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Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked

Nowadays, in any game, it feels like you can’t move for character skins, and Genshin Impact is no exception. Why make new characters when you can give old favorites a fresh coat of paint? It’s fun to see characters you know and love in different outfits. The character skins in Genshin certainly deliver that energy while remaining consistent with the in-game lore of Teyvat.

I’m a sucker for skins, and you won’t hear me complaining when Hoyoverse gives us more pretty outfits and customization options for us to deck out our characters with. That being said, some characters’ skins are better than others, so I’ll have the best character skins ranked in Genshin Impact as the fashion enthusiast I am.

The Boutique Is Open!

genshin impact character skins
Picture by Bethany Gerrish

If you’re looking for a character to skin to buy right now, Ayaka’s Springbloom Missive is the way to go. Everything about this skin is wonderful, and considering it’s the same price as Ningguang’s skin despite being much higher quality design-wise, it really is the best skin of the bunch.

For those looking to really show off, Diluc’s Red Dead of Night skin is the perfect way to flex. Being the first (and presently only) 5-star quality skin, you’ll be the talk of the town with your flashy new idle and skill animations, not to mention the new and improved fluffy ponytail!

Where to Get Genshin Impact Character Skins

Character skins are available in the shop under the character outfits tab. Here you’ll be able to find every character skin currently available in Genshin Impact, except for a few alternative skins that were given to everyone (more on that later).

You’ll likely notice that the skins are sorted into two categories, 4-star with a purple background and 5-star with the signature golden background.

4-star character skins are available at a base price of 1680 Genesis Crystals, and 5-star skins are available for 2480 Genesis crystals. Take note that just because a skin is a “4-star” rarity, it doesn’t mean that only 4-star rarity characters get the cheaper skins, as some 5-star characters have 4-star skins too!

However, if you were around for the release of any of the available character skins, you were able to get 4-star skins for 1350 Genesis Crystals and 5-star skins for 1980 Genesis Crystals as opposed to the full price for a limited time.

If you participated in the Midsummer Island Adventure event in the 1.6 updates, Fleeting Colors in Flight in the 2.4 updates, the 2.8 Summer Fantasia event, or the Second Blooming event in version 3.4, you would have had the chance to get a skin for Barbara, Ningguang, Fischl, and Lisa respectively for free. But if you missed out on these free skins, you can still purchase them in the shop at full price.

How Much Do These Skins Cost in Real Money?

Ignoring the short time when a select few 4-star character skins are available for free, the absolute cheapest you can buy any skin for is 1350 Genesis Crystals during its promotional period, usually when the skin has just been released.

If there is no ongoing promotion, you’ll be looking at 1680 Genesis Crystals for a 4-star skin or 2480 Genesis Crystals for Diluc’s 5-star skin.

This means that for the bare minimum on a discounted 4-star skin, you’ll be spending $19.98 on Genesis Crystals, assuming you have already used all your initial top-up bonuses. If you still have your top-up bonuses intact, this will be cheaper.

For a full-price 4-star skin, you’ll be paying $24.97 for 1750 Genesis Crystals, and a full-price 5-star skin will set you back $34.98.

The Welkin Workaround

Those who begrudge spending over 20 bucks on a character’s skin are well within their rights to think that because, for many, it’s a lot of money for just a skin.

However, if you’re an avid Genshin Impact player, it can actually work out to be more cost-effective for you to purchase the Blessing of the Welkin Moon several times in order to collect enough Genesis Crystals to buy character skins.

You can stack up to six Blessings of the Welkin Moon at any one time, which equates to 1800 Genesis Crystals, enough for a full-price 4-star skin. Even though this will cost you more than it would for a 4-star skin outright, over the 180-day period, if you log in every day, you’ll also obtain 16,200 primogems. That’s over $200 worth of primogems and a character skin for just $29.94!

So if you’re a long-term player and value primogems as well as character skins, this may work out to be cheaper for you in the long run!

Selection Criteria

genshin impact outfit

The Skin Has to be Available in the Shop

There are technically more character skins available in Genshin Impact than in the shop. This is because, in 2021, Amber, Rosaria, Jean, and Mona all received a new look in order to be “less revealing” to coincide with restrictions set by the Chinese government.

