “

After many years passed, the strength of the seal grew weaker, and the hatred built inside Azhdaha towards Morax (now Zhongli) intensified. He no longer viewed Morax as a friend but as a Tyrant who wrongly imprisoned Azhdaha. The hatred and rage manifested itself in the form of Jiu, a small child. Jiu leads a team of miners into the domain where Azhdaha was sealed away, and Azhdaha used the miners to attempt to break the seal from the outside while Azhdaha’s main body tried to break the seal from inside the domain.

The Traveler and Zhongli halted this attempt with the help of Kun Jun, a resident of Liyue who was possessed by the fragment of Azhdaha’s consciousness that retained some goodwill. However, this fragment was not strong enough to remember its purpose and moved closer to the domain to remember. Kun Jun then confronted Jiu and reminded Azhdaha of the good memories and positive relationship they shared with Morax and the residents of Liyue.

This interaction leaves Zhongli feeling sentimental and refreshed on the effects of erosion. He speaks to The Traveler of the once mighty and unshakable Azhdaha, who has now become a victim of erosion. Since erosion is a time-based problem that worsens over time, Zhongli himself fears that he might be affected by it at some point in time, which is why he retired from his position as the Geo Archon and handed over the control of Liyue Harbor to the Qixing.


To unlock the domain “Beneath the Dragon-Queller”, players need to complete “No Mere Stone,” Zhongli’s second story quest. Canonically, he is sealed under the Dragon Queller tree, but he can be found in the game, as shown below. 

Location on the map Location in the game

Attacks, Stages, and What to expect

Azhdaha can infuse himself with four different elements (Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, and Electro), where he uses two of the mentioned elements in the second and third phases of the battle.

During phase one, Azhdaha does Geo damage, which has a large AoE, and that could bring trouble to players who do not have a well-built shielding unit in their party. Azhdaha will infuse himself with the elements displayed on the seal during phases two and three.

Elements that Azhdaha will infuse are displayed at the entrance to the domain; these elements will change every week.



Azhdaha buries himself underground and then moves around while resurfacing slightly to attack the player while boulders fall from the sky.

These boulders fall on the designated ring shapes that appear; players can easily avoid this attack by predicting and dashing to a safe location.

Body Slam

Azhdaha tackles the player from his side by sidestepping; this reminds me of a shoulder tackle due to the similar movement. This attack also carries Electro and Cryo elemental DMG from his infused forms.

Tail Slam

Azhdaha raises his tail only to slam it on the ground, dealing additional elemental damage from either Geo or one of the infused elements (Electro or Cryo).

Sweeping Branch

Azhdaha swings his ginormous tail at the player dealing Geo DMG. If infused with an element (Electro or Cryo), he will deal damage from that particular element.

Primeval Spring

Azhdaha releases a barrage of elemental-infused stones, which fall close to the player; these stones deal elemental damage after exploding shortly after hitting the ground. If infused with either Electro or Cryo, Azhdaha will deal damage from that particular element.

Skewing Tusk

Azhdaha lunges forward with a headbutt and attacks in an uppercut fashion that deals a staggering amount of damage, which deals even more damage when either element (Electro or Cryo) are infused.

Earthen Skull

Azhdaha slams his head into the ground, which triggers a line of Geo explosions moving in a straight line; these explosions carry elemental damage during his Pyro and Hydro infused forms.


Azhdaha stomps his foreleg into the ground, emitting three consecutive shockwaves that deal Geo elemental damage carried through the floor. The infused Pyro and Hydro forms deal elemental damage after infusion.


Azhdaha jumps up and comes crashing down to deal devastating damage that could interrupt a player’s normal attack sequence if a shield does not protect the player. Azhdaha deals Geo damage or elemental from one of the infused elements (Pyro or Hydro).

Phase two


Azhdaha stomps his legs on the ground, which unleashes five continuous shockwaves with the final attack resulting in one final massive shockwave that deals a very high amount of elemental damage throughout the move. Azhdaha can infuse the Pyro and Hydro elements to deal elemental damage.

King’s Roar

Pyro King’s Roar Hydro King’s Roar

Azhdaha roars and triggers a large AoE elemental attack; there is no Geo variant.

  1. Hydro King’s Roar – Azhdaha summons large orbs made from Hydro; these orbs rotate around the battlefield and damage the player upon impact.
  2. Pyro King’s Roar – Azhdaha summons large meteors made from Pyro that leave a burning mark on the battlefield, which damages players if they stumble onto it.

