Yanfei Genshin Impact Guide

Yanfei Genshin Impact Guide

Liyue is a bustling city where deals are struck, and contracts are agreed upon. Merchants, businessmen, and traders come to the Liyue Harbor to exchange their goods and honor their contracts. In a busy marketplace like Liyue, everything has to be mediated by the authorities. You can clearly find the commonalities between Teyvat and the real world. We have to respect certain boundaries before we can fulfill an agreement or settle a trade.

Just as our world is, the world of Teyvat is governed by a set of rules. The common folk, though they do enjoy freedom, aren’t above the laws set by the authorities and governing bodies. Mondstadt’s Knight of the Favonius, Liyue’s Qixing, Inazuma’s commissions, and Sumeru’s sages are the chosen ruling bodies in the world of Teyvat.

Fortunately, if you get in trouble, you can seek professionals to help you in legal matters. Wills, settlements, cases, and all instances of legal practices can be seen in Teyvat. While amateurs will try to scam you to get their services, you can always hire professionals like Yanfei, who will go above and beyond to fulfill their client’s demands.

Well-versed with every law in the entirety of Teyvat, this legal advisor can save you from any situation, even if you fall into the depths of the Chasm, as we saw on the Perilous trials archon quest. Even the Tianquan of Liyue, Ningguang, is impressed by her critical analysis skills. In this Yanfei Genshin Impact guide, we will get to know this young prodigy who believes in equality before the law and discuss her amazing skillset. Without further ado, grab your tax notice, and let’s ask Yanfei for help.

Better Call Yanfei

Got a legal problem? Better call Yanfei. Yanfei is one of the best legal advisors in Liyue who can help you solve any legal matter. We meet Yanfei for the first time during the quest, A Teapot Called Home. Luckily, we obtain the Serenitea pot in the quest from Madame Ping, where Yanfei introduces her to the Traveler.

I find it quite peculiar that she knew about the Traveler’s encounter with the Millelith during the Rite of Descension, down to every detail. Seems her attention to detail is indeed remarkable. If I need any legal assistance, I will pull out the business card she gave me and immediately hire her. Hopefully, I’ll have enough Mora to pay her hefty fee.

Yanfei isn’t like other humans we’ve met so far. She could interact with the Fantastic Compass with the Adepti blood in her veins. I loved her role in the Perilous Trials archon quest. She developed reliable hypotheses regarding the Chasm’s unique environment and helped the party navigate the domains. Without Yanfei, we might have been stuck deep underground in the Chasm forever.

A not-so-much-known fact about Yanfei is the Steelyard balance she inherited from her father. Surprisingly enough, Rex Lapis ( Zhongli ) gifted the Steelyard balance at her parent’s wedding. Guess it’s one of the perks of campaigning with the Geo Archon; you may receive profound gifts.

The balance’s only purpose is to compare an object’s value with Mora. Yanfei once tried to gauge her vision out of curiosity, but no matter how much Mora she put on the other side, it was never enough. However, after she used her box of legal papers, the Steelyard balance reached an equilibrium. One can infer that visions are related to the heavenly entities’ rules and laws.

Ascension and Talent Level Up

Yanfeis’ ascension stat, Pyro damage bonus helps increase your damage output. I highly recommend leveling her up to level 90. Whether performing amplifying or transformative reactions, you will eventually benefit from maximum stats.

Ascension and Talent Level Up
Yanfei’s ascension materials preview / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Here’s a list of Yanfei’s ascension materials that you need to level her up to 90:

  • Mora x 420,000
  • Agnidus Agate Sliver x 1
  • Agnidus Agate Fragment x 9
  • Agnidus Agate Chunk x 9
  • Agnidus Agate Gemstone x 6
  • Noctilucous Jade x 168
  • Juvenile Jade x 46
  • Treasure Hoarder Insignia x 18
  • Silver Raven Insignia x 30
  • Golden Raven Insignia x 36
Talent Level Up
Yanfei’s talent materials preview / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Talents are important regarding damage output, and I highly recommend leveling them up. Let’s take a look at Yanfei’s talent material requirements before we talk about her combat skills.

  • Mora x 1,652,500
  • Treasure Hoarder Insignia x 6
  • Silver Raven Insignia x 22
  • Golden Raven Insignia x 31
  • Bloodjade Branch x 6
  • Crown of Insight x 1
  • Teachings of Gold x 3
  • Guide to Gold x 21
  • Philosophies of Gold x 38

Yanfei is a DPS character; most of the time, you will rely on her Normal and Charged attacks to deal damage. I highly recommend leveling up her Normal attack talent before her skills.

