Genshin All Hangout Quests Ranked

One of the many charms of Genshin Impact is the various characters you meet during your travels through the world of Teyvat. Each region you visit comes with a new batch of characters rich with intriguing backgrounds and colorful personalities, be it the NPCs that populate Teyvat or the playable characters that can join your party along the way.

Interacting with characters as the Traveler is one of my favorite aspects of the game, and one of the best ways to have that experience is through playing the Hangout Quests.

In these Hangout Quests, you get the chance to spend personal time with some of your favorite playable characters, learn more about them, engage in fun mini-quests, and to top it all off; you’ll also earn primogems with the completion of each Hangout and by earning achievements through certain choices you make.

genshin impact character hangouts
Genshin Impact Character Hangouts

Selection Criteria

So, which one of these Hangouts should you start with? Each Hangout comes with unique interactions, stories, minigames, and multiple endings depending on your choices.

I’ve fully played through every Hangout available as of version 3.5 and compiled a Genshin all hangout quests ranked list for you, ranking them based on three main factors; story, mechanics, and character interactions.

  • Story – Plot points and storylines that are introduced and followed within each branch of the Hangout.
  • Mechanics – Any scenarios incorporated into the Hangout where the Traveler or the Story Quest Character will get to engage in some kind of activity that allows the player to take control outside of dialogue scenes.
  • Character Interactions – The dialogue interactions between the Traveler, the Story Quest Character, and any NPCs within the Hangout.

Story spoilers have been kept to the bare minimum, so you can still thoroughly enjoy each Hangout after reading!

15. Barbara

barbara hangout quests
“A Taste of Hard Work”

Act I: Wellspring of Healing

Before anyone takes out their torches, let me start by saying that Barbara’s Hangout does have a few satisfying outcomes that add a lot of charm to the character, her relationship with Mondstadt, and with the Traveler.

That said, her Hangout suffers from very long dialogue scenes, some of which Barbara isn’t even present for, that just aren’t very engaging and feel unnecessarily drawn out. There is also a particular combat scenario in one of her branches where she is speaking as if she’s present in the scene, but the interaction takes place completely off-camera, so it’s a little awkward to hear her taking action while she’s nowhere to be seen.

I still want to point out some of the positives of her Hangout, though. While the dialogue scenes are lengthier than they need to be, when you finally get closer to the end of each branch, the interactions between Barbara and the Traveler are much more rewarding.

You also get to understand Barbara’s passion for healing and her love of Mondstadt sprinkled throughout the different branches. Barbara is a really charming character, and I hope to see more sides of her personality and have more opportunities to be active in her story in future Hangouts.


  • A Line That May Be Crossed – 20 primogems
  • An Idol’s Last Line of Defense – 5 primogems
  • Mondstadts’s Spiciest Surprise – 5 primogems

14. Sayu

Sayu hangouts genshin
“With the Trees”

Act I: Yoohoo Art: Seichou no Juutsu

The most interesting plot point of Sayu’s Hangout is the one introduced at the very beginning, where you find out that a hit has been put out on the Traveler, and Sayu is there to carry out the order. This plot point is pretty intriguing, even sprinkling in a little info about Sayu’s old sensei, but it’s unfortunately given very little time to be expanded upon and is resolved swiftly in the couple of story branches you can pursue.

Outside of that story hook, the rest of Sayu’s Hangout is based around the reoccurring theme of her desire to be taller and the multiple attempts she makes to avoid her ninja duties so she can find a nice place to nap and hide from her shrine maiden caretaker.

There are a couple of combat scenarios in which you can play as Sayu, as well as a timed minigame that has dodging mechanics that no other Hangout currently offers that add more enjoyment to her event. However, while Sayu is an adorable character, and the shenanigans that ensue from her mischievous antics are entertaining, the majority of her Hangout feels like there isn’t much purpose for you to be there.


  • Taller By Half – 20 primogems
  • Dish Effect: Mobility Decreased – 5 primogems
  • Mujina-Class Ninja – 5 primogems

13. Noelle (Act I)

noelle hangouts genshin
“A Conundrum Called Love”

Act I: Chivalric Training

Noelle’s Act I Hangout is also one of the first Hangouts that you can play once you reach AR 26, and it’s aged a little less gracefully than the other Hangouts that were released at that time in regards to character and NPC interactions. Despite this, most of the outcomes of each story branch are very satisfying, which makes the less-intriguing dialogue scenes worth trudging through.