Phase three

Moonlit Tree

Electro Cryo

This move has two variants: Cryo and Electro; although the elements differ based on the week’s infusion, the attack is the same. Azhdaha buries his body underground, but he leaves the tail above the ground through which he conducts the attack.

Fractal Lance (Cryo Specialty)

Azhdaha steadies himself and launches a giant Cryo sphere into the air, periodically releasing four crystal lances toward the player five times. This move is vaguely similar to Ganyu’s elemental burst.

Thunder Sphere (Electro Specialty)

Azhdaha crouches in one place to steady himself before releasing a barrage of Electro spheres; players need to evade this move before Azhdaha unleashes the first sphere. The movement of the spheres is similar to the projectiles sent out by the Thunder Manifestation during the Sundering Plumes attack.


Phase one

Phase one consists of Geo attacks.

Phase two

This phase is triggered when Azhdaha’s health is reduced to 67% of his maximum health. Phase two consists of the primary infusion elements attacks (either Pyro or Hydro, depending on the week).

Pyro Hydro

Phase three

This phase is triggered when Azhdaha’s health is reduced to 33% of his maximum health. Phase three consists of the secondary infusion elements attacks (either Cryo or Electro, depending on the week).

Electro Cryo

What to expect

Since Azhdaha is unlocked through a story quest and not the Archon quest like Dvalin and Tartaglia, players might not unlock him until they reach the game’s midpoint (post-Liyue Archon quest, as of version 2.6). However, it is essential to unlock Azhdaha since his drops are the talent level-up material for some key characters in most team comps (yes, I am looking at Kaedehara Kazuha).

  1. Bloodjade Branch – Ayaka, Yanfei
  2. Dragon Lord’s Crown – Eula, Yoimiya, Traveler (Electro)
  3. Gilded Scale – Kazuha, Sayu

Team Comps

As always, characters who can heal and those who can shield are the driving force behind clearing this domain. I would highly recommend taking Diona and Noelle since they can heal and shield. However, the most important addition is the shielding unit in any Azhdaha team comp since the attacks are difficult to dodge due to their large AoE damage.

Free to play friendly

As usual, I will list a free-to-play team to help the newer members of the Genshin Impact community and the players who have not been able to obtain highly rated characters.

Kaeya/ Noelle – Xiangling/ Noelle – Traveler (Anemo or Geo)/ Noelle – Barbara

Main DPS

When tackling Azhdaha, we need to focus on dealing the maximum amount of damage possible since he has the second-largest health amongst the trounce domain bosses as of version 2.6.

To do so, players can utilize the aid of elemental reactions to deal maximum damage. I would highly recommend using either Vaporize or Melt team comps.

We can look at Kaeya or Noelle for the Main DPS roles for free-to-play players. Below, I will list two options for each role for free to play and best team comps.


Kaeya is a Cryo sword user; we obtain Kaeya in the initial stages of the game along with Amber and Lisa Minci. Kaeya is a guaranteed high DPS character if built properly. By using his elemental burst “Glacial Waltz,” Kaeya can apply Cryo constantly while dealing physical damage through his normal attack.

By using either Xiangling’s elemental skill or elemental burst, players can successfully deal Melt damage if they trigger Kaeya’s elemental burst simultaneously.

Weapon: Dawn Harbinger (Obtained as a free weapon)


Noelle is a Geo claymore user; she can be obtained as a guaranteed character through the beginners wish banner or even on an event banner. Since she is a claymore weapon user, she can deal a little extra damage against Azhdaha; being a Geo character comes with the additional benefit of the Geo Crystallize reactions, which provide elemental shards, which in turn provide a shield. The other advantage is that players can obtain a reliable shield while healing the team members from her elemental skill, “Breastplate.”

Weapon: Whiteblind (Obtained through forging)


In this scenario, we are looking at either enhancing the Main DPS’s damage output or providing the team additional benefits through means other than damage (a more support-based form of DPS). Xiangling is a character that I always recommend for every team comp; she can be used in every position except as a healer.

Xiangling is an excellent addition to their roster for players who are just starting and would even succeed in the Main DPS role for the initial stage of the game. Noelle would also easily fit into this role due to her high damage output and the additional attributes from her elemental skill.


Xiangling is a Pyro polearm user; we obtain Xiangling after completing abyss floor three, chamber three. Xiangling is one of the best 4* characters in the game. Honestly, she is compatible with almost any team comp, even if her position is as a placeholder until a much more compatible character is obtained. I love incorporating Xiangling into different team comps and using her to boost the overall damage of my characters.