That’s the reason I love Catalyst characters because they deal elemental damage with their Normal talent, which isn’t the case with characters with other weapon types.

Combat Talents

Normal Attack: Seal of Approval

Normal Attack: Seal of Approval
Skill attributes: Normal talent / Image by Himanshu Verkiya
  • Normal attack:¬†Yanfei can shoot up to three counts of Pyro damage to the enemies. For each instance of damage to enemies, Yanfei gets a Scarlet seal that decreases Yanfei’s stamina consumption. With a maximum stack of three Scarlet Seals, the duration refreshes once you obtain a Scarlet seal, and they disappear once Yanfei is switched out.
  • Charged attack: The damage scales according to the number of Scarlet seals possessed by Yanfei. The charged attack deals area-of-effect damage to the enemies after consuming a small amount of stamina. Remember that the Scarlet seals will be consumed by the charged attack.
  • Plunging attack:¬†Yanfei deals area-of-effect Pyro damage to the enemies on the ground by plunging from mid-air.

A major difference between Klee and Yanfei is that Yanfei’s normal attacks are long-range. In contrast, Klee can only focus on a melee area. As your Normal attacks deal damage, you obtain Scarlet Seals that increase your Charged attack damage and consume relatively less stamina to perform the attack. Quite similar to how you would play Klee.

You must go with a hybrid combination of Normal and Charged attacks to hit the enemies. However, Yanfei’s Charged attack’s stamina reduction is a decent QoL aspect that isn’t available in Klee’s kit. Like Klee, Yanfei’s normal attack triggers the Shatter reaction instead of a melt when the enemy is frozen. This deals Physical damage to enemies, which defeats the possibility of triggering a Melt reaction on a frozen enemy.

This doesn’t mean that she cannot trigger Melt reactions. All you need to do is to avoid freezing the enemies by avoiding the Hydro application. That way, you can easily trigger Melt reactions with her Charged attacks, which have no internal cooldown. So, as long as you have good stamina, you can easily deal massive damage.

Elemental Skill: Signed Edict

Elemental Skill: Signed Edict
Skill attributes: Elemental skill / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Yanfei obtains the maximum number of Scarlet Seals after dealing area-of-effect damage by this skill.

The elemental skill complements Yanfei’s playstyle. Most of the time, your gameplay will be focused on Normal and Charged attacks, and in case you run out of the Scarlet Seals, you can use the elemental skill to regain them.

Elemental Burst: Done Deal

Elemental Burst: Done Deal
Skill attributes: Elemental burst / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Yanfei performs an area-of-effect Pyro attack on nearby enemies and obtains the maximum number of Scarlet Seals along with the Brilliance status.

The Brilliance status has the following effects:

  • Yanfei’s Charged attack damage increases
  • Yanfei periodically gains a Scarlet Seal

The effect expires once Yanfei leaves the field or perishes in the combat.

Another good skill that perfectly synergizes with Yanfei’s Scarlet seals mechanism. Basically, both her elemental skill and burst boost the damage capability of Yanfei’s normal attacks. In many aspects, you can say Yanfei’s like a budget Klee, but at the same time, she has her own unique playstyle.

You use her skills to buff her Normal and Charged attacks and complete a team rotation. As long as you are aware of your stamina consumption, you can dish out consistent damage. However, unlike Klee, Yanfei’s elemental burst can deal instant reaction damage. You can trigger an amplifying reaction to obliterate your enemy in a flash.

Passive: Proviso

Each Scarlet seal increases Yanfei’s Pyro damage by 5 % for 6 seconds when she consumes a Scarlet seal with a Charged attack. If you use the Charged attack again, the previous effect vanishes.

I highly recommend getting used to a Charged attack playstyle, as it’ll yield high returns on Yanfei.

Passive: Blazing Eye

Yanfei deals an extra instance of area-of-effect Pyro damage on hitting a critical hit with her Charged attack to an enemy. The extra instance deals 80 % of Yanfei’s attack as damage to the enemy and counts as Charged attack damage.

What a stunning kit! Yanfei is one of the rarest examples of characters in the game whose passives and skills align with her playstyle. You are opting for a Charged attack playstyle and complementing that with skills and passives that sync perfectly with it. Undoubtedly, you won’t regret investing your resources in Yanfei.

However, there’s one caveat with this passive. Once you trigger a reaction, you will also deal another instance of Pyro damage, which means the enemy will have a Pyro aura after your charged attack. That could potentially ruin a reaction setup for you, so bear that in mind in combat.