Similar to Act II, Noelle is on a mission to find a way to improve her skills and stride towards becoming an official Knight of Favonius, and the Traveler is recruited to assist. Each branch offers a few mischievous dialogue options you can choose from, resulting in some rather entertaining responses from Noelle without negatively affecting the storyline.

Of all the Hangouts currently available, Noelle’s first act also hints the strongest at their being a potential romantic subplot between herself and the Traveler. This is a double-edged sword, as some players might not have an interest in a romantic theme, while others will find those interactions to be positively charming.


  • A Maid of Strength and Virtue – 20 primogems
  • “…For I Am Duty Bound” – 5 primogems
  • A World Known Only Unto Roses – 5 primogems

12. Diona

Diona hangouts genshin
“Diona’s Special”

Act I: The Cat and the Cocktail

Diona’s Hangout Quest was released in the second phase of Hangouts alongside Noelle’s second act, and like Noelle’s second act, Diona’s Hangout also offers the opportunity to be very active in every branch. The story plots themselves don’t vary much until you get closer to the ends of them, but the actions you can take are much more involved, which keeps you engaged in the events of whichever story branch you’re following.

The ability to be active plays into the strength and weakness of her Hangout, though, as there are some sections where you have to initiate the conversation with NPC characters, as well as Diona, multiple times in one story branch instead of the dialogue scenes just happening automatically which quickly becomes tedious.

Regarding dialogue and character interactions, Diona’s Hangout feels as if it is of higher quality despite being one of the older Hangouts available to play. Her Hangout is also one of the first to implement a stealth mission. However, you can skip over that experience altogether, depending on your dialogue choices.

You still end up with the same outcome whether you skip it or not, so while it is one of the more enjoyable activities to partake in her Hangout, its addition to the quest feels experimental and could use some refining.


  • Diona Special: Stirred, Not Shaken – 20 primogems
  • But There’s a Catch – 5 primogems
  • Kitten Queen – 5 primogems

11. Ningguang

Ningguang hangout
“Unchanging Will”

Act I: The Jade Chamber’s Returning Guest

Depending on one of the first choices you make at the beginning of Ningguang’s Hangout, you will have two very different experiences. On one side of the mora coin, you spend a day witnessing Ningguang from a completely new angle, and that is where the strength of her Hangout lies.

Ningguang is an elegant and somewhat mysterious character, so it’s incredibly endearing to see her showcase almost childlike enthusiasm as you adventure together. You get to have fun playing as Ningguang and also gain more insight into her background.

On the other side of that coin, you get the chance to walk side by side with the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing for a day, allowing you to get a look behind the scenes at what her position in Liyue entails. That aspect of Ningguang’s Hangout is fascinating, but I feel like the opportunity to explore this topic in greater detail was unfortunately missed as this plot was far less engaging in regard to dialogue and mechanics.


  • Megrez’s Companion Star – 20 primogems
  • You’ve Got to Have Reserves – 5 primogems
  • Overprotectiveness – 5 primogems

10. Chongyun

Chongyun hangout genshin
“Blessing in Disguise”

Act I: Signs of Evil

Chongyun’s Hangout Quest is similar to Bennett’s or Yun Jin’s in the sense that it’s not particularly full of world-related plots. However, it does just as well in providing the opportunity to thoroughly get to know Chongyun as a character. Each branch offers new ways for you to learn about Chongyun and how he views his position as an exorcist of Liyue.

The way his story branches are built is also unique, as you have a few different dialogue choices that lead to the same outcome. This allows you to experience varied interactions within the same storyline, so his Hangout has more of a replayability feature than others on this list.

There are quite a few opportunities to be active as the Traveler in each branch with combat scenarios, investigative mechanics, and the bonus of engaging in a children’s game with Chongyun, which I thought was especially fun. I’d love to have the chance to learn more about the world of exorcists, though, and I hope that that topic will be explored more in Chongyun’s future Hangouts.