In Azhdaha’s case, since most of his attacks will damage melee combatants, Xiangling could provide an alternative damage output. No, she is not a long-range attacker, but she does come with Guoba; players can use her elemental skill to drop Guoba near Azhdaha while players put some distance to either heal or catch their breath and recuperate.

Weapon: Crescent Pike (Obtained through forging)


Noelle is better suited for a Main DPS role, but she can work as a Sub-DPS, given her incredible assets in the healing and shielding departments. I would recommend using her as a Sub DPS only if the Main DPS character can deal higher damage volumes.

Weapon: Whiteblind (obtained through forging)


As a support character, the role is to support the team through elemental applications, attack buffs, shielding, or healing the team. As for free-to-play support, characters against Azhdaha are somewhat limited; therefore, we will utilize the Traveler’s Anemo and Geo versions and, of course, our resourceful maid/ knight in training, Noelle.

Traveler (Anemo or Geo)

Anemo: This version is my favourite Traveler because the Traveler can infuse any elemental status that affects Aether/ Lumine into the elemental skill. This would work very well as long as a shield protects the player. I would highly recommend infusing Pyro or Electro attacks since these two work better with the Travelers Swirl reactions.

Players can apply either Pyro or Cryo and then use the Traveler (with a status of either Hydro or Pyro already applied) to infuse the element into the elemental skill to produce either a Vaporize or Melt elemental reaction, depending on the elements that are used.

Geo: Players can use the elemental skill of the Geo Traveler to place Geo constructs on the floor; players can use these constructs to stand on to avoid taking damage during Azhdaha’s large AoE attacks. Players can one-up Azhdaha by returning a large Geo burst through Aether’s/ Lumine’s elemental burst.

Weapon: Prototype Rancour (Obtained as a free weapon or obtained through forging)


Noelle again pops up in our team comp formation solely due to her ability to heal and shield. If players have partially built or are not familiar with using Noelle, I recommend running her as a support character. Noelle is a fantastic contribution to the team that will combat Azhdaha; she is also suitable for a day-to-day exploration team.

Weapon: Whiteblind (Obtained through forging)


Unless they get lucky through the Wish system, Barbara is the first healer any player would get. She can handle the role quite well; she can also help the player conduct elemental reactions such as Vaporize or Superconduct to deal damage.


As one of the free characters, Barbara plays a vital role in any free-to-play team comp. Her primary role in any team comp is to heal; other than that, she is an excellent Hydro applier. Barbara provides steady healing, not as great as Kokomi or Bennett, but she can heal very well.

Weapon: Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (Obtained through Gacha)

Best Team Comp

In this team comp, we are looking at the best possible characters to use against Azhdaha to deal significant amounts of damage and guarantee success. We are looking at two separate teams, the first team is a Melt team, and the second team is a Vaporize team.

Both teams are high DPS teams with characters that can shield and heal the team at a very high calibre.

  • Ganyu – Xiangling – Zhongli/ Beidou – Diona
  • Hu Tau – Xingqui – Zhongli/ Beidou – Bennett

Main DPS

When looking at the best teams to tackle Azhdaha, we automatically look towards the highest DPS characters that Genshin Impact has to offer; combining them with their respective elemental reactions would end up with Azhdaha being on the receiving end of a certified beatdown.


Ganyu is a Cryo bow user; she specializes in dealing high volumes of damage through her charged attack (aimed shot). As an Adepti’s disciple, the bar was relatively high for her, and she delivered with ample amounts of high-intensity damage.

Ganyu is regarded as one of the highest DPS characters in the entire game (as of version 2,6), along with Hu Tao and Xiao. Ganyu can use her elemental burst while the other characters help her boost her damage output through elemental reactions.

Since Ganyu is a bow weapon user, her attacks can be carried out after putting some distance between the player and Azhdaha.

Weapon: Amos Bow (Obtained through Gacha)

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a Pyro polearm user, she is the Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, but she is also capable of turning her enemies into clients (if you know what I mean *cough*) all by herself.

However, with the right team, she can elevate herself to do extremely high damage volumes; in some instances, a Vaporize centred Hu Tao can outperform a regular C6 Hu Tao. She is a treasured member of any team and one that I would recommend to any player.

Weapon: Staff of Homa (Obtained through Gacha)


We are correlating the teams to deal the maximum damage. Therefore players must take into account rotations and timings to maximize the total damage output. Yes, we have seen videos of other players one-shotting most bosses easily, but Azhdaha brings trouble due to his high HP. But, that is where our Sub DPS characters come in to pave the way to deal elemental reaction damage and swap in to deal damage for our Main DPS characters while their CD’s reset.