Passive: Encyclopaedic Expertise

Once you have Yanfei in your party, you can see the locations of Liyue’s local specialties on the mini-map.


Yanfei’s constellation: Bestia Lustitia / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

The Law Knows No Kindness

The stamina cost of the Charged attack reduces by 10 % for each existing Scarlet Seal, and the resistance to interruption increases during the attack.

I would highly recommend going the extra mile on the wishing banner to get Yanfei’s first constellation. After getting this constellation, you don’t have to worry much about stamina, as the requirements will be heavily relaxed. Quite a potent constellation.

Right of Final Interpretation

Yanfei’s Charged attack’s CRIT rate increases by 20 % against enemies below 50 % health.

The best use of this constellation would be against enemies with a higher health pool. Maguu Kenki, Ruin guards, Setekh Wenut, these enemies feature tons of HP in the abyss. You can use Yanfei against these enemies, and when their health drops below 50 %, you will benefit from an increased CRIT rate.

Samadhi Fire-Forged

A standard constellation that increases Yanfei’s elemental skill level Signed Edict, by 3, with a maximum limit of 15.

Supreme Amnesty

Using Yanfei’s elemental burst, Done Deal creates a shield that scales according to Yanfei’s maximum health for 15 seconds. The shield can tank 45 % of Yanfei’s maximum HP and absorb the Pyro damage 250 % more effectively.

Yanfei’s high 80 burst cost will be a bit problematic. Unless you build enough energy recharge on her or have a character to funnel energy particles, she won’t be able to use her burst in a short period. The constellation will help her in Burgeon teams. However, you’d still need a shielding character to tank the incoming damage. Building Yanfei per HP won’t be the best decision.

Abiding Affidavit

A standard constellation that increases Yanfei’s elemental burst level Done deal by 3. The maximum limit is 15.

Extra Clause

Yanfei’s maximum number of Scarlet Seals increases by one.

An amazing constellation. At this point, you would probably be pretty comfortable in a Charged attack playstyle. Potentially hitting the maximum damage ceiling, you will benefit from a massive stamina reduction on Charged attacks. If you don’t have Klee, getting C6 Yanfei is worth the shot. Both characters have trade-offs, but Yanfei as a C6 4-star Pyro DPS isn’t bad at all.


Yanfei Artifacts
Yanfei with the Crimson Witch of Flames artifact set / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Crimson Witch of Flames

2-piece set bonus: Yanfei’s Pyro damage increases by 15 %

4-piece set bonus: Yanfei’s overloaded and burning reaction damage increases by 40 %, and vaporize and melt reaction damage increases by 15 %. With a maximum of three stacks, using an Elemental skill, the 2-piece set bonus effect increases by 50 % for 10 seconds.

The artifact set is a defacto choice of Pyro DPS character because of its ability to buff the Pyro and Pyro-related reaction damage. Klee, Yanfei, Diluc, Hu Tao, and almost every Pyro character can equip this artifact set. Most of the time, you will be using Yanfei to trigger reactions, and that’s why the Crimson Witch of Flames would be an optimal choice.


2-piece set bonus: Yanfei’s Pyro resistance increases by 40 %

4-piece set bonus: Yanfei’s damage against enemies affected by Pyro or Burning increases by 35 %.

Quite a niche artifact set but a really good choice in Mono-Pyro teams. Typically you will have an Anemo character to shred enemies’ Pyro resistance and have a consistent Pyro application on them. That brings the perfect opportunity to use the Lavawalker artifact set on Yanfei to benefit from the damage buff.

Wanderer’s Troupe

2-piece set bonus: Yanfei’s elemental mastery increases by 80 units

4-piece set bonus: Yanfei’s charged attack damage increases by 35 %. The set bonus applies to characters who can equip a Catalyst or Bow.

A really good artifact set that focuses on Yanfei’s charged attacks. I prefer this artifact set over certain teams’ Crimson Witch of Flames. For example, if you have two Pyro characters, you can equip one with the Crimson Witch of Flames and have Yanfei use the Wanderer’s Troupe to deal better Charged attack damage. In case you want to trigger reactions, you can rely on 80 units of Elemental mastery from the 2-piece effect or have Sucrose share her Elemental mastery.

Gilded Dreams

2-piece set bonus: Yanfei’s Elemental mastery increases by 80 units.

4-piece set bonus: Yanfei’s attack increases by 14 % for every Pyro character in the team, and Elemental mastery increases by 50 units for every non-Pyro character. Each of these buffs can take three characters into account with a cooldown of 8 seconds. Even if the character is not on the field, they can trigger the effect.