  • Evil is Banished – 20 primogems
  • Red Hot Chili Popsicles – 5 primogems
  • Behold, Mine Evil-Spying Eye! – 5 primogems

9. Beidou

beidou genshin hangout
“Once Everything is Over”

Act I: When The Crux Shines Bright

Beidou’s Hangout Quest takes place after the events of the Traveler’s journey to Inazuma. The relationship between the Traveler and Beidou doesn’t start out very tight-knit, and most of the knowledge we have of Beidou is surface level. This only makes the interactions within her Hangout all the more interesting.

Whichever branch you follow, you have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of why Beidou is so respected as the Captain of The Crux Fleet, how the fleet operates within Liyue, and who Beidou is beneath the cool and confident exterior. If you’re curious about whom Beidou was before becoming the “Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean,” her Hangout fully delivers with the unveiling of her backstory.

This Hangout also heavily involves a multitude of NPCs that we get to watch Beidou interact with, though some interactions are more engaging than others. There is a fair balance of following Beidou around and also being active as the Traveler, with her Hangout even implementing the Waverider vessel for a timed minigame, a mechanic that no other Hangout offers at the time of the compilation of this list.


  • Honorary Crux Member – 20 primogems
  • Guyun Buyers’ Club – 5 primogems
  • Wine Unburdens – 5 primogems

8. Yun Jin

yun jin hangout genshin
“And A Few Friends You Shall Find”

Act I: A Song That Knows Grace

The exploration of Yun Jin’s personality outside of the persona she maintains as the star of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe is the main appeal of her Hangout. Yun Jin is generally very poised and reserved, even when she participates in the main story quests.

This Hangout gives you a chance to unfold other layers of her personality and see her in a refreshing new light. You also have a lot of opportunities to be active as the Traveler in both dialogue scenes and gameplay through sneaking and combat mechanics.

The plots of each branch aren’t the most intriguing, and I wish we would’ve had more interactions with other members of the Opera Troupe, but every interaction between Yun Jin and ourselves was satisfying regardless.

There’s one particular combat scenario that you get to play through to the backing of Yun Jin’s singing which gave the setting a unique flair.


  • The Lingering Song – 20 primogems
  • May This Moment Be Made Last – 5 primogems
  • A Strict Master Trains a Talented Pupil – 5 primogems

7. Kuki Shinobu

kuki shinobu genshin hangout
“Official Business!”

Act I: The Gang’s Daily Deeds

One of the most exciting factors of Shinobu’s Hangout is the inclusion of a plethora of other playable Inazuma characters. The addition of other playable characters allows for plenty of entertaining scenarios, and it’s fun to not only watch Shinobu interact with these characters but to have the opportunity to interact with them as the Traveler as well.

Each branch offers different scenarios based on the initial plot introduced at the beginning of the Hangout, so the storylines themselves are fairly basic. That said, there are a few different mechanics to experience in each branch that grants you a lot of freedom to play around as the Traveler, so even if there are a few repetitive dialogue scenes, you get to spend a lot of time being active.

The three main members of the Arataki Gang play a major part in most of the different story branches, creating more of a group setting that differentiates Shinobu’s Hangout from a majority of the other Hangouts that focus more on the one-on-one style.


  • Arataki Gang Chief Advisor – 20 primogems
  • One More Look! – 5 primogems
  • “Upstairs…” – 5 primogems

6. Bennett

Bennett hangouts
“Fruitless Anticipation”

Act I: Fantastic Voyage

Considering that his Hangout has some of the shortest branches to complete, one might expect him to be lower on this list. However, it’s the sentimental value of Bennett as a character that lets him compete with the more plot-heavy Hangouts. Bennett’s Hangout is one of the first available for you to play, and even though I’d played his Hangout a long time ago, I thoroughly enjoyed replaying every branch a second time.

The storylines of each branch aren’t substantially rich with plot, but not one of them was short of charming dialogue with Bennett, yourself as the Traveler, and the other citizens of Mondstadt.

Sometimes it’s the simplicity of a story that makes it the most enjoyable, and the lack of lengthiness in each branch keeps you from feeling like the dialogue and interactions are being unnecessarily dragged out. A couple of his branches also incorporate puzzle-solving mechanics, something that no other Hangout currently offers.