Though these manifested in-game as optional alternative skins for anyone outside of China, players in China now have them as a mandatory default. I will not be considering “Dandelion Knight” Jean, “Gliding Champion” Amber, “Thorny Benevolence” Rosaria, and “Astral Reflection” Mona as character skins because, for a good chunk of players, these are just the default looks for these characters, and not an optional skin to play dress up with.

However, if you had to press me, Jean’s “Dandelion Knight” skin is my favorite of the bunch.

Abides by the Lore

Though simply being in line with the lore of the world does not necessarily mean that a skin is good, it certainly helps add in some extra spice that can make or break whether a skin is worth having. Let’s face it, even though Diluc’s skin, Red Dead of Night, looks fantastic, the suggestion that this is what he was wearing when he was still using a delusion adds another layer of cool that would be lost otherwise.

So while having ties to the lore of Teyvat is by no means necessary for a great-looking skin, it definitely has boosted some of these skins higher in the ranking.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Last, and perhaps most importantly, a skin has to look good to rank high on this list. Hoyoverse can give away the most lore-impactful skins they can muster up, but if it doesn’t look good, I won’t be equipping it on my characters. Skins are 90% about looks, so if a skin doesn’t look good, it’s going to be placed lower on this list.

Don’t Let Us Get under Your Skin

With all of that out of the way, before we dive into the actual list, I should make it clear that this ranking is based purely on our tastes and opinions here at Genshin Chronicle. If you think we’ve ranked a skin too low or too high, let us know, and share your favorite character skins with us!

With that, let’s take a deep dive into Genshin Impact’s closet!

Number 8 – Ningguang Orchid’s Evening Gown

ningguang orchid's evening gown Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked
Picture by Beth Gerrish

Starting off this list, we have what I think is the most disappointing skin introduced to Genshin. The Orchid’s Evening Gown skin for Ningguang was introduced during the 2022 Lantern Rite Festival, where it was available for free to anyone who played the event. You can now purchase it in the Character Outfits Tab in the shop for 1680 Genesis Crystals.

Let’s get one thing straight early doors. This is not a bad skin. It just doesn’t seem to match the style and character of Ningguang as much as her default skin does.

Now I understand that a skin is supposed to change up the usual vibes of a character, but for me, the default skin just outshines Orchind’s Evening Gown in every way. So much so that even though I have every other alternative character skin (that I own) equipped, Ningguang remains in her standard outfit.

For starters, Ninguang just doesn’t suit blue as well as she fits her default yellows. The blue in this skin just seems to dampen the overall look, unlike the sister skin for Keqing that was released alongside the Ninguang skin, which actually works really well.

The overall silhouette just doesn’t carry as much of an impact as the default skin either, making an otherwise badass character like Ningguang seem a little disappointing in comparison.

The Orchid’s Evening Gown skin also carried no significant lore other than the fact that it is Lantern Rite and Ningguang is rich enough to flex a lavish high-end outfit, which isn’t a problem in the grand scheme. I just wish the design would reflect that lavish lifestyle a little more.


  • I like the jewelry on this skin.
  • At least you were able to get this skin for free for a limited time.


  • The colors on this skin don’t work as well as Ningguang’s default colors, which is a huge shame.
  • No real association with the rest of the lore of the game.

Number 7 – Keqing Opulent Splendor

Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked kequing skin

Perhaps I just have something against the skins released during the Lantern Rite Festival 2022, but at number seven is Keqing’s Opulent Splendor skin, which was released alongside Ningguang’s Orchid’s Evening Gown skin.

There are a few things I like about this skin, namely the bluebird theme and the number of sparkles that catch the light on the black parts of the outfit, but that’s just about it. The overall silhouette of the skin hardly changes. Although the tights have a different design, Keqing is practically wearing the same outfit as before, just with a few more sparkles.

I wish some more effort was put into the back of this skin. If they were going for a classic bluebird look, why on earth do the sleeves at the back not resemble bird wings? It’s like Hoyoverse had the design 90% complete and forgot that Keqing has long flowing sleeves, so they threw on the first design handy. It is pretty nitpicky, but this skin could have ranked so much higher if Hoyoverse stuck to the theme and delivered a more put-together skin.