Quite a versatile artifact set. A really good choice in Burgeon teams, where you will have characters from different elements. With 2 Pyro characters, you can have a 28 % increased attack and an extra 100 units of Elemental mastery on top of the existing 80 units with a Hydro and Dendro character.

Artifact Attributes

If you aren’t focusing on the elemental reactions, you can equip an attack percentage Sands of Eon. However, if you lack the Elemental mastery, I suggest equipping an EM sands. That said, the Goblet would be a Pyro damage bonus, and the Circlet would be CRIT rate or damage. Quite a general build, which is the same for almost all the Pyro DPS in the game.


Yanfei Weapons
Yanfei with the Mappa Mare / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

5-Star Weapons

A Thousand Floating Dreams

Nahida’s signature weapon features Elemental mastery as the secondary stat. I’d advise using this weapon in team compositions where you plan to trigger elemental reactions. The passive helps to increase the Elemental mastery and Elemental damage bonus on the equipping character. The EM and damage bonus increase depends on the type of characters’ element and can stack up to three times.

Kagura’s Verity

Yae Miko’s signature weapon features CRIT damage as its secondary stat. The passive helps to increase the elemental skill damage up to 3 stacks for 16 seconds and boosts the elemental damage bonus. A really good weapon to deal insane critical hits to enemies.

Lost Prayers to the Sacred Winds

Another amazing weapon that features CRIT rate as its secondary stat and increases the character’s movement speed with the passive. You can gain an elemental damage bonus if you are on the field. However, the buffs disappear once you switch the character or die in combat. So it’s better to buff Yanfei with external skills like Xingqiu or Bennett’s burst before diving into the combat.

Memory of Dust

The weapon features the attack percentage as the secondary stat and helps to increase the shield strength. I highly recommend using this weapon on a C4 Yanfei to benefit from the passive that helps buff the attack by 100 %. On top of that, the more you attack, the higher your attack goes.

That’s why you can easily equip an EM Sands on Yanfei and benefit from boosted stats. If you don’t have the Memory of Dust, you can go with the Skyward Atlas, which provides the same effects, with a passive that provides an Elemental damage bonus instead.

Tulaytullah’s Remembrance

Wanderer/Scaramouche’s signature weapon features CRIT damage as the secondary stat. The weapon’s passive helps to increase the Normal attack speed and Normal attack damage. Overall, you can equip a decent weapon on Yanfei in a DPS role.

4-Star Weapons

Most of the 4-star weapons will synergize perfectly with Yanfei’s skills. The star performer would be the Widsith which is better than some 5-star choices. The Widsith features a chunky CRIT damage stat with a passive that can enhance a DPS character’s damage output. Here are a few 4-star weapons that I recommend equipping Yanfei with:

  • Dodoco Tales
  • Mappa Mare
  • Sacrificial Fragments
  • Solar Pearl
  • Wandering Evenstar

Team Compositions

Mono Pyro

Yanfei Pyro Anemo Flex

Yanfei Pyro Anemo Flex
A Mono-Pyro team: Yanfei, Kaedehara Kazuha, Xiangling, and Jean / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

You can choose a double resonance team composition featuring two characters from Pyro and Anemo elements. If you are not using Bennett on the other team, you can use Bennett alongside Yanfei for better particle regeneration. As for the Anemo characters, I suggest using Sucrose, Venti, Kaedehara Kazuha, Sayu, or Jean. The best thing about Yanfei is the Normal homing attacks.

You can fire off Venti’s elemental burst to group up the enemies and hit them from a range. That isn’t feasible enough with Klee because of her melee range. Kaedehara Kazuha would be better than Sucrose because of his damage buff elemental burst in this team composition. You can also add a Geo character like Zhongli to shred enemies’ resistance and protect your team.


Yanfei Hydro Anemo Flex

Yanfei Hydro Anemo Flex
A Vaporize team: Yanfei, Xingqiu, Sucrose, and Barbara / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Being an amplifying reaction, Vaporize triggers massive reaction damage. All Pyro characters can set up vaporize reactions, and Yanfei sits right in that area. You can use another Pyro character like Xiangling, Bennett, or Amber to benefit from the Pyro resonance and generate energy particles for Yanfei. However, that may leave your other team handicapped. As for Hydro characters, the usual Xingqiu or Yelan pick is sufficient to trigger the reaction. Both are insanely good off-field damage dealers. Xingqiu’s kit provides damage reduction and healing, whereas Yelan helps buff the damage.