  • Fantastic Voyage: Prologue – 20 primogems
  • “Archaic Lord of Lightning and Blitz” – 5 primogems
  • The Power of Luck – 5 primogems

5. Faruzan

Faruzan Hangout
“Welcome Back, Faruzan”

Act I: A Confounding Conundrum

There is a handful of Hangouts on this list that touch on sensitive topics and follow emotional storylines, but Faruzan’s Hangout brought me the closest to tears. Specifically, one section of her Hangout gives you the entire rundown of her backstory that leads to some tragic outcomes as a result of her unfortunate past. The other branches of her Hangout, however, are much shorter and far more light-hearted.

I’ve noticed an increase in having other player characters take part in the storylines in recent Hangouts, and the involvement of player characters in Faruzan’s story quest has been the most substantial so far. This allows you to not only spend time with Faruzan but to also be accompanied by other beloved player characters of Sumeru. It’s also interesting to learn more about the Akademiya and how it runs through Faruzan’s relationship with the Akademiya.


  • Optimal Solution – 20 primogems
  • To You in a Hundred Years – 5 primogems
  • Mechanics: From Beginner to…? – 5 primogems

4. Gorou

Gorou genshin hangout
“Desserts Are the Best!”

Act I: The Canine General’s Special Operations

Because of the timeline that the events of Gorou’s Hangout take place in, his story quest offers a good variety of plots to work with. Certain topics that were only hinted at in the main story questline are given the opportunity to be fleshed out more thoroughly in the different branches of his Hangout.

By the time you can play this Hangout, you’re already pretty well acquainted with Gorou and familiar with some of his relationships with other characters. Having fought side by side with Gorou, the Traveler also has a closer relationship with him, so every interaction is very much like you’re simply chatting and spending time with a good friend.

The light-hearted and more comedic branches provide entertaining outcomes, while the more serious storylines that his Hangout also provides shine a light on the aftermath of the Vision Hunt Decree and Gorou’s relationship with his soldiers, which is a really interesting topic to explore.


  • General of Watatsumi – 20 primogems
  • Changing Times – 5 primogems
  • To Tell or Not to Tell, That Is the Question – 5 primogems

3. Noelle (Act II)

noelle act III genshin
“Rest Amidst the Rocks”

Act II: Knightly Exam Prep

As of the time of writing this list, Noelle is the only character that has an Act I and Act II available to play through. In a similar fashion to her first act, Noelle takes the lead in most of the dialogue scenes, but the events that take place in each branch of Act II are more engaging than that of Act I.

A pleasantly unexpected story branch within Act II lets you travel to Liyue with Noelle. Having even just a portion of a Hangout takes place outside of the characters’ home nation is completely unique to the second act of Noelle’s Hangout. Being able to place a character from Mondstadt into a different nation and accompany them as they partake in an unfamiliar culture was an incredibly fun experience, and it’s something I’d love to see incorporated into future Hangouts with other characters.

The other storylines take place in Mondstadt and are full of substance, giving you a deeper understanding of how the Adventurer’s Guild and the Knights of Favonius operate. You also get to take the reins as Noelle in every single branch, another trait unique to Act II of Noelle’s Hangout.


  • Stress Relief – 20 primogems
  • “Invulnerable Maid-Knight” – 5 primogems
  • Mondstadt’s Note-Taker General – 5 primogems

2. Thoma

thoma hangout genshin
“The Housekeeper’s Other Side”

Act I: A Housekeeper’s Daily Chores

Originally, Thoma’s Hangout was number one on my list before I played Heizou’s. The start of his Hangout grabs your attention immediately, presenting a conflict that involves Thoma’s relationship with the other staff at the Kamisato estate, which you get to quickly react to. However, most of the appeal of this Hangout comes from the engaging interactions between Thoma and the various Inazuman NPCs.

As you travel around with Thoma, you get the real feeling that Inazuma is his home despite his Mondstadt roots, and it’s the deeper involvement of the citizens of Inazuma in each story branch that reels in that reality. You gain a further understanding of the way that Thoma is connected to Inazuma in various corners, which is really interesting to witness.