Just like Ningguang’s skin, Orchid’s Evening Gown has very little footing in the lore of Teyvat. Though this isn’t the be-all and end-all, for one of the less well-designed skins, some lore relevance could have really helped it out.


  • I love the bird theme
  • The sparkles that glitter in different lighting are a lovely detail


  • This skin had no ties to the lore
  • I wish Hoyoverse had committed to the bluebird theme all the way through

Number 6 – Lisa a Sobriquet Under Shade

lisa a sobriquet under shade Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked
Picture by Bethany Gerrish

At number six, we have a rendition of Lisa’s old academia uniform, and I have to admit, she looks really good. The greens and golds in this skin help to show off the more scholarly side of Lisa, which I feel sometimes gets lost in her sassy nature.

The details on her hands look amazing too, and I’d much rather see characters with hand jewelry like this as opposed to Childe‘s weird half-hand glove.

That being said, I’m not hugely in love with the hat in this skin. Lisa suits her wizard hat so well that seeing her in a beret that’s clinging on for dear life just doesn’t work in the same way. It’s not a bad hat by any means, and it is in line with what we see other scholars wearing, but I don’t think it suits Lisa as much as her wizard hat does.

Something I noticed while comparing A Sobriquet Under Shade to Lisa’s default skin is that in her default skin, Lisa’s vision is really messed up. Looking at the two side by side, the vision on A Sobriquet Under Shade looks like any other vision, which comparatively makes the vision on the Purple Rose skin look like a piece of costume jewelry.

Looking at other characters with older skins, Lisa is the only one with a messed up vision, so I’m glad that Hoyoverse gave Lisa this skin, even if it is just a way to fix Lisa’s vision in post.


  • I adore that this skin is a fresh take on Lisa’s old academia uniform. It really gives her some depth
  • The hand jewelry on this skin is to die for
  • This skin is a great excuse to fix Lisa’s janky vision


  • Now I can’t unsee just how bad Lisa’s vision looks on her default skin
  • the hat doesn’t work as well as her wizard hat does

Number 5 – Jean Sea Breeze Dandelion

jean summer skin Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked

In fifth place, we have the acting grandmaster herself, Jean, and her Sea Breeze Dandelion skin. I’m going to talk about my issues with this skin before I gush about the good because I feel like the Sea Breeze Dandelion skin is really dragged down by one thing. The hair.

Everything else in this skin is giving summer vacation, and then you get to Jean’s hair, which just looks like another day at the Favonius Headquarters. Jean’s skin isn’t the only one where the hairstyle didn’t change, but in this skin, especially, it just leaves me wanting something more.

Sure, they gave her a bigger bow, but I’d love to see Jean with a braid, or even fun little spiral pigtails like her sister Barbara, just anything to give her a little something something to complete the vacation look.

Complaints aside, this skin is very pretty and suits Jean so well. I love seeing an otherwise stern and overworked character get such a fun outfit.

I especially love the back on this skin, the sheer back panel and flowey wrap-around are simple but elegant, and I really believe that Barbara chose this outfit for Jean without her knowledge. Otherwise, there would be no way we’d get to see Jean wear it.


  • The back of this skin is so pretty
  • It’s great that we finally get to see Jean unwind in this skin


  • Let Jean take her hair down!
  • There isn’t much happening on the legs.

Number 4 – Barbara Summertime Sparkle

barbara summertime sparkle Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked
Picture by Bethany Gerrish

Just shy of the top three, we have one of the first skins introduced into Genshin Impact. All the way back in the first Summer event, Hoyoverse unveiled the first character skins for both Jean and Barbara.

Barbara has always idolized and competed with her big sister to some degree, but when it comes to skins, there truly is no competition. Barbara has blown Jean out of the water here, primarily due to one key feature. The ducky bag.

Everything about Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle skin screams fun, a welcome change of pace from her usual Church of Favonius getup. Even though all of the changes with this skin are great, the ducky bag steals the spotlight. It’s adorable, it ties the entire outfit together, and I desperately want one.

Though this skin doesn’t have much relevance to the lore, its purpose was to give the two hardest-working sisters in Mondstadt a vacation, which is as good a reason as any for a swanky new outfit.

