Genshin Celestia Guide

Genshin Celestia Guide

Celestia is home to the gods of Genshin Impact, and as a result, it lies above the lands of Teyvat; this symbolizes the fact that the gods will be watching over everyone and that they exist in a world separate from humans. As history has shown, individuals with significant achievements, acts of heroism, and genuine good within them were granted access to Celestia, and as a result, these individuals ascended.

There are individuals that do possess the ability to ascend to Celestia and are given a unique name, and they are called “Allogene.” These Allogenes are always vision holders, meaning that any of the playable characters available in Genshin Impact are viable candidates for ascension.

The floating island featured in this Genshin Celestia guide is known for having a ruthless reputation when it comes to dealing with potential enemies of Teyvat or even threats from within. They are famous for several tide-turning events, and ultimately, most of their actions resulted in heavy volumes of collateral damage (mass deaths of humans in particular).

The Archons cannot go to Celestia; however, they can resonate with Celestia through their gnosis, which means that the Archons are connected to Celestia, although they have different views on the establishment.

Below, we will be looking at each Archon and their feelings towards Celestia.

  1. Venti – He prefers to avoid the topic and often does so by changing the subject
  2. Zhongli – He speaks about the Heavenly Principles and the laws enforced by them that cause strife
  3. Raiden Shogun (Ei) – She has cut off all ties with Celestia following the death of Raiden Makoto
  4. Nahida – She prefers to know and understand the truth behind Teyvat rather than rely on the strength of Celestia, as seen when she swapped her gnosis in exchange for knowledge from Dottore
  5. Hydro Archon – She has acknowledged the power of the “divinity” behind Celestia, and as a result, she prefers not to make enemies with them
  6. Pyro Archon – Feelings unknown as of version 3.4
  7. Tsaritsa – She is actively leading a rebellion against Celestia because she was disgusted by them following the events of the Cataclysm

Celestia was always looked upon in multiple ways; I believe that the differences came from the different interactions each nation had with Celestia. However, during the time period before the nations were established, Celestia maintained direct contact with humans, and this was done through “heavenly messengers.” This may seem like a positive relationship; however, I believe that this was done to gain the trust of the respective nation before having them wiped out.

In my opinion, Celestia uses resources from certain nations, and when the nations advance to a point where they no longer require Celestia’s aid or guidance, they are destroyed. This may seem like a conspiracy theory, and well, it is, but we are given very little to go on about Celestia, so fans can only assume and try to patch things together by themselves.

How to Access Celestia?

Genshin Celestia
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Regular players are unable to access Celestia as of version 3.4, and to be honest, I doubt that we could any time soon. However, although we are unable to access Celestia, there are characters in Genshin Impact lore that have ascended to Celestia. Notably, Vennessa (the Dandelion Knight) and Guhua (an adeptus from Liyue).

Both of these characters have helped their respective nations through stunning feats of heroism and genuine bravery in the face of multiple adversaries. The sacrifices and effort they put into taking care of their nations earned them their places in Celestia; therefore, at the end of their journey, both ascended to Celestia.

Fan Theories About Celestia

Celestia has been a topic of hot debate within the Genshin Impact community, with many players torn between which side Celestia actually falls into. Almost everyone in the Genshin Impact community has one hot take or another regarding Celestia, so let us go through a few and see if any of these theories will resonate with us as well.

Celestia is Inherently Evil

Many players believe that Celestia is not as divine as they claim to be due to the fact that they obliterated Khaenri’ah because of their advancements in technology and alchemy. Another factor to consider would be the Unknown God herself; the introductory cutscene in Genshin Impact depicts the twins fighting the Unknown God in Celestia.

Additionally, Celestia establishes the Heavenly Principles, a set of rules and guidelines that must be followed in Teyvat. The Heavenly Principles might sound like a standard rule book of sorts, but if we look at another name for the Unknown God, we will see that she is called “The Sustainer of Heavenly Principles.”

Celestia Destroys Nations Without Gods

Genshin Celestia

When reading the lore behind Teyvat, we come across an interesting point in their history where Dragonspine was once a lush and vibrant mountain, as opposed to the icy and bitter cold state that it is in now. Before Dragonspine was encased in ice, a civilization thrived, and they were the people of Sal Vindagnyr.

Coincidentally, Celestia was hovering just above this civilization at the peak of the mountain, and the people living beneath them enjoyed a period of bountiful harvests and success. However, this was short-lived because the Skyfrost Nail fell from Celestia for reasons unknown, resulting in snowstorms, blizzards, and the general destruction of any trace of the lush nature present before.

It remains unclear whether this was done intentionally by Celestia or whether they were trying to prevent this in the first place. Still, the common denominator between Sal Vindagnyr and Khaenri’ah is that both nations were nations without gods, so whether foul play was involved is unknown to us.

Celestia is On the Move

Celestia has been shown or recorded in different areas throughout the lore in Genshin Impact, and it has not been held in the place we see in the game. Famously, Celestia hovered above Dragonspine before Sal Vindagnyr was destroyed; after the destruction, Celestia moved on to another area close to Mondstadt.