The strength of Thoma’s Hangout is, unfortunately, the weakness as well. There are very few opportunities to be active as the Traveler, save for a combat scenario and a brief chance to play as Thoma in a timed minigame, but the dialogue scenes are satisfying and full of substance.


  • Everyone’s Happy – 20 primogems
  • Housekeeper Extraordinaire – 5 primogems
  • From the Sea Never Returning – 5 primogems

1. Shikanoin Heizou

Shikanoin Heizou Hangout
“Memories do not evaporate”

Act I: Trap ‘Em by Storm

Of all the Hangouts currently available, Heizou’s felt the most like an actual quest in the world rather than just a side activity you can do. Each branch contains solid storylines to follow with no shortage of engaging activities and entertaining dialogue that not only involves Paimon, an uncommon occurrence with Hangouts but also other playable characters from Inazuma.

Heizou’s mischievous personality might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the hilarity that ensues from that cheeky personality of his leads to quite a few comedic outcomes.

I found myself cackling out loud several times during my play-through. Heizou’s Hangout offers more serious storylines you can partake in as well, so you end up with a nicely balanced flavoring of different genres. At no point in any of the story branches did I lose interest in the plots, and I had a lot of fun watching Heizou interact with the other characters, especially with Paimon and myself as the Traveler.


  • You Thought We Were For Real, Eh? – 20 primogems
  • An Ideal Detective Am I – 5 primogems
  • Sangonomiya Supplications – 5 primogem

All Hanged Out…for Now

So what do you do once you’ve spent hours playing every Hangout Quest to full completion? There’s the option to go outside, get some fresh air, and socialize with your irl friends, or you can follow my lead and take advantage of the fact that Hangouts are the only “quests” that are repayable in Genshin Impact.

Unlike the main story or the five-star story quests, Hangouts can be played as many times as the heart desires, so you can experience each story multiple times over or pick and choose to experience your favorite scenes again.

I may have put in my best efforts to rank each of the Hangout Quests as unbiasedly as possible (Chongyun not being higher on the list should be proof enough of that because I love that wholesome ice boy), but whichever order you decide to play these quests in will more than likely depend on your own personal feelings towards each character.

The quality of Hangout Events continues to grow as Genshin Impact does, with more engaging dialogue options, mechanics, plotlines, and character interactions. Not only should we expect even more characters to be given Hangout Quests, but we should also look forward to the day when the characters already available receive their Act II (and III). With that in mind, I can’t wait to Hangout again!


Question: How to unlock Hangouts:

Answer: Hangouts Quests become available at Adventure Rank 26, and will unlock in batches as you progress through the main storyline of Genshin Impact and raise your Adventure Rank. Each Hangout requires two Story Keys, which can be obtained by completing Daily Commissions. It takes completing eight Daily Commissions in order to collect one Story Key.

Hangout Prerequisites

  • Complete Prologue Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom (AR 26): Barbara, Diona, Bennett, Noelle Act I, Chongyun
  • Complete Act I – Chivalric Training / Chapter I: ACT III – A New Star Approaches (AR 26): Noelle ACT II
  • Complete Interlude Chapter: Act I – The Crane Returns on the Wind (AR 28): Ningguang, Yun Jin
  • Complete II Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals (AR 30): Beidou, Sayu, Thoma
  • Complete II Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals / Dracaena Somnolenta Chapter: Act I – Warriors’ Dreams Like Spring Grass Renewing (AR 40): Gorou
  • Complete Interlude Chapter: Act II – Perilous Trail / Taurus Iracundus Chapter: Act I – Rise Up, Golden Soul (AR 40): Kuki Shinobu
  • Complete II Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals / Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act II – Transient Dreams / Taurus Iracundus Chapter: Act I – Rise Up, Golden Soul (AR 40): Shikanoin Heizou
  • Complete Chapter III: Act V – Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises / Vulpes Zerda Chapter: Act I – The Unanswerable Problems (AR 40): Faruzan

Hangout Rewards

Each Hangout will grant you 30 primogems and 3 achievements, with a total of 450 primogems and 45 achievements with the completion of every Hangout Quest available at the time of writing this list.

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