My only gripe with this skin is that Barbara’s hairstyle hasn’t changed at all. She’s just changed her hair ties for something a little more festive. Hoyoverse seemed too scared to mess with anyone’s hairdo in the first few batches on skins, and I’m glad that this trend seems to be changing. I mean, Barbaras is supposed to be on vacation here. Let her hair down, figuratively and literally, Hoyoverse!


  • The ducky bag is too damn cute.
  • Considering this was one of the first few skins we ever received, Hoyoverse did a fantastic job ensuring it was one of the best.
  • The. Ducky. Bag!


  • I wish Hoyoverse would have changed the hairstyles in some of the earlier skins they released
  • There is very little lore purpose for this skin – aside from a well-deserved vacation

Number 3 – Fischl Ein Immernachtstraum

fischl ein immernachtstraum Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked
Picture by Bethany Gerrish

Our first podium stop goes to Fischl’s skin from the 2022 summertime event. Not only does this skin look great, but it also gives us a deeper look into Fischl’s story.

For those not in the know, the low down is that Fischl’s default skin is Amy’s (Fischl’s real name) interpretation of the main character from the novel “Flowers for Princess Fischl.” In contrast, the skin Fischl Ein Immernachtsraum is a book-accurate cosplay of the character Fischl.

You can really see the love and care poured into this skin, and it’s a shame that Hoyoverse keeps locking valuable in-game lore behind limited-time events because it’s the lore and meaning that this skin gives to Fischl that really makes it worth having.

Plus, the design is just so good. I love all the little details, like Fischl’s eye color changing to red, as well as the crown showing that Fischl really is the Prinzessin that she constantly talks about.


  • This skin is so rich in lore, more so than any other character skin in Genshin Impact
  • If you were playing at the time, you could get this skin free of charge
  • This skin finally gives the Prinzessin der Verueteilung her crown


  • If you didn’t play the 2.8 Summer Fantasia event, then a lot of the meaning behind this skin is lost.
  • Even though it would technically make this a five-star quality skin, Oz feels like enough of a character to warrant some changes in the new skin.

Number 2 – Diluc Red Dead of Night

diluc red dead of night Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked
Picture by Bethany Gerrish

Taking the silver medal is Diluc’s Red Dead of Night Skin. As the first 5-star quality character skin introduced in Genshin Impact, there was a lot of hype to live up to, and it’s safe to say that this skin exceeded expectations.

Red Dead of Night is rooted deeply in Diluc’s past, and many theorize that this skin holds the delusion that Diluc’s father used.

It also seems to take inspiration from the Diluc in the Genshin Impact manga, as Diluc now dons a fluffier higher ponytail than what we see in his default skin – to many fans delights (as well as my own). I also love the general darker vibe of this skin.

We see that there are several scratches on Diluc’s back, through the knights of Favonius symbol no less, and the red and black color scheme gives the skin an edgy look that really fits with Diluc.

The real kicker for this skin, and the reason why it’s the first 5-star quality skin, are the alternative idle and ability animations that are included. Diluc’s fire on his burst and elemental skill are now much darker, with black highlights.

His alternative idle animations show him receiving a scroll from his falcon and also tightening a buckle on his jacket. These details may seem small, but they really help bring the skin to life and set it apart from the rest.


  • This skin looks incredible and really suits Diluc’s character and past.
  • The alternative animations set this skin apart from the rest.
  • I really appreciate that they finally gave him his fluffy manga hair!


  • This skin is notably more expensive than the others
  •  Some may not deem alternative animations worth the price difference

Number 1 – Ayaka Springbloom Missive

ayaka springbloom missive Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked

Yes, this is the skin that beats out Diluc for the number one spot. What can I say? Ayaka simply slays in this outfit. Everything comes together perfectly to create a beautiful skin that I just can’t get enough of. The hat, the boots, the little flower details everywhere, everything just screams elegance.

This is also the skin that, according to its description, Ayaka wears when she travels and is heavily based on outfits found in Fontaine. If this is the kind of style we have to look forward to for future Fontaine characters, sign me up!

So far, this is the only skin in Genshin Impact I’ve spent my hard-earned money on. The overall design of this outfit is so unique whilst still remaining distinctly “Ayaka” that I think Hoyoverse could have gotten away with making it a 5-star skin to rival Diluc.