Once again, our trusty polearm Archon (I am joking) has managed to get herself into another best team comp. Yes, any top-tier team comp has to have Xiangling, Xingqui, and Bennett. Personally, using Xiangling is recommended for any Vaporize or Melt team comp.

In this particular case, using Ganyu as the Main DPS with Xiangling running as a Sub DPS to aid with the Melt reaction, players can watch Azhdaha wallow in misery. A Xiangling with a high Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge can help demolish almost any boss in Teyvat.

Weapon: Engulfing Lightning (Obtained through Gacha)


Xingqiu is a Hydro sword user; he specializes in elemental reactions as long as his Elemental Mastery is relatively high. Running Xingqiu with Sacrificial Sword as his weapon could help players relieve themselves of Xingqiu’s high elemental skill CD.

I would highly recommend using Xingqiu’s elemental burst “Raincutter” and then activating Hu Tao’s elemental skill “Paramita Papilio,” after that, players can just rip through Azhdaha.

This combination would more or less guarantee high-tier damage against almost any boss in Teyvat, but the damage volume is high enough to cause a lot of trouble for Azhdaha.

Weapon: Sacrificial Sword (Obtained through Gacha)


In these particular suggestions, we are looking at shielding characters only. Both Zhongli and Beidou can produce two of the best shields in the game while delivering damage through their elemental skill or elemental burst. I would highly recommend reserving this support character spot for a prominent shielding character.


Zhongli is a Geo polearm user, as the resident Geo Archon and the man responsible for sealing Azhdaha in the first place (along with help from the other Adepti). Zhongli is the character with the strongest shield in the game; not only is he highly sought out, but his elemental burst “Planet Befall” can momentarily petrify his opponents.

In Azhdaha’s case, players cannot petrify Azhdaha, but they can deal a lot of damage through the elemental burst while getting protection from the Jade Shield. If players build Zhongli with a four-piece set from the Tenacity of the Milileth artifact set, either Hu Tao or Ganyu can successfully utilize the additional ATK bonus and the increased shield strength.

This type of Support based Zhongli might not produce high damage volumes, but he can help his teammates through the four-piece set bonus from the Tenacity of the Milileth artifact set.

Weapon: Vortex Vanquisher (Obtained through Gacha)


Beidou is an Electro claymore user; she can additionally deal extra physical damage through her normal attacks since she can wield a claymore. Players can further use the deflect aspect of Beidou’s elemental skill “Tidecaller” to negate some of the damage coming her way. I would recommend using Beidou for either team since she can carry out either Superconduct or Overload depending on the team comp that she is used in.

Weapon: Wolfs Gravestone (Obtained through Gacha)


A character designated for healing is crucial in any team comp; however, it is essential in team comps against Azhdaha. The best healer in the game is Kokomi, but for our team comps, we will look at Diona and Bennett.


Diona is another Cryo bow user, and she, however, specializes in providing shields and heals. Diona is an excellent addition to any team; I use her in the Spiral Abyss as my secondary healer (Bennett is my primary healer).

Using Diona and Ganyu would trigger the Cryo resonance, which would mean that characters are affected by Electro for 40% less time, while the Crit rate against enemies that are Frozen or affected by Cryo by 15%.

Diona’s elemental skill would help players get the additional shielding on top of the shielding from the Support character while healing the on-field character through her elemental burst.

Weapon: Sacrificial Bow (Obtained through Gacha)


Bennett is a Pyro sword user, and he is undoubtedly one of the best characters in the entire game. I love using Bennett, and I cannot highlight how vital he is for any high-tier team comp. He is also one of the characters who can further improve their total usefulness of themselves with the constellations.

Bennett cannot provide shields (unless a Geo Crystallize reaction happens). However, he can heal the entire team while delivering an ATK bonus if the on-field character’s health is greater than 75%. Further, Bennett can trigger the Pyro resonance when coupled with Hu Tao; characters are affected by the effects of Cryo by 40% less time while receiving a 25% ATK bonus for all of the team members.

Weapon: Alley Flash (Obtained through Gacha)

How to beat Azhdaha?

A few key factors that players need to keep in mind when tackling this particular boss since they would more or less define whether the player will or will not successfully defeat Azhdaha.