I wouldn’t suggest using any other Hydro character because you may end up with diminishing returns. Yanfei’s playstyle is Charged attack focused, but this doesn’t mean you should be sloppy in your reflexes. Attacking faster and positioning yourself on the battlefield are equally important.

As for the Anemo characters, I highly recommend Sucrose or Kaedehara Kazuha. Sucrose helps boost the characters’ Elemental mastery, which can increase the vaporize reaction damage. Kaedehara Kazuha, on the other hand, specializes in buffing the damage bonuses of characters. On top of that, Anemo characters benefit from the Viridescent Venerer artifact set that can help to reduce enemies’ elemental resistance.


Yanfei Cryo Anemo Flex

Yanfei Cryo Anemo Flex
A Melt team: Yanfei, Rosaria, Sucrose, and Diona / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Melt is another powerful Amplifying reaction that you can use to deal severe damage. Cryo characters like Diona, Rosaria, Layla, or even Ganyu can help you with off-field Cryo application. You can use Sucrose or Kaedehara Kazuha to shred the elemental resistance. As for the extra character, you can go with another Pyro or Cryo character to benefit from the elemental resonance. You can also add a Geo character like Zhongli to have a universal resonance shred.

As for the Pyro characters, Bennett, Xiangling, or Thoma would be good with Yanfei. However, you have to keep Yanfei’s energy requirements in check. It’s better to equip a character with the Favonius lance to funnel the energy particles to her. The weapon provides a decent amount of energy recharge and particles, which can help reduce the team’s overall energy requirements. I highly advocate balancing the energy recharge on characters, as it’s a very important stat in the end game. You must have sufficient energy recharge to unleash characters’ elemental bursts.


Yanfei Electro Anemo Flex

Yanfei Electro Anemo Flex
An Overload team: Yanfei, Fischl, Sucrose, and Kuki Shinobu / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Using an Overload focused team is rare, but sometimes you are left with no other options. I used an Overload-focused team with Klee as a main DPS in the abyss and could 3-star the chamber. Likewise, Yanfei can be used in an Overload team. You can have Electro characters like Yae Miko, Fischl, Beidou, or Lisa for off-field Electro damage.

It’s better to use 4-star characters with constellations to benefit from constellations’ effects. On top of that, an Anemo character like Sucrose can buff the Elemental mastery of other characters, which will potentially increase the Overload reaction’s damage, which is, in fact, a Transformative reaction.


Yanfei Hydro Dendro Flex

Yanfei Hydro Dendro Flex
A Burgeon team: Yanfei, Nahida, Xingqiu, and Thoma / Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Dendro reactions like Burgeon can be used in some team compositions where you have a solid shield to tank the incoming explosion damage. While most of the core damage is done to enemies, your character still takes some impact. You need to apply Pyro on Bloom seeds to trigger the Burgeon damage.

Hydro characters like Sangonomiya Kokomi, Xingqiu, Yelan, Kamisato Ayato, or Nilou can help apply Hydro to the enemies. Additionally, you can use Anemo characters to group the characters and apply crowd control on them. Venti, Sucrose, Kaedehara Kazuha, or Heizou can help you to create a suction around the enemies. Finally, the Dendro characters like Nahida, Dendro Traveler, and Collei can help you with the Dendro application.

I highly suggest using a shield character like Zhongli, Thoma, or Diona to counter the incoming Burgeon damage. You can also rely on Yanfei’s shield, which she unlocks at her fourth constellation. Still, don’t equip any HP artifact piece on Yanfei and rely on the substats to make her a bit tankier.

Don’t Worry, Traveler, Yanfei Is Here!

Yanfei is a renowned professional in Liyue’s legal arena. Whatever case you throw at her, she will likely be victorious in the end. However, she does have weaknesses of her own. In the world of Teyvat, every creature has emotions. Yanfei was raised in a healthy environment, away from the nuances of struggling households

. As someone who’s never faced the hardships of troubled parents, civil cases take a toll on her mental health. Divorces, family inheritance, emancipation. These are some cases that aren’t her expertise. She’s not afraid of losing her calm, but as someone who never experienced any of these, she finds herself out of options to proceed through the cases.

Maybe one day, she will take a break and pursue her dream of becoming a rapper. Quite a unique wish if you’d ask me. I’m sure with her memory; she could memorize anything. No one knows what will happen in the future. The past has gone, and the present is what we have. All we know is that the time is running out, and it’s time for me to take a leave.

Feel free to check Genshin Chronicle’s Best Fan Theories guide. You might find the missing lore pieces for your collection. In case you are still proceeding through the quests in the Sumeru desert, I highly recommend going through the Golden Slumber guide.

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