Imagine if, instead of snowflakes appearing during Ayaka’s elemental burst and elemental skill, small icy flowers appeared to tie into the rest of the design of the skin. Little things like this would only improve this fantastic skin. However, my wallet is incredibly grateful that Springbloom Missive has a 4-star skin price!


  • This skin is so elegant and is still a 4-star skin
  • It’s a glance into what we can expect from Fontaine fashionistas
  • Now Ayaka won’t get her socks wet when she dances in rivers!


  • This skin would really benefit from having some alternative animations
  • This skin didn’t seem to have much continuity with the patch that it was released in, unlike the other skins

Some Outfits on our Wishlist

The skins that are currently available in Genshin Impact are all impressive in their own right, but I am a collector of many things, and I want more character skins to make my characters pretty.

Here I’ve compiled a quick list of potential skins I think we’d all like to see

 The Leaked Klee and Kaeya Skins

klee and kaeya skin Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked
Klee and Kaeya skin via sportskeeda

These leaks have been around for a while now, and though I don’t blame you if you decide to ignore leaks until something is announced officially, you are missing out on seeing some amazing concepts before they (potentially) land in the game.

These skins are rumored to be released during Genshin’s next summer event, and boy, do I hope we see them.

Kaeya looks impressive, and all, but Klee is the real star of the show here.

Look at Klee dressed up like a little baby Witch! I’d like to think that Alice made this outfit for Klee based on her own clothes, and if this does become a real skin, you can bet that I’ll be saving up my Genesis crystals to buy it for myself!

 The Concert Skins

genshin impact concert
Genshin Impact concert promo art via Hoyoverse

Every year Hoyoverse puts on a special commemorative concert showcasing some of the best songs in the Genshin Impact soundtrack. During this concert, promotional art is released to advertise the event, and many characters are shown in alternative outfits that give them a modern glam look.

All of these outfits look amazing, and I hope that one day they will be available in the game too, and are no longer just promotional art.

Archon War Skins

This one may be quite a stretch, but I’d love to see some of the archons dressed up in their archon war outfits.

I know the Raiden Shogun will look mostly the same, but imagine seeing Zhongli and Venti in dramatic outfits they donned many millennia ago. Considering that these would most likely be special skins, I’d love to see some alternative animations to match them.

Miss Hina Skin

If you thought Archon War skins were a stretch, just wait until you hear this crazy conspiracy.

We all know Genshin Impacts’ favorite resident dog boy, Gorou, and if you can cast your mind back to Imazuma, you may remember a somewhat minor character under the name of “Miss Hina.” Now, is it just me, or do Miss Hina and Gorou share a striking resemblance?

I think we should give Gorou a Miss Hina skin just so we can see how similar they are.

In all seriousness, I don’t think this is a skin that we’ll ever see come to fruition, but it would definitely be a lot of fun!

Genshin Impact Best Character Skins Ranked: FAQs

Question: How much money will I need to spend to get a skin?

Answer: at most, you’ll need to spend $34.98 to get a 5-star rarity skin. The minimum amount you can spend on a skin is technically nothing if you received them for free during an event. However, assuming you still have to spend money to get a skin, the minimum amount you’ll have to spend is $14.99, but that’s only if you still have the first-time purchase bonus active.

Question: Is the Blessing of the Welkin Moon worth it to buy a skin?

Answer: If you know you want a skin and know that you’ll log into the game every day for the foreseeable future, then yes, the Blessing of the Welkin Moon is definitely worth it. Not only will you get enough Genesis Crystals to buy the skin, but you’ll also be showered in Primogems every time you log in.

Question: How can I get skins for free?

Answer: in order to get skins for free, you’ll have to log in and complete the necessary challenges during an event that offers a free character skin. Unfortunately, you will not get to choose which skin you want, but beggars can’t be choosers!

Time to Close the Wardrobe

genshin impact wardrobe

There are a lot of amazing skins currently available in Genshin Impact, but Ayaka’s skin is definitely a cut above the rest. Though I greatly appreciate the alternative animations that come with Dilucs skin and the sheer adorableness of Barbara’s skin, Ayakas has it all.

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should get your favorite character a skin or not, perhaps now you will be able to make a decision that suits your needs best. Though character skins are definitely an investment when you could be spending your money on primogems to unlock more characters, there is something very satisfying about running around Teyvat in a unique and fun outfit.

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