  1. I would recommend taking characters that can react with Azhdaha’s Geo to make Crystallize shards which will help when Azhdaha absorbs elements. I would recommend a C2 Diona since she can help provide shields when players engage in co-op matches.
  2. After Azhdaha uses Rock Pillar Burst, some spikes remain on the ground that deal elemental damage. I would highly recommend putting a significant distance away from the spikes
  3. Players NEED to have a shield equipped during phases two and three since the infusion process deals a very high amount of damage if the player is unshielded.
  4. A ring will appear on the ground, indicating where the boulder would fall; these boulders deal Geo damage while interrupting the character. Players need quick reflexes to dodge this since the boulder falls almost as quickly as the ring shows up. This adds to players’ list of things to be aware of when tackling Azhdaha.
  5. Players must avoid getting hit by Azhdaha’s reactive elemental attacks (basically every element infused attack); these attacks can mark the player, which would damage the marked character until the mark wears off. To do so, players need to be aware of accidentally stepping on any areas on the ground that Azhdaha may have laid an attack on,
The area marked by the ring, where boulders may fall
Azhdaha’s markings
Areas that Azhdaha affected through his attacks


As usual, players can expect the same drops from the regular boss loot; however, trounce domain bosses have the additional drop of their material, the talent level up material. In Azhdaha’s case, he drops:

Dragon Lord’s Crown

Gilded Scale

Bloodjade Branch

Players can expect to get a wide variety of different rewards from Azhdaha, which will help a lot of characters, depending on the infusion of the particular week.

Sternest of Souls

Every infused form of Azhdaha has to be defeated.

Players can do this across a few weeks since his elemental infusion changes each week.

The Finishing Touch

Defeat Azhdaha without gaining any shield; this includes shields made by characters and the Geo Crystallize shields as well.

Since Azhdaha is a problematic entity to tackle without a shield, players must use multiple healers. Another way to work around this would be to use characters from non-reactive elements such as Anemo or Geo; a team of Xiao, Ningguang, Albedo, and Jean would be ideal. I recommend this team due to Albedo’s and Xiao’s elemental skills that can be used as an evasive move to minimize knocks from Azhdaha’s attacks.

Jean is recommended here because she can heal the team while being able to attack as well since we cannot entirely focus on healing because high volumes of damage have to be dealt with to defeat Azhdaha. Ningguang acts as a Sub DPS or Support character while allowing the Geo elemental resonance (Ningguang and Albedo) to be triggered along with the Anemo elemental resonance (from Xiao and Jean).

Blast from the Past 

Players have to defeat Azhdaha in co-op.

Players can enlist help from their friends or use the in-game matchmaking system to find a partner(s) to help battle Azhdaha. A C2 Diona would be highly recommended since she can provide shields to all team members, including co-op members.

How much HP does Azhdaha have?

As with all bosses, Azhdaha’s HP scales with his level; in the table below, we can see the specific amount of HP against the particular level.

Azhdaha’s Level HP
1 2625
5 5907
10 10318
15 18381
20 31867
25 41225
30 53021
35 75190
40 97015
45 129345
50 179873
55 221289
60 301725
65 359384
70 469871
75 537150
80 668366
85 735277
90 876747
95 998958
100 1323544


Question: What happened during Azhdaha’s fight with Zhongli?

Answer: During their battle, Azhdaha and Zhongli fought not to defend each other’s ideals but for the safety of the people of Liyue. Zhongli is trying to protect them, and Azhdaha is trying to eradicate them. Due to the effects of his erosion Azhdaha had no memory of Zhongli and their contract, which means he rampaged and wreaked havoc across Liyue.

After their battle, Zhongli sealed Azhdaha to prevent him from causing any more damage to Liyue or himself, but Azhdaha only harbored hatred towards Zhongli. Zhongli still cares for Azhdaha because he tried to reduce the effects of the erosion by sharing his powers with Azhdaha, but it was of no avail.


Azhdaha, once an essential entity and fundamental bedrock (pun unintended) that helped set the base for Liyue as we know it today, now lies sealed away under the Dragon Queller tree waiting to break free to wreak havoc and destroy the people of Liyue. His hatred for Morax seems to be the only thing fueling his existence at the moment, the inspiration behind his “inevitable” escape.

Anyhow, Liyue Harbor and Liyue as a nation are well equipped to deal with threats. The Qixing, Adepti, Milileth, and vision bearers are more than ready to stand up and protect their homeland. But we are talking about Azhdaha, the oldest of the Geovishap species.

Will the battle be equal? Will the battle be an obliteration? Will Zhongli finally come out of retirement to save his precious Liyue? So many potential scenarios that can be played out if Azhdaha does break free from his seal; who knows, Azhdaha might even win this time and finally destroy Liyue.

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