Although we are not given many details about the Cataclysm, we do know that Celestia was involved heavily, and it would be safe to assume that they were in the vicinity when the attack took place because, in the details given, they mentioned that the destruction was unparalleled.

Celestia May Destroy Snezhnaya

Genshin Celestia
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As we have seen before, anyone that opposes Celestia or goes against the Heavenly Principles meets their demise at the hands of the gods. Khaenri’ah was the prime example of this, mainly because they were a nation without gods that wanted to overthrow the gods on suspicion that they were usurpers. However, this rebellion did not turn out in favor of Khaenri’ah, and it resulted in the total destruction of one of the most advanced and talented nations in Teyvat.

Disillusioned by Celestia and growing bitter towards the divine, the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya vowed to rebel against Celestia and finally win. The Tsaritsa even cut ties with the other Archons, stole their gnosis’, established the Fatui, and began planning her attack on Celestia. Whether she will be successful or not remains to be seen, but we could witness the fall of yet another great nation at the hands of Celestia.

The Archons are Showing Hidden Disdain Toward Celestia

This theory has a few instances within the game that back up the claim, primarily the actions of the Tsaritsa. Other Archons, such as Venti and Zhongli, refuse to speak about the events that took place during the Cataclysm and offer little to no explanations of where they stand when it comes to siding with Celestia. Ei, on the other hand, openly states that in order for a nation to move forward, the Heavenly Principles must be removed.

This statement seems to be a recurring theme amongst the Archons; after all, Khaenri’ah was just another nation with humans that was destroyed, and because the Archons share a deep bond with their own nations, they might not want to anger Celestia and have them destroy any of their nations.

The Pathway to Celestia Lies in Mondstadt

Gnshin Celestia Guide

Another famous theory is about a potential pathway to Celestia located somewhere in Mondstadt; many players have fueled this claim by referencing Venti’s statue in Mondstadt and Vennessa’s ascension to Celestia in the manga. At the foot of Venti’s statue, there is an inscription that states, “The Gateway to Celestia,” now this is a rough translation done by the members of the Genshin Impact community, and we have not received any official confirmation, but it does raise a few questions.

The second claim that backs this theory is that Vennessa ascended to Celestia from Mondstadt, which is shown to us in the manga along with a great Oak tree that grew in the place where she ascended. All signs point to the tree at Windrise, and it is also Venti’s favorite place to stay, which could mean that the pathway to Celestia might actually exist. To be honest, I love this idea; what better place to end the game other than the city where it all began? :’)


Question: Will Celestia become playable at some point in Genshin Impact?

Answer: Unfortunately, we have no updates or answers for this. Many players claim that they managed to get into Celestia, but I believe this is simply clickbait or a false narrative of some sort. In my experience, game developers will not show a significant structure and not allow players any access or interactions. In my opinion, I believe that Celestia will be accessible towards the end of the game, perhaps as a final Archon quest; players will be able to ascend to Celestia and move on to another world, effectively wrapping up our journey across Teyvat.

Question: Will Celestia fall on any city?

Answer: Once again, we have no official confirmation, but that being said, across the many versions of Genshin Impact, we have recognized subtle changes to Celestia. Many players, myself included, noticed that Celestia seems to be getting closer as each version passes; additionally, it seems to be tilting as well. This discovery has no official confirmation either, but it has sparked debates across the community. I do not want Celestia to fall, but if it does, I hope that non of the cities will be destroyed.

Question: Why is Celestia floating in the sky?

Answer: Celestia is said to be the home of the god; therefore,e it would make sense for it to be a floating platform high above the world of Teyvat. There are many characters that have ascended to Celestia; this could mean that there is a hidden mechanism or something that might look like the beam of light that abducts people in almost every alien story.

Final Thoughts on this Humble Abode for Gods and Worthy Humans

Celestia is a key figure in Genshin Impact; the lore behind it is also intricate, indicating that Celestia may play a larger role as the game progresses. There is a slight resemblance to Aincrad, the highest floor in Sword Art Online, and the end-game mechanics could also be similar.

In the Sword Art Online anime, the game developer planned to have the players actively clear the all of the levels and finally clear the game upon reaching the castle in the sky, Aincrad. I feel that Genshin Impact may have a similar pathway and that Celestia will be the final stop of our journey; perhaps even a redemption battle against The Sustainer of Heavenly Principles could be a possibility.

I would love to learn a lot more about Celestia, the descenders, and other gods, so hopefully, as the game progresses, the game developers will allow us to learn more about them. Celestia is such an intriguing prospect lore-wise; its mysterious nature and its perpetual state of suspension make it an even more unique entity.

As a fan of the lore behind Genshin Impact, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Celestia and how the story will unravel and finally show us why this place is so revered in the eyes of the citizens of Teyvat and simultaneously looked upon with hatred and disgust by those that defiled Celestia’s rules.

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